Buzz Cut Lengths

Buzz Cut Lengths From Number 0 To 8 - Full Guide


Updated At  19 Mar 24

Men can also pull off style and create the ideal men's haircut in fashion while keeping it current with a  height of sophistication. There are various stunning haircuts which men prefer and love to style. So we're going to talk about a popular and stylish haircut that men really like today.   

Yes, we will go through a guide on buzz haircut and its styles, that you can customise to suit your tastes and fashion, while still looking stylish. Buzz cut and their variations in length have always been a talk among men's fashion and an interesting haircut to know. 


What is Buzz Hair Cut?

A buzz cut is a very short, straightforward haircut that men can get by cutting their hair very close to the scalp. Most of the times electric clippers are used to get buzz cut. The result is a uniform length of hair that typically ranges from one-sixteenth to one-eighth of an inch (1.5 to 3 mm). 




The uniform length of hair that is very short is usually achieved throughout the head. Buzz cuts are a popular option for men of all ages and hair types because of their reputation for being low maintenance and practical.

Buzz cuts are preferred because of their simplicity, low maintenance requirements, and ability to keep you cool in warm weather. They are also frequently selected by members of the armed forces because of their tidy and uniform appearance. Furthermore, because buzz cuts produce a polished and uniform appearance, they may be a sensible option for men for consistency.


What are Buzz Haircut Lenghts? 

There are Buzz Haircuts that have a numerical connection. The numbers represent the desired length of hair for each individual. By finding the numbers indicated on the clipper, you can use clippers to achieve these numbers of haircuts. These figures are important to remember because they show how much hair will still be on you after the haircut. The Buzz haircuts are generally designed between numbers 0 and 8. For example, it is strongly advised to select the higher number if you like longer, more voluminous hair. Among all these buzz haircut lengths, number 1 buzz cut, number 2 buzz cut and number 3 buzz cut are most loved and preferred. 




Buzz Haircut Tip Using Clipper 

The right hair clipper size is a crucial tool when getting a buzz cut, and it's also useful for other looks like military haircuts and high-fade hairstyles. When giving a buzz haircut, the length plays a vital role and for that, a perfect hair clipper is a must to achieve the desired length and evenness.  There are many hair clippers that have numbered or length-adjustable guards. The length of the cut is determined by these guards. Depending on the length you want, you can use shorter guards for a buzz cut, such as numbers 1, 2 or 3. You may call the buzz haircut accompanied by a number or a guard. For eg - It can be a number 1 buzz haircut or 1 guard buzz haircut.

If you say, all the buzz cuts from number 0 to number 8 are about the hair length one prefers. Hence, we note below some great facts about Buzz Haircuts :

  • Low Maintenance
  • Cool And Comfortable
  • Length Choice And Uniformity
  • Versatility
  • Quick And Easy



Buzz Cut Lengths

Finding the perfect buzz haircut length is the first step towards selecting the ideal haircut based on your preferences and choices. You are able to select the buzz haircut that best fits you based on its style and length. So, especially for you to get the best length buzz cut, we mention below the buzz haircuts length-wise for your decision.




Number 0 Buzz Cut

The shortest buzz cut, known as a number 0 buzz cut or zero guard cut, is simple to accomplish with a clipper. Because the hair is cut very close to the scalp, this style will produce concise hair that will make the scalp stand out. You should try this buzz cut if you want to have a tidy, uniform appearance.



Number 1 Buzz Cut :

The Number 1 Buzz Cut requires the use of a clipper. The Buzz cut length can be obtained by referring to the numbers on the clipper and measuring the hair length to 1/8 inch. You can adjust the buzz cut's length with the clipper. Use the number one length on the clipper to create the style that will make your scalp appear more like extremely short hair, giving you the ideal masculine look. This is the number one buzz cut. Along with this, you can also explore going for a low fade haircut.


2 buzz cut


Number 2 Buzz Cut

This number 2 buzz haircut for men is a slightly longer version of the number 1 buzz haircut. Similarly, this haircut can be easily styled by using the number 2 on the clipper. You could get a quarter-inch, or about 6 mm, of hair as a result.


buzz haircut


Number 3 Buzz Cut

After getting a number three buzz cut, your hair could measure 3/8 of an inch long. If you wish to add genuine body and volume to your hair, this is the right length for you. If you're not planning on going very short in your hairstyle, go for this number.



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3 buzz cut


Number 4 Buzz Cut

This number 4 buzz haircut, which measures 1/2 of an inch long, is a nice choice for men and will add aesthetic appeal to the entire haircut. In a similar manner, the hair on the clipper is measured using the number 4 to create this haircut. One of the best short haircuts for men, this Guard 4 buzz cut looks stylish as well.




Number 5 Buzz Cut

In comparison to shorter variations such as the Number 0, 1, or 2 buzz cuts, the Number 5 buzz cut, also known as the 5 guard buzz, is comparatively longer. It is distinguished by hair that is consistently left longer, usually measuring about 5/8 of an inch.


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Number 6 Buzz Cut

The number six buzz cut is a variation on the buzz cut hairstyle, where the hair is uniformly cut short using a clipper guard, leaving the hair at a length of about 19 millimetres, or about 3/4 of an inch. This buzz cut gives the whole ensemble versatility and produces polished, clean fashion.




Number 7 Buzz Cut

For those who prefer short hair without going to extremely short lengths, a Number 7 buzz cut is a useful and fashionable option. The buzz haircut is longer than shorter buzz cut variations, measuring about 7/8 of an inch, and has a little more texture and softness.






Number 8 Buzz Cut

The Number 8 buzz cut is the longest haircut of the buzz variations and the hair is cut using the clipper at a length of 1 inch from the scalp. This look strikes a balance between being low maintenance and looking presentable. The number 8 buzz haircut is popular because it offers some protection to the scalp from sun exposure.

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FAQs On Buzz Cut



Q. What does a buzz haircut mean?

A buzz cut is a shorrt haircut in which the hair is cut very close to the scalp using electric clippers. The result is a uniform length of hair that typically ranges from one-sixteenth to one-eighth of an inch (1.5 to 3 mm).


Q. Is a buzz cut stylish?

Yes, a buzz cut is a short haircut that looks stylish and can be styled in a variety of ways.


Q. What do numbers mean for buzz haircuts?

Buzz cut is defined as the hair length one desire to have. When going for a buzz haircut using a hair clipper, the number 0 denotes the shortest length haircut to the number 8 buzz cut is the longest. Though these haircuts are short, the lengths are between 1/16 to 1 inch of hair from the scalp for the perfect buzz haircut.