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65 Spectacular Back Hand Mehndi Designs - 2024 (with Images)

Shalu Bhati

Updated At  10 Feb 24


Are you on the lookout for some spectacular back hand mehndi designs? Why wouldn’t you be? After all, sometimes you just need to make a statement. And with the festival as well as the wedding season upon us, there is only one thing to ensure that your look is complete—beautiful back hand mehndi designs. They could be minimal or something flamboyant. Maybe a little bit modern or something classic, the choice is yours. But, you are gonna want to adorn some of those gorgeous back mehndi designs. And, we have for you about 65 spectacular designs right here just to get you started.


65 Best Back Hand Mehndi Designs





1. Round Mehndi Design

Simple and round mehndi designs for the backhand are all the rage since these designs add a touch of elegance to your look. These mehndi patterns are easy to apply and create a stylish and uncomplicated look. Observe the way the open space has been used as it particularly makes the design look very elegant.




2. Connected Flowers

Get a trendy look with connected grid mehndi on the backhand. This easy backhand mehndi with small flowers, dots and delicate patterns looks gorgeous.




3. Dark Back Hand Mehndi

Looking for a new mehndi for the special function? Check this amazing dark mehndi with conected patterns and leaf design. Observe the usage of open space and patterns since it makes the design more appealing.




4. Circle Mehndi

If you are looking for simple and easy mehndi designs for backhand, then this is an amazing option. The big circle mehndi on the backhand is nicely connected to one of the fingers. The minimal patterns on the fingers adds elegance to the design.




5. Floral Mandala Design

A mandala design can be as simple and as intricate as you would like. That’s the beauty of these designs. They are considered auspicious and are one of the most popular back hand mehndi designs.




6. Bridal Backhand Mehndi

This stunning mehndi is a combination of flowers, leaf and various patterns, however, the key differentiating factor in this design is the way the entire mehndi is interconnected. 




7. Beautiful Back Hand Mehndi Designs

Back hand mehndi designs have evolved over the years with the mehndi artists getting creative. So, here we have a wonderful and very new back mehndi design that leaves a lasting impression with its beauty. This flower mehndi design uses open spaces perfectly to provide focus on the design.




8. New Back Hand Mehndi Designs

This year has seen many new, creative, and spectacular back hand mehendi designs. This is one such design that exudes elegance. It is a design that can be put to use for all kinds of festivities.




9. Floral Mania

There can never be enough floral back hand mehndi designs. Never. So, here we are again with a brand new floral mehndi design that left us mesmerized with its unique beauty. The use of negative space to create these big and bold flowers is surely making a statement.




10. Mismatched Mehndi Designs

This year has been all about creativity when it comes to back hand mehndi designs. Gone are the days where you just had to be satisfied with similar-looking Arabic designs of leafy vines. This is one of the latest designs that caught our eye with its uniqueness. The mismatched design is a shift from the traditional ones. It stands out for its boldness and uniqueness. if you are looking for a dulhan mehndi design then this can be a perfect choice.




11. One For The Bride

If you can hear the wedding bells ringing, then it is time to look for some wedding-appropriate mehndi designs. And here we are at your service with one of the best back hand mehndi designs for brides.






12. Round And Round

This back hand mehndi design is a new-age take on the traditional Arabic mehndi designs. Arabic mehndi designs are known for their flowing movement and this design follows the same method. The whole design moves round and round, swirling just like a vine. This added movement brings out the beauty of the whole design upfront. 

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13. Henna Designs For Back Hand

Here is a gorgeous henna design for the back hand that is bound to leave you mesmerized. It is a beautiful Arabic mehndi design that uses different floral motifs and leafy vines along with henna-dipped fingertips. 

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14. Simple Mandala Back Hand Mehndi Designs

If you are someone who tilts towards minimalistic designs, then here is a winner. An easy mehndi design is quick to get and can still manage to make the look spectacular. If you had any doubts, this back hand mehndi design will drive them all away.




15. Modern Back Hand Mehndi Design

This is the year where many young influencers have taken it upon themselves to revive the tradition of mehndi twists by giving it a modern twist. This is one such design. The delicate leafy vines fill the space in what otherwise would have been a very simple back hand mehndi design. And it has made all the difference. 




16. Rajasthani Back Hand Mehndi Designs

Rajasthani mehndi designs are known for their intricate details and that’s what makes them a good fit for weddings. You can still alter how detailed and how long would you want your mehndi design to go.

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17. Lotus In The Dark

The lotus flower has been a favorite design when it comes to back hand mehndi designs for quite some time. But this one caught our eye because of how it stands out amongst the rest. This back hand simple mehendi design makes use of negative space to create this beauty that we see.




18. Creeper Up The Wall

Flowers and leafy vines go together. They have gone together as mehndi designs ever since mehndi designs came into being. So, back hand mehndi designs with floral and leafy vines are nothing new. Yet, here is a design that will make your heart jump with glee because that’s how beautiful it is.




