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100+ Celebrities Without Makeup - See The Real Face

Shalu Bhati

Updated At  18 Mar 24

Do you wish to see how some of your favorite celebs look without makeup? Then, this is the exact place for you to be in. Keep scrolling to see a collection of pictures of 100+ celebrities without makeup.

Celebrities are constantly in the public eye. Even their smallest of actions face dire scrutiny. Moreover, it is well within their job description to look their best both on the screen as well as off the screen. Makeup, thus, becomes an integral part of their lifestyle. Some celebrities use makeup as a really big part of their personality while some like to keep things simple. But, it is quite intriguing to see all of these celebs without makeup.

There has been a no-makeup wave going around. More and more celebrities are choosing to go makeup-free and share their bare-skin snaps with fans and followers. And we are humans after all. We get curious as to how do they really look. So, we searched and searched to find pictures of a little more than 100 celebrities without makeup. From Cardi B no makeup to Madonna no makeup, we have covered a lot of popular names

So, come on then. Let’s find out how some of these popular faces look like in real life. But, let us warn you. Some of these celebrities without makeup pictures can get shocking.


100+ Celebrities Without Makeup




1. Cardi B No Makeup

Cardi B without makeup pictures are one of the most popular celebrity without makeup pictures out there. She is known for her loud makeup and colorful wigs as a performer. So, it was a drastic change to see her toned-down looks on the streets. Makeup or no makeup, there is, however, one thing that Cardi B refuses to change and that is her nails. You can find Cardi B no makeup pictures but we dare you to find Cardi B without her trademark long nails.

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2. Kylie Jenner No Makeup

After Cardi B no makeup pictures, if any celebrity could brew a storm over the internet by going without makeup, it surely has to be Kylie Jenner. Kylie Jenner loves makeup and has developed great makeup skills over the years. Her makeup looks are almost always trending. But, one fine day, she decided to bless the world with some Kylie Jenner without makeup pictures. She revealed her freckled face and everyone lost their collective minds over how gorgeous she looked in her natural avatar.

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3. Ariana Grande No Makeup

Ariana Grande without makeup pictures keep on coming as the God Is A Woman singer loves to share her makeup-free snaps on her social media. The girl also has a sense of humor when she talks of her visible under-eye bags. We love seeing the Ariana Grande no makeup pictures. Who wouldn’t?

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4. Gwen Stefani No Makeup

Stefani without makeup ons. The Hollaback Girl singer looks quite different from her usual dolled-up glam avatar. Truth be told, it feels very different to see her without her classic red lipstick. But, her naturally glowing skin makes us wonder about her beauty secrets.

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5. Lady Gaga No Makeup

Lady Gaga no makeup pictures might come as a sweet surprise to many. The Mother Monster has always been known for her loud and quirky getups from makeup to costumes. Or have you forgotten her meat dress at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards? It is only in recent years that she has toned down her makeup. In fact, she went completely makeup-free for her role in A Star Is Born.





6. Jeffree Star No Makeup

It is really fun to see especially those celebrities without makeup who are mainly known for their impeccable makeup looks in the first place. So, here we are with the Jeffree star without makeup picture. He does look quite different from his usual but that’s the whole purpose of makeup.



7. Marilyn Manson No Makeup

Marilyn Manson without makeup? Could you even imagine how he would look? He is known for his controversial stage persona that comes with heavy eye makeup and red lips. But, that’s his stage persona. You can find Marilyn Manson on the streets going about his daily life looking drastically different. 

Check out the stunning 15+ Marilyn Manson without makeup images. You would be surprised to compare the before and after makeup images.



8. Human Barbie No Makeup

Human Barbie definitely made a splash all over the internet with her Barbie-esque features. The exaggerated cartoonish blue eyes made one wonder how she looks without makeup. so, here we are with the Human Barbie without makeup picture. And surprise surprise, she looks pretty human without her makeup! She is a beautiful woman who often posts her no-makeup looks.



