Best Layered Bob Hairstyles For Women Over 60

27 Best Layered Bob Hairstyles For Women Over 60

Riya Lisa Ghosh

Updated At  26 Jun 24

The world of fashion and beauty transcends all boundaries, and the same holds true for hairstyles. For women over 60, a layered bob haircut can be a game-changer, infusing youthfulness and vitality into their appearance. If you're looking for best layered bob hairstyles for women over 60, then we have got you covered. These bob hairstyles for mature women will make you look refreshing and youthful.


28 Best layered Bob Hairstyles For Over 60





1. Stylish Layered Bob

The layered bob short hairstyle for women over 60 is chic and easy to manage, giving the hair more volume and bounce. This classic cut looks great on any face shape and is simple to style. Add some red lipstick to look amazing and feel confident! 




2. Layered Bob with Side Bangs

Adding side bangs to your layered bob creates a soft and charming look. This style suits women with round faces, as the side bangs elongate the face. This layered bob hairstyle with side bangs for women over 60, brings out a charm and brightness to your facial features. 




3. Graduated Layered Bob

A graduated layered bob features shorter layers in the back that gradually lengthen towards the front. It's perfect for women over 60 with round or square faces, as it balances out the facial proportions. This is also a perfect option for layered bob hairstyles for fine hair over 60. 




4. Classic Layered Bob

The timeless classic layered bob for women over 60 is a versatile choice. The layers add movement and volume, making it suitable for various face shapes, especially round faces. This cut brings out the best in those with fine hair, giving it the illusion of fullness. One of the best short hairstyles for women over 60, layered bob is an evergreen hairstyle and is always in trend.




5. Chic Textured Layers

Adding textured layers to your bob can breathe life into thin and fine hair. Combine texture and messiness in your bob for a playful and youthful vibe. The texture creates dimension, providing a stylish look for women over 60 with any face shape. Pairing this layered bob hairstyle with glasses is a suitable option. 

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6. Layered Bob with Side Swept Bangs

For a softer appearance, opt for a layered bob with side-swept bangs. This cut works well with heart-shaped and oval faces, framing them beautifully while adding elegance. Layered bob hairstyles with bangs for over 60 are an effortless and low maintenance option, if you want to look elegant and highlight your features. 




7. Edgy Layered Bob

If you're looking for a bold statement, an edgy layered bob with choppy layers is the way to go. This daring look complements women with oval and diamond-shaped faces. One of the top haircuts for over 60, this looks stunning.




8. Layered Bob with Fringes

Fringes are a fantastic way to add flair to your layered bob. Women over 60 with square faces can benefit from this style, as the fringes soften angular features. If you want a soft look, this layered bob hairstyle for over 60 with fringes is a fantastic option. 

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9. Messy Layered Bob

Effortlessly stylish, the messy layered bob exudes a carefree vibe. This layered bob hairstyle for over 60 suits oval and heart-shaped faces, giving a relaxed yet refined appearance. 




10. Layered Bob with Volume

A layered bob with volume at the crown adds a youthful bounce to your hair. This look complements women with round faces, as the added height balances facial proportions. So if you're looking for layered hairstyles for over 60 with round faces, this one's for you ! 




9. Angled Layered Bob

The angled layered bob features shorter layers at the back and longer ones in the front, forming an appealing angle. This layered bob hairstyle is ideal for women over 60 with oval faces, accentuating their features gracefully. 




11. Sleek Layered Bob

For a polished and sophisticated appearance, consider a sleek layered bob. This look complements oval and rectangular faces, giving a refined touch. This is a suitable option if you want a layered bob hairstyle with glasses. 



One of the perfect wash and wear haircuts for over 60 with glasses, this layered bob hairstyle looks stylish and elegant.




13. Layered Bob With Curls

Looking for short haircuts that enhance your curls? This layered bob hairstyle for women over 60 with curls, is your way to go. If you have naturally curly hair, a layered bob can beautifully showcase your curls. This cut suits all face shapes, as the curls add volume and dimension. 




14. Layered Bob With Wispy Ends

Wispy ends on a layered bob provide a delicate and graceful appearance. This layered bob hairstyle complements heart-shaped faces, softening the chin area. 




15. Tousled Layered Bob

The tousled layered bob exudes a casual elegance. This look suits women with oval and diamond-shaped faces, enhancing their natural charm. 




17. Layered Bob with Side Part

A layered bob with a side part adds depth and interest to your hairstyle. This look flatters oval and round faces, highlighting their features. This is a low maintenance layered bob hairstyle for thin hair over 60. 




18. Layered Bob With Asymmetrical Cut

An asymmetrical cut on a layered bob offers a modern and edgy vibe. This style suits women with heart-shaped and oval faces, accentuating their elegance. A perfect short hairstyle for grey hair over 60, glasses add a different dimension to this haircut.




19. Wavy Layered Bob

A wavy layered bob exudes a beachy and carefree aura. This cut suits women with round faces, as the waves add softness to their features. Wavy layered bob hairstyles for women over 60 are a perfect option if you want to go for a light and carefree look. 




20. Short Layered Bob

For a more daring approach, consider a short layered bob hairstyle for women over 60. This look suits women with oval and heart-shaped faces, highlighting their elegance. 




21. Layered Bob with Textured Ends

Adding texture to the ends of your layered bob provides a modern twist. This cut suits women over 60 with round faces, as the texture on layered bob hairstyles adds dimension. 




22. Graduated Bob

These hairstyles have gained popularity a long time ago and still remain in style. This can make thinning hair look voluminous at the crown. It will shape the face and remain short at the back. This is an effortless hairstyle for straight hair.


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23. Elegant Layered Bob 

This gives a flattering and visually appealing look. Layers add movement to the hair and make the whole style look fuller and thicker. Layered bob haircuts for women over 60 are a good choice for a stylish look. 




24. Messy Bob with Choppy Layers

Shaggy Bob Haircuts add a touch of cuteness to your graceful ageing. This hairstyle is versatile and suits any hair type. You can spice up your style with choppy layers which add a fullness to your look. 




25. Salt and Pepper Shaggy Layers

Salt and Pepper styles can make a beautiful look on ageing hair. If you are looking for textured hairstyles, you can opt for tousled layers. This hairstyle adds volume to the hair, giving it a thicker and well groomed appearance.



26. Layered Jaw Length Bob

Shorter hairstyles are in trend this season. Short hair is preferred for these fast paced days and busy life. This jaw length haircut enhances you jaw line, adds volume in layers and makes you look stylish as ever!



27. Stacked Bob

The stacked bob is a trendy option that creates volume at the back and offers a chic, angled appearance in the front. This is a great option if you want to give yourself a stylish look and a sassy change in appearance.


In conclusion, age should never restrict your sense of style and confidence. These 27 layered bob hairstyles and haircuts for women over 60 showcase the diversity and versatility that this timeless cut offers. Whether you have a round face, oval face, heart-shaped face, or any other face shape, there's a layered bob variation that can enhance your natural beauty and express your unique personality. Embrace the power of a layered bob and step into a world of elegance and charm, proving that fashion knows no boundaries.