55 Stunning Black And White Tattoo Ideas For Men

Shivangi Chatterjee

Updated At  12 Sep 23

Tattoos are now considered to be a symbol of coolness. While some get inked under peer pressure, most tattoo enthusiasts love getting engravings on their skin of things they utterly love. Men find in it an expression of their hidden sentiments!

One’s body is a blank canvas and the right choice can turn it into a work of art. It should be something that is quite deeply rooted in you, for a tattoo is a life-long commitment. Wrong choices can leave you regretting for the rest of your life. It can therefore be quite a difficult choice. In case you are confused, here are 55 stunning black and white tattoos for men to choose from.


55 Best Black And White Tattoos For Men




1. Quotes On Arm For Guys

If you have a quote that you connect deeply with, get it inked right away! Whether it’s a life mantra, a quote from your favorite book, or a movie dialogue, a quote is one of the best black and white tattoos for men.




2. Heart and Banner Tattoos For Men

Heart and banner black and white tattoos for men is an old-school tattoo idea, which represents something truly close to your heart. It would show the emotional side of men which is quite rare.




3. A Rose Tattoo For Men

Roses can be a bold choice to make and it is gender neutral. This black and white tattoo for men has been trending since many celebs opted for it! It looks stylish and the layers of petals look intricate.




4. Skull Tattoos

Skulls represent death, mortality, and their invincible nature. So if you are into ghastly, dark things, skull tattoos can be the perfect addition to your personality. It’s one of the dramatic black and white tattoos for men to add mystery.




5. Roman Numerals Tattoo

If you have a special date to remember for the rest of your life but do not want the tattoo to be boring, roman numerals can be your pick! It is one of the simple black and white tattoos for guys.




6. Animal Tattoos For Men

If you believe in spirit animals or you are just an animal lover, these black and white tattoos for men are your choice! These look better when they are bigger in size. The beauty of these tattoos lies in their magnificence.




7. Song Lyrics As Tattoos For The Guys 

If you are looking for simple black and white tattoos, song lyrics are a good choice. Choose a song that reminds you of a person or a moment you want to cherish as your black And white tattoos for men.




8. Map For A Tattoo

Maps are indications of places and for a travel enthusiast, there can be no better tattoo. If you are in for just the outline of a place, it would be among the simple black and white tattoos.




9. Mountain Imagery Tattoos For Men

If you feel that the mountains call to you, or you love spending time amidst the snow-laden mountain peaks, the mountain black and white tattoos for men are simple, and nature-oriented choice. One of the top tattoos with meaning, combination of mountains, trees and birds can signify a lot of things.




10. Creepy Black And White Tattoos For Men

Horror movies are not everyone’s cup of tea. But if it interests you to the point that might give a horror movie tattoo a try, this is your sign! Let the creepy tattoo scare everyone.




11. Eagle Tattoos On The Back

Eagles represent wisdom and strength, and dominance as they fly in the sky. You may want to make it on the middle of the chest with wings spread on both sides.




12. Religious Motifs As Tattoos For Men

Religion is very personal. This might be one of the ideas for black and white tattoos for men. It would showcase your deep faith in it. It is also one of the stylish black and white tattoos for guys!




13. Phoenix Tattoo Ideas For Guys

Phoenix can be your perfect symbol if you have struggled through a lot of things in life.  It’s a mythical bird symbolizing strength and rebirth from destruction.




14. Linework Simple Tattoos

Simple linework black and white tattoos are one of the best small tattoos for men. They are extremely adorable and can house meanings without being too on the face! These are quite chic for men as well!




15. Lion’s Face Tattoo

A fierce, dominating animal, like the lion, can be your ideal choice if you identify with those attributes. This is one of the big black and white tattoos for men that have a variety of options too.




16. Wolf Tattoos For Men

One of the coolest and sharpest animals, the wolf can be one of the good black and white tattoos for men. It has a devotion to family and high intellect as its attributes.




17. Portrait Tattoos For Men

Portraits can be intimidating if it is for your first tattoo. But if you have the zeal for it, a black and white portrait can make heads turn! They are quite visible and show your love for tattoos.




18. 3D Tattoos For Men

3D black and white tattoos for men are the new generation of tattoos and one of the coolest choices. Make sure to choose a good tattoo artist for things can go wrong easily when left in the wrong hands!

If you are looking for more tattoos, do check out rabbit tattoo designs as these look stunning.





19. Tattoo Of The Fallen Angel

Lucifer, the fallen angel is loved by many! He is the symbol of rebels, the leader of the devil. If you are a staunch believer in the power of evil, this might be your tattoo.




20. Music Simple Tattoos For Guys

Musical notes denote your inner connection with music. For a music lover, this is one of the simple black and white tattoos to show your music skills and deep connection with music.




21. Black and White Arrows

Arrows are simple yet very straightforward in showing struggles and triumphs. They are one-directional black and white tattoos for men, showing either peace of achievement or struggle.




22. Car Tattoos For Men

Men and cars have an undeniable special bond. Choosing car black and white tattoos for men can show your love for cars or can show your love for one particular car in your life, maybe your first car!




23. Tattoos Representing Family

If you are a tattooed man, chances are you would dedicate your tattoo to them. Instead of getting a portrait, which can be quite time-taking and painful, you can opt for simple lettering of “family” too.




24. Abstract Designs For Men

If you are an artsy person, abstract black and white tattoos for men can hold a lot more meaning for you than people might comprehend. It is one of those meaningful tattoos you would have to explain to others!




25. Blackwork Tattoo Ideas For Men

We all make a lot of mistakes and some of them might be tattoos from our teens. If you have to cover some of them, blackwork black and white tattoos for men are your best friend!




