Natural Hairstyles For Black Women

25 Best Natural Hairstyles For Black Women

Rituparna Priyadarshini

Updated At  09 May 24

Styling your hair is always a messy task, especially if you want it to look natural. You may have all the hairstyle ideas in your head, but at the right moment, it all floats out of your head, doesn't it? Are you someone who always frets over which hairstyle to choose to flaunt your natural hair? If so, there is no need to panic over it anymore. Here, we have a hairstyle guide for all black women who want to look chic, bold, and stylish. From a short bob to long waves, here you can find all the hairstyles that accentuate your natural hair and are in vogue in 2024. Go through it all below and find ideas to reinvent yourself!


25 Best Natural Hairstyles For Black Women



1. Long Box Braid Ponytail

Let us start with a basic hairstyle. For a long box braid, divide your hair into different sections of a few strands. Each section must have enough hair to make a braid. It might take a little longer if you have thick hair, but trust us, it is worth the wait! Once all of your braids are neatly done, wrap it all into a high pony tied right on top of your scalp. Make your face look slimmer, more prominent, and elongated with this style and channel your inner diva.


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2. Shaggy with Bangs

Bangs can never go out of style, can they? You can always style it in different ways. If you have naturally black hair, then the shaggy, messy look with uneven bangs can look effortlessly stylish. You can simply blow dry your hair and be ready to paint the town red in a few seconds. 




3. Wavy Black Bob

Women with black hair are to die for! The beauty and glamour of black hair gets further accentuated with a shoulder-length bob cut. For a fun little twist, keep your hair uneven or in layers with soft waves that give it a natural flow. 


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4. Straight, Long Hair

Straight hair is a boon for some. Straight-haired girls can simply let their hair be and still have an attractive look. But to spice things up, one can add some fun layers and twist-ins that can highlight one's facial structure.




5. Long Waves

When we talk about long hairstyles, you can never miss out on long waves. If you do not want to use any accessories or make any changes to your hair length but still want a magical look, long waves can be the perfect choice. For this look, part your hair in the middle and make small, male waves at the edges. Let your hair doe the world to see with envy.




6. Bantu Knot Buns

Let's get away from the basics for a moment, shall we? Create a bold statement with a bantu knot hairstyle, which is also perfect for enduring heat and humidity now that summer is here. First, part your hair into different sections and start creating tight knots very close to the scalp. It does not matter if you have short hair or long hair; for an out-of-the-box look, you must go for it!




7. Minnie Mouse Buns

Are you tired of your hair falling loose on your neck? Does it makes it difficult to focus on your work? Do not worry, for we have an adorable solution for it. Just make a middle part and tie each side into a tight high bun. Place it on the centre of your scalp to give you a little bit of height and a lot of style.




8. Short and Classy Bob

The short bob, especially with a little twist-in at the end, is quite pleasing to the eyes, isn't it? Create a side part, and for a little playfulness, tuck the smaller side behind your ear. This hairdo is the perfect representation of the class and boldness, that black women have.




9. High Top Fade

The high top fade is created with hair left longer on the top and both sides trimmed short. With this style, you can easily make your cheekbones, eyes, jawline, and overall facial structure even more prominent. Additionally, it makes your face look slimmer and more uplifted.




10. The Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is one of the classier hairdos that can be opted for by women of all ages. The hair is cut short on the back and sides, while the hair on top is left comparatively longer. You can also spice things up by adding bangs to it. We highly recommend it for women with thinner hair or unmanageable hair.




11. Short Afro

Afro hairstyle has been an important part of African-American culture. Many rock stars of the 70s and 80s have flaunted it with great panache and style. However, modern black women have perpetuated this culture by adding their own uniqueness to it. For example, a short afro that leaves the natural fluff and curls untouched while keeping hair manageable, is all the rage right now.




12. Bohemian Box Braids

Women love flaunting their natural long black hair. Don't you, ladies? And who doesn't want to lead life the bohemian way? We have brought you the best of both worlds here. Add some curls and braids to your long shiny black hair and let it loose. Be it a concert or a basic day out with your bestie, we can assure that all eyes in the room will be on you with this hairstyle.




