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25 Spectacular Eyebrow Slit Ideas For Women – 2024

Shalu Bhati

Updated At  13 May 24


Eyebrows go through a lot in the name of following trends. The 90s had everyone plucking their brows into oblivion while the 2010s saw a revival of thick eyebrows. It gave the victims of the 90s brows a chance to heal. But, nothing comes back stronger than a 90s trend. From curtain bangs to Y2K fashion, several trends from the past, even the questionable ones, are making a comeback this year. But, one trend that we are the most excited about is eyebrow slits for women.

It was a rage in the 80s and 90s, popularized by the hip hop music icon Big Daddy Kane. They were originally called eyebrow cuts and are a cultural legacy. Eyebrow cuts or eyebrow slits are not just a way to look cool or edgy. But, they are a form of self-expression rooted in the Black culture that caught the fancy of Gen Z beauty bloggers. So, here we are with 25 spectacular eyebrow slit ideas for women.    


25 Best Eyebrow Slit Ideas For Women



1. Mazikeen Eyebrow Slit Ideas

It is not possible to talk about eyebrow slits for women and not think of Lesley Ann Brandt aka Mazikeen from Lucifer. Ever since she made an appearance on our screens back in 2016, she has left a lasting impression on the audience. And the one thing that truly added to her badass demonic aura was a single eyebrow slit. This is a good place for a beginner to take inspiration from.

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2. Single Eyebrow Slit With Makeup

While single eyebrow slit type for women can be simple and subtle, you can further enhance their appearance with the help of bright eye makeup. The bold eyeliner and the summery yellow eyeshadow are works of art that go pretty well with the single eyebrow slit on the arch.

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3. Latest Eyebrow Slit Ideas

Single eyebrow cut on the arch of your brows is a style that has found favor amongst many women. And Ajiona Alexus shows us how to do it right. This eyebrow slit idea might look simple but is highly impressive. The location of the cut on the arch of the eyebrow gives it a more edgy value.


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4. Double Eyebrow Slits For Women

Take things to the next level with double eyebrow slits for women. This eyebrow cut style is bold and is not for the faint-hearted. If you are ready to experiment with your look, then go with this one. It, however, must not be done at home or you can end up with botched eyebrows. Go to a professional and get even spaced double cuts.

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5. Single And Simple

A single eyebrow slit has its charm. It is simple and subtle but makes a big statement. Switch things up by getting a single eyebrow cut, not on one but both of your eyebrows. It will give you a symmetric look. You can add piercings on one side to take it up a notch.



6. Pop of Colour

Some of the latest eyebrow slits for women come with a hint of color. You can use makeup to color one side of the eyebrow cut to test the waters. If you are more into this style, you can also dye your eyebrow tips in a color of your choice. Brighter the better.



7. Front Single Eyebrow Slit

While we see many eyebrow slit types for women that are focused towards the arch or the rear end of the eyebrows, front eyebrow slit ideas are not too far behind when it comes to their popularity. You can either go for a slant cut or a straight cut based on your style preferences.


8. Red Symmetry

What is better than a colored eyebrow cut style? It is an eyebrow cut style color-coordinated with your hair! This is a style of eyebrow slit women have been favoring a lot this year. The mix of colors lets you experiment and achieve a look that describes your style. Match the color of one side of your brow cut with the money piece hair highlights.


9. Slits On The Tips

The basic eyebrow cut ideas might be mostly limited to single or double cuts. But, there are a lot of variations that can be done with these very basic cut ideas thereby allowing you to have an endless supply of options. Double eyebrow slits for women can be bold and they can also be subtle as pictures here. If you have thick eyebrows with a beautiful arch, you can follow this style. The thinly spaced double cuts on the tail of the eyebrow look gorgeous.




10. Eyebrow Slits For Laminated Brows

Laminated brows have been in trend for quite some time. And you can try some eyebrow slits for women with your laminated brows. Such an eyebrow slit creates a unique look that is more defined than ever with the addition of the cut.


