Jessica Alba Skin Care, Makeup And Diet Secrets - 2023

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Have you seen the glow on Jessica Alba’s face? Do you want to know about Jessica Alba skin care secrets? Then, keep reading!

Jessica Alba is an actress, mother of three beautiful children, and a successful businesswoman. Jessica Alba has gorgeous skin with an enviable radiance. And just like her notions about clean living, she has also been vocal about her skincare tips and routine. So, why wait anymore? Let’s dive into the world of Jessica Alba and learn how to glow!

In this article, we have covered:

  • Jessica Alba Skin Care Tips
  • Jessica Alba Skin Care Routine
  • Her Favorite Beauty Products
  • Jessica Alba Makeup Routine And Tips
  • Jessica Alba Diet
  • FAQs

 Let's begin!

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7 Best Jessica Alba Skin Care Tips

The founder of Honest Beauty skincare, Jessica Alba has some amazing skincare tips and advice. They are simple but effective. Before learning more about the Jessica Alba skin care routine, allow us to first take you through some of the tips the actress swears by:


1. Be Kind To Yourself

Jessica Alba is a mother to two daughters. She has to set an example before them. So, she ensures that she promotes the correct approach to beauty before them. She never talks bad about herself in front of them or otherwise in general. She teaches her kids that beauty comes from genuine happiness. She has a firm belief that to be beautiful it is important to be healthy, happy, and confident.


2. Find What Works For You

All of us have different skins and we must listen to its specific needs. One of the most basic Jessica Alba skin care tips is to find the products and routine that works for you and stick with it. You should not follow any beauty trend mindlessly. For instance, Jessica uses facial oil on her skin and not a moisturizer as she finds the latter to be heavier for her skin.


3. Facial Oil

Jessica busts a major skincare myth. Oil is the friend of your skin and not the foe. She is a big fan of using facial oils. She says that there are so many amazing and organic oils that can benefit your skin.


4. But First, Cleanse

The Jessica Alba skin care routine puts importance on cleansing. She says that cleansing is the key to a great glow. She does a two-step cleanse and also prefers using a facial cleansing brush from Braun.


5. Check What You Feed Your Skin

You should be mindful of what you feed your skin, both internally and externally. Jessica Alba has been very vocal about clean living. She maintains a healthy well-balanced diet and uses clean products for her skin (mostly from Honest Beauty skincare, Jessica Alba Skin Care Company). Her tip is that if any product has a long list of ingredients, it is suspicious.


6. Hydrate

If you want a glowing complexion, then you gotta hydrate like you mean it. Jessica uses a hydrating gel to quench her skin’s thirst externally. She also drinks a lot of water. She relies upon coconut water as well.


7. Take Care Of Yourself

Jessica Alba has wonderful advice for people like us who want a healthy glow. She suggests that doing little things can go a long way. Take care of yourself. Be kind to yourself in your acts as well as thoughts. Taking proper rest is also important for achieving radiant skin. Drink enough water and eat healthily. Be sure to take some time out for yourself.


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Jessica Alba Daily Skin Care Routine

Let’s now proceed with the Jessica Alba skin care routine. Following is her exact daily skincare routine:

  • Jessica begins by putting on a cute and fluffy hairband first. This is to keep her hair away from her face. She uses a gel cleanser to cleanse her skin.
  • Cleansing is followed by the Prime & Perfect Mask. She loves using this mask on her face as it makes her skin tighter and brighter. Jessica can see a visible reduction in the appearance of her pores and the bonus is that it smells divine.
  • Apart from the mask, she also uses the Magic Balm for lids. She also puts it under her eyes as well as on eyelids. She lets everything stay for at least 10 minutes after which she uses a sponge to take the mask off. The sponge is also a good exfoliation tool. Jessica suggests the use of warm water or warm cloth if you don’t want to use a sponge.
  • The next step in the Jessica Alba skin care routine is applying a vitamin C serum followed by a hydrogel. She loves this hydrogel as it is 70% water and gets absorbed instantly. This instant hydration gives her skin an instant glow.
  • Next, she curls her lashes because why not.
  • Jessica finishes her routine with a mist.