13. Retro Curls

When we talk about the 70s or 80s, we cannot miss out on the curly hairstyles that actresses have portrayed on screen. What remains a red carpet favourite for black women still, is tied curls on the bottom half, with the fluff untouched and the top half neatly combed and parted in the side. But what elevates the look and makes it regal, is the tender waves or swirls that go from one side to the other.




14. Dutch Braids and Buns

If you think braids and buns are for casual outings, then this particular hairdo will prove you wrong. Make a side part and two Dutch braids on each side. Now bring both and tie them together into a neat little bun right at the neck. You can go for a casual outing, an official meeting or a red-carpet event with this hairdo. And do you love hair accessories? If so, add a few clips and pins, for that extra glam.




15. Box Braids in Strings

Black women have an unfathomable edge and sass. Likewise, they want a hairdo that represents their personality. Are there any such women here, reading this article? If you are, then here is a stylish solution for you. Create small sections of hair and turn each into tightly tied box braids. Now add some zing and bling to it with silver strings, and cuffs. Voila! You're ready to rock!




16. Braided Short Curls

Women always feel they can never find the perfect style for short hair. Don't they? We cannot disagree more. Women with short hair and tangled curls can always opt for a braided hairdo or half-cornrows. And, if you want to leave people gasping, we suggest leaving the bottom half of each braid loose and curly. You can go for a side or middle part, depending on your preference. 




17. Cornrows with Half-Updo

Cornrows are a black woman's favourite hairdo. Aren't they? The style has a magical way of transforming a simple and basic personality into an attention-grabbing one. And how can you make it even more wonderful and chic? Just tie the top-half cornrows a little high and leave the braids on the sides and back loose. For an even more wow effect, let loose two braids on the front. 




18. Long Box Braids

There are so many ways to channel your creativity through your hairstyle. Do you think it is only possible with a glam team and heavy accessories? No, not exactly. You can simply opt for box braids for your long black hair and not only protect it but also represent your true fashionable self. All you need is the right attitude and confidence to pull it off!




19. High-School Braids

Can braided ponytails even look cool? Can it become a fashion statement that leaves everyone in awe? Yes, of course. A fun set of braids can be your perfect partner, as it brings style quotient along with comfort and convenience. Opt for a neatly tied braid and flaunt your glam and glow. 




20. Braided Bun in a Bunch

Lucky are those who have thick and dense hair. And if they also have long hair, they will surely be the focus of all envy, won't they? However, managing such long and thick hair can be an exhausting task. Even more so, if you want it to look stylish as well. The only reasonable and fashionable solution to it, is a braided high bun. Simply braid your hair in different sections, and tie it all up into a bun. All you need now is a wide smile, for having done a good job with your hair!




21. Shoulder-Length Layers

Black women have a certain ability to pull off any hairstyle. They can look mesmerizing with minimal styling. For example, simply adding layers to shoulder-length hair or longer hair can transform them into sensuous and sizzling goddesses, leaving all those around them awestruck.




22. Fluffy Curls

We truly envy you, if you have natural curls! curly hair does not need any styling to make a statement, as it is in itself a statement. But what you can do to accentuate your curls or nourish them, is use the right products that keep it manageable and tangle-free. You can also blow dry them and use products to add that extra bounce and fluff. 




23. Braided Low Buns

The Working/Corporate Ladies are always struggling for a suitable hairdo. Having less time to spend, they prefer a style they can quickly make and go about their day. A braided low bun is an absolutely bold and classy style that can make women appear even more confident, sassy, and bossy. If you are a boss lady, we highly recommend it for you.




24. Ringlet Curls with Braided Buns

Choosing the same old styles can be comforting but also very mundane. Mixing things up, creates an impact and helps you explore your creativity. If you wish to do so and leave people mesmerized, we suggest a cornrow braided low bun with few ringlet curls hanging loose and randomly from all sides. Choose it for any event, with the perfect glam and outfit for an everlasting impression.




25. Natural Updo with Braids

The upward bun that accentuates the thickness and curls of black hair is enough to draw all eyes around you. You can make it even more funky and fun with two box braids on each side, along with some beads and rings. You won't need any make-up with this hairstyle, for sure!



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