9. Nicki Minaj No Makeup

Nicki Minaj is known for her pop-colored wigs and impeccable winged liner. So, naturally, it made people even more curious to find out how the Anaconda singer looked without all that glam. And let us tell you that Nicki Minaj no makeup pictures created a storm over the internet. Or did you think that only Cardi B no makeup pictures could do that?

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10. Jennifer Aniston No Makeup

She gave us fashion goals as Rachel in Friends and she still does. She is one of the most beautiful women in the world and we couldn’t resist but go looking for some Jennifer Aniston no makeup pictures. And here we are. The Horrible Bosses star loves going makeup-free and why won’t she? Look at her!




11. Taylor Swift No Makeup

Another great addition to our celebrities without makeup list is Taylor Swift. She looks flawless every time she is photographed. She has this supernatural talent of never getting a bad picture. No matter what angle the paparazzi chose, Taylor always ends up looking like the Queen she is. So, does she look the same flawless without her makeup? You are right if you thought so because she so clearly does!



12. Katy Perry No Makeup

Katy Perry no makeup pictures are a treat to see. The I Kissed A Girl singer often posts her no makeup pictures on Instagram and we fall in love with each one of them.

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13. Dolly Parton No Makeup

Good luck finding Dolly Parton without makeup. Because chances are you won’t. The 9 to 5 hitmaker is usually seen with huge hair and heavy makeup. So, obviously, people get curious as to how Dolly looks without makeup. And she knows this too. But, she has stated quite a few times that the world won’t see her sans makeup because she “looks like hell”. She feels better with her makeup on and even sleeps with it on. However, she has shared a very old black and white picture when she went makeup-free in a recording studio.



14. Loren Gray No Makeup

Loren Gray no makeup pictures show a de-glammed version of the 19-ear-old model. She is very young and you can even see that through her youthful skin and features.



15. Jennifer Lopez No Makeup

Another one of the most popular celebrities without makeup pictures has to be the Jennifer Lopez no makeup ones. At 51, she still looks so young and glowing!



16. Mila Kunis No Makeup

Mila Kunis has been a favorite on the celebs without makeup lists and boards. So, here we are with her makeup look on the left and a no-makeup look to the right. She doesn’t look much different which goes on to show that Mila Kunis is indeed naturally beautiful.



17. Beyonce No Makeup

The world gets blessed with a lot of Beyoncé no makeup pictures when the Single Ladies singer goes on vacation. And so here we are with this vacation shot of the Queen Bee. She looks as beautiful, fierce, and flawless without makeup as she looks with makeup on.

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18. Rihanna No Makeup

How can we talk of celebrities without makeup and not talk of Rihanna? The Shut Up Drive singer is often seen with no makeup especially when she films a makeup tutorial for her fans and followers. And let us tell you, Riri looks amazing! She is a natural beauty.



19. Kendall Jenner No Makeup

Kendall Jenner has been in the spotlight ever since she was a kid thanks to her family’s very own reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She had to go through a struggling acne phase and it did take a toll on her self-esteem. But that’s all in the past. Kendall dealt with her acne problem and now doesn’t shy away from showing her cute freckles when she goes without makeup on social media.



20. Selena Gomez No Makeup

One of our favorite celebrities without makeup pictures has to be the Selena Gomez no makeup pictures. She looks every bit youthful, divine, and beautiful in her no makeup shots. She can easily go without makeup and she often shares her without makeup pictures on Instagram.



21. Zendaya No Makeup

Zendaya can pull off almost any makeup look and you can find the proof after seeing her makeup and attire choices over the years. Just as she can pull off a gazillion makeup looks with ease, Zendaya is also extremely comfortable in her own skin and often goes without makeup.  




22. Margot Robbie No Makeup

Since we are talking about celebs without makeup, let’s talk about Margot Robbie. She is popularly known for essaying the role of Harley Quinn and with that too with such perfection! Her character might have been super into loud makeup but the actress prefers subtlety in real life. She is often clicked without makeup and she looks every bit stunning.




