Diane Keaton Hairstyles

25 Gorgeous Diane Keaton Hairstyles For Mature Women

Sahiba Tandon

Updated At  16 Jun 24

Diane Keaton is more than an Academy Award winner, she's a legend. The popular actress follows the style and trends while making them hers! She's been in the industry for decades and decades now and still manages to woo everyone every time she makes an appearance. So, today, we'll count out the top Diane Keaton hairstyles that can be used as inspiration for mature women!


25 Best Gorgeous Diane Keaton Hairstyles





1. Classic straight hair

Diana has been carrying her natural grey hair in medium length for the last few years. It shows that for mature women, there's no need to do something extreme to look stylish! Just carry your fine hair in a straight way without any fuss. 




2. Bob with side part

The side part covers a large area of the forehead. Pairing it up with bob is among the most popular Diane Keaton hairstyles. This makes the face look smaller as it can cover it just from the right angles. If you are looking for inspiration for hairstyles over 70 then this is an excellent option.




3. Blunt cut with face-framing layers

Diane carries her natural gray hair so stylishly that it gives inspiration to many women over 50! The blunt cut suits most face types. It shows us that with proper styling, anybody can rock out their natural hair. 




4. Big curls

 Diane Keaton's hairstyles for curly hair were very popular back when the actress was younger. And as we can see from this pic, the actress looks just as beautiful in her big blond curls as when she was a young scarlet!




5. White and brown highlights 

Before Diane turned to carry her natural gray hair, we were used to seeing the actress with brown and white highlights with short to medium length hair that she she carried with flicked ends.




6. Short rough-layered cut

The rough layers project a more lived-in rustic look that is different from other short hairstyles for mature women that we come across. Due to Diane, we get to see that even a rustic look like this can suit older women!




7. Edgy flicks with side bang

Transform your usual flicks into a more fun version to make a younger-looking appearance with the addition of careful brushing towards the hair ends that makes them go upwards. 




8. Two-toned layered bob 

Why not play with some colors, either as a full-color change or just strong highlights like Diane's that help in making your bob appear more fun and exciting? Keaton’s usual side part makes a perfect companion to this unique layered bob.




9. Fine-layered tresses

The different colors in the hair (brown and white) make a beautiful contrast. Just like always, Diane keeps her fine tresses lob style with inverted ends that project a simple and subtle look.



10. Asymmetrical layers

One of the most unique bob styles for layer cuts is the choice of going with asymmetrical layers. The layers styled in different directions is a nice cut for women with thin hair since it adds volume! Consider taking out a strand in the front to make your face look smaller. If youa re looking for inspiration for hairstyles with glasses, then the layered cut is an amazing option.




11. Tri-shade fine layer cut

The fine layer cut with the amalgamation of the perfect shades to suit your face cut can be enough for women to make them look beautiful. Here, we see Diane combining white and shades of brown that go with her skin tone amazingly.



12. Layered Bob

The classic Diane hairstyle is a layered short hairstyle. So, what makes a more beautiful option than going with even layers in your natural grey or platinum hair coloring for older women?



13. Flipped ends with bangs

Diane Keaton's hairstyles even in movies are mature and classics that we can take inspiration from. In the movie, ‘Because I Said So’, she carries wispy bangs with cute flipped ends.



14. Tousled Hairstyle

For years now, white or platinum Diane Keaton's short hairstyles include going with tousled hair. The reason for this can be that this hairstyle is rather easier to style, as it is supposed to go in all the different directions and look bouncy.



15. Wet hair look with side part

When Diane won the award for Best Actress in Comedy or Musical at the 61st Golden Globe Awards, her whole appearance alongside her hairstyle photos made a mark! The slightly wet look pairs up perfectly with a side part that is a great inspiration for mature women. If you are looking for a short hairstyle, then this is an amazing option.




16. Short ruffled hair with copper highlights

The fine hair in this Diane Keaton layered haircut shines through. We see her in the usual side part but if we take a good look at the hairstyle photos, we'll also come across that she also has some light opper highlights as well that makes the look more stylish.



17. Blowout bob

The blowout gives a smoother and bouncier feel to Keaton's fine hair. To make the texture of your hair more refined like Dianes', one can use a hairspray or creme to add depth to the style.



18. Winged feathered bangs

The simple bob hairstyle for ladies with white hair can turn out to be more stylish than ever if we add in the element of feathered bangs! This helps provide extra depth to the classic short hairstyle. The light bangs look ideal as they don't cover your hair fully but give extra features to the face!



19. Glossy Middle part

For unique Diane Keaton hairstyles for women over 50, the middle part is a straightforward hairstyle. Though we usually see the “Something's Gotta Give” star in a side part, she rocks a middle part amazingly too!



20. White bangs with flipped ends

The white bangs in the dark brown hair instantly attract our attention while keeping the look subtle. This is also one of the new ways that Diane shows how even a simple hairstyle can become stunning!



21. Bob with long bangs

This bob cut with ayers adds different features to the hairstyle for mature women that make it even more special! We see her in addition to long bangs at the side and two-tone hair color; brown and light blond. The addition of the long side bangs also helps in making the face look smaller!



22. Smooth shoulder length hair

You can make your look super polished with the addition of any shine or glossy spray after finely setting in your long trees and turn a simple hairstyle special with the glossy-hair effect.



23. Dual shade bob with bangs

The Bob hair is perfect for mature women who are suffering from hair loss due to age. But just because you are getting older, doesn't mean you should stop keeping your style in check! Diane shows that perfectly with this dual bob style. 



24. Curly Bob

We are used to seeing the “Annie Hall” star in her straight layered cuts but every once in a while, we get a look at the fun short curly hair on Diane! This is a perfect hairstyle for women who have naturally curly hair and want an easy maintenance cut! 



25. Accessorized-straight hair 

The black hat is used among the most iconic Diane Keaton hairstyles. Straight hair in a hat is an amazing inspiration for Diane Keaton hairstyles for women over 50 because it can help in making a new change to your usual hairstyles.