True Thompson Photos

51 Best True Thompson Photos

Pooja Angurasu

Updated At  18 Mar 24


 True Thompson (born True Thompson in Cleveland, Ohio on April 12, 2018) is the daughter of Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson. No shade to the other Kardashian-Jenner kids, but we can’t deny that we have a special soft spot for True Thompson! Between her gorgeous curls and big brown eyes, we simply can’t get enough of her. Thankfully, True’s famous mom, Khloé Kardashian, loves to post tons of photos of her toddler on Instagram.


51 True Thompson Photos



1. Angel

This little cute True Thompson photo gives our eyes a twinkling treat! Such an angel she is!

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2. Yawn

This sleepy True Thompson photo puts a big smile on our faces with the word "aww so cute!". Such a big yawn for a little girl.


3. Big Smile

The beautiful princess of the True Thompson photo rules our hearts and eyes. A princess from the beginning, thank you very much.


4. The Cheeks

Wow! What bubbly cheeks she has. Those shining and bubbly cheeks steal our eyes and her innocent eyes also.

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5. Pink Baby

Yes! She is the best example of a model baby. She steals Instagram with her stunning natural looks.


6. Ride With Teddy

True Thompson feels happy with her teddy. They were ready for a long ride. True is riding in style ... already!



7. Cool At Pool

True Thompson joyfully enjoys her vacation with her grandmother. Baby's first tropical vacation, for the win! Fun with grandma.


8. Selfie party

The flowers in their ears make True Thompson's photo a blossom. True Thompson's cheeks are a national treasure.


9. On Mom's Lap

The world's biggest pleasure is sitting on mom's lap and enjoying the day with her mother. True loves sitting on her mommy's lap!

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10. The Doll

True Thompson looks like a smiling baby doll. Look out, Miley Cyrus, True is coming for the brand.


11. Coolers For Cool baby

It's a mind-blowing natural wink made by True Thompson. Throwing shade? True has some serious swagger.


12. Unicorn Baby

The True Thompson photo gives the chic inspiration for all other unicorns. Yes! She is a unicorn with big cheeks and chunky thighs.


13. Chilling With Cousin

True Thompson makes a calm face in this photo with her cousin. True loves spending time with her big cousin Penelope Disick.


14. Sunnies The Stylish Companion

The sunnies never goes wrong with True Thompson. She is more fascinated to wear polarized glasses. True may not be Irish, but she loves St. Patrick's Day.


15. Two Big Smiles

True Thompson selfie's best companion is none other than her mom. Mommy and True know how to find the best selfie lighting.


16. Black Dress Beauty

In this photo, True Thompson gives a charming pose in her black dress. The black ribbon sprinkles beauty on True Thompson's face.


17. Selfie Time

East or West mom is the best for True Thompson's selfies. We can't get over how big True looks in this selfie with Koko. Growing up fast!


18. Cousin Psalm

True Thompson is "OBSESSED" with her baby cousin Psalm West, according to her mama and aunty Kim Kardashian.


19. Fantastic Outfit

True Thompson's look was so impressive that it got some serious attention from A-listers. "I need this outfit!" Paris Hilton commented. Same here, Paris, same here.


20. Time To Talk

Chit chat! In December 2019, Koko posted the sweetest pic of herself and baby True having a relaxing time sitting in wooden rocking chairs together on Instagram. "I can’t wait until we can have conversations," she captioned the adorable image. "My best friend!"


21. Looking Back

In January 2020, Koko shared an adorable photo series of True hanging out with her cousin Penelope. Their playdate included cartwheels and grapes! How fun.


22. Cheek On Cheek

This is one of the elegant styles of selfies with her mom. In January 2020, KoKo shared the sweetest selfies with her "Minnie" True.


23. Swing In

In February 2020, KoKo and True had a "good day" playing on the swings, bouncing on the trampoline and so much more! (Of course, her Trolls dolls also made an appearance in the True Thompson photo.)


24. Funny Girl

This is one of the hilarious photos of True Thompson. "How I feel about 2020," KoKo captioned this hilarious snapshot of True.


25. Funny Face

In April 2020, True Thompson rocked a ~vintage~ StormiWorld sweatshirt and played with fun Instagram filters.


