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15 Amazing Deepika Padukone Beauty Tips For Glowing Skin - 2022

Shalu Bhati

Updated At  18 Jan 22


Deepika Padukone is one of the highest-paid actresses in the Indian film industry. Her talent and popularity know no bounds. Time listed her as one of the most influential people in the world for multiple years. 

If you want flawless and glowing skin like Deepika, then your search ends here.


15 Amazing Deepika Padukone Beauty Tips


We have brought for you 15 amazing beauty tips and makeup secrets from the diva herself. We have covered Deepika Padukone beauty tips, makeup lessons from Deepika Padukone, Deepika Padukone makeup tips, Deepika Padukone favorite products, Deepika Padukone skin care among others.


1. Hydration Is Key To Glowing Skin

Water is a miracle liquid and can singlehandedly solve many skin issues as well as health issues. It is no surprise then that Deepika Padukone beauty tips also include drinking enough water throughout the day. Since Deepika has been into sports since she was a child, she understands the importance of staying hydrated. She drinks a glass of water as soon as she wakes up and then drinks a glass every hour to maintain the hydration levels.



2. Stick To A Skin Care Regime

Deepika has flawless skin. She looks beautiful with and without her makeup. When asked about her skin regime, Deepika revealed that her skin maintenance regime is a combination of lifestyle, diet, regular exercise, and adequate sleep. She added in another one of the Deepika Padukone beauty tips and said looking and feeling your best is equally important.

Deepika is not big on regular facials. Instead, she likes to take care of her skin by getting a clean-up. She eats a healthy balanced diet and exercises regularly.


3. Follow Cleansing, Toning, And Moisturising

Deepika Padukone beauty tips include following the CTM routine religiously.


Deepika uses mild products on her skin. She cleanses her skin, uses toner, and finishes off with a good quality moisturizer. She does not sleep with her makeup on. Ever. Even on the days when she is super tired, Deepika makes sure that she removes her makeup. She uses a deep conditioning night cream to replenish her skin as she gets her beauty sleep.


The Deepika Padukone favorite beauty products include Neutrogena Sunblock, lipsticks including MAC Mocha and MAC Ruby Woo, Romance by Ralph Lauren among others.


4. Sun Protection Is A Must

Deepika Padukone beauty tips also stress the importance of using sunscreen. Deepika never goes out with slathering on SPF. Sun’s harmful rays can cause serious damage to the skin on exposure. Deepika says prevention is better than cure. According to her, instead of treating sun-damaged skin in the future, it is better to take precautions now.


Whenever she is traveling, Deepika makes sure that she carries at least two bottles of SPF in her bag so that even if she loses one, she would have a backup.


Better safe than sorry, ladies!




5. The Right Makeup Can Change Your Look

Deepika Padukone’s makeup is always on its top game. Deepika padukone eyebrows are gorgeous and she is very careful about maintaining them properly. She says eyebrows are very important as they give definition to face. She cautions against getting thinner eyebrows. Over thinning and overdrawing of brows, both can destroy your look. Deepika states that it is thicker brows which should be favored as they give you a more youthful appearance.

Deepika likes to highlight one facial feature at a time. She would never wear a smoky eye with loud lips.  Her favorite eye shadows are taupe and brown. She loves these shades because they allow her to wear darker shades of lip color including red and plum. She often likes to wear a nude lip color to flaunt a muted look.

Deepika Padukone makeup tips will also teach you the difference between a day-time look and a night-time look. Deepika says it is important to know this difference.


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6. Follow Hair Care Tips Which Work

Deepika is blessed with beautiful hair. But it is not just because of her genes. When she was a child, her mother used to massage her scalp and hair using coconut oil. Deepika has picked up this habit from her childhood and uses it even now. On her day off, she massages her hair with lukewarm coconut oil.  She prefers using the extra virgin coconut oil.

Another one of the Deepika Padukone beauty tips for hair care is about washing hair the right way. When washing her hair, she uses cold water and not the hot one. Washing hair with hot water can strip them of their moisture making them dry and frizzy.



7. Yoga And Meditation Are Key To Perfect Body And Mind!

Deepika practices yoga regularly. She also indulges in a daily session of meditation.  Both yoga and meditation help Deepika keep the stress of her hectic schedule at bay. Yoga helps Deepika stay fit. Her toned figure is a direct result of practicing yoga. Yoga is also known for improving the blood circulation which gives Deepika beautiful glowing skin. Meditation keeps her mind fresh which also has an impact on her skin as well as overall wellbeing.



8. Avoid Soap

Let us tell you one Deepika Padukone skin care secret. She does not use any kind of soap for taking a bath. Instead, Deepika prefers to use just a loofah. This not only helps in exfoliating the dead skin cells but also improves circulation. And the result? Perfectly glowing skin.



9. Don’t Experiment With Skin Care

Deepika Padukone beauty tips will tell you to stick to your skincare routine and products. Deepika says that when it comes to skin, you should not experiment. When you go overboard with the use of products, your skin is prone to get damaged. Deepika prefers to use natural products and suggests that it is important to use reputable brands. She states that from your razor to your night cream, you should use products that are affordable and have stood the test of time. Deepika also stresses on the importance of taking professional guidance.



10. Think Positive

It might not sound as important as a beauty tip but believe us it is. And Deepika agrees. She was taught the importance of staying positive from when she was still very young.  Deepika says that thinking positively makes a huge difference. She calls it a spiritual thing.



11. Exercise Regularly

There is no secret behind Deepika’s athletic fit figure. Before venturing into the modeling world, Deepika used to be a badminton player.  Her daily routine of stretching, Pilates, yoga, and other outdoor activities including cycling, trekking is another reason for her gorgeous looks. She also likes to go deep-sea scuba diving. Did you know Deepika is a licensed diver? Well, now you do!



12. Balanced Diet Is Key To Healthy Body

Deepika Padukone beauty tips are all about taking good care of oneself. Deepika Padukone diet is key to her perfect body. She does not believe in going on crash diets. She advises everyone to avoid any such diets and is also against skipping meals. Deepika says eating a healthy balanced meal keeps her skin healthy.

She eats a lot of fruits, vegetables, and nuts. She prefers to start her day with an apple instead of a coffee. Eating healthy, however, does not mean you cannot treat yourself. Deepika likes to eat dark chocolate when she craves for something sweet.



13. Breakfast Is Important

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. None of the meals should ideally be missed. But as a rule, never miss breakfast. Deepika starts her day with a good nourishing breakfast. She likes to eat South Indian food at breakfast. But when eating a dosa, she skips on the potato fillings. A good breakfast gives her ample energy to keep going.



14. Good Amount Of Sleep

Getting adequate sleep is another one of the Deepika Padukone beauty tips. Deepika says that she takes at least 7 to 8 hours of good sleep as it is very important to rejuvenate and replenish her body.



15. Go For Spa

Follow the Deepika Padukone beauty tips and pamper yourself regularly. Deepika is a self-confessed spa junkie. She has revealed that she goes to a spa and gets body massages as much as she can. She regularly indulges in steamed baths too.