Curly hairstyles for women over 60

55 Best Curly Hairstyles For Women Over 60 – 2024

Shalu Bhati

Updated At  08 May 24

Trends may come and trends may go but curly hairstyles stay forever. Yes, managing a naturally curly mane requires a lot of effort, work, and patience. But, the results are all worth it. And that’s why everyone loves ‘em curls. Curly hairstyles are some of the most versatile and gorgeous styles that can easily carry a romantic, elegant, as well as edgy vibe. So, when it comes to curly hairstyles for women over 60, we say a strong yes.

You can flaunt your curls without worrying about your age. There are a lot of styles that you can choose from and be at your curly best. Choose from our incredibly inspiring roundup of curly hairstyles for women over 60 and embrace the curls.


55 Stunning Curly Hairstyles For Women Over 60 




1. Curly Shag

Shag hairstyles have made a comeback this year albeit with a modern twist. But why should straight-haired women be the only ones to have all the fun. A modern shag hairstyle is also possible with curly hair and we have just the right kind of inspiration for you. The extra layered and tousled style will do wonders in enhancing your style quotient.

If you are looking for hairstyles for women over 60 with glasses then do check our detailed guide as we list all the popular haircuts like Bob, pixie, layered hairstyles, buzz cut and many more which will go with glasses.




2. Side-Parted Chin-Length Hairstyle

Curly hairstyles for women over 60 are anything but boring. Take lessons from Helen Mirren who has been rocking some of the most beautiful curly hairstyles. Here she is seen with a chin-length curly hairstyle with a side parting. The asymmetrical layers add more volume and bounce while the side bangs frame the face perfectly. One of the best haircuts for women over 60 one can prefer the side parted parted hairstyle to put focus on your look.




3. Classic Shoulder-Length Curls

This hairstyle is known for its sophistication and adaptability, making it suitable for various occasions and personal styles. Curls in this style beautifully enhance the natural texture of curls while maintaining a length that falls gracefully around the shoulders. Whether you have loose waves, tight curls, or anything in between, this hairstyle can be adapted to suit different curl patterns. The soft and romantic curls make this hairstyle a great option for date nights, adding a touch of allure and femininity and the classic shoulder-length curls are well-suited for everyday wear, giving a polished yet relaxed appearance.




4. Short and Sassy Ringlets

Characterized by its short length and defined ringlets, this style is perfect for those who want a chic and energetic look. The hair is cut short, usually above the shoulders, to create a dynamic and easy-to-manage style and is styled into well-defined and bouncy ringlets, adding a touch of playfulness to the overall look. The ringlets contribute to a voluminous and textured appearance, creating a hairstyle that stands out. The short and sassy nature of the style gives off a youthful and modern feel, making it a great choice for those who want to express their vivacity. These ringlets are generally low-maintenance, making them ideal for individuals who prefer a stylish yet effortless look.




5. Curly Bob with Bangs

Bob cut for mature women gives a versatile and chic look that can be tailored to suit various face shapes and personal styles. The hair is cut into a bob, with the length typically reaching the jawline or slightly below. This length adds sophistication and is easy to manage. The curly texture adds a lively and dynamic element to the bob, creating a modern appearance. Bangs are incorporated into the style, and a side-swept variation is commonly chosen. This adds a touch of softness to the overall look.




6. Silver Fox Curls

These type of curly hairstyles for women over 60 embraces the graceful transition of hair color with age while highlighting the texture and volume of curly locks. This look radiates confidence, style, and a sense of self-assurance that comes with the wisdom of age. Whether worn casually or for special occasions, Silver Fox Curls make a bold and elegant statement. Silver Fox Curls for can be adapted to various lengths, including short, medium, or long, depending on personal preference. The hair is styled to enhance and define natural curls or waves, adding volume and dimension to the overall look. Embracing the natural color and texture of silver curls often requires less maintenance compared to other color-treated hairstyles.




