Tree Of Life Tattoos With Meaning

65 Tree Of Life Tattoos With Meaning - 2024

Sahiba Tandon

Updated At  18 Jan 24

For people who like philosophical and empowering symbols, the Tree of Life tattoo is an amazing choice. The design is a very positive symbol and represents the connection between the earth and the sky. Following, we have gathered the top Tree of Life tattoos that cover everything from small tattoos to big ones, from simple to intricate and detailed designs, and more that will inspire you to get a this symbol yourself!


65 Tree of Life Tattoos With Meaning


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1. Tree Of Life Tattoo With Moon Phase

The moon phase alongside the Tree of Life becomes not only a pretty but a spiritual tattoo too. The moon, with its different phases, means growth, just as the tree of life and the moon keep on rotating.



2. Watercolor Tattoo

A big colorful tree is a very happy and vibrant choice for a tattoo. The colors represent the beauty of life and being inked alongside the dark tree makes an interesting contrast and signifies balance between the two forces. 



3. Tree Of Life with Sun Tattoo

The meaning of the tree updates with the addition of sun and now the tree of life can be considered a symbol of a positive nature, which means that even if you are having a sad day, every day the sun comes and you have the opportunity to do better. 

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4. Geometric Tree

The geometric ink makes the Tree of Life very eye-catching. Choose colored ink to bring out the details on the surface. This life symbol tattoo mixed with the geometric patterns and shapes creates a beautiful contrast that symbolizes the difference in our lives.


5. Tree With Birds

The symbol of birds alongside a colorful tree of life represents wealth and livelihood. This design will look quite spectacular around the bicep, as it will give the tattoo ample space to have a descriptive design. 


6. Heart Root Tree Tattoo

A heart at the root of the tree is the symbol of nature’s love. This forearm tattoo can be made in both black and colored ink, but if you want a more intricate design, go for the latter one.


7. Mother Nature Tattoo

The colorful mother nature female tattoo increases the meaning of the tree of life symbol when combined and symbolizes the love for the environment and how it is surrounded everywhere in the world. 

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8. Tree with Forest Scenery 

It is a very detailed tattoo version of the Tree of Life where we see additions of not only the long roots but also the heart, birds, and sun behind the normal tree tattoo. It is seen as a symbol of the mystical way our world works and every single thing helps in revolving.


9. DNA Tree Of Life

The tree of life and the DNA symbol at the root of the tree together means the unity of all the things in the universe. This DNA roots tattoo will have some details to refine the icon but once done, it will uphold a great value with a powerful message. 


10. Tree with Books Tattoo

This big forearm tattoo covers a vast area of the inner arm. The books alongside the roots of the tree symbolize humans’ knowledge and how it keeps on growing every single day. It can also mean that we all have the capability of making decisions from the roots of our hearts.


11. Big Bicep Tree Tattoo 

A bicep is an ideal place for a Tree of Life male tattoo. The big intricate tattoo is an ideal choice for anyone who is not afraid to show their beliefs on themes of nature, growth, and resilience


12. Viking Tree Of Life

Viking tree tattoos are of many types. There are various elements that people can include in their ink design but elements like the Viking compass and wolf are normally seen a lot. They are symbols of power and strength.


13. Tree Tattoo With Different Leaves

This Colored-leaves life symbol tattoo of different leaves makes this one pretty ink design. It can mean the different emotions and experiences we go through in our lives and how each one is important.


14. Tree with Name Tattoo

Girls who especially like light and vibrant colors can do a pink tree of life that is a lively and joyful icon. The name of the person that you will get inked will make this a personalized tattoo that will mean how much they mean in your life and help you to balance out your life.

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15. Celtic Tree Of Life Tattoo

The Celtic tree is a spiritual symbol of the connection between our world and heaven. These tree tattoo ideas are also known as the Irish Tree of Life. The stencil for a Celtic tree is easily available in a tattoo parlor, so you can easily choose the best Celtic symbol according to your preference. 



16. Small Tree Tattoo 

The simple tree can be recommended to those who are thinking of getting tattooed for the first time and want something subtle that has a strong message. This small tattoo is as important as a big Tree of Life tattoo.



17. Circle Tree Tattoo

In this roots tattoo, they are outside of the circle while we see the rest of the tree inside it. The roots coming out can represent breaking out of the shell and doing hard work for growth.




