Symbols Of Balance And Harmony

32 Symbols Of Balance And Harmony

Rituparna Priyadarshini

Updated At  24 May 24

Don't we all desire for peace, serenity, calmness, and balance in our life? Doesn't the concept of leading a good and happy life ultimately boil down to striking the right balance between every aspect of your life? Yes, of course it is. As much as one must persevere for it, one must also consider the spiritual elements that can aid in welcoming a blissful life. Considering the spiritual aspect of it all, we have enlisted  a few symbols that have long been referred to as the harbingers of balance and harmony. 

32 Top Symbols Of Balance And Harmony






1. Yin Yang

Descended from ancient taoism, the yin and yang represent two symbols of black and white, intertwined with each other. While the black side represents the female aura and energy, the white side represents the masculine forces. However, what brings balance is the presence of small circles of the opposite colour within each other. It is an embodiment of the presence of one energy within the other.


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2. Vesica Piscis

Much like the Yin-yang, this symbol is also representative of the two opposite forces that constantly attract each other. The two circles are merged in such a manner that the circumference of one touches the center of the other. While the left circle signifies the spiritual world or the female forces, the right circle is a sign of the material world. It also signifies male energy. Therefore, it stands for the union of the spiritual and material world , that forms the basis of the Universe and every being in it.



3. Hexagram

Every perceivable thing on this Earth and in the universe has birthed from the union of divine masculine and feminine energy. Therefore, each symbol of harmony and balance sheds light on this aspect. For example, the hexagram consists of two triangles overlapping each other in such a way that they have a single central point. It refers to the relationship between the male and female forces that is responsible for the creation of everything. The central point is the origin of creation, or the meeting ground of the two forces, often known as consciousness.



4. Seed of Life

The seed of Life symbol is a significant representative of balance and harmony. You can see a total of seven circles, which is a reference to the seven days of creation. Each circle is interconnected with the others, leaving at least one out, while the central circle is connected with the six circles surrounding it. Therefore, this central circle stands as the spirit or source of all creation and maintains harmony and bliss by holding on to all the outer circles.



5. Ouroboros

The Ouroboros symbolises the way the universe works. It depicts that death paves the way for a new birth, and vice versa. The serpent eating its own tail is a comment on the synchronisation that creation and destruction bring to the universe. It further states that life will make way for life, which will sustain the cycle of the universe. One of the top symbols of spiritual awakening, the serpent with its tail in its mouth shows the ever-lasting cycle of life.



6. Circle

This simple symbol has been the foundation of many other symbols. However, if one thinks about perfection and interconnectedness of the vast Universe, the circle is the only apt representation of it all. It encompasses the cycle of life, wherein one will end up at the same place from where they have started. This symbol explains the concept of birth, death and rebirth in a very easy and soothing manner. It also resembles the Universe within which the human soul, spirit and consciousness thrive.



7. Unicursal Hexagram

If one observes the structure carefully, they can decipher the unity of the structure. The lines can easily be formed with a single stroke of the pen, resulting in a perfect unicursal Hexagram. Therefore, not only the unification of the structure but also the fact that everything in the universe is dependent upon each other. This interdependence brings about balance, which instills peace and harmony and signifies infinite possibilities.



8. Tree of Life

The tree of life symbol is a remark that anything that grows upward should also be willing to strengthen its roots and be more grounded. Here, the roots also signify the strong desire to never let materialistic pleasures go, which further hinders one's growth. At the same time, if one only aspires to keep on growing, they might outgrow their reality, roots and realisation. Therefore, to maintain balance and harmony, coordination between the roots and the branches is essential.




9. Double Spiral

When you observe the double Spiral, you can notice the curvature of the lines moving outwards at times and, at times, pulling inwards. This process is similar to that of the sun, which also has push-pull energy. The two spirals are indicative of the opposing forces in the Universe that keep its balance in check. Moreover, it is also a comment upon the human tendency to constantly crave a
two distinct things.


 10. Endless Knot

As the name implies, the endless knot states that every creation has been tailored from the same thread. Therefore, each person is equal to the other and must be treated in the same way as well. It is this thought process that brings about a sense of belonging and harmony in the world. In a world where every human considers the other as a part of their own, peace will pervade.


