Top Hairstyles For Boys

57 Hairstyles For Boys Trending In 2024

Sahiba Tandon

Updated At  31 Mar 24

When it comes to styling, our hair plays an important role. That's why, it's vital to know your face cut, hair texture, and other details so that you don't lose your personality while staying on trend. These hairstyles for boys are the best of the best that have been making waves in the industry from which you can inspiration for your next haircut!


57 Hairstyles For Boys Trending In 2024




1. Fringe

You can update your basic hairstyle when you style it alongside the fringe! How? Because this popular hairstyle provides you with beautiful dimensions. Further, the fringe gives your hair texture!



2. Quiff With High Skin Fade

Boys with even short hair length will be able to support a hairstyle that gives a voluminoilizing appearance! Yes, you may think that there aren't many choices available for you. But, with just some hair in the center of the head, you can make a beautiful Quiff!

Kat Thompson, a celebrity hairstylist, recommends on how to maintain this hairstyle:

“To keep your haircut looking well-manicured, I’d recommend getting your haircut every four weeks." 



3. Mullet With Fade

You can make great use of your hair waves (either natural or styled) for the classic hairstyle i.e., the Mullet. To add another beautiful feature to this hairstyle, go with faded sides! This will make it a dynamic look.



4.  High Fade With Blunt Bangs 

Men have been opting for a high fade for a long time now. You can pair the classic hairstyle with another popular one, like the blunt bangs, that will give your hair just the perfect depth!


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5. Textured Fringe  

What makes this type of fringe style stand out are the distinctive textures. The hairstyle oozes confidence in every sense of the way. It shows how men can carry fringe just as well as women and when styled right, can give a unique appearance. 



6. Shag 

The shag is a perfect match of contemporary with rustic. You'll need your barber to set the perfect layers according to your hair texture and length. But, once it's done, it will make a fabulous hairstyle!

Hassan Bilal, a men's grooming expert quotes-

“Square faces and jawlines work amazingly with this medium shag and feathered look.”



7. Surfer Bangs

Going with the surfer bangs with your volumizing hair will give you a cool contemporary look! Of course, the length of the bangs will depend on your hair, but usually, they cover most of your forehead.




8. Tousled Part

The middle part has become quite trendy as a simple hairstyle for boys because the part gives a sophisticated look effortlessly. Plus, the look would be much better if you carry your hair in a glossy way!




9. Taper Fade With Bangs

The taper fade is an iconic haircut for boys. The temples give you a faded effect that seems quite dashing. For additional details, you can ask your barber for any type of fringe style. 



10. Shaggy Hair

The shaggy hairstyle is definitely among the top volumizing haircuts that give you the ideal laid-back look. Jacob Tremblay has supported this haircut on many occasions and is a great inspiration for boys looking for a way to carry their ruffled hair.


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11. Spiky Haircut 

If you are looking to turn your basic haircut into a memorable one, simply add spikes to your hair strands. The advantage of this hairstyle is that it can suit any hair length whether medium or long!



12. Ear Tuck 

If you have longer hair, then you have the beautiful choice of getting those front locks behind your ears. The best thing about this hairstyle is that tucking in the hair won't even take much time! This will create a whole new look for you.



13. Curly Undercut 

This hairstyle shows us that not only men but also boys can carry an undercut quite fabulously. What makes this style unique is the curly hair texture that adds movement!



14. Eyebrow-Grazing Bangs 

If you are looking for a bangs hairstyle that is something different and interesting, then turn towards these eyebrow-grazing bangs! Sure, they would require some time to get adjusted to but it's a fabulous hairstyle choice.


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Taper Fade


15. Taper Fade

The iconic taper fade is said to be when you have hair in the middle and lighter hair tapering on the sides. It helps conceal any bulkiness and adds a polished look.

Melissa Dezarate, a celebrity hairstylist, recommends how to manage hair for a taper fade-

“If it’s too short, it can give you a pointed effect, like a conehead. It needs a little more hair to balance it out.”

16. Choppy Bangs

This is a casual hairstyle that is just as fashionable. The choppy bangs can go in different directions and give a more rustic laid-back. This adds a fabulous texture to your hair.



17. Grown-Out Caesar 

An adaptable haircut for all, a grown-out Caesar gives you a carefree and edgy appearance. If you want to look dapper without doing something over the top, then just grow out your Caesar!



18. Textured Crew Cut

For all the boys looking for short but complex hairstyles, turnover to this crew-cut design. The play on textures adds a phenomenal feature to the whole face!

Christina Marie, an experienced barber, says-

“Texturizing the naturally straight and sometimes flat hair helps add life and character.”



19. French Crop Undercut With Fade

For a clear and concise hairstyle, choose the option of a French crop cut. This hairstyle has been appreciated for its practicality, look, and maintenance. 



20. Curly Fringe

If you are looking for some trendy hairstyles for boys with curly hair, then your search should stop at this haircut! August Muturo has carried his natural curls this way for a long time now and it just adds a different vibe to the whole personality!



21. Mullet  

The Mullet has longer hair in the back and shorter in the front, you can experiment with it in so many ways like adding bangs, changing the hair texture, and more!




22. 90’s Undercut

This iconic undercut style has different dimensions that make it a stylish hairstyle choice. The hair appears to be naturally falling back which gives us a smooth and wholesome feel to the whole face. 



23. Long Side Bang

You can take a side part from your long hair and you'll see that this simple update changes the whole look! To get a more refined image, remember to apply some hair gel or spray, it will give a more sleek presence.



24. Mid-Fade

This fade cut is the ideal choice for boys who cannot choose between high or short hair fades. Pair up your mid-fade with tousled hair for a luscious and soft feel! 



