Best Conor Mcgregor Hairstyles

25 Stunning Conor Mcgregor Hairstyles To Make A Statement

Sahiba Tandon

Updated At  19 Mar 24

Conor Mcgregor is among the most looked upon sports stars. He is known not only for the amazing wins at championships but for amazing fashion too!

From short Conor Mcgregor hairstyles like the iconic buzz cut to longer hairstyles like slicked back and combed-over hair, the Irish MMA fighter has proved that he can carry any style fashionably. So, we’ll see the best Conor Mcgregor hairstyles that are amazing to take inspiration from.


25 Stylish Conor Mcgregor Hairstyles




1. Buzz cut

The buzz cut is definitely among the most popular Conor Mcgregor hairstyles that we have seen the boxer carrying in most of his matches. Not only does this easily manageable haircut work nicely for his championships, but gives a stylish image too!


Celeb Inspiration

1) Brad Pitt rocked a buzz cut in the film "Fury", when he played Staff Sergeant Don "Wardaddy" Collier.

2) In the movie "Elysium", Matt Damon portrayed the character Max DeCosta, sporting a buzz cut, which further heightened his character's rugged demeanor.




2. Slicked Back Undercut

When Conor started to grow his hair after the bald era, he went with different short hairstyles and chose this stylish undercut. His styling of the slicked-back look in this shaved haircut gives a phenomenal touch!



3. Fade cut

The fade cut is an easy yet among the most dashing haircut. You'll see that in many Conor Mcgregor hairstyles, he combines the iconic men’s style with other designs too like quiff, waves, etc. This style helps in shifting the focus on your face!


Fun Trivia

Did you know that Conor McGregor holds the record for the fastest knockout in UFC title fight history? In 2015, he defeated Jose Aldo in just 13 seconds to claim the UFC Featherweight Championship.




4. Low fade with medium hair in the center

Conor is known for experimenting his hair with different fade varieties. Here, he supports a beautiful combination of a low fade haircut with medium hair in the center making his look straightforward and stylish.




5. Crew cut

This short haircut became popular in the 1950s. It's still going strong with many celebrities and sports athletes like Conor himself choosing this hairstyle for practical use and rustic style. 

Keri Blue, a short hair specialist, says:-

“A crew cut is best paired with a low skin fade and focused texture on top.”   



6. Waves 

The smooth waves when beautifully set make Conor’s features shine through! They go perfectly with his face cut and make it look more handsome. If you are taking inspiration from this hairstyle, do not forget to use a hairspray to set the hair!



7. High skin fade

Conor’s high skin fade hair choice is a more drastic hair approach than other haircuts, as for this haircut, the hair gradually ‘fades’ or shortens from the center of the head making its way towards the neck. He makes the look more spectacular by doing a side part!



8. Comb-over mid-length hairstyle 

The ‘Notorious’ MMA fighter has had more short haircuts in comparison to the longer styles, but that doesn't mean he cannot rock these mid-length looks just as well, if not more!



9. Bald haircut

The bald cut is a great idea for men who like to save time on setting their hair, whilst projecting a rugged look. There are many inspirations of Conor Mcgregor hairstyles for men without much hair, but this one's a classic.




10. Spiky hair

Another idea to take from Conor’s longer hairstyles would be this haircut with spikes. His look becomes more impactful with the big beard and eyebrows!

Sacha Quarles, a celebrity hairstylist says that other facial hair also plays an important role in styling men’s hair.

"Don’t forget about brows and beard when styling your hair—they affect the overall look quite a bit! “



11. Undercut with a small quiff 

The quiff in this textured wavy form works wonders on Conor. As he pairs this up with the undercut, it adds a more dramatic effect making the face look more handsome!



12. Long hair

With this look, Conor Mcgregor really showed us that he can not only rock short hairstyles but even fabulously carry longer strands too. The long hairstyle gives us plenty of room to style and experiment as well!



13. Crop fade

The crop cuts may seem extreme, but they are actually quite popular among men. This haircut in addition to a fade on both sides makes the whole face look edgy!




14. Short Tousled hair

After the undercut and fades, Conor’s hair has seen some growth. His tousled hair gives a softer look than his other styles. It may be different from the styles we are used to seeing the Irish champion in, but looks as beautiful as his other rough cuts!



15. Wavy hair with a side bang

Did you know we can transform a basic men's haircut into a more handsome one with the insertion of just a side bang? Well, the popular Irish athlete certainly did! What makes this Conor Mcgregor hairstyle even better is the wavy texture and just the perfect length of hair.



16. Combed-down hair

Quite a popular volumizing men’s hairstyle, the ‘combed-down’ hair looks great if you have smooth or wavy hair texture. But, when he carried this style, it was something new for fans and there were speculations of Conor Mcgregor hair transplant before and after images based on some rumors. 



17. Slicked-back hair with a tapered trim sides

The common slicked-back men's hairstyle can be further enhanced if we go with a tapered trip around the ears. This gives an edge to the haircut and combines nicely with the long slicked-back hair.



18. Gelled hair

Why not use a hair cream, gel, or other similar hair product to give your hair a new texture? Conor carries this style fabulously and inspires us to slide the hair in a direction that provides the best angle for your face.



19. Short quiff 

We have mostly seen the classic men’s quiff in a longer hair length. But, Conor does something new again as well with his short quiff that he has styled and carried a lot for events many times. With this style, a fade around the sides makes the overall look more impactful.



20. Tapered cut

The gradual cutting of hair around the sides is known as the popular tapered cut. It has become quite a basic hairstyle for men to experiment with it. Conor has styled this short haircut with his popular side part for extra sheen!




21. Ponytail with Braids

For some years now, Conor Mcgregor's hairstyles have evolved into types of faded and tousled hair. But, just before he changed his direction towards the hair styling, he carried men's braids into a short ponytail quite impeccably! 



22. High fade short haircut

If you want to have a practical hairstyle that looks dashing, as much as it would be easy to manage, then go with a short haircut like a crew or crop cut. Pair it with a high fade around the sides like Conor for a mature look.



23. Wet hair look

Wet hair strands look have become quite popular in the grooming industry in the last few months and Conor being the man of style also carried his hair this way.  The 'wet' look can be done with the use of a hair serum or spray after styling.



24. Mohawk 

The mohawk is considered a tricky hairstyle, but when cut and styled in a way that suits a particular person, it can be really impactful. Connor carrying this hairstyle proves that this may be a daring haircut but worth it!




25. Crop hair with small bangs 

With this hairstyle, Conor gives beautiful inspiration to men and shows that not only women but even tough men can carry bangs amazingly just as well! The mini bangs work flawlessly because they won't disturb you in any task yet provide a stunning look!