26. Scorpion Tattoos For Guys

A scorpion with its poisonous tail and pincers doesn’t make for an approachable image. If you are antisocial or tough, this tattoo might bring your personality like no other.




27. Lines For A Tattoo

Lines can hold a lot of meaning if you want them to. These are the simple black and white tattoos for guys that might be just for the looks, and that’s okay too!




28. Humorous Black And White Tattoos For Men

There can be no better way to show off your sarcastic side than with a humorous tattoo! But remember they are to stay, and it should make sense to you years later as well.




29. Logos For A Tattoo

Logos can be quite an out-of-the-box choice, but it is your body last of all! If there’s a company or a product to love to death, getting its logo as a tattoo might just make sense. This can also be used as a neck tattoo by men.





30. Insects Tattoo For Guys

From flies to butterflies, insect tattoos are more popular than insects themselves. They are some of the simple black and white tattoos that might hold a story only for you and it’s completely perfect.




31. Sports Tattoo Ideas For Men

Men love sports, they also love tattoos. The calculation is simple here. Your favorite sport can be one of the black and white tattoos for men on your skin as a sign of love and respect for it.




32. Geometric Pattern Tattoos For Guys

If geometric patterns are your thing or you are into clean pattern tattoos, it is a good choice! These black and white tattoos for men are more about aesthetics and less about meaning.




33. Tattooed Hand For Men

If you are feeling bold enough, a hand tattoo might be something to consider. These tattoos however require planning. These also have a higher chance of fading for being exposed always.




34. Tattooed Sleeves For Men

A tattoo sleeve isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It takes immense courage to endure the pain as well as have patience for it. Consider going to a seasoned tattoo artist for a sleeve black and white tattoos for men.




35. Flame Tattoos For Men

A flame tattoo can bear multiple meanings. For some it might be a reminder of an old burn, others might take to the power of the fire. Tattoos are all about how one perceives things.




36. Coordinate Minimalist Tattoos

Coordinates black and white tattoos for men can be of a place that holds a special place in your heart. It is a creative way of getting inked the geographic location in the form of a minimalist tattoo.




37. Space-Themed Tattoos For Men

If the sky, the heavenly bodies, etc. fascinate you or there’s a desire for being an astronaut, spaced-themed black and white tattoos for men can look really aesthetic if done right!




38. Literary Simple Tattoo For Guys

Literary black and white tattoos for men are the best for all the bookworms or nerds whose favorite activity is to read books! Quotes from your favorite author, a special dialogue from a book, etc. can be your correct choice.




39. A Small Inner Wrist Tattoo For Men

The inner wrist is one of the most common places to get a tattoo for they are very aesthetic without being too visible. Opt for small minimalist black and white tattoos for men for your inner wrist.




40. Memorial Tattoos For Guys

A memorial tattoo can be a meaningful way to pay tribute to the life of a close person. Tattoos would stay forever; they would be serving as a remembrance and help you heal from the loss.




41. A Behind The Ear Tattoo

Behind the ear, tattoos are simple black and white tattoos that look extremely fascinating. They are minimal, and neater, and serve the purpose of keeping a tattoo private.




42. Snake Black And White Tattoos For Men

Getting serpents inked on your body is a sign of fertility, power, and vigor. These black and white tattoos for men have been inked for centuries, and are quite appealing.




43. Elephants As A Tattoo For Men

Elephants are one of the most intelligent, aggressive yet family-oriented animals! For anyone who appreciates these attributes, getting it inked can be of quite some significance.




44. Sunset Tattoos For Men

A little bit of sunshine is what everyone likes! If you love watching the sunset, opting for minimalist sunset black and white tattoos for men on your hand or wrist can be ideal.




45. Wave Tattoos For The Beach Lovers

Beach lovers love waves and the sea. These tattoos speak for themselves your love for the blue sea. They are small and beautiful, and let people know that you go with the flow!




46. Drawing Tattoo For Men

If you have a toddler at home, probably their favorite pass time would be to draw. Getting one of their drawings inked would be a way to preserve their childhood on your skin.




47. Anchor Black And White Tattoos For Men

An anchor may indicate all those things that keep our feet planted on the ground. It would be an ideal tattoo if you are a firm believer in being humble in life.




48. Dagger For A Tattoo

A dagger can be one of the simple black and white tattoos you want to consider if you love to live on the edge. It is to show you add an element of danger to your everyday life!




49. Yin Yang Tattoos Ideas For Men

Yin-yang represents harmony and balance between the good and bad in life. If you strive to achieve balance, these black and white tattoos for men might be comforting and add hope to your strive!




50. Heart Simple Tattoos For Guys

Tiny heart black and white tattoos for men can never go wrong. Whether it is for someone, something, or just for aesthetics, a heart on your fingers can look adorable.




51. Angel Wings Black And White Tattoos For Men

An angel wings tattoo is one of the simple black and white tattoos to show that you are blessed with heavenly powers and creatures on your side.




52. Simple Bird Tattoos Ideas

Any kind of bird represents freedom, hope, etc. These black and white tattoos for men are quite versatile with meanings and have a variety of species to choose from. Make a good choice!




53. A Money Bag Tattoo

Black and white tattoos for men like a money bag can speak about the importance of money in life. If money is everything to you, this is a great way to show it to the world!



54. Penguin Tattoos For Men

Penguins are adorable and loveable creatures and are playful in nature. Whether you are into penguins are related to their attributes, getting penguin black and white tattoos for men inked would be a great choice!




55. An Eye Tattoo On Your Hands

The eyes are the most precious part of a human’s body. To get a pair of eyes or an eye, belonging to a person or even randomly, can be extremely aesthetic and innovative to look at!