21 Ancient Indian Skin Care Secrets For Glowing Skin

Shalu Bhati

Updated At  18 Sep 22


With the usual dirt, dust, pollution, and sun, you can see their negative impact on your skin. Even your skincare products are full of chemicals. Add daily life stress to this mixture and voila you get tons of skincare problems like acne, dark circles, blemishes, sun spots, pigmentation, wrinkles, and whatnot. Have you tried almost every other cream available in the market but your skin continues to remain dull? Maybe it is then time to listen to the secrets of your grandmothers and their grandmothers.

Ancient Indian women were known for their flawless and glowing skin. And it is only fitting that we visit our roots and find out what made them so gorgeous. We did the homework for you and here we are with 21 ancient Indian skin care secrets for glowing and wrinkle-free skin.


21 Ancient Indian Skin Care Secrets For Glowing And Wrinkle Free Skin 




1. Ghee Is Crucial For Healthy Skin

It is not possible to talk about ancient Indian skin care secrets and not talk about ghee. Ghee is a class of clarified butter which is said to be originated from India. It is not only used as a part of cooking but is also known for its medicinal and religious values. It has known health benefits and is used as a remedy for dry skin for ages.

Ghee formed a major part of the food consumed by people in ancient India. From a common man to a wealthy ruler, ghee was integral to everybody’s thali. When consumed as a part of daily meals, ghee improves digestion, kills germs, and acts as a natural lubricator. It forms a protective layer around cells and helps in recovery.  It maintains your overall health. Ghee is also an excellent moisturizer. Indian women have used ghee to treat chapped and cracked lips since ancient times.



2. Rosewater Helps To Soothe And Heal Skin

Rosewater was famous then as it is now. It has been one of the major ingredients which were used in the ancient beauty hacks. And why not? Rosewater is full of antioxidants. It also boasts of anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in soothing and healing of the skin. Ancient Indian women have used rosewater to wash their faces and to treat minor skin infections. The water with which they used to take bath with was often infused with rose water so that they could smell of roses all day long.



3. Turmeric Is Antiseptic, Antibacterial And Anti Inflammatory

Indian beauty tips for glowing skin also include the use of turmeric. Yes, the very same turmeric you use for cooking purposes.

Turmeric commonly known as haldi is an antiseptic, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory ingredient that is used in Ayurveda to cure multitudes of ailments. Given its healing properties, turmeric was used by ancient Indian women to fight acne, dark spots, and even wrinkles. It is also known to give a beautiful yellowish glow to the skin which is why it has been traditionally used by soon-to-be brides to get radiant skin. So much was the effect that till today a haldi ceremony takes place before weddings.



4. Gram Flour Is The Perfect Natural Exfoliator

Gram flour is another one of such ingredients that were commonly used in ancient beauty hacks by Indian women. Also known as besan, its coarse texture makes it a natural exfoliator. It is also an excellent cleanser and can take off all impurities such as dirt, dust, excess oil from your face with just one wash. For flawless and even-toned skin, ancient Indian women used a mix of gram flour, curd, lemon, and rose water.



5. Oil Massage Is Crucial To Get Glowing Skin

Oil massage is one of the famous Indian skin care secrets. Ancient Indian women used to get a full body massage using oils before taking a bath. This would give them glowing and sparkling skin. Coconut oil and mustard oil were commonly used. However, it has been found that Mughal queens favored using rose oil which is known for its soothing as well as anti-aging properties.



6. Milk And Curd Deeply Cleanse And Moisturize The Skin

It is in these modern times that we use soap for cleaning our skin. But the ancient Indian skin care secrets involve bathing with milk or curd. Both milk and curd are rich in nutrients and a good source of lactic acid. They cleanse as well as moisturize skin at the same time. With the regular use of milk and curd, you too can have skin as soft as a baby’s.



7. Honey Repairs And Strengthens Skin

Honey too has been a part of ancient Ayurveda. If you are looking for Indian skin care secrets for wrinkle-free skin, then this it Honey is a rich source of anti-oxidants. It heals repairs and strengthens skin. It gives the dual benefits of a cleanser and moisturizer at the same time. It also fights infections. It was used by ancient Indian women to keep wrinkles at bay owing to its anti-aging properties.



8. Water When Consumed From Copper Vessels Aides Digestion And Delays Aging

This is one of the simplest beauty tips India has to offer to the world. We already know how important it is to stay hydrated. Drinking enough water throughout the day has many benefits one of which includes glowing skin. India’s blast from the past addition to this is drinking water kept in copper vessels.

It was a common practice in the past to store water in copper vessels. It was believed that by doing this, the water gets infused not only with positive energies but also harmful bacteria are killed. Water kept in copper vessels when consumed is good for digestion and also slows down the aging process.



