Best Friend Tattoos

55 Best Friend Tattoos To Celebrate The Unique Bond

Sahiba Tandon

Updated At  19 Feb 24

When you have a best friend who is your ride-or-die person, many times, we would like to show that special bond in the representation of permanent ink. And that is when we look out for the best friend tattoos that convey the special relationship perfectly. Following you'll be able to take inspiration for your own tattoo!


55 Best Friend Tattoos 




1. Sun and moon hands

The sun and moon are important elements from which we cannot imagine life without. This is what a pair of best friends mean to each other as well! The addition of hands holding these significant symbols makes a beautiful and mystical tattoo design.




2. Quotes Tattoo

The wordings “No Matter What” and “No Matter When” around the hand pair up to make the quote complete. One is incomplete without the other, just like the two of you!




3. Matching sunflower and rose

The rose and sunflower are among the most popular female tattoo designs. Inked together these flowers represent love and positivity. Flower tattoos are very common for 2 females but a combination of these two most famous flowers is a popular choice!




4. Skeleton hands 

These matching best friend tattoos can be perceived as the symbol of your friendship and how it will go on and on. The skeleton hands symbolize an eternal bond between people.




5. Matching clocks

These clocks are symbolic of time and how the two of you met in this lifetime. The addition of flowers to the technical aspects of the clock design adds a softer tone, making it a high-contrast tattoo. If your tattoo artist doesn't specifically recommend you, there is no need to use lots of creams and ointments on a big tattoo, as Dr. Woo, celebrity tattoo artist of Drake, Hillary Duff, and many more says:-

“You should also heavy ointments that don’t let the skin breathe because they seal in harmful bacteria."




6. Colorful and blackwork moths

Nature lovers can get moths tattooed which are the symbol of finding hope in dark times. If you want a little diversity, then one can go for a blackwork style while the other can add colorful inks.




7. Willow tree for 2 females

The willow tree makes amazing inspiration for best friend tattoos for females. Why? Because the willow tree symbolizes your strong friendship bond that can survive any hardship or loss!




8. Koi fish design 

The circling motion of the koi fishes looks realistic making it one of the beautiful choices for best friend tattoos for 2. These aquatic creatures mean luck and the colorful inks of the tattoo make the design vibrant.




9. Travel globe design

If you and your best friend love to explore, then the pair should be taking inspiration from the traveling globe Illustration, as it will serve as a reminder for both to see the world together.




10. Dragonfly

The dragonfly is a sacred symbol for many. For best friend matching tattoos, the beautiful creature can be the representation of the transformation of your personality, as you both grow together. To keep your matching tattoos in shape for the long term, Justin Beiber’s tattoo artist, Bang Bang, says-

“If you want your tattoo to be as beautiful as the day it was made, sunblock is the key."



11. Key tattoos for 3 females

The keys are the global image of unlocking mysteries. As a friend tattoo for 3 females, the keys can also represent each one holding a key to each other's innermost secrets!




12. Girl line art

Line art tattoos are simple but very beautiful and that's why they've been trending. Why not get a simple matching girl line art with your friend to show the subtle message of beauty in small things?




13. Infinite symbol matching best friend tattoos 

The infinite symbol shows the everlasting love you have for each other. The words ‘best friends’ in different inks make the matching tattoos pretty clear and even more descriptive!




14. Booklover best friend tattoos

The cute icons of books and the light post are simple designs that will be adored by bookworms. If your friendship started with books or is an activity you guys connect on, then this would be an ideal tattoo.  Praising the art of a fine line like this, Wiwi Schrøder of Iron Ink Tattoo, says:

“A fine line tattoo is a subtle, delicate, and thin tattoo."



15. Colorful big flower

Best friend tattoos for 2 can be a nice big colorful elbow flower done in a realistic style instead of the usual blackwork design. You can go with the flower that you and your friend have a special liking for!  




16. Celestial symbols for 3 males

The star, sun, and moon icons are as popular to be inked together as they are tattooed individually. Together, they represent an important trinity of the world and thus would be ideal for 3 males.