25. Fade With A Stripe

We have seen loads of hairstyles for boys with short hair but not all of them are this easy to manage! This simple stripe or line helps in breaking up the haircut. Thus, giving the hairstyle an edgy look.



26. Tapered Cut

Tapered sides are cool yet unpretentious. A great thing about this haircut is that it can suit all face shapes and hair textures!



27. Caesar Cut 

The caesar is among the most dimensional hairstyles for boys with short hair. Going for a haircut that gives a strong look even without much hair? This is the hairstyle for you!



28. Mop

A mop is a very voluminoilizing hairdo. It defines your hair texture. If you have a square face shape, then you should definitely try this hairstyle once, as this goes amazing with that face cut!



29. Glossy Combed-Back 

If you want a haircut that is as simple as it is striking, then choose the simple ruffled Combed-back look! Who knew just some waves of combing could look this nice?



30. Clipper Cut

A clipper cut is a practical hairstyle that may seem drastic at first but looks quite pleasing afterward! A perfect haircut for students who are looking for something dashing yet not dramatic.



31. Crew Cut

You can create a stunning hairstyle with your short hair if you go with the classic army crew cut. It doesn't need time to style and manage and is quite useful for day-to-day tasks.



32. Textured Crop Cut

The textured crop cut is not that hard to maintain and still gives you a modern and intriguing appearance! Ask your barber for a bangs style as well to make the hairstyle more dynamic!



33. Skin Fade With Scratch Line

The hair seems to look quite modern in this cut! First, you opt for a skin fade, that's a reliable option for most people. Then ask your barber for a scratch line to add just enough edge!



34. Sleek Hairstyle 

A simple hairstyle that's been styled a lot by celebrities recently is a modern sleek hairstyle. You just need to ask your barber for a smooth texture and they can choose to add any hair gel, spray, or any other product that will give your hair a polished look!



35. Afro Fade

The Afro fade is a perfect fit for people with natural curly hair. They won't need to do much work and just maintain the fade line to keep the look fresh!



36. Fade With Quiff

The fade and quiff are two of the most popular boys’ hairstyles individually but their combination is on another level! Together, these two cuts will add just the right amount of edginess to your look.



37. Combed-Back 

If you are looking for a minimalist yet modern hairstyle for boys, you should stop your search for combed-back hair! If you have medium hair, then this cut can do wonders to make you look sophisticated and stylish.



38. Tapered Sides Fringe 

The slightly tapered sides with a full fringe give you the best of both worlds. The sides add texture while the fringe adds volume to the hair!



39. Baby Bangs 

They might not be the most popular styles of bangs but when done right, baby bangs can upgrade your look in just a few moments! Why not go with a high fade as well to create a really special hairstyle? 



40. Short Quiff

From glossy to ruffled texture, to long or short hair length, a short quiff goes with everything. Think about seeking faded sides as well for a cool appearance.



41. Curly Bangs 

If you are looking for a fashionable hairstyle to be carried as a student, then this is the haircut for you! If you have naturally curly hair, then these bangs will look super cool whilst saving you time to set them.



42. Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is among the most popular hairstyles for boys because it is quite easy to style! Enzo De Angelis has been carrying his hair this way for a long time now and never fails to look anything but dashing.



43. Piece-y Bangs 

The hairstyle is actually quite useful for both professional and casual affairs. You can use hair gel to make the bangs stand out! They can make a beautiful feature on any hair texture and length.



44. Short Fringe

For an interesting hairstyle, why not try straight blunt bangs? Not all bangs are long, and this practical hairstyle is a perfect example of that!



45. Textured Scissor Cut

Boys who are looking to revive a classic hairstyle like the scissor cut can do so now! How? By adding texture and pairing a high or medium fade with it.



46. Faux Hawk Skin Fade

The skin fade adds a unique touch to a normal faux hawk. This hairstyle for boys has been in fashion for a long time but still is among the sought-after hairstyles for boys in 2024!



47. Waved Pompadour

The waved pompadour is a phenomenal choice from pompadour hairstyles. Boys can take advantage of this haircut to project a more mature look.



48. Messy Crop Cut

This crop cut with a high fade seems to be the definition of coolness! It is a hairstyle that has a lot of features and accentuates your face making you look sharp! 



49. Buzzcut 

For easy and low-maintenance hairstyles for boys, there is no better hairstyle than a buzz cut! The trimmed haircut is known for its practicality.



50. Messy Hair

The messy bangs work flawlessly on everybody because even though they might sound rustic, they provide you with a complex look easily.



51. Side Part

The part will help in adding a defining feature to your hair. Plus, you can take a side part whether you support curly, straight, or any other hair texture!



52. Full Forehead Bangs 

If you have a long face and want to project it shorter, then try getting full forehead bangs. They will conceal the extra face length and give a bounciness to the hair!



53. Pompadour

Inspired by Madame de Pompadour, people have been styling their hair in this hairstyle for a long time now but it still maintains its popularity worldwide. The low sides with the voluminous hair in the middle create an attractive look!



54. Curved Fringe

The curved fringe just screams fun! You can also add in any bangs style for a fuller feel. It is among the best hairstyles for boys who have an oval face. 



55. Skin Fade

This is the right haircut for any gentleman who wants to add a modern appeal to their personality. It creates an edgy appearance!



56. Slicked-Back Hair

For a nice slick back style, consider growing out your hair. It will help hold up the sleek hair while adding volume and movement too.



57.  Curly Middle Part

You can keep on growing your hair and take out a middle part of your curly hair to keep your look trendy!