23. Scarlett Johansson No Makeup

Scarlett Johansson has been serving some really amazing makeup looks over the years. But, in this celebrities without makeup list, we are more interested in her no-makeup look. And she still looks amazing. She is one of the most naturally beautiful women across the world, a talented actress, and the perfect Black Widow.



24. Sofia Vergara No Makeup

Here is one of the celebrities without makeup pictures that would force you to do a double-take. We have seen her and loved her in her role as Gloria in the Modern Family. And just like Gloria, Sofia Vergara too loves to wear makeup. You will almost always see her with a full face of makeup on. So, it comes as a surprise when she posts her no makeup pictures where she looks so drastically different and about 20 years younger!




25. Megan Fox No Makeup

Megan Fox is another one of the most popular celebs without makeup. She has faced many rumors of getting Botox over the years and she has debunked those rumors too. She serves some great looks on the red carpet and she serves equally great looks on the streets too. The Megan Fox no makeup pictures are proof that the actress looks stunning no matter what. 

Check out the best Megan Fox without makeup photos as we cover 25 of her stunning no makeup photos which showcase her natural beauty.




26. Christina Aguilera No Makeup

One of the most surprising entrant to the celebrities without makeup scene was Christina Aguilera when she went makeup-free and bared her skin for the world the see that too on the cover of Paper magazine. She is a freckled beauty as can be seen through the close-up shots she shared.  



27. Marilyn Monroe No Makeup

Marilyn Monroe still inspires hundreds of thousands of makeup looks. Does it make you wonder about she looked without makeup? Because it surely makes us curious. And it won’t come as a surprise that she looks absolutely gorgeous even when not wearing makeup. 



28. Angelina Jolie No Makeup

Angelina Jolie is one of the most beautiful women alive. Her beauty is often talked about as much as her acting prowess and skills. She has given the world some memorable makeup looks but she looks equally memorable in some of the Angelina Jolie no makeup pictures.




29. Carrie Underwood No Makeup

Carrie Underwood has been America’s favorite ever since she participated in the fourth season of American Idol in 2005 and came out as a winner. So, of course, people are a bit fascinated by her no-makeup looks. And as can be seen in the Carrie Underwood no makeup pictures that the singer keeps posting on her social media, she looks pretty amazing sans makeup.




30. Gigi Hadid No Makeup

Here’s another one of the most popular celebrities without makeup pictures. Gigi Hadid is one of the most popular, successful, and sought-after names in the modeling world. She also happens to be a Victoria’s Secrets model. Gigi serves some incredible makeup looks as well as some beautiful no-makeup snaps. 



31. Belle Delphine No Makeup

One of the most surprising celebrities without makeup shots is here with Belle Delphine. She is known for her cute cosplaying attires and makeup looks, but she also goes makeup-free and looks like a usual pretty 21-years-old.




32. Amal Clooney No Makeup

Amal Clooney is an extremely bright and exceptional lawyer who specializes in international law and human rights. She first came onto the radar of many when she got engaged to the ever so handsome George Clooney. That’s when people realized that she is great at what she does and she looks great while doing it. She serves some flawless looks on the red carpet along with her husband and looks equally beautiful in the Amal Clooney no makeup pictures. 



33. Kim Kardashian No Makeup

Kim Kardashian has contributed a lot to how we do makeup today. She single-handedly made techniques like contouring and baking famous. So, of course, we were going to include her in our list of celebrities without makeup. Just like her famous sisters, Kim has a knack for some flawless makeup looks but she also often goes without makeup and lets her skin shine through.



34. Madison Beer No Makeup

Madison Beer is another one of the celebs without makeup that we absolutely loved to see. She is a young singer and songwriter who can pull both makeup and no makeup looks with ease.   




35. Caitlyn Jenner No Makeup

Caitlyn Jenner no makeup pictures have been on the internet for quite a while. You can love her or hate her, but you must accept that the woman looks great sans makeup. She has faced gender dysmorphia ever since her youth and is often mocked for her choices. But, she keeps on rising above all the hate she receives and stays true to herself.



