Best BTS Hairstyles

25 Most Popular BTS Hairstyles Of All Time

Sahiba Tandon

Updated At  15 Feb 24

BTS is a boy band that has fans all over the world. From their music to fashion and lifestyle options, the admirers follow their every little detail. So, we are today with the best BTS hairstyles that have become the most popular and what fans love to see their favorite singers in!


25 Most Popular BTS Hairstyles Of All Time




1. V’s glossy middle part

One of the most handsome male Kpop idols, V's popularity has grown consistently over the years. V’s middle parted haircut is a perfect combination of fun and sophistication. This Korean hairstyle is also quite easy that men can easily follow. For extra jazz, appliance of hairspray afterward styling is a must!




2. Junkook's grey side part

We'll see many BTS hairstyles resulting in side parts and why not? The group members have voluminous hair that projects a fluffy haircut look, once they go with a side part with any hair color!




3. Suga’s bangs

Bangs have become a popular Korean hairstyle for men and Suga has been influential in that. He shows that men can also carry this unique hairstyle just as well as girls!




4. V’s Lob

This V hairstyle was a treat for fans when they saw their icon in the voluminous lob haircut. It's not the most common men's hairstyle but certainly can be! The addition of feather bangs makes it a fabulous cut.




5. Faux Hawk

The faux hawk has evolved into a distinctive hairstyle embraced by several BTS members. RM’s fohawk hairstyle has been a trendsetter. In this haircut, the central hair is skillfully lifted, while the sides are maintained shorter or shaved to create a striking contrast.




6. Suga’s curtain hairstyle 

This is a classic Korean haircut for boys, so much so, it is also known as“Korean hair” and “E-boy hair”. This may be one of the longer cuts for boys but the stylish look is enough to keep on maintaining it.




7. Jimin's wavy chop

The rustic feel of Jimin's hair is quite different and interesting. This is rather a carefree look in comparison to other ones but just as nice! The blond hair color adds another fun element too! In one of his newer looks, Jimin has gone for an eyebrow slit as well and it looks really cool on him.




8. Junkook’s Tousled Hair 

Jungkook's hairstyle, which is something new that has made a prominent impact on his followers, is this soft tousled middle part. A great option for boys who have thicker hair!




9. Jimin’s long slick back middle part

Jimin in the Tiffany & Co. Campaign seems to be the picture of sophistication. The hair plays a big part in this campaign as the long slick back style with a few strands on the front makes the look complete!




10. J-Hope's long bangs

Curly bangs have become a popular Korean hairstyle and when J-Hope showed his latest hairstyle to the audience, the reaction was nothing but positive. This cut makes the face look small.




11. Junkook’s Undercut

The undercut goes perfectly with the spiky bangs for this popular jungkook hairstyle. With the black hair and the spikes, we get a gothic and edgy image that looks dashing.




12. V’s middle part with combed-back hair

A medium-length hairstyle that's gained a lot of attraction is V’s Time magazine shoot. The combed-back hair gives a sleek look that goes with his face cut perfectly.





13. RM’s spiky ends

If you are supporting short or crop hair, then we've got inspiration from RM’s spiky ends! These add a new element to the hairstyle that would be easy to carry for boys!




14. Jimin's deep side part

Side parts are very simple and popular BTS hairstyles. But, this Jimin hairstyle shows that the singer adds his own twist by making his hair look spiky and smoother with the addition of a shine or gloss spray.




15. Jin’s blunt bangs

Bangs are prominent in BTS hairstyles. Most of the members have had them over the years. Here, Jin shows us his perfect blunt bangs that can go with any look. Though we have numerous hair colors, even his natural black hair looks nice with the popular bangs style.




16. Jimin’s long flicked ends

If you don't want to go with something drastic, then take inspiration from Jimin’s long-flicked ends. This simple and new cut only requires to use of a gel or spray to slick back the hair while giving us a unique touch. If one wants to take inspiration they can a few strands on the front as well to add another dimension to the overall cut, like we see Jimin here.




17. V’s thick curls

The heavy curly hair supported by V is definitely something new that we haven't seen in other BTS hairstyles. The copper hair color also boosts up the overall look, making his whole personality look playful.




18. RM's color blocks

BTS hairstyles involve a lot of color. Everybody keeps on changing their shades every once in a while in music videos. This BTS hairstyle photo of RM for the music video of Permission To Dance shows that adding colors can really make your personality cute and fun!




19. Junkook's fade with a deep side part

The low fade shows Junkook in a new light that we haven't seen before. But in a handsome way indeed! The side part that makes perfect layers further enhances his look. Since the cut already pairs up two hairstyles together, Junkook didn't go with any colors and that's okay, as they alone make the look complete.




20. J-Hope's wavy hair

The wavy hair pairs up nicely to provide an interesting look for the BTS member. It shows that the singer can carry a hairstyle, whether it is usually short hair or this wavy one. Plus, the long waves coming up the eyes add a photogenic quality.




21. V’s Mullet 

The messy mullet with the waves or curls looks amazing on men. And V is not an exception. The long bangs coming up to the eyes also add in to complete his style.  Though mullet is not the most popular hairstyle, looking at V, the style shows that this drastic haircut is an underrated one that can give a whole new personality! 




22. Jin's headband accessorized-hair

With the addition of a headband, the boys can turn any simple haircut into a fashionable look. We see them in tied-up headbands in their promotional shoots, music videos, and especially during their concerts which help them to keep focus on their performance.




23. Junkook’s Wolf cut

Probably one of the most unique cuts in BTS hairstyles, we see Junkook’s long hair in a shaggy wolf cut that is very different from the typical short BTS hairstyles we are used to. This wolf cut has become the ideal summer hairstyle after Junkook got it!




24. Jimin’s undercut with highlighted spikes

The strands sticking out in all the different directions work in the favor of the singer. Jimin has gone through different highlights in his career and these purple ones are certainly fun! The undercut without the hair color is eye-catching which is also an important feature of this style which makes the look extra special.




25. J-Hope’s curly bangs

There aren't many BTS hairstyle photos of curly hair in comparison to their looks of straight hair but J-Hope here shows that he can carry curly hair just as well as any other style. The feather bangs that cover most of his forehead are a nice inspiration for men looking for hairstyles to make their faces look smaller and add a distinguished design.




26. V’s leaf perm

Another V hairstyle that made a mark in fans’ hearts was when they saw him in this leaf perm style. Different from his other looks, this hairstyle got its name because people think the middle part and different directions of the hair create a leaf-like image.