7. Loose Waves with Highlights

"Loose Waves with Highlights" is a stylish and relaxed hairstyle that combines the carefree allure of loose waves with strategically placed highlights to add dimension and vibrancy to the overall look. This hairstyle is perfect for those who want a beachy, sun-kissed appearance. Loose waves add texture and movement to the hair and convey a soft and relaxed vibe, making this hairstyle suitable for both casual and semi-formal occasions. The highlights are chosen to complement the base color of the hair, creating a balanced and harmonious contrast for a natural look. Wear this hairstyle for casual outings, brunches, or shopping trips for a stylish and effortless look.




8. Curly Pixie Cut

Curly Pixie Cut combines the chicness of a pixie cut with the natural charm of curly or wavy hair. This daring look is perfect for those who want a low-maintenance yet fashion-forward hairstyle that showcases their curls. The curls are allowed to shine in their natural state, adding texture and volume to the overall look. Despite the short length, a well-styled curly pixie cut can still frame the face beautifully, drawing attention to facial features. The combination of a pixie cut with curls creates an edgy and contemporary appearance, making a bold style statement.




9. Side-Swept Curls

This style involves sweeping the curls to one side, creating a romantic look. Whether you have loose waves or tight curls, the side-swept arrangement adds an element of charm and allure. Side-swept curls beautifully frame the face, drawing attention to facial features and adding a soft, romantic touch. Use a curling wand or rollers to create soft and natural-looking curls. Curl larger sections of hair for loose waves or smaller sections for tighter curls, depending on your preference. When styling, gently sweep the curls to one side and secure them with bobby pins if needed.




10. Short and Curly Crop

This look is all about embracing your curls in a fun and low-maintenance way. The hair is cut very short, creating a cropped or pixie-like style that is both modern and easy to manage. The Short and Curly hairstyle for Older Ladies is a wonderful choice for those who want a modern and youthful look that is also easy to maintain. Embracing natural curls and opting for a chic, cropped style can be empowering and stylish, making a statement that beauty knows no age. Consult with a trusted stylist to tailor the cut to your preferences and lifestyle.




11. Long and Luxurious Curls

These curly hairstyles for mature ladies look is perfect for various occasions, from formal events to everyday wear when you want to make a statement with your hair. The hair is long, allowing for ample space to create cascading curls that fall gracefully around the shoulders and beyond. The curls are voluminous, creating a sense of richness and glamour. This hairstyle is all about achieving maximum bounce and movement. Long and luxurious curls often look best when they have a healthy shine and luster. This can be achieved through proper care and the use of shine-enhancing products.




12. Tousled Curls with Layers

Tousled curls with layers are versatile and suitable for everyday wear. This style effortlessly combines style with comfort for a casual yet put-together look. Whether it's a brunch with friends or a family gathering, this hairstyle is adaptable to various social occasions, offering a modern and fashionable appearance. Tousled Curls with Layers for Older Ladies is a chic and age-defying hairstyle that combines the modern appeal of tousled curls with strategically placed layers for a youthful and dynamic look. This style embraces the natural texture of hair while adding movement and volume, creating a fresh and contemporary appearance.




13. Curly Shaggy Bob

The Curly shaggy haircut for mature ladies is a stylish and age-appropriate hairstyle that combines the classic bob cut with the modern, carefree appeal of shaggy layers and natural curls. This look is versatile, easy to maintain, and adds a touch of youthful vibrancy. Choose a bob length and layering style that complements your face shape. Shaggy layers can be strategically placed to frame the face and enhance facial features. If you have gray or silver hair, consider embracing and enhancing these natural hues. It can add sophistication and elegance to the overall look.




14. Curly Updo with Glasses

This type of curly hairstyle with glasses for older ladies look is not only stylish but also complements the presence of glasses, creating a harmonious and polished appearance. Choose an updo style that works well with your glasses. Avoid styles that might clash with the frame or feel uncomfortable. Ensure that the updo is secure and comfortable to wear throughout the day. Use hairpins or clips that match your hair color for a seamless look. Consider adding elegant accessories like hairpins, combs, or a stylish headband to enhance the sophistication of the updo.




