Best Bob Hairstyles And Haircuts

36 Best Bob Hairstyles And Haircuts - 2024

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Bob hairstyle has been a part of the latest hairstyle trends for quite some time now. It has been a favorite amongst celebrities. So many of them are chopping off their long luscious manes for a shorter and trendier bob hairstyle.

Curly bob is already been one of the biggest hair trends of the year. To give you an ample amount of inspiration, we searched the highs and lows of the Internet to finally come up with a list of the 25 best bob hairstyles and haircuts.


25 Best Bob Hairstyles And Haircuts




1. Bob With Bangs

A blonde bob with bangs and a thin necklace enhances the face and puts the focus on the facial features. Add light makeup and the style looks chic and glamorous.




2. Bob On Brown Hair

A brown bob with side-parted hair gives a stylish and timeless look. The hairstyle frames the face gracefully and enhances the overall chic appearance.




3. Blonde Bob With Dark Roots

Achieve effortless sophistication with a Blonde Bob featuring dark roots and layered hair. This trendy style blends natural roots with chic layers for a modern, dimensional look that's both classy and versatile. Perfect for those seeking a stylish yet low-maintenance hairstyle!



4. Colorful Bob

If you have your hair dyed in a more vibrant shade, your bob cuts will be all the more striking. As a fact of the matter, your hair color will actually be more noticeable as a bob cut will make it so concentrated.




5. A Tousled Bob

If you love messy bob hairstyles, this one is for you. This is among those interesting layered bob haircuts that will give a beautiful texture to your hair. As a finishing touch, your hair will be slightly teased out of place to create the trendy tousled look.




6. The Classic Bob

This classic bob haircut encapsulates every element that is usually associated with your standard bob. In this, the hair goes a little longer in your back than at the front.




7. A Blonde Bob

Bob hairstyles are a brilliant choice for people with dyed hair. A blonde bob beautifully brings out all the dyed shades and is a very stylish hairdo that you must try at least once.



8. Curly Bob

This hairstyle brings a simple change to the bob by emphasizing on manually curly the hair inwards towards the chin. This gives off a very smart and sophisticated appeal, especially if you are in your late thirties and beyond.




9. Chopped Bob

Cutting the ends of your standard bob haircut using a razor will create a choppy textures which would contrast beautifully against the smoothness of the remaining hair.




10. Blunt Bob

The blunter style of bob cuts is different from the rest as it is a little uneven but not choppy at the ends. It has straight sides which make it perfect  for fine and thin hair that lacks volume.




11. Platinum Bob

A bob with platinum blonde hair frames the face, and long eyelashes add a touch of glamour. If you are looking for an eye-catching look, then a platinum blown out bob is one of the best options.


Short Bob Hairstyle


12. Short Bob Hairstyle

Charlize Theron debuted her new bob hairstyle on the Oscar red carpet this year. It was an all-in or all-out kind of a deal with her and Charlize decided to go all-in with the bob hairstyle trend. She styled this uber short jaw skimming bob by tucking it behind her ear on one side to show off her beautiful facial features.

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13. Straight Bob Hairstyle

Kendall’s shoulder skimming bob cut is simple, straight, chic and gives out a grown up look. Her straight hair and perfect makeup amplify the beauty of this look. This bob haircut is indeed stunning and can work for all important occasions.


Bob Hairstyle With Bangs


14. Bob Hairstyle With Bangs

There is no dearth of bob hairstyles with bangs if you go looking for them. But our source of inspiration for a bob hairstyle with bangs will always be Taylor Swift. Her chin length bob with front bangs looks edgy and chic. This is one of the best taylor swift hairstyles for getting a dramatic look. Her short curly hairstyles are equally amazing and are apt for giving hair inspiration to many.




15. Bob Hairstyle For Round Face

Yes. Selena Gomez tried a new A-line bob haircut and looked absolutely gorgeous. Her classic bob hairstyle is one of the best bob hairstyles. If you are looking for a bob hairstyle for round face and are not sure about going too short, go for the A-line Bob haircut like Selena. This shoulder grazing bob looks amazing for round faces, however, it can work for other face shapes too.

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Asymmetric Bob Hairstyle



16. Asymmetric Bob Hairstyle

Emma Watson has chopped off her Hermione Granger hair for a layered asymmetrical bob hairstyle. The loose waves give her a very soft, feminine, I-can’t-be-bothered-look.


Choppy Bob Hairstyle


17. Choppy Bob Hairstyle

Gigi Hadid threw a major transformation at us when she got this chic choppy bob hairstyle. She looked absolutely hot in her white cut-out gown and the swept back bob. Feather cut is another hairstyle which looks stylish and is apt for big occasions.


Long Bob hairstyle


18. Textured Long Bob Hairstyle

Even Priyanka Chopra couldn’t stay away from the trend of bob hairstyles. She however, did not go for a major chop-off. Instead, she chose a longer version of the bob hairstyle aka the lob. The quantico girl Priyanka Chopra looks ravishing in her textured long bob haircut. This look is chic trendy and on point.