26. Four Butterflies 

Khloe Kardashian and True Thompson decided to play with a butterfly filter on Instagram and the result was too precious not to share!


27. Say Cheese!

Great lighting! Khloe Kardashian and True Thomson smiled from ear to ear while posing for this mommy-daughter selfie.


28. TuTu's Dad

"Happy Father's Day! You two are twins," Khloe Kardashian captioned a sweet photo on Instagram of True Thompson and Tristan wearing matching outfits.


29. Dance Party

True Thompson wore a precious polka-dot shirt while she had a dance party. Polka dot princess!


30. Eating Delicious Yoghurt

Pretty in pink! Khloe Kardashian shared this adorable snapshot of True Thompson wearing a pink hoodie and eating yoghurt in June 2020.


31. Fun With Family

Uncle Rob Kardashian shared this precious picture of True chillin' with cousins Chicago and Saint West and BFF Dream. Look at this team!


32. Smile For Mom

In June 2020, Khloé Kardashian shared a series of photos of her "cutie pie" having a blast outside. Just chilling.


33. True And Psalm

Kim couldn't help but gush over "besties" True and Psalm in this precious photo in July 2020. Growing up together!


34. Like Dad

Sorry, Khloe Kardashian, but True looks so much like Tristan. The True Thompson photo with the big smile rocks!


35. With Dad

True Thompson and her dad, Tristan, had a blast painting pumpkins for Halloween. Dads' love for their daughters never ends.


36. True And Stormi

The True Thompson photo with Stormi Webster gives a treat to our eyes. We love watching the youngest Kar-Jenner kids grow up together.


37. True Fashion 

The Stylish look of True Thompson amazes us. It looks like True Thompson has a future in modelling!


38. True Rose

"I give thanks every day for you my sweet True!!!!  Always stop to smell the roses cutie," Khloe Kardashian write beside a sweet photo on November 24, 2020.


39. Cunning

This True Thompson photo shows that she is so cautious and protective about her drink. She makes funny cunning eyes which make us laugh.


40. We All Scream For Ice Cream

Khloe Kardashian captioned this February 28, 2021 post "cuteness overload," and we couldn't agree more!


41. Grown up

It's hard to believe True is turning 3 years old on April 12, 2021! Time flies. But the smile on her face never flies.


42. Happiest Girl Ever!

This True Thompson photo shows that she is very happy to wear this dress.  This outfit is just too precious for her.


43. True Cousins

True Thompson enjoys her summer vacation with her lovable and friendly cousins Psalm and Dream. Besties forever!


44. Mirror Photo

Already a pro at checking out her makeup in the mirror, True Thompson got her lipstick applied while mom Khloé Kardashian was on set for what appeared to be a photo shoot.


45. True With Prince

In a rare instance, Tristan shared a snap of both of his children hanging out together at an arcade in October 2021. While Prince is beaming in the photo, True looks nearly as tall as her brother. Tristan captioned the sweet photo, writing, "Let me love you a little more, before you are not so little anymore," along with the hashtag "My Everything."


46. Selfie Partners

Khloé Kardashian shared a precious selfie showing her face to face with her smiling daughter. Just look at how grown-up and adorable True is! Khloé gushed in the caption that her daughter is "My forever."


47. Crafty Cutie

A smiling True stood inside her well-stocked and highly organized arts and crafts closet. No wonder she looks so happy, look at all those creative supplies!


48. True Pose

True showed off how she's been watching her famous relatives pose for photo shoots and now has her angles mastered. She modeled a stylish puffer coat and tan Prada purse, while pointing her stylish tan boot forward and dramatically putting her hand up to her face. Proud mom Khloé  wrote, "Where did this pose come from lol?" when sharing the February 23, 2023, Instagram photo.


49. Her Favourite

True Thompson loves her cat so much, appropriately named Gray Kitty, and takes her pet everywhere around the house while holding her like a baby.


50. Wink

The Hulu personality snapped a photo of her daughter winking at the camera while sitting in what appeared to be a seat on a plane.“My little lady,” she captioned an Instagram post.


51. Fun With Makeup

It appears Khloé Kardashian let True play with her glam kit, as her daughter rocked heavily applied lilac eye shadow and bright red lipstick in this adorable April 5, 2022, Instagram photo.