Eyebrow Slit Types

7 Trending Eyebrow Slit Types For Men And Women

Ashneet Kaur

Updated At  04 Oct 23


Eyebrow slits have become a popular trend in recent years, with many individuals embracing them as a unique form of self-expression. Interested to find out the trending types fo eyebrow slits for men and women? Stay tuned as we cover eyerything in detail.


What are Eyebrow Slits?

Eyebrow slits, also known as eyebrow cuts or notches, are deliberate, small, shaved lines or notches in the eyebrow hair. Many prefer to go for an eyebrow cut to support a band, to look different, to express something, or to make a fashion statement.


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History of Eyebrow Slits

Eyebrow slits gained popularity in the later part of the 20th century. If we observe the fashion trends of the 80s and 90s, the era gave off a vibe of rebellion and expressing oneself through one’s fashion choices. Hence, it makes sense for eyebrow slits to get recognized as a fashion trend during and after this decade.

This era also saw the emergence of various hip-hop artists and bands that popularized this trend. Some iconic figures of that time, including Big Daddy Cane and Vanilla ice contributed towards this trend’s recognition in the fashion industry because of their unique look, particularly elaborated because of their eyebrow slits.


Eyebrow Slit Types for Men

7 Eyebrow Slit Types For Men

The most popular eyebrow slits for men include single slit, double slit, triple slit, connected slot, 2-brow slit, cross slit and multiple slits. While each of them looks very different, the selection can be done basis the overall look, hairstyle and personal preferences.



1. Single Slit

A single and vertical slit across one (or both) eyebrows renders a striking look. It is a perfect blend of sassiness and confidence. It is also one of the most common ones when it comes to eyebrow slit styles.

Jason Momoa has been one of the celebs who has made the single eyebrow slit very popular. He has been using it for many years now and continues to love the same.



2. Double Slits

Double the effect of the above by adding two slashes there. It is up to what you decide: whether to put a gap between two slashes or to keep the both close to each other. The specific placement and design of the slits can vary, allowing individuals to customize their look according to their preferences.

One of the most famous celebrities with a slit in his eyebrow is David Beckham. He was an early adopter of eyebrow slits and have been using it since many years.



3. Triple Slits

A triple eyebrow slit is a variation of the eyebrow slit trend where three deliberate notches or cuts are made in the eyebrow hair. Triple slit style is a good alternative when one is confused between zigzag one and simple singular or double slits.



4. Connected Slit

In this super awesome eyebrow slit type for men, the slash in the brow is continued till the side of the head or the hair, to make it look as if the slash goes on to be connected with it. This eyebrow looks unique and attractive.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out Zayn malik eyebrow slit which has been extremely popular. A buzz cut or a low fade can be paired easily with this eyebrow notch to transform your look completely.


2 brow

5. Two Eyebrows Slit

This look is a combo of a single slit on one eyebrow and a double-slit (two eyebrow slits) style on the other eyebrow. The picture shows exactly what we mean. One can add more charm to it by making it a double-slit design on both eyebrows. Different designs can be combined depending upon personal preferences. One can also pair it with a tapered haircut to make the look more appealing.



6. Multiple Slits

Numerous slits, preferably more than three, can be cut into the eyebrow, just make sure to not remove it completely. The number of slits can be counted to make sure they are evenly paced, and that the eyebrow looks gorgeous with them.



7. Cross Slit

This works with two eyebrow slits. This eyebrow slit type gives an authentic look to the eyebrow, and to the overall appearance. Two single slits are made one over the other and in the opposite direction to one another.

Cross slit, single and double slits and very popular in Korean pop industry with celebs like Suga from BTS, EXO’s Baekhyun, NCT 127’s Taeyong going for them.



Eyebrow Slit Types for Women


Eyebrow Slit Types for Women

The most popular eyebrow slits for women include single slit, double slit, arrow slit, colored slit, horizontal slit, fishtail notch, and star slit. These eyebrow trends allow women to experiment with their eyebrow grooming to achieve a unique and fashionable style.


single - women

1. Single Slit

Just like men, this eyebrow fashion suits women too. It can be said that it is a unisex eyebrow slit type. One vertical slash is made across one or both eyebrows. This style is one of the most common ones among women. Pair eyelash extensions with an eyebrow slit and your look will surely transform.