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Jessica Alba Skin Care Routine (Post Heavy Makeup)

Whenever she can, Jessica loves to pamper herself. Following is the Jessica Alba skin care routine that will teach you self-care:

  • Jessica’s self-care skin routine begins with a two-step cleanse. She is big on cleansing and opts for this double cleanse whenever she has had a full face of makeup.
  • She begins with a Gel to Milk Cleanser that helps break down makeup. After rinsing her face with water, she uses a gel cleanser because she likes her skin to feel that squeaky clean feeling.
  • As her skin dries after the cleansing, she uses a vitamin C serum. It contains two hyaluronic acids that aid in brightening the skin but without drying it out.
  • The next step includes the use of facial contour tool. She says it feels like someone is giving a hickey to your face. This tool helps with lifting facial muscles and tightens skin. She says that it makes her skin happy and is one of the many secrets behind her youthful glow.
  • Jessica then goes to town with her lip scrub. She follows it with a luxurious lip better. She suggests using it before sleeping for better overnight penetration.
  • Now is the time for the Hydrogel Cream. It is mostly water and zero oil. Jessica suggests that people with dry skin should avoid rubbing this gel in. They should leave a layer on and wait for it to work its magic. She has combination skin so she lets the gel sit on dry areas of her face like under her eyes.
  • Jessica Alba does not shy away from using various beauty tools. The next beauty tool to feature in the Jessica Alba skin care routine is a purple rod-like beauty roller. She uses it over her face and neck for toned cheekbones, getting rid of double chin, and to improve blood circulation to the face.

And voila, this is the end of Jessica Alba’s make-under!

4 Jessica Alba beauty products


Since Jessica Alba is an advocate of clean beauty her choice of beauty products showcases this approach. We have specified some of her favorite beauty products below. You will notice that almost all of her favorites are from the Jessica Alba cosmetic line.

  • Honest Beauty Magic Gel-to-Milk Cleanser with Pink Kaolin Clay & Rose Water
  • Honest Beauty Gentle Gel Cleanser with Chamomile & Calendula Extracts
  • Honest Beauty Organic Beauty Facial Oil  
  • Dr. Barbara Sturm Lip Balm 
  • UpLift Massaging Beauty Roller by Nurse Jamie
  • La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50 Mineral Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid
  • iS Clinical Active Serum


5 Jessica Alba makeup routine


Jessica Alba Makeup Routine And Tips

Jessica Alba is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. She is a total boss lady and successfully runs two companies apart from her acting career. She usually doesn’t have a lot of time to do makeup given her busy schedule. So, she tries to fit a quick makeup routine before leaving her house.

Jessica likes to keep things simple when it comes to makeup. She preferred a full face of makeup earlier but now she has grown to love the no-makeup makeup look. And honestly, we love the Jessica Alba natural makeup look as well. Here is how she goes about with her daily makeup routine:

  • The Jessica Alba makeup routine begins with the application of Everything Organic Facial Oil. It is essential to prep skin before doing makeup. And what’s a better way of prepping than to hydrate it?
  • Next, she uses Honest Beauty Everything Primer, Tinted Moisturizer, and Concealer duo. You will notice how all of these products are from the Honest Beauty makeup collection. She uses concealer to cover her dark circles and blemishes. Sometimes, she would also use a de-puffing eye cream.
  • Jessica Alba credits the use of Honest Beauty Crème Blush for giving her the most enviable glow.  
  • She taps the magic balm on the high points of her face that include the area around her eyes and Cupid’s bow to highlight.
  • This is followed by some bronzer and brow filler.
  • Jessica likes curling her lashes so that becomes one obvious step. After this comes the mascara.
  • She finishes off with a lip crayon.

You can buy all the Honest Beauty makeup products from the company’s website. They are also available at Target.


6 Jessica Alba makeup tips


Jessica Alba Makeup Tips

It would be useful to steal some makeup tips from Jessica Alba and luckily for us, she has revealed some tips and tricks. Following are some of the Jessica Alba makeup tips:


1. Find What Works For You

Every individual has their own specific skin needs and unique features. This is why you must find out what do you want and what suits you best. Jessica already has.


2. Change How You Conceal

You don’t have to cover your whole face with concealer. Opt for spot concealing. Jessica spot conceals the areas under her eyes, around her nose, and under her bottom lip.


3. Highlight The Best

Jessica suggests that you must concentrate on enhancing your features. She likes to enhance her eyes, lips, and top of the cheekbones. And when it comes to covering up, she hides away her dark circle and some capillaries.


4. Powdering Saga

One thing that Jessica Alba has learned after all these years is that you don’t have to put powder on your whole face. She says that it can make you look old beyond your age. Then, what to do? She suggests using powder on parts where it is necessary and you will be fine.


7 Jessica Alba diet


Jessica Alba Diet


Jessica Alba cares about what goes into her body. She is very conscious of what she eats and promotes clean eating. She is often found shopping in the farmer’s market or food stores buying healthy organic fruits and vegetables.  She follows the Fab Four Diet which allows her to eat anything she wants as long as it contains the fab four elements. These fab four elements are protein, fiber, fat, and vegetables.