19. Elegant Back Hand Mehndi Design

This is a design that is minimalistic as well as elegant. The combination of sharp geometric patterns with soft and rounded floral motifs creates a contrasting effect. 




20. The Gorgeous Florals

In the list of new and unique back hand mehndi designs, it is time to add yet another one. This gorgeous floral mehndi uses small and delicate motifs to create a rather impressive picture.




21. Beautiful Floral Back Hand Mehndi Design

Here is more of floral back hand mehndi designs but with a twist. This year has seen a shift in how a mehndi design is drawn. Let go of the traditional pattern and be creative. Align your design either to the left or the right side of your hands and see how stunning it looks.




22. Minimalistic Arabian Back Hand Mehndi Designs

It is not every day that you come across a minimalistic Arabic back hand mehndi design. But, when you do come across one, don’t let it go. Here is one such design that moves like hand jewelry would but does it with paisley and leaf motifs.  




23. Pretty Paisleys

Paisleys are a popular choice when it comes to making back hand mehndi designs. But, we rarely see such a mehndi design that is so paisley-dominated. It is something new and it is here to stay.




24. Flowers In The Grid

We have already told you how wonderful grids can be as part of back hand mehndi designs. Add in some big and bold flowers to create a contrast and you will get a spectacular mehndi design just like this one.




25. Full Back Hand Mehndi Designs

Did we not say that Rajasthani back hand mehndi designs come with intricate details? This is a design that exudes the go-big-or-go-home energy. The full-hand design is perfect for weddings if you are a bride who is big on the detailed traditional mehndi designs.




26. With Sun And Moon

With back hand mehndi designs, you can get as creative as you want. Let your imagination flow. Here we have one such creative design that takes a different route and manages to look spectacular. The sun and the moon as mehndi designs are unique choices and paint a pretty picture too.  




27. Back Hand Mehndi Designs With Details

Here is yet another full hand mehndi design that can simply take your breath away with its amazingly intricate details. It uses tons of different patterns and binds them together to create one of the most beautiful back hand mehndi designs.




28. Pansies And Geometry

Move over roses and lotuses and try something new. How about some pansies? This mehndi design comes with realism and is complemented with a geometric pattern. 



29. Jewellery Inspired Back Hand Mehndi Designs

Back hand mehndi designs have often taken inspiration from jewelry. And this is one such design that imitates the design and fit of a bejeweled cuff. The delicate gold chains are replaced with delicate leafy vines and the sturdy yet gorgeous body of the cuff is taken by the grid design.




30. Kings And Queens

Are you a fan of poker? Then, use this back hand mehndi design as a nod to your little hobby. This design is a move away from the traditional mehndi designs that are usually meant for brides. However, it gives an ode to the bride and the groom in its unique way.




31. Intricate Design For Fingers

You don’t even have to fill in the entire back hand to have a spectacular mehndi design. The job can be well done by something like this design right here. It only covers half the hand. The intricate geometric patterns are focused mainly on the fingers. 




32. Half And Half

There is a lot of apace for innovation and creativity when it comes to back hand mehndi designs. So, here is one such innovative design that would leave you in awe. This half and half design is chic, elegant, as well as quirky. It sticks out but for all the good reasons.




33. Rose Garden

Roses are a good candidate for back hand mehndi designs and have gained popularity over the last few years. What we loved about this design was its movement and how it filled space with simple well-rounded floral motifs while keeping the focus on the beautiful roses.




34. Latest Back Hand Mehndi Designs

Have you ever seen anything as pretty as this back hand mehndi design? Neither have we. Both hands have a different design but similar patterns. And that’s the beauty of it.




35. All About Lotus

Here is yet another lotus-inspired back hand mehndi design that we love. It is an elegant Arabic mehndi design that has the power of winning your heart with just one look. It is that beautiful!




36. Big On Paisleys

Paisleys are the forever companions of back hand mehndi designs. They have been used for a long time in mehndi designs. Their participation in mehndi designs is increasing with each passing year. This is yet another one of a paisley-dominated design that uses paisley within paisley.




37. Arabic Mehndi Designs

All kinds of back hand mehndi designs have seen changes that came with the latest times. And Arabic mehndi designs are no exception. Here we have a gorgeous Arabic mehndi design that creates a minimal yet spectacular impression.




38. Elegant Back Hand Mehndi Designs

Intricate back hand mehndi designs look very elegant and pretty. This one is a great example. That detailed rose in the center with more intricate details used within this mehndi design surely creates a pretty and elegant picture.




39. Simple Back Hand Mehndi Designs

This is one of the simplest and beginner-friendly back hand mehndi designs that we could find. This is a design that can fit in your daily life easily so you can draw it even without any festive occasion.




40. Minimalistic Back Hand Mehndi Designs

Move over full hand mehndi designs. The latest trend is to let your fingers be the ruler. Here is a cute mehndi design that is limited to just the fingers. It would be good as a minimal engagement mehndi design.