18. Tree with Prism and Flock of Birds 

The addition of a flock of birds and roots covering the prism to the tree design shows a more philosophical scene of nature. These birds, being the wonderful creatures that have the gift of flight are the symbol of freedom while the prism reminds us to keep ourselves grounded.


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19. Girl At The Roots Of The Tree 

This medium-sized back tattoo of the Tree of Life is significant for the importance of women in the world and how they are the main aspect of creation on earth. 

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20. Hand Tree Of Life 

This big and beautiful tree of life that covers the whole front hand starts with the roots from the fingers and uses the big space of the hand to have the tattoo icon. It helps to remember that we have strong beliefs in our veins and shouldn't doubt them. 


21. Mandala Tree Of Life Tattoo

You'll notice that in a mandala tattoo, the tree roots are not mundane and rather have an intricate design. The combination of a tree with the beautiful design of the mandala and a simple tree means protection and expansion. 

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22. Prism Tree Tattoo

Since prism refracts light into a variety of colors, this combination with the tree can represent the importance of different views and experiences in life.

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23. Family Name Tree Tattoo

You can use the already existing stencil tree of life tattoos but make it personal with the addition of the names of your family members. At the end of the root, you can modify and convert the normal roots into a heart tree tattoo which represents your heart and love for your loved ones.


24. Couple Within Tree

This beautiful and detailed tree tattoo holds the powerful meaning of life on earth. How the world keeps its process of creation in nature. This can also be considered a romantic tattoo that you can get for the adoration of your partner.


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25. Tree With Quote Tattoo

Why not combine wording with the Tree of Life tattoo to make it more special and even personalized? A Latin quote like “homo homini lupus” with the icon of the tree will work on any body part but is usually seen on the forearm.


26. Heart-shaped Tree Tattoo 

This heart-shaped feminine tattoo will be very special for those who would like to represent their love for nature with the theme of interconnection and adoration of how the biology of the world works.

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27. Ankle Circle Tree Tattoo 

Why not get a cute ankle tree tattoo that looks elegant and classy? It is symbolic of harmony and peace, and you will have the choice of either showing it off or covering it with clothes according to your mood.

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28. Armband Tree Of Life Tattoo

We are used to seeing flower armband tattoos, so a tree of life in the shape of a circle on the arm is a unique tattoo placement choice. The circle shape goes directly with the message of the tree tattoo of how the universe revolves.


29. Different Seasons Tree Tattoo 

The season changes displayed in ink are definitely something new and unique on the tree tattoo ideas list. They show how we all need different seasons in our lives to achieve different experiences.

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30. Micro Tree Tattoo 

If you like to get the tree tattoo but are rather new to the process of permanent ink, then getting a small micro tree of life tattoo would work out perfectly. This way you can represent your beliefs in the circle of life in the way you like.

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31. Tree inside Mirror Thigh Tattoo 

The mirror shape can make this a beautiful tree of life feminine tattoo quite big. Combining the tree and the mirror can be a symbol of knowledge and growth. 


32. Family Wording Tree Tattoo 

The addition of the word ‘family’ gives a personal touch to the tree tattoo. It shows that you love your family, and they are your world.


33. Solar Tree of Life 

A solar tree tattoo design is a symbol of connection of nature and universe as a whole. There are a lot of beautiful tree tattoo designs available, but this modern icon addition is something unique!

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34.Thigh Tree Tattoo with Pink Leaves

The leg Tree of Life tattoo with these distinctive colorful leaves demands your attention! The striking pink leaves can represent compassion and optimism.


35. Matching Tree Of Life Tattoos

These matching tree tattoos are a perfect choice for the couple who consider their partner the world to them. It shows that they have similar beliefs and that they have balance each other out.


36. Dead Trees Tattoos

Dead Trees tattoo is an edgier take on the lively Tree of Life tattoos we are used to seeing. These tattoo trees on the forearm can be symbolic of strength and endurance even in hard times.



37. Dual Tree of Life Tattoo 

The two different images of the tree are strong male tattoos for those who believe in the concept that time changes and nothing stays the same throughout a lifespan.


38. Tree Tattoo With Names Of Family 

Add the names of your friends, family members, inspirations, or anybody you feel a connection to! A simple icon for this design is beautiful as it is, but the Tree of Life tattoo with names develops into something more meaningful and personal for the person! 


39. Mother Daughter Dual Tree of Life 

There are many tattoo tree designs but for somebody who would like to show a symbol of their love for their mother or daughter, they can have the tree stem turned into pretty silhouettes! This mother daughter tattoo looks stunning.