11. Ganesha

Ganesha, the Hindu deity who is worshipped first before worshipping any other deity is known for demolishing obstacles in one's life. He directs one towards the path of the divine by eradicating all hurdles, such as attachment with the materialistic world, that hinder one's progress. In a way, He symbolises the connection between the material and the spiritual world, thus restoring harmony and balance in one's life.




12. Eight-Pointed Star

In Hinduism, the Eight-Pointed Star, formed out of two overlapping squares, is an auspicious symbol that signifies the four forms of Goddess Mahalakshmi. These forms are also indicators of four types of wealth: courage, bravery, food, power, money, lineage, knowledge, and success. According to Hindu culture, a balance between these forms of wealth is the only option if one wishes to lead a life of happiness and prosperity.


 13. Two Fish Symbol

The two fish symbol, much like the Yin-yang, is a rendition of the two living forces that guide and govern the Universe and all things in it. These forces, namely the masculine and the feminine, represent everything, starting from the spiritual real to the materialistic world, light to darkness, life to death, and more. Without the presence of one force, the other would cease to exist.


 14. Platonic Solids

The rigid structures with all sides equal and identical corners are representative of all things being equal, calm, organized and peaceful. These five geometric structures, namely Hexahedron (cube), Tetrahedron (triangular pyramid), Octahedron (double pyramid), Dodecahedron, and isosahedron, also signify the five elements that are responsible for the evolution of all forms of life in the Universe.



15. Squared Circle

As stated above, the whole Universe is made up of five elements. It is the structural integrity and union of these elements that maintain peace in all realms. This particular symbol represents all five elements, with the four corners of the square attributed to the four materialistic elements and the circle presenting the fifth element. Through this symbol, one can get an idea about the interdependence of each of the five elements and how it all work together to create a harmonious Universe.



16. Octahedron

The Octahedron is a part of the five platonic solids and is singled out because of its unique structure that envelopes the machinery of the Universe and embodies harmony. When you look at the structure, you can see two pyramids that are connected at their square-shaped base. Now, the top most part of the pyramid embodies the spiritual realm, the middle part signifies the four elements and the source of all energies, whereas the bottom part exhibits the materialistic world. Therefore, the symbol explains the relationship between the material and the spiritual world, and everything that lies in between strikes a balance between the two realities of existence.


17. Lakota Triangle

Symbols have a rich history and have descended from ancient texts and scriptures. One such example is the Lakota Triangle, which originated in Native American culture. As per their culture, this symbol signifies the union between the heavens and the earth. It is an embodiment of the two worlds coming together to form a peaceful union, which can pave the way for life to flourish.



18. Sunflower

The magical glimpse of sunflowers are not merely for visual delight but also has significant spiritual relevance. Sunflowers, particularly in a bouquet of five flowers, are known for fostering or symbolising peace and harmony. The uniformity in the shape and size of the petals, arranged perfectly next to each other, symbolises order and harmony. Along with the petals, the middle part is formed organically into a well-structured shape known as the "fibonacci spiral," which further makes it a symbol of peace and harmony.


 19. Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross is a unique sign that has been in existence since ancient times. When observed closely, one can see the two lines, horizontal and vertical, crossing each other at the center, wherein it are enveloped by a circle. The line runs through the circle, and while the horizontal represents feminine forces, the vertical represents masculine energy. The circle here plays the role of the infinite cycle of life and is the birth place of all energies. Together, these structures exemplify how all the elements of the Universe function to maintain peace, harmony and balance.




20. Dharma Chakra

In Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, the Dharma Chakra is of the highest value. The word Dharma stands for all the right things, which means that one must always do the right thing if one wishes to attain peace and a well-balanced life. At the same time, the chakra or the wheel shows that the clock or the wheel of time is constantly spinning and will not wait for anyone. Therefore, the Universe keeps on letting things go and welcoming new things to maintain balance in all realms.