15. Voluminous Curls

Embrace the natural texture of your curls for added volume. Voluminous curls for older ladies create a sense of richness and vibrancy, contributing to an overall youthful appearance. Consider incorporating subtle layers into the hairstyle to enhance the movement and prevent the curls from appearing too heavy. Layers can add texture and a modern touch. Voluminous curls can be styled to frame the face, softening features and creating a flattering effect. Consult with your stylist to determine the best styling for your face shape. Healthy hair is key to achieving voluminous curls. Regular trims, deep conditioning treatments, and using products suitable for your hair type contribute to hair health.




16. Curly Afro

These curly hairstyles for women over 60 is not just a hairstyle; it's a statement of individuality and a celebration of natural beauty. It is all about embracing the natural texture of your curls and creating a rounded shape. Work with your natural curl pattern to achieve a full and voluminous look. Healthy hair is crucial for a vibrant Afro. Regular moisturizing, deep conditioning, and protective styling contribute to the overall health of your curls. A pick or wide-tooth comb is often used to shape and fluff the Afro. This tool helps to lift the curls at the roots and create volume. Regular trims are essential for maintaining the shape of the Afro and preventing split ends. This ensures a neat and well-groomed appearance. Protect your curls at night by using a satin or silk scarf or bonnet. This helps prevent friction and breakage and maintains the shape of the Afro.




17. Elegant Curly Ponytail

This stunning and ageless look is perfect for various occasions, from casual outings to more formal events. Consider adding a stylish hair accessory, such as a decorative clip or hairpin, for an extra touch of elegance. If you prefer a fuller look, gently tease the hair at the crown before gathering it into a ponytail. This hairstyle easily transitions from day to night. Consider a more casual look for daytime outings and add accessories or slightly redefine curls for an evening look. The beauty of this style is that it works well with various curly hair textures. Embrace your natural curls and adapt the style to suit your hair type.




18. Short and Sweet Curls

Short and Sweet Curls is a delightful and low-maintenance hairstyle that perfectly complements the elegance and vibrancy of older ladies. Use a curl-enhancing mousse or cream to define and enhance your natural curls. Apply the product evenly all over your hair. Allow your hair to air-dry for a natural look or use a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer to gently dry your curls. If your natural curls need a bit more definition, use a small-barreled curling iron to touch up specific sections. Focus on enhancing the curls around your face for a flattering effect.



19. Curly Bob with Side Part

A "Curly Bob with Side Part" is a stylish and age-appropriate hairstyle that combines the classic bob cut with the elegance of natural curls. This look is modern, easy to maintain, and brings a youthful flair. If you desire more variation in your curls, experiment with different-sized curling irons or rollers for a textured look. Add a stylish headband, hairpin, or decorative clip to accentuate your side part and add a touch of flair. The beauty of this style lies in embracing and celebrating your natural curls. Allow them to shine with minimal manipulation.



20. Cropped Curly Bangs

Cropped curly bangs can be particularly flattering when they frame your face. Consider asking your stylist to tailor the length to accentuate your facial features. For a slightly tousled or textured look, you can use a texture spray to add definition and hold. To keep the cropped bangs looking fresh and stylish, schedule regular trims with your stylist. Consider adding a headband, hairpin, or decorative clip to enhance your cropped curly bangs and add a touch of personality. The key to this short hairstyle is embracing the playful and chic nature of cropped curls while maintaining a sense of individuality.




21. Curly Half-Updo

Begin with freshly washed and conditioned hair. Use a moisturizing conditioner to enhance your natural curls. Apply a curl-enhancing mousse or cream to damp hair to define and enhance your natural curls. Gather the top section of your hair, including the curls around your crown, to create the half-updo. Leave out a few curls around your face for a soft, romantic look. Use a hair tie or decorative hair clips to secure the gathered section. You can create a small ponytail or secure it with an elastic band.




