BTS's V Kim Taehyung Best Hairstyles

21 Most Popular Kim Taehyung (BTS V) Hairstyles

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Updated At  02 May 24

BTS's Kim Taehyung, also known as V, is no stranger to rocking different hair colors and styles. His hair transformation constantly pushes the boundaries of fashion. Kim Taehyung hairstyles, with a variety of hues and daring choices, have always left his fans in awe and admiration. If you're curious about his trendsetting looks over the years, you should definitely check out the following top 21 top hairstyle ideas of this K-pop icon.


21 Top Hairstyles of BTS's V Kim Taehyung




1. V's Leaf Perm

Kim Taehyung is famous for his ever-changing hairstyles. Among his various styles, the leaf perm stands out as a favourite, drawing a lot of attention and admiration. This trendy hairstyle features soft, natural waves, just like the delicate veins of a leaf. It adds texture and movement to his hair, highlighting his charismatic look. 


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2. Bold Red Look

Kim Taehyung hairstyles never forget to deliver a statement, and this time, his eye-catching bold red hair colour showcased his fearless approach to fashion and self-expression. V effortlessly pulled off this daring hair shade, making him stand out as a style icon among BTS fans worldwide.



3. Straight Blue Hair 

A stylish straight blue hair look perfectly reflects the experimental fashion sense of BTS's V. The vibrant blue hue adds a cool and edgy vibe to his appearance. With his trendsetting hairstyles, Kim Taehyung continuously pushes the boundaries of fashion and keeps fans eagerly anticipating what he'll try next.


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4. Black Locks Suit Kim Taehyung

Taehyung can often be seen with his mullet haircut, and he flawlessly pulls off the style, especially when paired with his signature black locks. This proves that he can make any hairstyle his own with his magnetic presence on stage and screen, pleasing his fans both musically and aesthetically.



5. V Rocking Gray Hair 

While he has flaunted a variety of hues over the years, from vibrant blues to jet blacks, his gray hair has undoubtedly turned heads. Gray hair exudes a sense of sophistication and maturity. However, with V's confidence, it takes on a whole new dimension.



6. Rich Brown Shade

This rich brown shade of hair colour accentuates V's features and adds depth to his overall look. Styled in a sleek and polished look, this BTS V hairstyle complements his fashion sense.



7. Sunkissed Bangs of K-pop Idol

Fans are swooning over V's bangs, which enhance his already stunning appearance. These wispy textured bangs perfectly frame his face, highlighting his mesmerizing eyes and sculpted cheekbones.



8. V's Curly Hairstyle is Super Cute

Kim Taehyung's curly hairstyle adds a delightful touch to his face, each strand perfectly coiled to frame his face. These tousled waves are endearing and show his eclectic fashion sense. V's curly hairstyle isn't just cute—it totally goes with his natural charisma.



9. Messy Bedhead Hair

This messy bedhead hairstyle is a statement of casual coolness. Although his hair looks a bit unkempt, he still manages to look effortlessly stylish. His messy hair gives a laid-back vibe and beautifully balances between carefree and chic.



10. Kim Taehyung Curtain Bangs

Taehyung has often rocked curtain bangs, a type of bangs hairstyle that frames the face, usually parted down the middle to create a curtain-like effect. This hairstyle adds a soft, youthful touch to his look. It's one of the many hairstyles he's tried over the years, and it's become somewhat of a signature look for him.



11. Cool Slicked Back Hairstyle

Taehyung's slicked-back look adds a touch of mystery to his overall aesthetic. His dark, luscious locks are expertly styled away from his face, creating a clean and refined silhouette. This BTS V hairstyle allows his expressive eyes and chiselled jawline to take centre stage.

Screenshot 2024-05-01 004131


12. Shaggy Korean Hairstyle

Taehyung's take on the shaggy Korean hairstyle featured layers of varying lengths, creating a tousled and textured appearance. This look not only amplifies Taehyung's youthful and carefree vibe but also highlights his versatility as a fashion icon.



13. Gorgeous Blond Hair

BTS V's blond hair has captivated the hearts of fans for a long time, be it the sun-kissed golden hues of beachy waves or the icy platinum tones that turn heads. Blond hair adds a striking contrast to V's features and complements his facial features.



14. BTS V's Green Hair 

Although spotted with various hair colors throughout his career, Kim Taehyung made waves among fans with his green hair. V's green hair showed his fearless approach to personal style, inspiring fans to explore their own unique hairstyle.



15. V's Bowl Cut is Stylish and Trendy

The way V sports this hairstyle and makes it appear trendy and stylish, reveals his ability to pull off various looks with confidence and flair. He really has a knack for making even the most unconventional styles work for him, giving the classic korean hairstyle a modern twist.



16. Tousled and Casual Hairstyle

This picture of Taehyung shows the beauty of a tousled and casual hairstyle. His dark locks are artfully tousled, giving off an air of relaxed confidence. His naturally thick hair is expertly styled to create loose waves, adding texture and dimension to his look.



17. Styled in Short Hair

This Kim Taehyung hairstyle is perfect for those who crave a low-maintenance look without sacrificing style. In this picture, V rocks short hair while looking super fashionable.



18. Beautiful Long Hair

These loose, long waves on V look stunning and exude a timeless appeal. His beautiful long hair brings to mind a vision of elegance and undoubtedly leaves a lasting impression in the minds of his fans.

Screenshot 2024-05-01 010716


19. Taehyung with an Undercut

V is known to sport an undercut on several occasions, adding an edgy and stylish touch to his look. An undercut involves shaving or closely trimming the hair on the sides and back of the head while leaving the hair on top longer. This creates a striking contrast between the shorter sides and the longer top, resulting in a bold and modern hairstyle.



20. Long and Layered Hair

The allure of BTS V's long and layered locks is undeniable. They give his look a touch of softness and romance. This haircut also gives V a myriad of options to express his unique sense of style.



21. V's Classic Black Hair Look

Kim Taehyung hairstyles are sleek and polished, and his classic black hair sports an appeal that fans instantly recognize and adore. Whether he's performing on stage with BTS or attending red-carpet events, V's thick black hair look is iconic and timeless.



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