25 Spectacular Sofia Vergara No Makeup Photos - 2023

Shalu Bhati

Updated At  15 Jul 23

Want to know how Sofia Vergara looks without makeup? We have just the thing for you or shall we say things? Here we are with 25 stunning Sofia Vergara without makeup pictures. They are a rare show as the Modern Family actress loves to wear makeup but they are incredibly pretty.

Sofia Vergara aka Gloria from Modern Family is a Colombian-American actress, television producer, presenter, and model. You can also see her as one of the judges on the popular reality TV show, America’s Got Talent. Sofia takes her wits and charms to whatever she does. From her movie stints to her interviews, she has always been a delight to watch. Makeup has always been a big part of her life. But there are days when she goes makeup-free and we searched the internet for the existence of pictures from all such makeup-free days. And here we are with 25 of the Sofia Vergara without makeup photos. Similar to her, also check out Selena Gomez no makeup photos as she looks absolutely cute in real life!

Let’s get started!


25 Best Sofia Vergara No Makeup Photos





1. By The Pool

What to do on a hot summer day? Well, if you are anything like Sofia you would definitely love to have a relaxing day by the pool. This Sofia Vergara without makeup post is relatively recent and sent the internet ablaze. She was unrecognizable in her no-makeup avatar but boy did she look beautiful! The radiant glow visible on the face Sofia Vergara is very similar to JLo. Check out 25 stunning JLo no makeup photos which showcase her real beauty.




2. On A Coffee Run

There cannot be a better start to a day than a hot cup of coffee and here we have a Sofia Vergara no makeup photo where the star can be seen coming out of a coffee shop with her daily dose of caffeine in her hands. This is yet another one of the Sofia Vergara without makeup pictures that left everyone amazed.




3. Sick But Still Gorgeous

This is a picture that the Hot Pursuit actress herself shared with her fans. She was unwell and that can be seen from the flush on her cheeks. But, she is someone so naturally beautiful that even sickness couldn’t hide it.

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4. Makeup Lover

The fact that she loves makeup makes the Sofia Vergara without makeup photos even more interesting. She has addressed her love for makeup in an interview where she said: “Part of being Latin is really putting ourselves together. For example, I don’t like leaving the house without lipstick, some blusher, or mascara. For me, putting on makeup is like brushing my teeth. It’s no big effort.”




5. Out On A Walk

Being fit is a part of her lifestyle and Sofia prefers to walk rather than go for a run. She walks on the treadmill, she will “walk anywhere between a six to eight percent incline, and walk at a speed where you feel a touch out of breath, but you aren’t jogging.” She can be seen doing just in this Sofia Vergara without makeup photo.




6. More Than A Pretty Face

Sofia Vergara is not just another pretty face for you. She is funny, intelligent, and one of the most talented celebrities you can know. She is one of the highest-paid television actresses ever since 2012 who originally wanted to pursue dentistry.




7. Sweet Sofia Vergara No Makeup Selfie

Sofia Vergara likes to share parts of her life with her fans and followers. She posted this Sofia Vergara without makeup selfie on her Instagram stories where she looks divine with her dog Bubbles sitting in her lap.




8. Casual Day Out

It’s always so fun to see Sofia Vergara without makeup. Here we have yet another one of her makeup-free looks. She is an absolute delight to watch on screen as well as off-screen. Despite living in America for most of her life, Sofia is still very true to her Colombian roots.  




9. Lazy Selfie

Here is a Sofia Vergara no makeup selfie right from her bed. The image might not be of good quality but hey have you ever seen a bad picture of a sunset?  It always looks beautiful and so does Sofia.




10. Eating On Her Way

If you ever spot Sofia walking down the road, chances her you will also notice how she carries a snack with her that she eats while walking. This woman knows what she is doing. We should probably follow suit.




11. Sofia Vergara Without Makeup

Sofia’s entry into the world of acting was accidental. She did not plan it. She was enjoying a beach day with her family when her beauty attracted a scout who was also on that very same beach at the same time as her. And that’s how Sofia landed her very first commercial for Pepsi. Thank God for that scout and his chance meeting with Sofia! You can thank us for finding out this Sofia Vergara no makeup picture.



12. On The Sets

Here is Sofia Vergara without makeup on the set of her popular TV show Modern Family. She looks fresh-faced and still has wet hair. She looks miles apart from her character, Gloria Pritchett. Some might even call this makeup-free look to be unrecognizable.




13. Love For Food

Sofia loves to eat. She especially loves to eat when she is out shopping. And what a wonderful idea to implement! Shopping is a tiring job and takes away all of our energy. But not if you follow in Sofia’s footsteps and keep your tummy satiated with yummy food on the go. Seen here is a Sofia Vergara no makeup picture when she was still with her ex-husband, Joe Gonzalez. 