40. Abstract Tree Tattoo 

This abstract version of the tree, done in different watercolors to bring it out to life, puts a new spin on the Celtic symbol. You can also add signs of Norse mythology that represent spiritual beliefs. 

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41. Minimalistic Tree

The fine-line tattoo can easily be done in just a few hours. Going for a subtle tattoo represents the simplicity and ease of the world's workings.

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42. Sketch Calf Tree Tattoo 

A sketch of the tree looks rather unique and modern. For people who like the message of the Tree of Life but want something new and exciting-looking, they can get this simple version. This goes perfectly with the message of the tree tattoo since it means to keep revolving according to time.


43. Family Silhouette With The Tree 

The small silhouette alongside the big, rooted tree signifies the importance and love for your family! The thick roots tattoo can also be defined as how deep your love goes for your close ones!


44. Tree with Sun and Moon 

The sun and moon in the symbol behind the tree are the mystic icons of forces of balance in nature. A very subtle but powerful tattoo indeed.

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45. Romantic Tree of Life

Me and You in the words written in hearts at the root of the tree in the ink of love, red, is a very happy and loving tattoo. 

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46. Rooted Tree with Butterfly 

The butterfly that comes out of the tree can be considered the symbol of a person coming out of their shell to experience everything the world has to offer. Get colored ink for the butterfly for a more eye-catching design.


47. Mystical Colorful Tree Tattoo

A mystical force adds meaning to the tattoo, as it shows mystery and intrigue and that you believe in magic and optimism.


48. Colored Celtic Tree Tattoo 

The insertion of colors symbolizes positive beliefs. The watercolor tattoo may take some extra time to complete, but it looks amazing once done. 

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49. Flower Tree Tattoo 

The flowers tattoo with the colored ink is a vibrant choice because flowers are known for their joyfulness and optimism.


50. Feminine Green Tree Tattoo 

A simple clear green tattoo is ideal for those who love nature and want to remember to be positive in life.

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51. Tree inside Dreamcatcher Tattoo

The tattoo will be a pretty and unique take on the Tree of Life tattoo. Dreamcatchers mean protection and the tree means harmony and interconnection. 


52. Half Sleeve Tree Tattoo 

This area gives a lot of space for the tattoo artist to make a realistic scene, so they would be able to show both the small and big features of a tree of life which means endurance and balance.



53. Yin And Yang Tree Of Life 

The Yin and Yang Tree of Life means the unity between the two forces in life and how we need both versions to complete something. 

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54. Stained Glass Tree Tattoo 

This spiritual tattoo is quite a beautiful take on a normal tree of life tattoo we are used to seeing as it reminds us of the church windows.

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55. Big Chest Tree Tattoo 

A big tattoo close to the heart symbolizes your passion for the world to be a harmonious and positive place.

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56. Tree of Life with Eye

The attachment of the eye ink means that a force is always watching what's going on in the world, and balance will be created as time never stays the same.

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57. Tree In The Shape Of Cross 

If you have spiritual beliefs then why not combine your devotion and love for the environment into your Tree of Life tattoo?

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58. Big Ankle Tattoo

The malleolus is a perfect place for a tree tattoo as it can be considered the ‘root’ of humans too and from where we can start a change in anything we believe in. 

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59. Highlighted Tree With Birds Tattoo 

Make your tree tattoo shine with this addition! The white highlights in the tree can mean purity and spirituality in the world. 


60. Guitar Root Tree Tattoo

The insertion of the guitar at the root symbolizes your love for music and creating and how significant it is for your life.


61. Anatomical Heart Tree

The anatomical heart is different from a normal heart tattoo because it represents a more edgier version of it. It is blunt love and passion!

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62. Big Green Tree Tattoo 

Green is the color of nature and thus, it pairs up with the message of the tree of life perfectly. This will serve as a reminder that the earth keeps on revolving and deep inside, we all hold the power to adapt.

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63. Snake Tree Tattoo 

The snake swallowing its tail is a symbol of change and rebirth. This updated symbol with the tree tattoo can be a very spiritual sign.

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64. Wind-blown Tree Tattoo 

Together the colorful design and the wind blowing from the tree can represent going off in the world to take chances and making memories.


65. Ankle Tree of Life and Bird Tattoo

The bird flying away from the tree can mean change and freedom. The tattoos show the way of nature.