22. Curly Lob

This hairstyle works well for women of all ages, including older ladies. Begin by consulting with your stylist. Discuss the length, layers, and curl pattern that will suit your face shape and preferences. Ask your stylist for a lob haircut with layers. The length of the lob can vary, but it typically falls just above the shoulders or at the collarbone.  Apply a curl-enhancing product such as mousse or curl cream to define and enhance your natural curls. Allow your hair to air-dry for a natural look or use a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer to gently dry your curls. This helps maintain the curl pattern and minimizes frizz. If you desire more definition, use a small-barreled curling iron to touch up specific curls, especially around the face.




23. Textured Curls

Incorporating layers adds dimension and allows the curls to fall in a more natural, cascading way. Schedule regular trims to keep the textured curls looking fresh and healthy. Allow your natural texture to shine by avoiding excessive heat styling. Embracing your curls adds authenticity to the overall look. Textured curls are versatile and can be styled for various occasions, from casual outings to more formal events. Textured curls for mature ladies offer a contemporary and fashionable hairstyle that celebrates natural beauty while allowing for individual expression and style. If you are looking for a square face hairstyle, then this can be a perfect match.




24. Wavy Pixie Cut with Glasses

Embrace the confidence and individuality that this chic hairstyle brings. A wavy pixie cut is versatile and can be styled differently for various occasions. It's a statement style that's both modern and age-appropriate. Choose glasses that complement your face shape and the overall style of the pixie cut. Consider frames that are proportional to the shorter hairstyle. This hairstyle require regular trims to maintain its shape. Schedule appointments with your stylist to keep the waves looking fresh. Allow the natural texture of your waves to shine through. One of the best short hairstyles for over 60 with glasses,  this looks elegant and stylish.




25. Curly Faux Hawk

A Curly Faux Hawk for older ladies is a bold and trendy hairstyle that adds a touch of edginess and individuality. Ask your stylist for a faux hawk haircut, which involves keeping the center strip of hair longer while the sides are shorter. Specify that you want to maintain your natural curls for added texture. Allow your hair to air-dry after a wash for a natural look or use a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer to gently dry your curls. This helps maintain the curl pattern and minimizes frizz. If you want more defined curls, use a curling wand or iron on select sections. Keep the curls loose and voluminous. Decide on a parting style for the faux hawk. You can choose a centered faux hawk or a slightly off-center one, depending on your preference.




26. Gray Curls with Highlights

Gray curls with highlights for older ladies offer a modern and stylish way to embrace natural graying hair while adding a touch of flair. Opt for highlights that complement the gray base color. Subtle blonde or silver highlights can add a sun-kissed effect. Gray hair tends to grow quickly, so schedule regular appointments with your stylist for touch-ups and maintenance. Keep your curls healthy and vibrant by incorporating deep conditioning treatments into your hair care routine. Consider adding accessories such as headbands, clips, or scarves to enhance the overall look of your gray curls with highlights. If you're transitioning from colored hair to gray, embrace the process. The combination of gray and highlights can create a stunning and authentic appearance.



27. Curly Bob with Side Swept Bangs

These type of curly hairstyles for mature ladies combines the convenience of a bob with the playful elegance of side-swept curls. Incorporate layers into your bob cut to add volume and movement to your curls. Layers can also prevent the hairstyle from appearing too heavy. Keep your curls healthy and vibrant by incorporating deep conditioning treatments into your hair care routine. Layered bob a classic choice that allows you to embrace the beauty of curls with a modern twist.



28. Mane Of Curly Glory

If you don’t like your hair too short or too long, then you must go for middle-length hairstyles like this one modeled by Angela Bassett. This hairstyle will allow you to wear your curls in all their glory. Embrace them and flaunt them!

If you are looking for pixie haircuts for women over 60 then do check our guide. From haircuts for short fine hair to the ones for long and medium hair, we list all the popular pixie cuts for all the hair types and lengths.




29. Short White Curly Hairstyle

At the age of sixty, there comes the usual sign of white or grey hair. Gone are the days when a single strand would have made you run to the salon. We are living in a time where white hair is actually trendy and even youngsters are getting their hair colored in the shades of white, grey, and silver. Moreover, this is also a time when women are fighting against age-old beauty standards. So, embrace your white strands and let them shine with a short curly hairstyle like this one.    




