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25 Iconic Justin Bieber Hairstyles Of All Time


Updated At  28 Sep 23


Justin Bieber has been known for his iconic hairstyles since the very beginning. Bieber’s music career began in 2008 and soon he established himself as a teen icon. Over the years, Justin has experimented a lot with his hair. Bieber has also inspired a lot of the male population to experiment with their hair and styles. He is not just an artist, but he is also a trendsetter! Check out these 25 iconic Justin Bieber hairstyles.


25 Best Justin Bieber Hairstyles Of All Time




1. The Tight Crop

Justin Bieber's short hair is his fan’s favourite haircut. This tight crop look is from Met Gala. Bieber attended the Met Gala along with his wife Hailey Bieber in a perfect look. This hairstyle can be worn for a casual day or an important date. Giving Bieber a smart, modest, and stylish look all at the same time this Justin Bieber hairstyle is sure to impress! One of the top short haircuts for men this Justin Bieber ahirstyle can surely transform your look completely.




2. Blonde Long Hair

Justin Bieber carried long hair for some time amidst the Covid 19 pandemic. Bieber opted for his natural hair colour and kept a simple front fringe. This Justin Bieber long-hair look is perfect for a day out and casual days. This Justin Bieber hairstyle is a great way to keep your hair looking fresh and styled without all the extra fuss. 

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3. The Short Updo

Justin Bieber carried this adorable hairstyle while out with his wife to a church. Leaving fans in awe, this Justin Bieber hairstyle is simple and sweet to wear for any occasion. This Justin Bieber long-hair look is perfect for casual wear to formal events. This look is Bieber’s most popular and most liked amongst his fans.




4. Side Swept Hair

The side-swept, long-top Halong-one of the most famous Justin Bieber long hair experiments. Bieber coloured his hair Platinum  Blonde to rock this look. This Justin Bieber hairstyle is from one of his concerts. Bieber has coloured his hair many times but this side-swept hair is his second time going Platinum Blonde.

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5. Bun And Undercut

The bun and an undercut hairstyle were worn by Justin Bieber during a red carpet-event. The hair at the top was left long and the rest was styled in an undercut. Half portion of the long hair was tied in a braid and the rest half was combed and tied in a bun over the braid. This Justin Bieber Long hair look requires a little practice but is perfect for formal occasions as well.




6. Log Hair Undercut

This Justin Bieber Hairstyle was also quite liked amongst his fans. As Bieber sported this hairstyle, many other people were inspired and wanted to give this Justin Bieber long hair look a try. Combed to the back, Bieber’s hair is also parted to the side and styled to stay in place with a very less amount of gel. This low-key approach gives his hair a sleek appearance that wouldn't be possible if he used more product. Thomas Shelby haircut in Peaky Blinders is one of the most popular haircuts of all time. Do check it out as it looks stunning.




7. Blonde Buzz Cut

Justin Bieber opted for a very classic buzz cut as a new haircut and this became a trendsetter. This Justin Bieber short hairstyle is really simple and quick to achieve. If you're looking for an easy, low-maintenance hairstyle, this might be the perfect option for you! This Justin Bieber Hairstyle is both Time and Cost efficient and can be sported alongside any outfit. Bieber also chose to dye his hair blonde for this casual look.




8. Classic Bieber Spike

This Classic Spike look is from Justin Bieber’s teenage music years. This Justin Bieber hairstyle became very popular amongst teenagers and was much in trend this year. However, this is one of the most stylish and iconic looks of Justin Bieber.

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9. Long Hair Fringes 

One of the most iconic Justin Bieber hairstyles is the long side fringe. Justin Bieber wore a band on his forehead and let his long hair flow to the side while performing in a concert. The fringes were partially on his face giving him a rebellious and cool look. It was popular among fans because it gave him an edgier look that set him apart from other singers at the time. If you are looking for long haircuts for men, then fringes can be an excellent option.




10. The Surfer Cut

This Justin Bieber long-hair look became so popular amongst the boys that it was labelled as the “Surfer look”. Teenage and grown-ups were fascinated by this Justin Bieber hairstyle a lot. Bieber decided to keep his natural hair colour yet again and let his hair flow freely as he was captured by fans.




11.  Twisted Locks

This Justin Bieber long-hair look was criticized by the audience to be inappropriate. This hairstyle is often sported by black people as it supports their strong, long locks. While some people may see the look as trendy or stylish, others may view it with suspicion or even anger due to its association with white celebrities who are frequently criticized for an appropriation of traditionally Black styles. 




12. Pink Hair

Justin Bieber dyed his hair Pastel Pink for his music video “Yummy”. Bieber also sported this hairstyle apart from his shoot for the music video. This Justin Bieber short hair look was accompanied by hoodie and neck accessories of the same colour as his hair. Fans were shocked and excited to see this new hairstyle of Bieber right before his new single “Yummy” dropped.