41. For The Love Of Vines

Back hand mehndi designs have been using vines as a central motif for long but nothing has ever been like this. It is a new take on the traditional motif. The flowy movement of the leafy vines makes it aesthetic. The different styles on both hands take things up a notch.




42. Lotus Grid

Grids look pretty when it comes to back hand mehndi designs. So, why not raise the aesthetics to another level with something as detailed as this design here? This lotus grid is the latest amongst the mehndi designs that have gained popularity this year.




43. Painting The Fingers

Painting only the fingers with a mehndi design is not as new. Here is an ode to that old tradition of mehndi adorned fingertips. If drawing isn’t your strong suit, then just dip your fingers in the mehndi paste to create a statement. And you would be still doing something trendy.




44. Intricate Designs For Back Hand

From festivals to weddings, noting can beat intricate back hand mehndi designs. And here is a design that is a beautiful work of art. The details of this design are enough to leave anyone mesmerized.




45. Minimal Magic

Here is a back hand mehndi design that is minimal but with a twist. The simple mandala design has been given a trendy twist. This design just uses three motifs and patterns at most to create what we see before us: the leafy vines, some straight lines, and dot motif.




46. Fun Mehndi Designs

Sometimes the goal of backhand mehndi designs is to just fill the space and that’s what has happened here but in a rather stylish manner. The main design sits perfectly in the center while smaller rounded floral motifs surround it to fill up the whole back hand.




47. Back Hand Mehndi Designs For Brides

Weddings are incomplete with elegant and intricate mehndi designs. And here is a design that will work best for your engagement day. When everybody’s focus would be on the back of your hands, flaunt your beautiful ring with an equally beautiful mehndi design.




48. Simple And Minimal

Who said floral mehndi designs have to be extravagant and detailed? They can also be simple, easy, and minimal while looking stylish. This is one such design.




49. Like A Tattoo

Back hand mehndi designs can take inspiration from anywhere. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise when your mehndi starts imitating a tattoo sleeve. It looks more like a mehndi tattoo and can be worn even without a special occasion.




50. Moroccan Back Hand Mehndi Designs

Moroccan mehndi designs are known for their unique geometric patterns. They look quite beautiful and can range from minimal to heavily detailed.




51. For Full Hands

Floral full hand mehndi designs have a charm of their own that no one can deny. Take a look yourself. Isn’t it pretty? There are big and bold floral patterns with small floral patterns to accompany them.




52. Quirky Back Hand Mehndi Designs

The latest back hand mehndi designs are high on creativity. So, here is a new take on the Moroccan mehndi designs with a snake and the all-seeing eye. It would bring you good luck and protect against the negative energies.




53. More Arabian Magic

Arabic back hand mehndi designs would never go out of style. So here we have a gorgeous design that makes good use of light as well as bold strokes.




54. Pretty As A Picture

Back hand mehndi designs with that impeccable symmetry surely paint a pretty picture. So, here we are one such design. Doesn’t it look spectacular?




55. Mehndi Designs In White

Back hand mehndi designs in white look just as pretty as the traditional designs. And here is the proof.




56. Floral Beauty

Floral patterns look best with grid motif especially when the grid resembles a delicate lace glove. This design has it all but with a touch of newness.  




57. Geometric Designs

Geometric designs for back hand mehndi designs are compatible companions. Take this design, for instance. The geometric shapes compliment the traditional motifs. It is a perfectly balanced mehndi design with big and bold floral patterns sitting at the wrists as the crown.




58. The One With Snakes

If you thought we were done with snakes, then you were wrong. It is clearly a quirky choice for back hand mehndi designs. But, this is a trend that you just cannot ignore.




59. Latest Designs For Back Hand

In the latest trends, grids have taken the lead when it comes to back hand mehndi designs. So, here is a beautiful back hand mehndi design with a beautiful grid pattern followed with floral motifs.




60. Paintings On The Wall

This back hand mehndi design is so pretty that it looks exactly like paintings when hung on a wall with their pretty frames.




61. Moroccan Back Hand Mehndi Designs

We are here with another Moroccan back hand mehndi design. This time, it reaches the full hand and is not at all minimal. The geometric patterns of a Moroccan design have a unique beauty to them and can be drawn in several ways.




62. Sweet And Simple

Here is yet another of the elegant back hand mehndi designs that would make for a good fit for your engagement day.




63. Like A Cuff

This is a spectacular and unique back hand mehndi design that takes inspiration from jewelry. Just like a bejeweled cuff, this mehndi design sits on above the wrists and covers half the hand.




64. Unique Back Hand Mehndi Designs

When a design comes with contrasting elements, not only it looks spectacular but also becomes unique. Here is one such back hand mehndi design that caught our eye. It attracted us with its uniqueness.




65. Beauty Of Flowers

There can never be enough floral back hand mehndi designs. Never. Especially when a floral mehndi design looks like this. Just look how spectacular is its beauty. The intricate details and the different kinds of floral patterns are well complemented by the bold leaf patterns.