36. Doja Cat No Makeup

Here is yet another one of the most surprising celebrities without makeup transformations. If you have seen the Cardi B no makeup pictures, then you would know what to expect. Doja Cat is also known for her creative “cartoon-esque” makeup. She is the ultimate Egirl and even did a makeup tutorial for the same. That’s one of the occasions where we could see her bare face. Her beauty secrets include doing a basic skincare routine where she cleanses, tones, exfoliates, and moisturizes her skin.




37. Addison Rae No Makeup

Addison Rae is a rising TikTok star who got famous for her dance moves in 2019. Ever since then she has kept on moving forward in her career by being a part of ad campaigns, podcasts, TV shows, and movies. She has also co-founded her very own cosmetic line, Item Beauty.  



38. Billie Eilish No Makeup

Billie Eilish without makeup is not so different than Billie Eilish with makeup. She looks gorgeous in both her avatars. Billie Eilish weight loss story has been in news for a long time since she seems to have lost a lot of weight.




39. Blackpink Without Makeup

For our next entry on the celebrities without makeup list, we have the whole of Blackpink. Blackpink is a popular South Korean all-girls group consisting of Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa. These girls are extremely talented and can perform complex dance moves with ease. Apart from their singing and dancing skills, their beautiful looks also become a talking point amongst their fans. And they indeed look beautiful both with and without makeup. 



40. Alicia Keys No Makeup

Alicia Keys has to be one of the very first celebrities without makeup on social media. She was tired of hiding her natural face behind layers of makeup and decided to let go of all these extra layers in 2016 when she decided to live a makeup-free life. She now lets her freckled beauty shine through and sometimes wears a very subtle and minimal makeup look. 

Also check out 25+ Alicia Keys no makeup photos which are just gorgeous. She is a real beauty and her without makeup photos prove the same.



41. Dua Lipa No Makeup

Dua Lipa has the world crooning to her hit single, Levitating. From the internet to the streets, this song is everywhere. And seeing her beautiful face adds to the feels and we can’t help but levitate. 



42. Gal Gadot No Makeup

Gal Gadot is one of the most popular celebs without makeup and we can understand why. The Wonder Woman looks beautiful either way. This natural beauty’s smile is enough to win everyone’s hearts. 


43. Khloe Kardashian No Makeup

Like her sisters Kim and Kylie, Khloe Kardashian too loves doing makeup. But hers is a different and controversial case as she happens to alter her pictures a lot before posting them on her social media. However, there are still many pictures where she looks like her real self both with and without makeup, shedding light on the authenticity of Khloe Kardashian no makeup moments.




44. Nikita Dragun No Makeup

This is yet another one of the most surprising celebrities without makeup looks. Nikita Dragun is a popular YouTuber and an incredible makeup artist. Look at her serving a hot and flawless makeup look on the left and a bare-skinned glorious no makeup beauty looks on the right. 



45. Priyanka Chopra No Makeup

Priyanka Chopra’s looks have gone through an amazing beauty evolution over the years. From her Miss World days to her time on the popular US TV show Quantico, Priyanka has achieved a lot in her career. She is a fierce and unstoppable force who is known for her acting as well as singing skills. Her beauty too is talked about a lot. The Priyanka Chopra no makeup pictures show how it’s all her and not the makeup that gives her such amazing looks. 



46. Emma Watson No Makeup

You must remember her as Hermione Granger. But, let us tell you that Emma Watson looks a lot different from the puffy-haired Hermione that was first introduced to. She rocks both the makeup and no makeup looks with ease and poise. She is an avid reader and a vocal feminist. And we love her for trying each day to make this world a better place. 



47. Meghan Markle No Makeup

Another popular name on our celebrities without makeup list is that of Meghan Markle. She is an American actress who went on to become the Duchess of Sussex after getting married to Prince Harry. This beautifully amazing woman has a powerful voice and she does not back out from using it. She is an inspiration to a lot of women across the world. 