9. Aloe Vera Keeps Skin Smooth, Soft And Moisturized

Aloe vera is the magic ingredient that has been a part of ancient Indian beauty secrets skin will be thankful for. In whatever form you use it—eat the gel, apply it, or drink its juice—the results will always show on your skin. As believed by Ayurveda, aloe vera is vital in maintaining the balance in the body. It keeps the skin soft, smooth, and moisturized. It is also helpful in getting rid of dark spots and pigmentation to a great extent.



10. Tulsi Has Multiple Skin Benefits

Tulsi has religious importance in India. This is why it can be seen planted in the courtyards of many Hindu households. But that is not all. The holy basil is also full of healing properties. It is one of those ancient Indian skin care secrets which will make your appearance more youthful. Apply a paste of crushed tulsi leaves mixed with some honey to get replenished and rejuvenated skin. You can also boil a few leaves in water and use it as a toner. Chew a few leaves for added benefits.



11. Amla Has Many Useful Properties  

Amla or Indian gooseberry was commonly used as one of the ancient beauty hacks for both skin and hair. Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, amla juice makes for an excellent face pack when mixed with honey. It also prevents premature aging.


12. Morning Saliva Can Cleanse Face And Remove Dark Spots

This is perhaps the wackiest of the Indian beauty tips for glowing skin. Yes, you had read it right. Early morning saliva is said to be rich in anti-microbial properties. When applied to the face, it kills germs, controls inflammation, and removes dark spots, thus, giving you clear glowing skin. It is known to be especially effective on dark circles. In times of placenta eaters and vampire facials, applying your morning saliva on the face might not feel so weird after all.



13. Ginger Is Full Of Anti-Oxidants

Ginger is full of antioxidants and has been traditionally used in many Ayurvedic treatments. This is one of those Indian skin care secrets which can leave you with clear, glowing, balanced and even skin.



14. Yoga Is Crucial For A Fit And Healthy Body

India is the world’s center for yoga. Yoga has been practiced in India since ancient times to achieve a fit and healthy body. Practicing yoga tones muscles, boosts circulation, and gives a natural radiance to the skin. No wonder, yoga has played an important role in giving ancient Indian women the skin of everybody’s dreams. Grab a yoga mat today and get started.



15. Coconut Oil Treats Multiple Skin Issues

How can we talk about ancient Indian skin care secrets and not talk about coconut oil? Coconut oil was a favorite among ancient Indian women. Whatever was the skin problem, coconut oil was their go-to remedy. Dry skin, dull skin, rashes, rough feet, dry and dull hair, chapped lips, skin infections—coconut oil solved it all. It is rich in antioxidants. The vital fatty acids present in this oil make it the ideal remedy to brighten up dull skin. Coconut oil is also known to prevent premature aging.



16. Saffron Lightens And Brightens Skin

Enriched with vitamins A, C, and E, saffron is one of the ancient Indian skin care secrets used to lighten and brighten skin. Just a few strands when mixed with milk can make your complexion better than ever before. This is why from ancient times; expecting mothers are given saffron-infused milk to drink.



17. Sandalwood Face Pack Treats Pimples And Dark Circles

Sandalwood was used in many ancient beauty hacks. And why won’t it be? It has multiple benefits. Ancient Indian women used the sandalwood to solve almost all of their skin issues. Sandalwood can be used to treat pimples as well as dark circles. It gives skin a beautiful radiant glow. Mix sandalwood powder with curd, milk, honey, or rose water depending upon your skin type to see the benefits for yourself.



18. Fuller’s Earth Is The Perfect Cleanser

This is one of the most common beauty tips India has to offer. Ancient Indian women were fond of using fuller’s earth aka multani mitti for their hair as well as skin. It has deep cleansing properties. It sucks out the dirt, and impurities from deep within the pores.


19. A Healthy Balanced Diet Is Crucial For Glowing Skin

The ‘you are what you eat’ philosophy is not new. Ancient Indian women also believed that what is visible on the surface outside is a result of what happens inside their bodies. They were mindful of what they ate. A healthy balanced meal was of course favored by them. Maybe it was easier for them because they didn’t have temptations like pizza or fries.


20. Do At least One Household Chore

Ancient Indian women did not only take care of the households but they were good hunters too. Their active life is another one of the Indian skin care secrets for flawless skin. The work-home balance in today’s times can be difficult to maintain. This is why we suggest that you should indulge in at least one household chore every day. This way you would be able to calm and relax your brain. It can be very therapeutic.


21. Leave Things Be

Yes. The more you worry about something, the more you get stressed. And the more you stress, the more it becomes an invitation to signs of aging. We are not asking you to ignore your life’s problems big or small. What we are merely suggesting is do not go overboard. Because the more you stress, the more the aging process fastens.