This diet is said to bring a complete balance in the body by elongating the blood sugar curve and balancing up of hormones to ensure a healthy and happy body. This is one of the most successful and doable diets out there. It does not involve any tough sacrifices or starving. It was designed by Kelly LeVeque. She is also famous for her book titled Body Love: Live in Balance, Weigh What You Want, and Free Yourself from Food Drama Forever.

The Jessica Alba diet is simple. All one has to do is ensure that the meals must contain protein, fiber, fat, and vegetables. However, it completely bans pre-packed foods, white sugar, white flour, fatty foods, and refined carbohydrates.

Jessica Alba practices portion control and says:


We mostly eat lean protein and fresh fruit and vegetables, nothing processed or from a box, if we can. For me, when I don’t eat a ton of carbs, I have more energy. But I’ll for sure have a piece of chocolate. I’ll mow through a bowl of guacamole. If I’m not going to have dessert, I’ll have a martini.


8 Jessica Alba diet plan


Alba suffers from low blood pressure and low blood sugar and this diet has helped her be energetic throughout the day and live healthier. She has stated on many occasions that a well-balanced and healthy diet is essential for achieving healthy skin.

Following is the Jessica Alba Diet Plan:


Breakfast: Avocado toast with poached eggs, or protein-rich smoothie with banana and greens, or super thin flapjacks


Lunch: Salad with homemade dressing or a chicken quesadilla with lots of hot sauce


Dinner: Similar to lunch, lean meat with a side of veggies


Snacks: Guacamole, popcorn, or hummus with cucumber, broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower


Cheat Meal: Ramen, lasagna and other pasta dishes, nachos topped with homemade black beans and jalapeno almond cheese


Jessica loves avocado toast, nachos, and hot sauces. She loves mixing a variety of hot sauces with her food. She does not like sugary treats much so she has one less temptation to worry about when it comes to maintaining her diet.

She is also a big fan of drinking smoothies. She ensures that her hydration levels are well maintained. She usually mixes pink Himalayan salt in her water to help with her blood pressure issues. She also sips on coconut water for the same reason.

At the end of the day, she believes we must be grateful for our bodies and what it can do for us. She says:


I love my shape because it does what I want it to. If I want to go on a hike or a bike ride or go for a swim, I know my body will do everything I tell it to. I also appreciate that I can push myself through when I’m feeling tired. There is always a little extra something to get me past the tired moments.






FAQs on Jessica Alba Skincare And Makeup



Q. What is Honest Beauty?

Honest Beauty is the beauty line founded by actress Jessica Alba. The products of the Jessica Alba skin care company are free from parabens, synthetic fragrances, and mineral oil. She promotes clean living and Honest Beauty is built on the same principle.


Q. Which are the best Honest Beauty skincare products?

Honest Beauty Everything Organic Facial Oil, Magic Beauty Balm, Vitamin C Radiance Serum, and Everyday Radiance Moisturiser are some of the best Honest Beauty skincare products.


Q. Which are the best Honest Beauty makeup products?

Honest Beauty Demi-Matte Lip Crayon, Extreme Length Mascara + Lash primer, Crème Cheek Blush, and Liquid Lipstick are some of the best Honest Beauty makeup products. These are also the favorites of Jessica Alba.


Q. What is the key to Jessica Alba skin care routine?

The key to the Jessica Alba skin care routine is, to be honest with your skin. use clean products and listen to your skin’s needs.


Q. How does Jessica Alba go for a natural makeup look?

The Jessica Alba natural makeup look is the actress’ go-to look. Following are the steps that go in her natural makeup look:

  • She likes to start with a good moisturizer. Her special trick? She mixes it with a glow primer.
  • She uses a beauty tool to further blend the moisturizer on her face and also does a lymphatic massage to get the blood flowing.
  • She blends in the foundation next from her cheeks down to her neck. Her advice is to use a foundation and colors that are as close to your skin tones as possible.
  • Now, comes the blush. Jessica says smile at yourself at apply the blush at the apples of your cheeks.
  • She then uses an eyebrow pencil staring off at mid brows and goes to the end. This is followed by an eyelash curler. Jessica can do it even at the stop signs. She is that good with a lash curler now.
  • The next step is concealing. Jessica uses a concealer below the inner corners of eyes, around her nose, just above the brows in a fan shape. She then blends it using her fingers followed by a buffing brush.
  • Concealer is followed by contouring. Contour where you naturally would have some shape.
  • After everything is set comes the time for mascara.
  • For the lip color, Jessica suggests going for a slightly even version of your natural lip color. Don’t go aggressive with it. just put some light strokes in the middle and  you are done
  • She finishes off with a primer as she finds powder to be too much.
  • Her makeup tip is to use products where they are necessary and not all over your face.




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