48. Iggy Azalea No Makeup

There is no such thing as too many celebs without makeup from the music industry. Here is a happy makeup-free Iggy Azalea posing for the shutterbugs. She looks a little different from her usual glamourous persona but that’s what makes her more like everybody else.  



49. Saweetie No Makeup

Here is yet another one of the celebrities without makeup pictures that would leave you surprised over how different she looks with and without makeup. Here we have Diamonté Harper aka Saweetie, an American singer, songwriter, and rapper. And just like the Cardi B no makeup pictures, there are Saweetie no makeup pictures that will make you question just how much of a stark difference exists between her persona she uses as a performer and her bare-skinned and natural hair self.




50. Tyra Banks No Makeup

Tyra Banks is popularly known for the famous modeling competition, America's Next Top Model. This show is also responsible for making her a household name in the US. But, do you know that she was one of the original Victoria’s Secrets Angels? And she still has the beautiful shine in her eyes and a pretty smile with or without makeup. 



51. Demi Lovato No Makeup

Another regular name to feature on the celebrities without makeup lists is that of Demi Lovato. Demi does wear makeup and sports some very fierce yet alluring looks but she also is regular with baring her skin in front of the camera. You can see her constant posts enjoying a makeup-free day.




52. Kristen Bell No Makeup

Kristen Bell has won our hearts many times through her various roles. So, how does she look without makeup? Still very beautiful. 



53. Kelly Clarkson No Makeup

Out of most of the celebs without makeup pictures, Kelly Clarkson no makeup photos are one of the most recognizable ones. But we are so used to seeing the Stronger singer in makeup that it might take us some time to recognize her. 



54. Jazmin Bean No Makeup

There are some celebrities without makeup pictures that leave you equal parts shocked and surprised because you just could not imagine how this celeb would look beyond their exaggerated makeup. And this is one such case. Jazmin Bean no makeup pictures show a drastic change from her makeup looks. She looks so different that without some comparative shots, you won’t be able to recognize her.



55. Mariah Carey No Makeup

Mariah Carey still has such a youthful glow thanks to her healthy skin. She certainly has found the fountain of youth because this is how gorgeous she looks at 54! Looking for more Mariah carey no makeup photos? Do check out our guide as we list 25 of her natural photos which shocase her amazing face and body.




56. Carmen Electra No Makeup

Carmen Electra was everyone’s favorite on Baywatch, the original TV show back in the 90s. She was and will forever remain a bombshell beauty. And her posts on her social media accounts is a clear sign that she has still got the same magic that made her an icon back in the 90s. Her no makeup pictures look quite different from her glamorous persona but she looks beautiful either way.



57. Claudia Winkleman No Makeup

Claudia Winkleman is another one of those surprising celebrities without makeup transformations. She looks several years younger without her trademark style of makeup.



58. Jessica Alba No Makeup

Jessica Alba has been an active participant within the beauty industry especially ever since she launched her own line of cosmetics. So, yes it gets people curious as to how she herself looks without makeup. and you won’t be disappointed to know that she practices what she preaches. Her skincare game is indeed top-notch which gives her healthy glowing skin that doesn’t even need makeup to shine.



59. Tana Mongeau No Makeup

Tana Mongeau is a famous internet personality mostly known for her storytime videos. She is also a musician and a model. Her makeup game is strong as you can see from the picture on the left. And she looks pretty amazing without makeup as seen in the picture on the right. 



60. Shakira No Makeup

Shakira has a special place in our hearts. Her powerful voice and sexy dance moves make her a fan favorite musician. But it is her flawless skin that makes us want to know all about her beauty secrets.

Looking for more inspiration? Do check out the 25 best Shakira no makeup photos as we cover the same in our guide.




61. Britney Spears No Makeup

It’s Britney bitch! How can we talk of celebrities without makeup and not talk about the one and only Britney Spears? The Toxic singer has been a regular with her makeup-free selfies on Instagram over the last year. She has spent a lot of time with her face caked with makeup but this time she wanted to keep things minimal. These days she is making news for finally speaking about her ordeal through the years as a result of the court-imposed conservatorship.