14. Shopping Is Important

Sofia has been seen in her bare-faced look quite often when she goes shopping. And even while doing such a basic task, she looks her beautiful best. She looks stylish in her ripped jeans and grey pullover. This is a trendy attire and forms a very gorgeous Sofia Vergara without makeup photo. Just look at how radiant she looks!




15. She’s A Broadway Star

If you thought Sofia Vergara has only been a part of sitcoms and movies, you cannot be more wrong. She is also a Broadway star as she starred in a very famous show called Chicago. It means Sofia has to sing and act, both of which she did rather impressively according to the reviews. 




16. Accent Or No Accent

Vergara is a Latina and if that is not clear from her looks, it definitely becomes clear from her accent. But, fans have always wondered if that’s how she really talks or if she is doing a bit. Let us assure you, it is very much how the actress speaks in real life. You might find little exaggerations here and there because that’s the demand of her character. Meanwhile, look at this Sofia Vergara without makeup picture.  




17. Businesswoman Sofia

Apart from being an actress, Sofia Vergara is also a skilled businesswoman. She has used her strong sense of business all these years and has come up with her own lines of jewellery, furniture, clothing, and lingerie. Is there anything that this woman cannot do? We think not! Here we have another Sofia Vergara without makeup photo where she is doing her two favorite things: eating and walking.




18. The Angry Face

We managed to find this amazing Sofia Vergara no makeup picture just for you. This is an expression that you don’t get to see that often in tabloids or magazines. But, it definitely reminds us of Gloria. Does it remind you of her too?




19. The No Makeup Beauty

This Sofia Vergara without makeup picture is enough to show her natural beauty and impeccable style. Did you know that she is a natural blonde? Yes, you read it right. Sofia Vergara is a blonde woman but had to change her hair color early in her career to adjust to the demand of Hollywood. Because it was difficult for the Americans to comprehend the existence of a blonde Latina.




20. She Beat Cancer!

Just when she had started building her career, Sofia was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in the year 2000. She had to undergo surgery as well as treatment and she was able to finally beat her illness. She persevered. She won!  



21. Sofia Vergara No Makeup Photo Comparison

On the right, you have Sofia Vergara with a full face of makeup and on the left, you have Sofia Vergara without makeup. Both of these pictures look different yet equally beautiful. Sofia has a beautiful smile and also the wits to make everyone around her smile.




22. One For Representation

Sofia Vergara has the first-hand experience of what it feels like to be a Latina in Hollywood. She observed early in her career that there was a serious lack of Latino representation. So, in 1994, she founded a management company called Latin World Entertainment. As of today, this company has evolved into a multi-million-dollar empire and is one of the largest Latin American talent management companies in America. Now, look at that smile. That’s the smile of an accomplished woman who wears multiple hats.




23. Body-Positive Icon

This is a rather old Sofia Vergara without makeup photo. The picture might be hazy but her beauty still manages to shine through. Her Colombian genes can be given the credit for her beautiful looks. But we say that it’s not just her genes. She is just as much beautiful inside. She is a body-positive icon too. How? It is her philosophy that she doesn’t have to alter herself to fit into clothes but it should be the other way around. She is curvy and she likes it. This is why she gets her clothes custom-made. Isn’t that body positive?



24. Au Naturel Looks

Whatever you see in front of you via this Sofia Vergara no makeup photo is completely natural. The Modern Family star hasn’t undergone any procedure to alter her physical features. She is just a Colombian woman with those incredible Colombian genes and a great love for food.




25. More Selfies With Doggo

We have finally come to the end of our list of 25 stunning Sofia Vergara without makeup pictures. So we are going to leave you with this happy and gorgeous picture of a makeup-free Sofia Vergara and her happy dog.



FAQs On Sofia Vergara


Q.  How old is Sofia Vergara now?

Born on 10 July 1972, Sofia Vergara is 51 years old currently.

Q. How Sofia Vergara used to look when she was young?

Sofia Vergara used to look stunning when she was young. She still looks gorgeous and has a perfect body, which shows that she is a timeless beauty. Check out the following pictures to find how how young Sofia Vergara used to look.





Q. What is the height of Sofia Vergara?

Sofia Vergara's height is 1.7 meters.


Q- Which are the best Sofia Vergara no makeup pictures? 

The following pics wherein she showcases her natural beauty are few of her best pictures without makeup.




Q. What is Sofia Vergara's makeup line?

Sofia Vergara has launched Toty, her own beauty brand in association Cantabria labs.