25 Stunning Camila Cabello No Makeup Photos - 2023

Arunima Saha

Updated At  04 Aug 23


Let's reign our horses before we plunge directly into the Camila Cabello without makeup photos. We must start by gathering some background information about her. 

She took birth in Cuba and rose to fame by making a place in the songwriting industry. Besides being a songwriter, she is also a stellar singer. Camila is one of the dignified members of the Fifth Harmony. This famous singer and songwriter decided to make a name as a solo artist while she was one of the members of the Fifth Harmony. One of the top celebs without makeup, one can just adore her natural beauty!


25 Best Camila Cabello No Makeup Photos 


Quite a few of Camila songs reached the top 100 hit songs on the US Billboard. One of her eminent collaborations is I Know What You Did Last Summer. Camila Cabello collaborated with Shawn Mendes in this one.  While her songs have all been becoming popular, her looks have been a topic of discussion. Camila Cabello no makeup photos aren't trending for no reason. 




1. Camila Cabello No Makeup Selfie

One of the best no makeup photos of Camila Cabello, this one showcases her natural beauty and it is not surprising at all that her natural looks are trending this year. She looks stunning in this no makeup casual look in which she has looked to embrace her natural hair.


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2. Camila Cabello Without Makeup Natural Look

Camila is just gorgeous and her no makeup selfie proves it. Her hair and accessories give this look an amazing glam effect. Its no wonder the natural look has become very popular.  




3. Not All Celebrities Need Makeup Look  

Hoop earrings and unevenly done hair can be beautiful too. Camila Cabello has proved this time and again. 


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4. Casual Look in Black

This Camila Cabello without makeup photo was taken when she went out in her black shorts and a black crop top to get coffee. Her hair was in a top bun, and she looked stunning and presentable even without applying any makeup product.  



5. Strenuous Workout Look  

The Camila Cabello without makeup photos get amplified when she comes out from the gym or yoga studio after a strenuous workout session. In this photo, she wears a black bralette that accentuates her midriff more. Not only her skin but her body as well glows and shines. 


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6. Casual Look Without Makeup

Camila's hairstyle goes really well with her green top and white tshirt. She seems to carry her no makeup looks so well that one can just adore her natural beauty.



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7. No Makeup Fitness Attire  

Camila Cabello is often spotted making public appearances in gym attires even when she isn't going to the gym or returning from the gym. She pairs these casual outfits (black and white leggings and a matching bralette) with the trending Camila Cabello without makeup look. When this photo went viral on Instagram, her followers got slightly crazy and mesmerized. 


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8. Geeky Look  

In this trending Camila Cabello without makeup photo, she managed to look cute and nerdy at the same time. She wore spectacles and had her tongue stuck out. Also, her hair had quirky fringes that increased the style factor even when she wasn't dolled up. 


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9. Save India During Covid Look  

Lately, during the second wave of Covid 19, Camila Cabello posted this no makeup photo on Instagram. She requested ardently to her followers to help India fight the devastating impact of the corona's second wave by donation. 


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10. I Am Hilarious Look  

Camila Cabello has no shame when it comes to posting unfiltered, no makeup selfies on Instagram. In this photo, she has made a funny and cute face by sticking her tongue out again. Do you get the feeling that this is a common Camila Cabello pose? 



Untitled design (19)


11. Never Been This Happy No Makeup Look  

You might feel insecure when you post a no makeup photo on social media. However, this is not the case with Camila Cabello. She looks happy and radiant. 


Untitled design (18)


12. I Wake Up Like This Look  

Most of us look groggy and dull when we wake up in the morning. But, this is not the case with Camila Cabello. In this photo, she looked like sunshine kissed her face making it light up as soon as she opened her eyes. 


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12. Sexy Morning Look  

All the above pictures showed her cute, funny side. But, this Camila Cabello no makeup look in the early morning shows she is sexy as well. 


