Messy Bob Hairstyles

25 Stunning Messy Bob Hairstyles


Any length and any type of hair can sport a messy bob; sloppy texture is the sole need for this look. The messy bob is the ideal haircut to choose if you're trying to find the ideal balance between high style and low maintenance. This stylish style is effortlessly disheveled and undone, making it a welcome change from the overly structured bob. The messy bob haircut, popularized by A-list Hollywood celebs and style gurus alike, has gained popularity among stars worldwide. Messy bob hairstyles are incredibly stylish, practical, in-vogue, and simple to maintain. All you have to do is choose the best hair product for your particular hair type and achieve a cute bob haircut. Naturally curly hair is a dead giveaway for an untidy bob. However, there are ways to get the trendy messy texture even if your hair is straight.


25 Best Messy Bob Hairstyles




1) Shaggy Medium Length Bob

It's safest to try a long bob, or lob, if this is your first experience with short hair. Hair that is roughly shoulder length may be done just as simply as longer hair, so go for more creative styling options like braids, buns, ponytails, and more to liven it up.

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2)  Edgy And Messy Choppy Bob

For ladies with dark hair, a messy bob with an edgy, jagged style is a terrific option. This haircut's layers give it movement and substance, giving it an air of casual elegance. Choppy ends give this messy bob haircut a contemporary and lively vibe.



3) Messy Bixie

For a more voluminous appearance, opt for a sloppy, bixie (bob + pixie). Your hair will appear fuller and more voluminous if the layers are messy and ruffled. Whatever way you choose to style them, face-framing layers will look delicate and feminine.



4) Razored Messy Bob Haircut

This delicate yet edgy style of a razored bob is ideal for fine hair. For people with finer hair, the textured layers and jagged ends give movement and volume. The soft waves give the image of being carefree and effortlessly styled.



5) Lived-In Blonde Layers

If you want to wear your hair with lots of movement, one of the greatest styles is with lived-in blonde layers. The front of this untidy blonde bob cut has less layering and more texture, while the back has lots of layering and complexity. This style's profile is kept slim and closer to the neck thanks to the layers in the back.



6) Textured And Messy Bob Haircut

The best of both worlds can be achieved with a messy, textured short messy bob with a central part, but only if you're searching for a stylish yet low-maintenance hairstyle. Most face shapes look great with this ruffled bob haircut, which works nicely on straight or wavy hair textures. The arrangement of the layers adds volume and achieves a tousled appearance without always seeming unkempt.



7) Platinum Messy Side-Parted Bob Cut

A side part and platinum untidy bob may not be to everyone's taste. If you like the concept of having short hair that you can still tie back into a ponytail, you might want to give it a try. For people who don't want to spend a lot of time on their hair, this edgy, carefree, and sloppy bobbed hairstyle is ideal. Ask your hairdresser for a this hairstyle if you are looking for hairstyles for fine hair.



8) Side-Parted Messy A-Line Bob 

To attain a contemporary, bohemian side-parted a-line bob, begin with a triangle cut at the nape of your neck and overdirect all of your hair to the back.



9) Dark Messy Bixie

For a more voluminous appearance, opt for a sloppy, black bixie (bob + pixie). Your hair will appear fuller and more voluminous if the layers are messy and ruffled. Whatever way you choose to style them, face-framing layers will look delicate and feminine.



10) Modern Messy Blunt Bob

A stylish take on a traditional cut is a trendy, untidy bob. With a blunt bob, your hair is all one length, straight cut, and devoid of any texture at the ends. To give this look additional movement and swing, you might add texture to the higher parts of your hair.



11) Tousled Blonde Bob

This haircut is a bob that is becoming more and more in style. Hair trends are starting to favor lived-in looks and messy textures more and more. Use a dry texture spray at the midshaft and end and volume powder at the roots to create a sloppy, all-day texture that doesn't fall limp.



12) Short Messy Bob with Wispy Ends

This short messy bob gives fine to medium hair types movement and volume with its wispy tips and textured waves. Oval and heart-shaped faces look good with the tousled, carefree look that the layers produce. This cut is ideal for people looking for a contemporary, carefree look since it has a fun, informal finish that highlights natural texture.



13) Graduated Bob

Cut the back of your hair short and leave the front strands longer to achieve the graduated bob. It's ideal for fine hair because it gives the shape a fuller, thicker appearance. Strands that can be used to frame the face are created by the length that reaches the chin.




14) Messy Pixie Bob

The disheveled nature of this cut gives it a voluminous finish. The hair will have more movement if the ends are trimmed thinner. Additionally, it would make the mid-lengths seem hefty.


15) Shaggy Short Messy Bob Hairstyle

Shaggy bobs are among the most popular hairstyles. On an untidy, organic, wavy texture, it appears more stylish and feminine. Because it's a really dynamic haircut, it works best on fine hair. Use a hair balm to help create the ideal shaggy waves to add some flair to a shag.



16) Soft Fringe Messy Bob Hairstyle

Ask your stylist to create the shortest bob with lots of texturizing and a gentle fringe that fits your hairline so you may try out this style. Use a round brush to blow-dry your hair or use velcro rollers to create the rounded bends you desire. This can be a great choice if you are looking for hairstyles for fine hair.



17) Loose Waves Messy Bob Hairstyle

Ask your hairdresser to give you a long, blunt bob that is thinned out or texturized from the cheekbones down to test out this look. Allow the hair to air dry naturally or use a diffuser for the ideal style. If you want loose waves in your straight hair, curl it with a curling iron.



18) Lightly Textured Messy Bob

The front strikes her mouth directly, while the back strikes her jawline. It's usually more attractive if you can align the length of your bob with your bone structure. Ask for a side-parted bob with light layers at the ends and light texturizing to test this look out.



19) Fringe Cut

If you have long hair, it's simple to mimic the look by hiking it under with pins, making sure to form a symmetrical shape. This fringe cut can be a go to cut for medium hair.



20) French Messy Bob

After the basic bob, the French bob is arguably the second most popular bob. It is essentially a contemporary interpretation of the famous hairstyle worn by the main character in the 2001 film Amélie. It is chin-grazing, disheveled, and done with bangs.



21) 90s-Inspired Choppy Bob

Want to copy some hair that would make a major Hollywood star? This look is a fierce homage to The Rachel, which was everyone's favorite '90s hairstyle. The cut itself is long, at least in comparison to other bobs, and the ruffled layers tenderly frame the face.



22) Stacked Messy Bob With A Bump

There's an enormous bump on this bob that almost touches the sky. With an angular bob cut, this look is actually rather simple to replicate thanks to curls and waves, little teasing, back combing, and perhaps a few bobby pins.



23) Choppy Disconnected Ends and Bangs

This curly bedhead bob is the epitome of hipster flair, from the color to the overall cut. The color is amazing, the angle is sharp, and the bangs are spot on. This one is a winner; are you willing to steal the style?



24) Flipped and Shaggy Cut

This sultry layered bob has movement as well as volume. To produce those cute light flips at the ends, use a round brush to chisel out the bottom layers with a razor, leaving the ends choppy.This cut is ideal for people with thick hair who find it difficult to maintain their hair since it removes bulk without sacrificing skillfully placed layers.



25) Messy Chin Length Bob with Bangs

Ready to look effortlessly put together? Adding a messy hairstyle to your classic bob with fingertips to fluff up the curls will provide a charming touch to your delicate hair. Think about using curtain bangs and an intriguing hair color to enhance curiosity. In little time at all, effortless meets edgy!



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