11. Criss Cross

Here is an eyebrow cut style that we loved instantly. The cut goes almost in the middle of the eyebrow in such a manner that the top of the eyebrow looks like it is overlapping the lower half. It is an interesting and different look.



12. Eyebrow Cut Style For Thin Brows

There are eyebrow slit ideas for everyone irrespective of the shape or thickness of your eyebrows. If you happen to have thin eyebrows, then there is a style for you as well. You can flaunt an eyebrow cut without any worries. A straight eyebrow cut, as pictured here, will look super dramatic.



13. Mix And Match

If the usual single or double eyebrow slits for women are not your cups of tea, maybe you will like this mix and match eyebrow cut style. A single eyebrow cut on one side and double eyebrow cuts on the other side will show your creative side. The double cuts are parallel to each other and quite distant. You can experiment as much as you like with the direction of the cuts and their size.


14. Eyebrow Cut Style With Haircut

This has been a popular style for men but why should they have all the fun? This is something that has found many recipients amongst women and they are rocking it quite well. Such an eyebrow slit goes well with a buzzcut or an undercut. It can either be a continuation of the haircut or simply complement it at a different angle.


15. Matching Hair

Eyebrow slits for women that come with a hint of color have been popular. But matching the shade of your hair color and eyebrows is taking things to the next level. Create an enchanting design as pictured here with some clean eyebrow cuts and color coordinate ‘em brows.


16. On The Arch

Double eyebrow slits for women on the tail of the eyebrows are pretty common. But, here is a double eyebrow cut style that is placed at the arch of the eyebrow. This shows how important is the role played by the placement of the cuts in creating the desired look.


17. Double Trouble

Here is another rendition of the double eyebrow cut style. As opposed to the rear end, the cuts here are made towards the front of the eyebrows. They create a unique and symmetric look. It looks sophisticated and edgy at the same time. It will look good with short hairstyles especially those with an undercut.


18. Slit With Haircut

Here is another one of the eyebrow slits for women joined with the haircut. The tapered fade adds to the edginess of the eyebrow cut. You can wear your hair up in a bun to flaunt this style or go with a side-swept look.


19. Simple Eyebrow Slit

Sometimes a simple and subtle eyebrow cut is the best. And this is exactly what we have here. A simple cut made on the tail of the eyebrow gives an is-it-there or is-it-not-there look. It makes people look hard. This is also a good option for people who just want to test the waters w.r.t. the eyebrow cut style.


20. Fishtail Eyebrow Slit

Another popular eyebrow slit women have been favoring is the fishtail eyebrow slit. This one, however, is not for the faint-hearted. You need to have a strong brow game to pull off this look. If you know your way around a brow pencil and crave something different, fun, and edgy, then go for this one. It uses a single cut which is elongated with the help of a brow pencil to create an upward motion. And voila! You get the fishtail.


21. Double Cuts For Straight Brows

This is the good thing about an eyebrow cut style. There is one for everyone. Here is a double eyebrow slit for straight brows. It looks as edgy as it would look on any other brow.


22. New Eyebrow Slit Ideas

We are here for all the eyebrow slit ideas that are color-coordinated with the hair color. They create an irresistibly beautiful picture. This is one of those eyebrow slits for women that we instantly loved. It gives us a very punk rock chic Red Queen vibe. It combines different styles of cuts including the cross cut.


23. The Arrow

The shift from the straight and slant cuts. Instead, go for an arrow-shaped eyebrow cut. You can choose to point it in either direction. But, make sure you get this style done by a professional after talking to them about your preferences.


24. Slit At Inner Front

Eyebrow slits for women at the front of the eyebrows are something that have a fanbase of their own. Since most cuts are done towards the end of the brows, this eyebrow cut style will let you enjoy a unique idea.


25. Red Is The New Black

While front eyebrow slit ideas are popular and different, you can give it an even more different look by adding color to that front portion. You can choose a bright color and match your hair with your brows. Shades of red are popular right now. If you have dark hair, you can simply add a bright color like red to contrast with your naturally dark mane.