62. Adele No Makeup

We don’t know about you but 2021 was definitely Adele’s year. She decided to take the reins of her health in her hands and shocked the world with her weight loss transformation. On top of that her natural no makeup pictures in 2022 have got the world talking too. 


63. Amber Heard No Makeup

Amber Heard can rock both makeup and no makeup looks and these comparative pictures are proof of that. She is often clicked by the paparazzi going makeup-free as she goes about her daily life. It is also these makeup-free pictures that contributed to proving to the world that she was lying about being abused and was instead the abuser.



64. Charlize Theron No Makeup

Another popular name on the celebrities without makeup list is that of Charlize Theron. There is not much difference in her looks when she decides to go sans makeup. She looks gorgeous either way and still recognizable.



65. Anne Hathaway No Makeup

Anne Hathaway refuses to age and her no-makeup pictures are proof enough. To us, she looks just like how she looked all those years back when she was Princess Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi.  


66. Madonna No Makeup

Can you believe that this is how Madonna looks at 62! Sixty-two years old and she still manages to look this gorgeous. Check out 25 stunning Madonna no makeup photos which show her natural beauty. We cover her no makeup selfies, post concert photos, casual photos, images with family and many more!




67. Dove Cameron No Makeup

Dove Cameron is quite a popular face thanks to her shows like Liv and Maddie and the movie series, the Descendants. The 25-year old singer and actress has made splashes with her talent and her equally good looks. She looks gorgeous both with and without makeup. 



68. Nicole Kidman No Makeup

Nicole Kidman is one of those celebs who are a delight to see without makeup and don’t depend on makeup to look their happy and best self. Nicole Kidman without makeup is stunning as she is naturally beautiful.




69. Elvira Without Makeup

Here is yet another one of the celebrities without makeup pictures that made us look more than twice. Elvira aka the Mistress of the Dark looks strikingly different from Cassandra Peterson who plays the titular role.



70. Heidi Klum No Makeup

Heidi Klum became the first-ever German model to become a Victoria’s Secrets Angel. And we think she has still got the same beautiful looks. even without makeup, she leaves a lasting impression. 

Also check out 25 Heidi Klum no makeup photos as she looks stunning in all of them. One of the popular celens who is looking to go makeup free most of the times, Heidi Klum's natural beauty is visible in all her no makeup photos.




71. Cara Delevingne No Makeup

Cara Delevingne has made her name as one of the top models in the world. More than her modeling, it was her thick eyebrows that got people talking and started a trend where thick eyebrows were the way to go. She has a beautifully fierce look as she walks down the ramp. And something similar can be seen when she decides to go without makeup.



72. Salma Hayek No Makeup

Here we are with another one of our popular celebrities without makeup posts. Salma Hayek is considered to be one of the most beautiful women of all time and no it is not just because of how she looks with makeup on. She has not shied away from showing the world her bare skin and as you can see for yourself, she is every bit beautiful.




73. Jenny McCarthy No Makeup

Jenny McCarthy presents a rather unrecognizable picture when she goes without makeup. she, in fact, looks like a regular person. That just adds to her relatability factor.



74. Megan Thee Stallion No Makeup

Here is to another one of the celebrities without makeup that left us in awe. Meghan often posts her no makeup pictures while interacting with fans on social media. Due to the quarantine, we got to see her without makeup and her signature ponytail. It surely was a delightful and welcome change from her usual glamorous looks. 




75. Rachel Weisz No Makeup

Rachel Weisz is beautiful with and without makeup. Period. Known for her movies like The Mummy franchise and Constantine, Rachel loves to go out sans makeup.




76. Helen Mirren No Makeup

Helen Mirren is yet another name added to the celebrities without makeup lists as the veteran actress treated her fans and followers with a Helen Mirren no makeup picture showing how she looks without all the glam just sitting in her bed in her simple clothes.




77. Drew Barrymore No Makeup

Drew Barrymore is a natural beauty. If you don’t believe us, then look for yourself as the actress is regular with posting her no makeup pictures. She has maintained naturally healthy and glowing skin that doesn’t need a boost from makeup.




