Layered Bob Hairstyles For Over 70

25 Best Layered Bob Hairstyles For Over 70


It becomes harder to keep our hair looking fashionable and young as we get older since it tends to lose thickness and volume. Nevertheless, a layered bob haircut is one that looks great on ladies over 70. It has a contemporary and stylish flare that may revitalize you in addition to giving thinning hair more body and structure. The top 25 layered bob hairstyles for women over 70 will be covered in this blog article, along with styling advice and ideas for anybody hoping to rock a short bob in their senior years.


25 Best Layered Bob Hairstyles For Over 70


Classic Layered Bob


1.   Classic Layered Bob

Classic layered bob is one of the most popular and sought-after layered bob hairstyles for over 70 women. With all the short and sharp layers on a classic bob, this layered hairstyle is perfect for older women. The classic layered bob is mostly above shoulder length, just below the ear. You can ask your hairdresser to add soft layers to frame your face or to add multiple layers to add more volume to the hair.


Face Framing Layered Bob Haircut


2.    Face Framing Layered Bob Haircut

If you wish to change your style for a while, the face-framing layered bob is the deal. Face-framing hairstyles add more texture to the hair and make it look more voluminous. The textured layers for mature women are one of the classiest and chicest hairstyles requiring minimum care and are always business-ready.


Classic Short Layered Bob Haircut


3.   Classic Short Layered Bob Haircut

You may experiment with many style alternatives to fit your mood and personality when wearing a short layered bob. This haircut makes it simple to vary up your appearance, whether you want to opt for a sleek and polished look or a more tousled and casual style. In addition, the layered cut gives your hair movement and depth, which makes it more striking and dynamic.


Silver bob With Bangs


4.    Silver Bob With Bangs

Ready to slay in a traditional silver bob cut with bangs? Since we are here to assist you in embracing this chic and classic appearance! For people who desire a flexible, easy-to-maintain hairdo that is trendy and current, these natural grey hairstyles are ideal. The layers give you volume and substance, and your short length makes you seem put together.


U-Turned Long Layered Bob


5.    U-Turned Long Layered Bob

Layered Bobs are one of the most preferred haircuts for mature women as they can also be catered to the desired hair length. Whether you prefer a short bob or a long bob, layering can give you the timeless glamour hair that you’ve been looking for. Along with that, you can ask your hairstylist to cut the hair in a U-cut (cutting the edges of the hair in a U-shape) which will give it a more stylish and offers more elegant hairstyles for seniors.


Layered Bob With Flicks


6.    Layered Bob With Flicks

Yet another low maintenance hairstyles for women over 70 is the layered bob with flicks. This hairstyle is comparatively easy to maintain and requires minimum styling as well. Layered bob with flicks looks good on all hair textures be it straight hair, or wavy/curly hair. This hairstyle gives both,  a stylish yet sophisticated look and requires just brushing to be ready to go.


Graduated Layered Bob


7.    Graduated Layered Bob

If you are looking for something bold yet professional, you can definitely give the graduated layered bob a try. This hairstyle makes one of the best textured layers for mature women as it gives the natural grey hairstyles a more appealing and eye-catching look. Added to the normal layer haircut is the graduated or the inverted haircut style that requires the hair to be cut in a graduated and symmetrical way, giving a more chic look to the normal layered bob.


Half And Half Bob With Bangs


8.    Half And Half Bob With Bangs

If you are looking for a change of hairstyle with a change in hair color as well, then this half and half layered bob with bangs is the thing you are looking for. The half-and-half layered bob with bangs has your haircut in layers while being coloured in black or any other colour of your choice from the middle partition. The bangs give a face-framing look which adds even more texture to the bob. This layered bob hairstyle for over 70 women is perfect for any hair length and hair texture as well.


Caramel Short Layered Bob Haircut


9.     Caramel Short Layered Bob Haircut

Are you prepared to look amazing in a new haircut? For older ladies who like to add a little excitement and flair to their look, the caramel short layered bob hairstyle is ideal. You'll look amazing and feel like a million dollars with this stylish and sassy hairdo! What better way to experiment than with this caramel short layered bob haircut if you're eager to switch things up?

Standard Long Layered Bob


10.   Standard Long Layered Bob

Are you bored with the classic short bob and are trying to grow your hair out a bit? The standard long layered bob marks another best-layered bob hairstyle for over 70 women. Many women prefer to keep their hair up to shoulder level without having to compromise on style. The long layered bob is one of the most common low-maintenance hairstyles for women of all ages and they look particularly good on mature women.


Messy Layered Bob



11.   Messy Layered Bob

Here comes another low-maintenance hairstyle with the least problem of styling as this hairstyle looks good even in a messy/unkempt way. Messy hairstyles are currently in trend and are opted for by many celebrities. So if you are ready to turn some heads this season, go for a messy layered bob and feel fabulous.


