Small Best Friend Tattoo Designs

21 Small Best Friend Tattoos For A Lasting Friendship

Ana Campbell


Choosing a tattoo with your best friend can symbolize your unbreakable bond. Here are 21 meaningful designs that you can consider.


21 Small Best Friend Tattoo Designs




1. 'Always' One Word Small Tattoo

This simple yet powerful tattoo features the word "Always" in elegant script. Placed on the leg, it signifies the enduring nature of your friendship, always there through thick and thin.




2. Vine Small Tattoo for Besties

A delicate vine tattoo wrapping around the ankle symbolizes growth and connection. Each curl and leaf represents the flourishing friendship between you and your best friend, growing stronger with time.




3. Small Wrist Symbol Tattoo

Featuring two horizontal lines with a wave sign on top, this minimalist wrist tattoo holds significant meaning. The two lines symbolize past and future, while the wave represents the journey through life's ups and downs you've navigated together, emerging stronger from every challenge.




4. Heart with Smile Tattoo

A heart with a smiley face inside portrays the joy and happiness your best friend brings into your life. It's a reminder of the laughter and good times shared, encapsulated in a simple yet heartfelt design.




5. Lightning Best Friend Tattoo

A lightning bolt tattoo symbolizes energy and power. Getting this tattoo with your best friend signifies the electric connection and energy between you both, sparking inspiration and motivation in each other's lives.




6. One Word "ever" Tattoo for Best Friends

The word "ever" tattooed in a stylish font expresses the everlasting nature of your friendship. Placed discreetly, it serves as a constant reminder that your bond is timeless and will endure any challenge.




7. Small Cross Finger Tattoo

A small cross tattoo on the finger symbolizes faith and protection. It represents the spiritual connection and support you and your best friend provide for each other, always guiding one another through life's journey.




8. Infinity Symbol Tattoo

An infinity symbol tattoo signifies endless love and friendship. It represents the infinite bond between you and your best friend, a relationship that knows no limits and will last forever.




9. Matching sunflower and rose

The rose and sunflower are among the most popular female tattoo designs. Inked together these flowers represent love and positivity. Flower tattoos are very common for 2 females but a combination of these two most famous flowers is a popular choice!




10. Small Dragonfly

The dragonfly is a sacred symbol for many. For best friend matching tattoos, the beautiful creature can be the representation of the transformation of your personality, as you both grow together.




11. Key tattoo for 3 friends

The keys are the global image of unlocking mysteries. As a friend tattoo for 3 females, the keys can also represent each one holding a key to each other's innermost secrets!




12. Infinite Tattoo For Best Friends

The infinite symbol shows the everlasting love you have for each other. The words ‘best friends’ in different inks make the matching tattoos pretty clear and even more descriptive!




13. Celestial symbol tattoo for best friends

The star, sun, and moon icons are as popular to be inked together as they are tattooed individually. Together, they represent an important trinity of the world and thus would be ideal for 3 males.




14. Ankle palm tree tattoos

A small ankle palm tree would be ideal for a group of three friends who feel connected to the themes of immortality and still be able to make just a small change to their bodies. Do not be afraid to get a small icon as popular tattoo artist, Ghinko, says:

“Even if it is a small tattoo, the beauty of the tiny tattoo is also made possible by curves and shape of the body around it."





15. Heart wine glass

The heart wine glass shows the fun and joyous side of your friendship. How you talk through things and can be free with each other in any conversation. Consider going with the dark red or maroon color to depict the heart in the wine glass instead of the usual black to add more depth to the tattoos!




16. Cute rose tattoos 

The best friends tattoos list cannot be completed without one of the most popular tattoo icons. The rose tattoo is about everlasting love and it can be the ideal symbol for your lifelong friendship.




17. Cartoon Character Tattoos

The Powerpuff Girls tattoos for three females would be among the cutest options for best friend tattoos! These iconic characters have different personalities and still complete one another.




18. Yin and Yang symbol

If you and your friend have different personalities but still come together for each other, then the yin and yan design of two pairs would just be the inspiration you are looking for! This is a symbolic pair that is recognized throughout the world as a meaningful tattoo!




19. Best Friend tattoos for guys 

These friend tattoos for guys are not only a nod to your group’s friendship but also to the popular TV series. The font, taken from the iconic TV series, is universal now that will be adored by the series fans. 





20. Clover Tattoo

The good luck symbol of a shamrock or four-leaf clover can represent your luck where your two best friends found each other in this life! This easy design literally means good fortune and can be completed in just one tattoo session!




21. Heart 3 friends tattoos

This 3 friends tattoo is a simple yet profound symbol that represents love. Most people won't have any problem getting the design because of the convenient size! 


Choosing a tattoo with your best friend is a personal decision that should reflect your unique bond and shared experiences. Whether you opt for a simple word or a symbolic design, each tattoo carries deep meaning and serves as a constant reminder of the special connection you share.