13. The Headband Spike

Justin Bieber was captured by Fans and Paparazzi as he went into a mall wearing a headband to support his hair. This Justin Bieber hairstyle was unexpected as fans never saw Bieber wearing a headband with short hair. This Justin Bieber short hair look is very casual and comparatively easy to style. As Bieber’s hair was cut in a front fringe, the hair appeared to have been styled in a spike when he wore a headband to sport this casual look.




14. Front Swooping Haircut

This Vintage Justin Bieber hairstyle became so popular that wigs of the same style started to appear in the market. Justin Bieber was just 15 years old when he styled this iconic look of front swooping hair. The hair is seen covering his entire forehead. The reason why people loved this vintage Justin Bieber hairstyle so much back then, was because it looked effortless and stylish at the same time.




15. On The Top Pony

Justin Bieber never gets out of ideas to wear his long hair. This Justin Bieber long hair look appeared cool and funny at the same time. Justin Bieber was captured wearing His long front hair in a top ponytail while the rest of the hair was flowing to the side. This look is effortless and comfortable during a sports session or a swimming class. 




16. Skater Cut

Justin Bieber almost always wore a cap all the time while he styled his long hair in this skater cut. This look was the go-to look for the guys who used to go skating and it was popularised as the “Skater look”. Skaters started wearing caps to keep their hair out of their faces while they were shredding on the board. Justin Bieber pulled this look off famously, sporting an all-black outfit with a white skater cap.




17. Side Swept Long Hair

This is one of the easiest and most comfortable Justin Bieber Hairstyles. This effortless look is achieved by just parting the hair from the extreme side ad combing a major part of the hair over to the other side. his simple style looks great on both women and men and can be easily done at home without any special tools or skills required. 




18. Swooped Back Hair

This is amongst the most famous and preferred hairstyles amongst men. Justin Bieber has sported this hairstyle at various events and has completely rocked the look. Justin Bieber was captured wearing his hair in a swooped-back style along with a formal outfit. This Justin Bieber hairstyle can be paired with formal or casual outfits and it can be achieved by applying a minimum amount of hair gel.




19. Hair Braids

Justin Bieber shared the picture of his new hairstyle on his Instagram stories. This Justin Bieber long hair braid was loved by his fans and garnered him a lot of attention. His wife Hailey Beber and a friend of hers helped Bieber achieve this look. This might not be an easy hairstyle but it looks super cool on him.




20. Extra Short Buzz 

Justin Bieber yet again experimented with his hair by cutting them extra short and this time also dying them light brown. Bieber shared a video of himself and the clouds on Instagram when fans noticed his new haircut. This Justin Bieber Short hair is very accessible and effortless to style. Justin’s choice of colouring his hair makes it looks super cool and smart at the same time. 




21. Extra High Spike

This Justin Bieber hairstyle is one of a kind. Justin Bieber rocked this high spike in his teenage years and also started the trend for the same. This hairstyle framed Justin’s hair nicely and also added volume to his hair by creating edges on the top. However, styling this Justin Bieber short hair look requires practice and patience along with a lot of hair products. 




22. Slick Back Undercut

The Slick Back undercut is perfect for all occasions and accentuates your personality. This Justin Bieber hairstyle was sported by him on his 21st Birthday. The sleek back undercut is created by cutting your hair short at the nape of your neck (just above your collarbone). You then take some sections from the front and flip them over so that they lay flat against your head.




23. Side Fringes

Looking for a new Justin Bieber hairstyle? A side fringe is a great option that will make you look sleek and stylish. This style is perfect if you want to add some height and volume to your hair, without having to go through the trouble of cutting or styling it in any other way. Justin Bieber kept his hair relatively short on the sides and parted and combed the longer hair to the opposite hair.




24. Short Messy Hair

This is yet another teenage hairstyle of Justin Bieber. This was the time when Justin Bieber’s first album was released and he was inspiring fans all over the world. His fans were appreciating his hairstyles and were also trying to copy the same. This Justin Bieber short hair was very popular amongst teenage boys and is very low maintenance. Justin Bieber, during his teenage years, chose to keep his natural hair colour and only experimented with hairstyles.





25. Front Swooped Fringes

The long hair era of Justin Bieber was his most loved hairstyle. The above Justin Beiber hairstyle photo is taken from his Instagram story where he shared with his fans his latest messy hairstyle. Bieber has parted his hair to the side and has allowed the long fringes to come over his forehead and also cover his eyes. This hairstyle looks adorable on Justin Bieber as it gives a casual look to him.



Justin has been experimenting with his hair over the years. The one thing that stays the same is his love for colour and being different!--From long to short, from messy to chic, Justin played it all when it came down to changing up his style. And what surprised us most was that he never feared experimentation. Let it be Justin Bieber's hairstyle young or Grown Up, it has always been liked by his fans. Which hairstyle do you like best? Tell us below.