78. Jennifer Garner No Makeup

For another one of those unrecognizable pictures of celebrities without makeup, take a look at this Jennifer Garner no makeup photo. She is beautiful either way but we can’t help but notice how she is barely recognizable with no makeup on.




79. Chrissy Teigen No Makeup

Chrissy Teigen has always been upfront with her fans and followers about the treatments he has received or what else she does to look the way she looks. Moreover, she does not shy away from being her true self in front of the world. She often shares her unedited pictures where she is not wearing any makeup. And there are no surprises here. She looks absolutely stunning! 




80. Perrie Edwards No Makeup

Perrie Edwards is yet another one of those celebs without makeup who don’t shy away from showing off their makeup-free face. And in her makeup-free photographs, you can see her natural skin and freckles. 




81. RuPaul No Makeup

We still have a few celebrities without makeup up our sleeves that could make you look twice. Here is one such makeup transformation. RuPaul is a drag queen who transforms into someone entirely different with the help of makeup. his drag persona is every bit sultry and stunning.



82. Cindy Crawford No Makeup

Cindy Crawford is a name that was super popular in the 80s and 90s. Her beauty still gets people talking after all these years. The model and actress doesn’t shy away from showing off her makeup-free looks and is often seen posting such pictures on her social media. In fact, she has gotten so good at posting her no-makeup selfies that she should probably be called the queen of no-makeup photos.




83. Taylor Hill No Makeup

Taylor Hill has one of the most beautiful faces you could ever lay your eyes on. She is a successful model and an actress. She surprised people with her rise in the fashion industry but come on, who can say no to this face?




84. Emily Blunt No Makeup

Emily Blunt is yet another one of those celebrities without makeup who can easily rock both looks, be it with makeup or without. She is often clicked spending time with her family in her makeup-free avatar but you can see her coming from far away. Because she is Emily Blunt! She is that gorgeous!




85. Cameron Diaz No Makeup

Just like her fellow Charlie’s Angel and friend Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz also knows how to rock a no-makeup selfie.




86. Jaime King No Makeup

Jaime King is not just known to the world as an actress and model but also as someone who is close friends with Taylor Swift. Both the best friends can often be seen sharing their candid no makeup pictures where they are baking together.



87. Sharon Stone No Makeup

This is yet another one of the celebrities without makeup pictures that could leave you guessing. Sharon Stone has aged gracefully and still maintains her beautiful looks but it is rather difficult to recognize the Basic Instincts star without makeup.



 88. Jourdan Dunn No Makeup

Jourdan Dunn is a beautiful English actress and model. Like every model, she also has her off-duty days and that’s when you can see her leisuring around without any makeup. But, she doesn’t forget to do her skincare routine to maintain her healthy and glowing skin.




 89. Eva Longoria No Makeup

Eva Longoria has inspired many women to let go of their makeup with her makeup-free selfies on Instagram. She has aged like a fine wine and showed off her glowing skin in a no-makeup selfie. Another Eva Longoria no makeup photo that got everyone’s attention was when the actress posed with a wine bottle.  



90. Kesha No Makeup

Let’s talk more about the unrecognizable celebrities without makeup transformations. We got one more for you and it’s Kesha. The Tik Tok hitmaker showed her natural freckled skin in a no-makeup photo and it was quite a different side to her.



91. Ashley Graham No Makeup

Ashley Graham is one of the most popular voices on body positivity and is a successful model. She wowed her fans and followers with this no makeup photo where she showed off her naturally radiant and freckled skin.




92. Gwyneth Paltrow No Makeup

Gwyneth Paltrow looks amazing even without makeup and that is also one of the many reasons, apart from her being the founder of her very own skincare line, as to why people are heavily influenced by what she has to say about skincare. However, she received a lot of flak recently from dermatologists across the world for her careless use of sunscreen as a highlighter.

And as a word of caution, let us remind you to wear your sunscreen properly by forming an even layer across your face, neck, and other exposed body parts. 



