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25 Stunning Arabic Bridal Mehndi Designs


Updated At  25 Nov 22


Weddings are celebrations. Mehndi is considered an important part of any wedding celebrations in many countries. Mehndi is not only applied during wedding functions but also on other occasions.  When we talk about weddings, the first thing which comes to mind is the bride and groom. Mehndi application during a wedding on the bride's hand is considered auspicious and hence it plays a vital role. Arabic mehndi design is prominent and loved around the globe. This wedding season Arabic bridal mehndi designs are trending and we bring you the perfect designs for your bridal kit. These designs can also be used by the bridesmaids. Let's check out the 25 Stunning Arabic Bridal Mehndi Designs.


25 Best Arabic Bridal Mehndi Designs




1. Floral Arabic Full Hand Bridal Mehndi Designs

The floral Arabic mehndi design is the bride's choice. This design is divided into three patterns with elements like paisleys, flowers, leaves and jaal patterns. This is considered a traditional design with Arabic touch and filling the spaces with crossing blocks curves. This is a must-try recommended design for the season!




2. Twist Spacing Arabic Mehndi Design

Creating a combination of modern and traditional looks. This design has some unique twist floral patterns with connecting leaves and block patterns. The perfect spaces in this design make it a stunning choice for every bride. This is the perfect bridal Arabic mehndi design for full hands.



3. Matching Hands And Feet 

This is a contemporary Arabic bridal mehndi design which is matching to the hands and feet. One can go for this design if you want to have a similar Arabic design on the hands and feet. This is a traditional flowing Arabic design which is simple. The strokes and curves at the end complete the look.




4. Arabic Bridal Mehndi For Back Full Hand 

For a traditional Arabic mehndi to look fuller, it's very essential to fill the spaces and draw the elements with proper spacing and pattern. This design is beautiful for brides and bridesmaids to be applied for backhand. 



5. The Peacock Arabic Mehndi Design 

A much more appealing arm-to-palm Arabic design is a great choice for brides. This elaborated design features peacocks on both hands at the neds and looks wonderful with the flowers. The broad bracelet look at the wrist creates magic!



6. Arabic Bridal Simple Design For Legs

The flowers, leaves and dots are the main motifs used frequently in this Arabic mehndi design. This is a simple and quick design which appears to be neat. The leg fingers design completes the look. 



7. Modern Arabic Bridal Design

Nowadays, some brides and bridesmaids like to have such modern and simple designs, which are quick and fascinating. The modern touch of the lines connecting the floral and circular designs is elegant and our hearts go for this. 



 8. Creative Back Hand Design 

This is a creative and innovative Arabic mehndi design with decorative half circles. The simple finger design and the touch of floral and circular elements are distinct and attention-grabbing.


9.  Classic Bridal Arabic Mehndi Design

This design is gulf influenced and looks more innovative. It may look neat and beautiful, but such designs need proper alignment. This design is divided into 4 parts and patterns. The peacock on the plam, the flower motifs, the leaves and the structure is nothing less than a work of art! From brides to bridesmaids, everyone can find this design appealing for a special day.



10. Contemporary Arabic Mehndi Design For Bride

A simply stunning design which is elegant and classy. This contemporary Arabic mehndi design is soothing. The design incorporates a beautiful wrist design followed by flower motifs. We recommend this design which perfectly suits the backhand.



11. Net Pattern Arabic Mehndi Design

The net pattern and the floral motifs are the main ingredients of this Arabic bridal design. This appealing Arabic design can be used for a wedding occasion by the bride. The net pattern in this mehndi design creates a fabulous choice for today's bride for a perfect stylish mehndi. This mehndi will go with both traditional and western attire.



12. Elbow-Sized Traditional Mehndi

This captivating mehndi design with perfect alignment and shading is beautiful. The magic of floral patterns and the bold outlines take away our hearts. We love how the different elements are arranged beautifully for a captivating effect. The variations of elements used in this design are soothing and perfectly made for the bride.



13. Bold And Shaded Mehndi Design

Bold and Beautiful! This Arabic mehndi design is a good-looking backhand design made for a bride who loves fashion. This stylish bold shaded outlined look and the minute detailed work on the fingers are prepossessing.


14. Rosy Arabic Mehndi Design

Who doesn't loves a rose? Rose is a symbol of love and gratitude. This Arabic mehndi design with prominent roses styling with curve patterns dots lines and leaves is an art. Perfect design for the bride, this season!



15. Classic Arabic Mehndi Design For Legs

Apart from flowers and leaves, there is something appealingly flawless about this Arabic mehndi design which is suitable for the legs. This design goes well with the bride. While the design is featured with traditional motifs, the fingers are combined with a jaal pattern.


16. Bracelet Arabic Design For Full Hand Mehndi

The Arabic mehndi design for the bride who loves to also have a traditional touch will love this design. For an Arabic mehndi design to look fuller and complete, it's important to have accurate spaces. This design looks like curvy bracelets styled to the elbow. The pattern of leaves connecting the flower-filled design is the charm of this design.  

arabic mehndi (3)


17. Heart-Shaped Arabic Design For Bride

Looks like an effortless design, this heart-shaped Arabic design is perfect for a bride. The half hearts on both hands combine in a big heart when touched together. Heart design has a special siginifnace in mehndi design and also suits the wedding season. This design can be bookmarked for the next occasion.




18. Simple And Modern Arabic Design

This modern version of Arabic mehndi design is simple and classy. A bride who is looking for a minimal design at her wedding can surely have this design which is a class apart. Not only the bride, but this design is simple and quick which is for all hands.




19. Palm Arabic Design

If you're looking for a quick and easy Arabic design for your wedding, this design makes a match. The vertical block design covering the entire palm with compact space makes it a style statement.



20. Vintage Arabic Design 

The charm of bold strokes and the defining curves is flattering. The elements used in these Arabic mehndi designs for the bride in their style are making the hands look full. The exquisite work is bringing it together.


21. Arabic Jewellery Pattern For The Bride

A simple and subtle mehndi design to go with it! The finger pattern connecting the wrist to the index finger with a small curve makes it look like jewellery. This type of mehndi design is trending all over.



22. Peacock Styled Arabic Design For Legs

One of the most prominent elements which are used in mehndi design, peacocks are also used in Arabic design. This mesmerising design has a peacock crown and the floral pattern embedded till the thumb finger makes it look like a beautiful peacock dancing. 

arabic mehndi


23. Minimalistic Abstract Mehndi Design

One of the most beautiful Arabic designs, this is an art of minimalistic pattern with a modern touch. These designs can be made in a variety of styles and patterns. A bride at her engagement or wedding can have this design who loves minimalism.

arabic mehndi (1)


24. Arabic Design With Mandala Art 

Mandala art combing with Arabic designs is going viral. This design can be made on the front and back hands. This pattern is a palm-sized short design curated for an easy-to-go mehndi style and quick.

arabic mehndi (2)


25. Lace Pattern Arabic Design 

The design which looks like lace on the backhand, with a rose motif is the centrepiece of this design. A variety of lace pattern designs can be made as a piece of jewellery too.