30. Chin-Length With Side Bangs

Chin-length curly hairstyles for women over 60 can give you an elegant and refined look. A good example would be this hairstyle as modeled by Jane Fonda. This chin-length curly hairstyle with side bangs can be your go-to style for all sorts of occasions. Use a volumizing spray or switch your parting to give your side bangs a lift and bounce.




31. Curly Glam

Give voice to your inner queen and got the glam route when it comes to choosing curly hairstyles for women over 60. We love this one pictured here for its effortless glamour. The deep side parting creates a romantic hairstyle that will look especially good with loose curls or wavy hair.




32. Silver Fox

Once your hair starts greying, you can hide them or color them white to be with the current trend Or you can just let them do their magic and embrace your new salt and pepper look. You will not only be embracing the natural aging process but also adding a dimension to your curly hairstyle.

One of the best short hairstyles for women over 60 Silver fox can be trendy and stylish at the same time. You can showcase your natural beauty and pair it with attractive accessories to accentuate your look.




33. Shiny, Fluffy, And Curly

This curly hairstyle comes with soft, bouncy, and blonde curls that will boost your confidence and leave a lasting impression on the onlookers. This can be counted as one of the best curly hairstyles for women over 60 owing to its effortless beauty. The front bangs give a new character to the whole look while the tousled texture gives this hairstyle that extra fluffy volume.




34. Braided Headband With Long Wavy Hair

A braided headband can be a stylish way to keep bangs away from your face and even otherwise it is a chic way to wear your hair. It pairs rather well with wavy and curly hair. This is one of those curly hairstyles for women over 60 that you can flaunt on almost all occasions from your office to a vacation at the beachside or even to a lunch date.




35. Basic Back-Combed Hairstyle

Nothing beats the classic curly hairstyles for women over 60. And here we have one such hairstyle. This medium-length wavy back-combed hairstyle will make you look like you mean business. It is trendy, elegant, and all sorts of beautiful. Moreover, it is easy to style and maintain.




36. Layered And Curly

Here is another one of the medium-length curly hairstyles for women over 60. This is again a great option for those who don’t like their hair too long or too short. you can easily opt for a length like this one that falls somewhere in the middle. Layers and curls are a romantic affair that not only looks good but it also comes with easy upkeep.




37. Long And Back-Combed

Here is yet another back-combed style but for long curly hair. use your trusty styling gel and mousse to set the hair in front while the remaining curls are let loose. You can also have some fun with your baby hair and style those edges to add more beautiful drama to your look.  

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38. Bouncy Silver Curls

This is a shoulder-length layered curly hairstyle with some serious vintage glam. The round and rolled-up bouncy curls are a classic timeless style that works even today. The white hair makes this style look even more impressive. It is one of the best curly hairstyles for women over 60 that never go out of style.




39. Old Hollywood

Remember Marilyn Monroe’s iconic blonde curls? Well, this is something along those same lines. Channel that old Hollywood charm with your short hair with ease. This style will not only keep the hair out of your face but also give you a look full of some vintage grace and glamour.



40. Textured Curly Hairstyles For Women over 60

This is yet another gorgeous and fuss-free hairstyle that will win your heart. It has a laidback yet fun charm to it. You can use a salt spray and use your figures to style this out. The texture will give it the required flair and drama.  




41. Shoulder-Length And Middle Parted

Can we just stop for a minute and admire the gorgeous curls of Michelle Pfeiffer? We have seen the Scarface actress rock straight hair. But when she rocks ‘em curls, it becomes enough to stop us in our tracks. It is one of the best face-framing curly hairstyles for women over 60. Take thinner sections to curl and create this look.



42. Crimped, Curly, And Voluminous

Here is a trendy way to flaunt your thick and voluminous curls. Let that volume take the center stage. This hairstyle is clearly a showstopper with its magnificent volume and crimped style. The striking red colour makes the look more dramatic and pushes it to the center stage.