 93. Lucy Hale No Makeup

Lucy Hale is another one of those celebs without makeup who prove that they really don’t need makeup to look amazing. Lucy often shows off her radiant skin in her no-makeup pictures and all we can say is damn girl! Why do you even wear makeup when you look like this?   



94. Zoe Saldana No Makeup

Within the sea of celebrities without makeup, another name that can be added to the pile is that of Zoe Saldana. She couldn’t keep herself away from showing off her no-makeup look and often shares how her day looks like with her fans and followers wherein she is in her natural glory.  



95. Laverne Cox No Makeup

Another popular name for our celebrities without makeup list is that of Laverne Cox. She is a regular at sharing her au naturel pictures and wow, that’s all our reaction is every time. Just wow!




96. Lana Condor No Makeup

Lana Condor won our hearts with her portrayal of Lara Jean in the famous Netflix movie series To All The Boys I Have Loved Before. Lana is this amazing combination of cute and sexy and she knows it too! She serves hot makeup looks on the red carpet as well as other formal events. But she doesn’t shy away from posting her no makeup shots where she looks equally beautiful. 



97. Camilla Cabello No Makeup

Another name on our list of celebrities without makeup is Camilla Cabello. The Senorita singer can brew up a storm with her powerful singing voice as well as with her gorgeous looks. She looks good both with and without makeup. She often shares her no makeup pictures with her fans and followers.



98. Viola Davis No Makeup

Viola Davis is one of the most talented actresses to ever grace our screens. And we love her. She does not shy away from going makeup-free even on the screen if that is the demand of the scene. That’s why we get to see a lot of her bare face and natural looks both on screen as well as off the screen.




99. Bella Hadid No Makeup

Bella Hadid, like her sister, is a popular and successful model. She has walked the ramp for many high-end brands and has been a part of several ad campaigns. She is also a Victoria’s Secrets Angel. So, if you ever wondered if she woke up looking that gorgeous, then yes, she did wake up like that. 



100. Jennifer Lawrence No Makeup

Jennifer Lawrence is hot, sexy, funny, smart, and beautiful. She has given incredible performances and won her audience’s hearts. She has a strong makeup game and she is also cool with a no-makeup day out. 



101. Yara Shahidi No Makeup

We have loved Yara Shahidi in Black-ish and we have totally loved her fashion sense, her gorgeous hairstyles, and ever so fantastic makeup looks. basically everything about her! So, it is obvious that we immediately loved her no-makeup photo and why won’t we? Look at her shine with those flowers in her natural hair! 



102. Lily Collins No Makeup

Here’s to another one of the celebrities without makeup posts. Lily Collins is someone who reminds us of the beautiful Audrey Hepburn. And just like her Lily too is so much more than a beautiful face. Makeup or no makeup, she always manages to win people’s hearts.



103. Shay Mitchel No Makeup

Shay Mitchell is popularly known for her portrayal of Emily Fields in the mystery drama, Pretty Little Liars. And she has come a long way ever since. She is beautiful, talented, funny, and a real supporter of fellow creators. She often posts her no makeup pictures and that woman is clearly a natural beauty.



104. Reese Witherspoon No Makeup 

Reese Witherspoon is one of those actresses who just refuses to age. It has been almost two decades from Legally Blonde to Big Little Lies, but Reese still looks her charming, cute, and beautiful self be it with makeup or without.





105. Sandra Bullock Without Makeup

Sandra Bullock's no makeup photos capture her genuine and radiant beauty, serving as a testament to her confidence and authenticity in an image-focused industry. These snapshots inspire others to embrace their natural selves with pride.




106. Meryl Streep No Makeup

We will end our list of celebrities without makeup with an iconic name—Meryl Streep. She is one of the most talented actresses of all time. Her acting prowess and range can be seen in the variety of movies she has been a part of. And her beauty? Well, you can see it for yourself. She prefers doing minimal makeup and it suits her well too. But, Meryl Streep doesn’t really need makeup to look her gorgeous self.