17. Sunflower tattoos 

The sunflower is probably one of the most lively floral designs. It stands for loyalty and hope. When tattoos are combined, these designs make a beautiful floral picture.




18. Smiling hearts 

Heart tattoos are not only used by lovers but by friends too. The two hands joined by their hands and smiling are a fun representation of the people.




19. Guitar tattoo

If you and your best friend share a passion for music, then you can get your favorite matching instruments! There are many different categories of instruments that you can get for a shared passion but guitars are among the most popular. 



20. Tattoo of the year your friendship began

Getting the year where your friendship started or became foundational will always help you remember the importance of your best friend and the memories shared together.



21. Globe with stars and moon

The Illustration of the earth alongside the stars and moon would appeal to those who believe in the space and galaxy themes, where they can represent your gratefulness to have met each other in this lifetime.



22. Ankle palm tree tattoos

A small ankle palm tree would be ideal for a group of three friends who feel connected to the themes of immortality and still be able to make just a small change to their bodies. Do not be afraid to get a small icon as popular tattoo artist, Ghinko, says:

“Even if it is a small tattoo, the beauty of the tiny tattoo is also made possible by curves and shape of the body around it."



23. Heart wine glass

The heart wine glass shows the fun and joyous side of your friendship. How you talk through things and can be free with each other in any conversation. Consider going with the dark red or maroon color to depict the heart in the wine glass instead of the usual black to add more depth to the tattoos!



24. Cute rose tattoos 

The best friends tattoos list cannot be completed without one of the most popular tattoo icons. The rose tattoo is about everlasting love and it can be the ideal symbol for your lifelong friendship.




25. Keep Me Wild quote

Another wording of tattoo inspiration is this ‘Keep Me Wild’ quote. It would be a permanent reminder about the place of your best friend in your life and how they make you fun.



26. Snake symbol 

Snake is a dual nature symbol of a fiery creature. These above elbow tattoos depict you and your friends’ passionate personalities. 



27. Cartoon Character Tattoos

The Powerpuff Girls tattoos for three females would be among the cutest options for best friend tattoos! These iconic characters have different personalities and still complete one another.




28. Stomach quote tattoo

These  “Sun To Me” best friend tattoos for females may only be three words but mean a lot for a pair of friends, as they perfectly describe the value you have for your friend!




29. Flower arrangements tattoo 

A flower arrangement made from a combination of different lovely flowers that appeal to both best friends would make a pretty bouquet where each flower means something unique.




30. Butterfly best friend tattoos

Butterfly designs are among the most popular symbols that can mean two people coming together in their life cycle. This makes it a very optimistic symbol. You can make the tattoo more descriptive and beautiful if you choose to to add flowers on one side of the wing and leave the other wing in the normal design!




31. Smile matching tattoo 

The small best friend tattoos are ideal for people who would like to show their love for each other while still making just a small change on their bodies. 




32. Ornamental design 

The combination of the prism and the mandala ink is a sophisticated design for a group of friends that most people won't have any problem getting as they go with almost every outfit! You can use symbols of flowers and leaves for details. And even ask the tattoo artist to do some shading work as well on the tattoo.



33. Cross tattoo 

A unique cross ink that is done with flowers and dots can be a beautiful interpretation of your religious beliefs as well as your group’s love for nature. By adding the elements of nature and geometric patterns, we can turn a simple cross design into a more detailed one!




34. Yin and Yang symbol

If you and your friend have different personalities but still come together for each other, then the yin and yan design of two pairs would just be the inspiration you are looking for! This is a symbolic pair that is recognized throughout the world as a meaningful tattoo!




35. Open-eye trio ink

The open eye is the global symbol of luck and perception. The good luck icon is placed at different places in the world to ward off evil forces. Similarly, this tattoo can work as a protection symbol for your friendship.