Untitled design (5)

13. Funny No Makeup Look With Boyfriend  

Camila Cabello took this selfie in the Carribeans with her boyfriend Shawn Mendes. She gave an indirect and subtle message that girls don't need to put on makeup to woo their partners. 


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14. No Makeup Shower Singer Look  

You must have felt hesitant to post an unfiltered, no makeup photo of yourself in the shower singing to the tunes of your current favorite song. Right? Camila Cabello went fully wild and proud in this photo of her singing while in the shower. 


Untitled design (7)


15. I Need Sunflowers, But Not Makeup Look  

Camila Cabello happens to be one of those artsy people who like sunflowers. We agree that the sunflower is pretty, but her no makeup look surpasses that prettiness by a large margin. 


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16. Living My Best Life While Swimming Look  

In this stunning Camila Cabello no makeup photo, she gave warm vibes on a sunny day. We think she is a bit icky picky about hydration. Why? Because she can't stop sipping on the coconut water even while having a pool party time. 


Untitled design (12)


17. No Makeup On Early Mornings Look  

Not every girl can look flawless on her early morning jog or run. Do you agree? Camila Cabello is just like you when it comes down to going out for a morning walk without putting on any makeup at all. 


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18. No Eye Makeup Behind My Sunglasses Look  

When celebrities take off their sunglasses, we see beautifully done eye lining, smoky eyes, kohl stained eyes, and at times, bold eye shadows. However, Camila Cabello proved us wrong via this photo. 


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19. I Cropped All Makeup Look  

Camila didn't just wear a bold red cropped top in this photo, but she cropped out all the makeup when she went out. We all love how feisty she is, don't we? 


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20. I Didn't Wear Makeup Even In High School Look  

It is a common perception that all want to look glamorous in high school. It might be to impress your crush or join a clique. But, this photo of Camila Cabello without makeup taken during her high school days broke that perception and showed how confident she was in her skin.


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21. No Makeup When Around My Pets Look  

You are at your best when you are around your pets. Camila Cabello believes in this too. Just look how confident she is while posing with her pet without any makeup on as she has just come out from a calming shower. 


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22. Meditation Doesn't Require Makeup Look  

It seems that this Camila Cabello no makeup photo proves that you don't need to look glamorous to feel glamorous. Feeling glamorous from inside comes from doing a focused meditation and a few yoga postures. So, don't get dolled up to do a self care session at home on a holiday. 


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23. No Makeup Selfie Plus A Pout Look  

We urge you to focus on driving and not on makeup, just like Camila Cabello does. She recently posted a no makeup photo of her in her car with her bare skin looking translucent even without makeup. 


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24. Messy Camila Cabello Look  

Not everyone is a fan of prim and proper look under all circumstances. At times, you would love to flaunt the messy look, just like your messy life. Camila Cabello did the same in this Camila Cabello without makeup photo. 


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25. Miami Special No Makeup Look  

Emotions were running high when this photo was taken. Camila had gone to Miami to visit her parents. She donned a no makeup look along with an all denim look. 


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26. It Is All About Being Natural Look  

Camila Cabello boasted the barefaced, natural look with a smart cap on her head, an oversized jacket, and an oversized top. She knows how to play it cool and sassy. If you were clueless about styling a nude look before, you must have gotten some idea now. 


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27. Dear Evan Hansen Backstage Look  

Camila Cabello stayed in the UK for quite some time to shoot for her first major motion picture called Cinderella. During her stay, she was swamped with work. Despite being busy, she made time to see the musical called Dear Evan Hansen. It took place in London. This Camila Cabello no makeup photo was not surprising considering her hectic schedule. However, she nailed the no makeup appearance in a black t shirt and black jacket. Also, she kept her long hair loose which intensified the raw look. 


The Bottom Line On Stunning Camila Cabello No Makeup Photos  

Camila's skin doesn't just look healthy. It is actually healthy. Her morning skincare routine consists of two products. Those two products are moisturizers and sunblocks. Also, she keeps her skin and her body hydrated always. Lastly, the only piece of makeup that Camila is a devotee of is premium quality lipgloss.