Wavy Layered Bob Haircut


12.   Wavy Layered Bob Haircut

The wavy layered bob is one of the best haircuts featuring soft waves for older women. With its flattering layers and soft waves, the wavy layered bob is a versatile option that can be customized to suit your unique style and hair type. Whether you have thin or thick hair and wavy locks, this haircut can be tailored to enhance your natural beauty and bring out your best features.


Layered Bob For Thin Hair


13.   Layered Bob For Thin Hair

If you are struggling to find a haircut that will go with thin hair, the layered bob is the best option to go for. A layered bob features multiple layers and adds more volume to the hair, therefore taking attention away from thin hair and broad hairline. These chic hairstyles for timeless glamour Hair can be tailored according to your hair length preference giving you the same stylish and modern look no matter what length you go for.


Layered Bob For Straight Hair


14.   Layered Bob For Straight Hair

We understand that it is comparatively difficult to find haircuts that look good on straight hair and can be styled into various ways as well. People with straight hair often find it hard to add volume to their hair and look for haircuts that might suit them well. The layered bob hairstyles for over 70 women are perfect for straight hair as well and require minimum styling too, so that you are always ready to rock!


Short Bob With Curtain Bangs


15.   Short Bob With Curtain Bangs

Short bob for over 70 women looks even more appealing with a touch of face-framing style. If you are looking for a change in your normal short bob haircut, go for a layered bob with curtain bangs. Curtain bangs fall over the forehead, covering the majority of it and the layers at the back of the hair give it a modern and stylish look, turning your entire hair upside down.


Salt and Pepper Bob


16.   Salt and Pepper Bob

Another way to change the look of your natural grey hairstyle is to give it a salt-and-pepper look. If you are prepared to add some flair to your hairstyle and liven up your appearance? Consider giving a senior woman's salt and pepper-hairstyle a try. For people who want to embrace their natural hair colour while yet adding a little flair, this stylish and current look is ideal.


Soft Mushroom Layered Bob


17.   Soft Mushroom Layered Bob

Are you a stunning lady over 70 who wants to adopt a new appearance and change up your hairstyle? You only need to look at the layered, soft mushroom bob haircut! This elegant and contemporary style will make you seem young and fashionable while giving your hair more volume and structure.


Side Swept Layered Bob


18.   Side Swept Layered Bob

Side-swept layered bob is a low-maintenance hairstyle that requires minimum dressing and all the role played to keep your hairstyle rocking is that of the textured layers. that So go ahead and book that salon appointment - rock that side-swept layered bob with confidence and show the world that age is just a number when it comes to looking and feeling fabulous!


Short Flicks On Layered Bob


19.   Short Flicks On Layered Bob

Looking for something that does not require a lot of shaping in the front? You can go for the short flicks on layered bob which is one of the most elegant hairstyles for seniors. As a bob does not go beyond shoulder level, you can add various layers to it to make it look even more appealing. The short flicks make the regular short layered bob even more classy and chic.


Soft Face Framing Layered Bob


20.   Soft Face Framing Layered Bob

Face-framing cuts have been in trend for many years now as they look flattering on everyone regardless of age. Face-framing layered bob looks even amazing on mature women and are also one of the most sought-after chic hairstyles. So why not give it a try and add a little seasoning to your style with a soft face-framing layered bob haircut? You'll be turning heads and feeling fabulous in no time!


Layered Short Blunt Bob


21.   Layered Short Blunt Bob

Are you prepared to look great with a short, blunt bob hairstyle that is in style? The layered short blunt bob is the ideal haircut for you, so stop searching! For sophisticated ladies who want to switch things up and add some flair to their appearance, this sleek and edgy hairdo is ideal.


Vintage Layered Bob


22.   Vintage Layered Bob

The vintage layered bob is an adaptable haircut that can be done in a variety of ways to fit your own preferences and sense of fashion. You may simply alter this haircut to suit your own preferences, whether you like a more tousled and textured feel or a clean and finished appearance. It's a fabulous way to embrace your age while still looking fabulous and on-trend.


Pop Of Colour Layered Bob


23.   Pop Of Colour Layered Bob

The pop of colour layered bob look refers to hair that is a mix of other hair colours than your regular/ natural hair colour or white strands, creating a sophisticated and stylish appearance. This is yet another way to level up your hair game and make your haircut even eye-catching and appealing.


Funky Chopped Layered Bob


24.   Funky Chopped Layered Bob

Another hair type of layered bob that is quite unique is the funky chopped layered bob. The funky chopped layered bob gives your entire look a contemporary and young vibe with its sharp and defined lines. Additionally, the layers give your hair movement and volume, which gives you a modern, dynamic appearance.


Bright Blonde Bob With Bangs


25.   Bright Blonde Bob With Bangs

Looking for a change of style? Look no further than the bright blonde bob with bangs. The bright blonde color will brighten up your look and add a youthful glow to your face, while the bob cut adds a touch of sophistication and elegance. And the bangs? Well, they just add a fun and flirty touch that will have you feeling like a bombshell!



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