36. Best Friend tattoos for guys 

These friend tattoos for guys are not only a nod to your group’s friendship but also to the popular TV series. The font, taken from the iconic TV series, is universal now that will be adored by the series fans. 




37. Finger three musketeers 

Another nice inspiration for 3 friends tattoos would be this small yet powerful finger tattoo that is both a nod to the iconic group of three musketeers and a symbol of fighting spirit.




38. Waves

The waves with the sun and moon can be considered the icons of new beginnings. They make a perfect contrast when mixed with the celestial symbols that can also be said to the theme of life.



39. Big sun and moon ink

The detailing of the sun and moon shows intricate design and development. As a matching tattoo, they are an iconic pair that even though are different, cannot be separated, as the world needs both of them.



40. Hands holding heartstrings

If you believe in your friendship, then you can get a guy and girl tattoo that shows your love for each other. The hands with the string around their pinky finger show the promise of keeping your friendship throughout life!



41. Batman Tattoos for 2 males

For superhero fans, they can choose to go with any popular character. Here we see a particular Batman design for 2 males, which can turn out to be lovely best friend tattoos for guys. If the best friends have a favorite superhero from a specific series, they can get a tattoo related to that character!



42. Birds floral tattoo 

The birds alongside the floral background mean love for nature. The flowers here not only act as signs of beauty but increase the meaning of the bird icon as well.




43. Giraffe design 

Giraffes are a symbol of trust and dependability. The addition of the flower and the plant is a perfect amalgamation, as it is unique for each friend yet has the same thoughtful ink as the giraffe.




44. Flower cuff

Flower cuffs are a beautiful choice for people who like florals. These peonies flowers represent good fortune and they can definitely go with your matching friend tattoo representing each one's good luck to have found their partner in crime!




45. Mandala design 

For those looking for more intricate tattoo designs, mandala tattoos are a great choice! This detailed art shows a perfect balance. To be represented in friendship, it would mean that the pair balance each other. The tattoo comes together when you join your wrists together making it a beautiful design.




46. Colorful molecules

The tattoo design done in watercolor style is very unique. These particular icons are the molecules for caffeine and a couple of coffee addicts would love to get this permanent symbol!




47. Matching bunnies

A cute tattoo choice is this guy and girl bunnies that the friends can get according to their personalities. If someone wants a darker version because they vibe with it, then the blackwork design would be for them. And if the sweet pink bunny seems to align with another person, they can get that one!




48. Girls talking with a cup phone

If the best friend pair favors their old memories and retro times, then, this design of girls talking on the paper cups would be perfectly symbolic of their lengthy talks! If you are looking for a sister tattoo design then this can be a good option as well.




49. Shamrock 

The good luck symbol of a shamrock or four-leaf clover can represent your luck where your two best friends found each other in this life! This easy design literally means good fortune and can be completed in just one tattoo session!




50. Lyrics with imagery 

If both friends are fans of a certain song or band, then a tattoo inspired by them would be an amazing idea. It would show your love for the band as well as your love for the same thing!




51. Back celestial tattoo

The big tattoo on the back with these mystical symbols in the vertical line makes a divine tattoo. The two tattoos together bring the message of two forces joining together, as even though the sun and moon are polar opposites of each other, we cannot survive without any one of them.




52. Bee design 

The bees are the ideal representation of the community as they live and work together. These creatures rely on each other and thus what would be the best tattoo for a pair of friends than these icons?




53. Peanut butter and jelly pair

Some things come in a set of two. Your friendship can be like that too! Peanut butter and jelly come together as a phenomenal pair as well, being the two most popular ingredients in a sandwich!




54. Thick and thin infinity heart 

Some quotes really go together with the message of best friends sticking with each other. And these two words; ‘Thick’ and ‘Thin’ inside the infinity heart are definitely one of them. These words represent your nature for sticking with each other in any good or tough situation!




55. Heart 3 friends tattoos

This 3 friends tattoo is a simple yet profound symbol that represents love. Most people won't have any problem getting the design because of the convenient size!