43. Short Curly Hair

The curls in this hairstyle create a soft look. It is a tapered cut that blends seamlessly without making it obvious. The shorter pieces in the front fall freely on the forehead and bring attention to the eyes. This is a great hairstyle for those who wear glasses. If you choose to flaunt your white hair as are pictured here, then opt for dark coloured frames for your glasses.




44. Loose Curls

This is one of the most beautiful curly hairstyles for women over 60 with thick hair. The loose curls give a mermaid-like vibe while you can ask your stylist to sneak in some layers to take out the bulkiness. A lighter hair color will make this hairstyle look even more breezy. Get a balayage for that perfect sun-kissed look.




45. Side-Parted Long Curly Hair

Just because you are woman over sixty, it doesn’t mean you have to chop off your beautiful tresses to something short. If long hair is everything that you can think of, then flaunt them, ladies. Your age doesn’t decide your hairstyle. This side-parted curly hairstyle



46. Thick, Curly, And Gorgeous

Thick and curly hairstyles for women over 60 have a charm of their own. Taking inspiration from Meg Ryan you can get long layers. This hairstyle looks good with a middle or a slightly off-centre part. Throw in some highlights to make your curls come alive.



47. Curly Bob

This is a curly bob with choppy layers. It will give you the much needed drama in your look. You can simply use your fingers to get a tousled look that will work the best with this type of haircut.



48. French Bob With Curls

French bob is a classic hairstyle that has been topping the trend charts once again this year. It is comfortable, chic, and timeless which makes it a great choice if you are looking for curly hairstyles for women over 60. It will look great on most curl patterns but especially good with wavy hair and loose curls.




49. Round And Voluminous

Embrace your white hair and create a beautiful salt and pepper look like this one pictured here. the layers and the round shape add more volume and bounce to the hairstyle making it a perfect fit for those with thin hair.




50. Light Curls With Front Bangs

Nothing says glamorous more than a hairstyle with bangs. Curly hairstyles are well known for creating a fresh and romantic look. Add bangs for instant glamour. This textured hairstyle is one of the most gorgeous curly hairstyles for women over 60. The front bangs are not too thick or too wispy. The front pieces do a great job at framing the face making it a great hairstyle in every aspect.




51. Wedge Cut

Here is another one of the wedge hairstyles for women over 60 which is fuss-free. It is effortlessly chic. The length as well as the cut is easy to manage. You can change your parts depending on your mood. Run your fingers through your hair to style this one and get a more tousled look.




52. Naturally Curly Pixie

A pixie is a universally flattering hairstyle that suits people with all ages. It has been a part of some of the best curly hairstyles for women over 60. It is a staple and timeless style. It is also low maintenance and fuss free. You can use your fingers to style it and that’s it, you are done. Opt for a pixie style that best suits your routine and hair texture. You can also add a dash of a preppy colour.




53. Loose Crimped Curls

Crimped hairstyles are back but with a modern twist. And we have just the right one for you to take inspiration from. Section and conquer, ladies. Go down as you create an S-wave. A middle part will make the hairstyle look even more stylish.




54. Layered And Defined

Nothing says beautiful curly hairstyles for women over 60 more than well-defined and bouncy curls. If you have naturally curly hair, then this style can be easily adaptable as all you need is a layered cut with a healthy curl maintaining routine. And if you are not naturally curly, you can seek help from your curling wand to get those bouncy well-defined curls.




55. Short, Round, And Layered

If you like to wear your curly hair short, then try it with some layers that create a tapered look. This hairstyle is round-ish. The layers can take off the bulk if you have thick hair while maintaining the volume. The shorter pieces in the front can fall freely to frame the face and give a refined look.




56. Quirky Pixie

There is no age limit to having fun with your hair. If you like edgy hairstyles, then don’t hold yourself back. Because there are women out there who are not letting their age and the expected beauty standards stop them from doing things that they want to do. It is your personality. Go express it through your hair without thinking twice. You can take inspiration from this edgy pixie pictured here. while it has long hair on one side, the other side has been completely shaved to reveal a floral design above the ear. It is edgy, quirky, and stylish. It definitely stands out as one of the best curly hairstyles for women over 60.