Asymmetrical Wavy Bob


19. Asymmetrical Wavy Bob

Lily Collins in her asymmetrical bob hairstyle with S-shaped waves looks very soft and feminine. The small waves are adding texture without creating too much volume.


Choppy Bob Hairstyle For Fine Hair


20. Choppy Bob Hairstyle For Fine Hair

If you want edgy bob hairstyles for fine hair, then let Rosie lead your way. Her choppy long bob is picturesque. It is a perfect bob hairstyle for thin hair which can also make your hair look voluminous. The choppy pieces like in Rosie’s bob hairstyle will serve your purpose.


Sleek Bob


21. Sleek Bob

The Pretty Little Liar star has been sporting the bob hairstyle for many years now. She keeps on taking it up a notch by changing the color and the cut. But the bob stays. She styled this one with a sleek center parting and S-shaped waves.


Classic Short Bob Hairstyle


22. Trendy Short Bob Hairstyle

Model Irina Shayk’s transformation has been slow and gradual. She is going shorter and shorter. And this one is apparently her shortest. Miss Shayk’s razor sharp sleek bob has left us with heart eyes. She tucks her hair on one side to bring out the most of it.


Straight Blunt Bob


23. Blunt Bob

We absolutely love Jennifer Aniston’s straight blunt bob which she showcased at people’s choice awards. She carries her bob hairstyle pretty well and keeps experimenting with her hairstyles.


Curly Bob Hairstyle



24. Curly Bob Hairstyle

Who said best bob hairstyles are only for straight hair? If you have a head full of curly hair, then let your curls go wild with a bob. To avoid looking like the famous comic book villain Juggernaut, get shorter hair in the front and then increase the length towards the back.


Short Layered Bob Hairstyle


25. Short Layered Bob Hairstyle

Short layered bob hairstyles have seen many takers too. Take Paris Jackson’s bob hairstyle for example. It is skimming at shoulders. The layers in the front are framing her face perfectly and adding definition. This can be one of the ideal short bob hairstyles for fine hair.


Side Parted Bob Hairstyle


26. Side Parted Bob Hairstyle

A side parted bob hairstyle has been growing in popularity. One of the new bob hairstyles the side part haircut can do wonders to your everyday look.





27. Blonde Curly Bob Hairstyle

One of the classic ways to let your curls stand out is to go for a blonde curly bob hairstyle and this celebrity just shows us how to get it done perfectly. A perfect bob hairstyle for a party or everyday look, this hairstyle goes well with any attire.




28. Sleek Bob

Taraji is not the one to shy away from very short bob hairstyles. She is sporting a chin length choppy bob here. She has given her hair a sleek center paring which is just enhancing her glam quotient.




29. Textured Short Bob Haircut

This textured haircut is one of the best short bob hairstyles. The waves are loose, soft and effortless. We love it.


Short Bob Hairstyles


30. Short Bob With Bangs

Oh did you think we were done with Taylor Swift? You were so wrong. This singer- songwriter has sported some of the best bob hairstyles over a span of years. From very short bob hairstyles to shoulder length bobs, she has worn them all. This air dried shoulder grazing bob hairstyle with bangs looks oh-so-amazing. There is softness in this look which makes it so picture perfect.


Textured Waves


31. Textured Waves

The choppy bob hairstyle with textured waves looks fun, flirty and feminine. We totally and absolutely heart it. Wavy bob hairstyles when paired with the right accessories can amplify your look multiple times.


Soft Bob Hairstyle


32. Soft Bob Hairstyle

After Taylor Swift, we believe it is Emma Stone who has rocked the best bob hairstyles over the years. She looked picture perfect in her deep green Valentino gown and choppy bob hairstyle with side swept bangs which effortlessly blend with the rest of her hair. This is a neat, soft and feminine look.


Textured Waves With layers



33. Brown Textured Bob With Layers

Jenna’s shoulder grazing bob hairstyle is perfect for an everyday look. The barely there waves at the end are adding beauty to the haircut.





34. Blonde Soft Tapered Waves

The feathered side swept bangs and the choppy bob skimming the shoulders. What’s not to love about Taylor swift's bob hairstyle with soft waves? Also check the best hairstyle of Taylor Swift to get more inspiration.


Blunt Bob haircut


35. Blunt Bob

The Spiderman actress looks rocker chic in her blunt bob with choppy bangs. The sharp cut of the bob and the choppy cut of bangs are creating the perfect balance. With this bob hairstyle Zendaya looks like a modern day edgy princess.




36. Textured Bob Hairstyle

A bob hairstyle can be obtained literally in a thousand different ways. The textured waves bob haircut is easy on the eyes and gives a soft, feminine yet modern chic vibe. This balayage hairstyle is apt for a party as well as for an everyday look.


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