double--women women

2. Double Slits

Not just the single slit, a double-slit eyebrow slit is also very commonly seen among women. It renders confidence and a bold aura to their overall personality. The sharper the cut, the more confident is the vibe such a design gives off. You can also go for siren eyes along with double slits to amp up your look.


arrow--women women

3. Arrow Slit

In this unique eyebrow slit type, the shape of an arrow is cut. A straight horizonal line slashed till the end of the eyebrow can also be shaved. It is one of the most creative eyebrow slit types for women. Pair it with a colorful eyeshadow and your eyes will set you apart.


colored--women women

4. Colored Slit

Make your eyebrow look rainbow-ish with a hue in it. If there are color streaks in the hair, the same color can be added to the eyebrow as well, or maybe a lighter or darker shade of it. If otherwise, a color to your liking can also be added. One half of the eyebrow can be painted, and the other can be left as original.


horizontal--women women

5. Horizontal Slit

A horizontal eyebrow slit is a shaving of the eyebrow horizontally in the middle. The slit goes from the start till where the eyebrow takes a downward turn (if one’s does). Otherwise, it can just travel along the length of the brow. It will still look bold and beautiful.


fishtail--women women

6. Fishtail Slit

This one is more common in feminine society. A slit is made at the end part of the brow and just before the end, the part is upturned to give a wavy and fishtail-like look (this requires more than just trimming, threading, and tweezing). In addition to it being already extraordinary-looking, color can be added on the latter part of the brow to enhance it more.

star--women women

7. Star Slit

This style can be made as a combination of two unique styles- a star and a double-slit. First, it is assessed where the slits can be made, followed by what goes first: the star or the double-slit design. According to what the stylist likes the best, the shape is shaved. Either way, this eyebrow slit type is a worthy one to be tried by women.


How To Get An Eyebrow Slit

The following steps are usually the ones that take place for and while getting an eyebrow cut:

1. Look for different salons that offer eyebrow slashing services in your area (or beyond, as desired).

2. Once decided, set an appointment to consult and decide on an eyebrow slit design and the place where you want the slit to be shaved.

3. After deciding on this, you can either get it done the same day or the day negotiated by you and the professional.

4. When it is decided, the stylist will clean the eyebrow and the area around it to avoid the probability of an infection occurring.

5. Then, using a razor or a trimmer, the cut will be designed on the desired area.

6. To make the cut sharp and stand out, the eyebrow area will be further trimmed and tweezed.

7. Once everything is done and clear, the stylist will give instructions on how to maintain the look for a long time. He/she/they will also instruct you on what to do as an after-care, whether you get it professionally or at home.


Eyebrow Slit Cost

The price you can expect to pay for a normal eyebrow slit can range anywhere between $30 to $300 depending upon the type of salon and the stylist. The price also depends on the type of slit you want. If you go for connected slit and style your hair as well, it will certainly cost a lot more.



Originally referred to as “eyebrow cuts”, eyebrow slits have been consistently gaining popularity. They hold a history in the entertainment as well as fashion field. There are a variety of eyebrow slit styles available to choose from, the prices of which depend upon where and from whom you get them done.





Q. What were eyebrow slits traditionally called?

A. Conventionally, eyebrow slits were called “eyebrow cuts”. When the trend arose again, the term “eyebrow slit” became common. Today, most people will understand what you mean by an “eyebrow slit”.


Q. What are some eyebrow slit types other than the ones mentioned in the article?

A. Some other eyebrow slit types include butterfly slit, check slit, tribal slit, lightning bolt slit, zigzag slit, curve slit, crescent moon slit, and the list goes on.


Q. Can eyebrow slit designs be similar for men and women? Can they be unisex?

A. Yes, most of the simple eyebrow slit types, like single slit, double slit, curve slit, multiple slits, etc. are unisex.


Q. Can we shave an eyebrow slit at home?

A. One can do it at home, but there is always a risk of getting cut due to lack of professionalism (unless you are a well-versed professional or just someone who is confident enough to do it at home without causing significant damage). If you do decide to do this at home, make sure to use your own razor or trimmer, and never the scissors. However, we advise you to always go to a specialist for eyebrow slitting.


Q. Can we get an eyebrow slit on both eyebrows?

A. Of course! There is no hard and fast rule on what is to be done and what is not to be done when designing the eyebrow slit. There are various designs of eyebrow slits where both the eyebrows are slashed and they give out an authentic, confident, bold, and unique look.