 21. Celtic Five-Fold Knot

The Celtic Five Fold Knot, as the name suggests, represents four circles that are placed on four sides with a circle in the middle, conjoining the four. The structure therefore portrays the four circles as four integral elements that are brought together by the center, or the source of energy, also known as the fifth element. The serenity and balance with which these circles are connected to each other resemble the unity, peace and harmony in the Universe.


 22. 4-Pointed Star

Signifying the shape of a star whose shine wards off all darkness, this symbol is a visual representation of the four elements that form the foundation of Creation. The shape indicates that each element has one meeting ground where it joins to become a whole. It stands as a connection between the divine, spiritual and material worlds, which are all created out of the five elements namely, fire, water, earth, air, and space (the fifth element, which is often regarded as the source of energy).


  23. Cosmos Flower

Much like the sunflower, the Cosmos flower is also regarded as the perfect exhibition of regulations and order. The forces of energy that are responsible for creating all the realms work in an organized manner to create reality as we know it. But representing this harmony and order is impossible but important. This symbol, known as the Cosmos flower for its symmetrical structure, captures this serenity in the perfect way.



24. Merkabah

Merkabah is a Hebrew word that can be broken down into three syllables. Each syllable symbolises three important aspects of creation, namely, light, spirit and body. The top half of the structure portrays the spiritual world, whereas the bottom half stands for the material world. When these two worlds come together, they produce a light, referred to as the light of life or the light of creation. Therefore, this symbol is a diagram of the whole process of creation and how it is the progeny of a harmonious union of the two realms.



25. Flamingo

Have you ever seen a flamingo? If you have, then you must have observed its unique ability to maintain its balance on one-leg while the other is curled upwards. The lessons one can learn from the flamingo stance is that of being centred and balanced. It is a calling for the need to recognise the source of energy, i.e., the centre of your being, which can pave the way towards self-realization, harmony and balance in life.


 26. Bamboo Plant

Often gifted as a harbinger of good luck and fortune, the bamboo plant is also a significant symbol for harmony and peace. When one is gifted a bamboo plant with five stalks, it can bring about a certain calmness, peace and balance in life. Therefore, most people who want to eliminate the chaos from their lives opt for such plants in their surroundings.



 27. Bonsai Trees

Bonsai trees are miniature trees that can often be seen in Asian households. It is also referred to as the "tree of harmony". Therefore, apart from bamboo trees, most people often opt for Bosai trees as gifts. This is because when you gift it to someone, you are wishing for calmness, wellness and balance in their life.


 28. Beavers

We know it may be surprising for you to know that beavers are also signs of peace and harmony. They are often associated with hard work, but at the same time, their ability to recognise the need to rest and pause for a while states that they have struck the balance between work and leisure. Such balance is essential for all, especially in today's times. Therefore, the beaver is an example and symbol of this balance, which can lead the way towards peace and harmony.


 29.Peridot Crystal

Those who believe in astrology know that wearing such crystals can bring about positive changes in the way they perceive the world around them and themselves. Wearing the Peridot Crystal is said to inculcate a balance in one's emotions and feelings, a lack of which can make people's life difficult. It can also disrupt their progress and relationships. Therefore, it signifies an emotional balance that is necessary to lead a harmonious life.



30. Equilateral Triangle

Like the equal sides of an Equilateral Triangle, one must always maintain a balance between body, mind and spirit. This triangle is often associated with the concept of a perfect and peaceful balance. It suggests that one who attains a balance between body, mind, and spirit, or even perseveres to attain it, can be at peace and maintain a harmonious life always.



31. Rose

If you talk about two opposing forces making up one beautiful whole, then the rose symbol would definitely come to mind. The enchanting petals of the rose shrouding thorns underneath is a perfect metaphor for life and death, light and darkness, spiritual and material. When you pluck a rose, you also get its thorns. Likewise, anyone who takes birth in this world will have to face death one day. This is the ultimate balance that maintains harmony in the Universe.


32. Number 2

The Number 2 symbol is generally associated with balance. In the Universe, there are mostly two forces that are always at play, for example, the masculine and the feminine, light and darkness, life and death, divine and human, etc. Therefore, number two represents the coming together of these infinite forces to carry forward creation.



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