Lindsay Lohan Triangle Tattoo Meaning

What Does Lindsay Lohan’s Triangle Tattoo Mean?

Ana Campbell

Updated At  27 Jun 24

 Lindsay Lohan, known for her dynamic career and intriguing personal life, carries a collection of tattoos that reflect significant moments and deep connections. Among these, her left arm features a distinctive tattoo: two triangles, intricately inked in red, with one nested inside the other. Accompanied by the quote “What Dreams May Come” from Shakespeare’s *Hamlet*, this tattoo holds a profound meaning that intertwines danger, spiritual energy, and personal journeys.




The Origin and Design

In 2013, Lindsay Lohan underwent a private ceremony to receive this tattoo alongside her close friend Liam McMullan, a former Page Six columnist. This shared experience wasn’t merely about ink on skin; it was a spiritual bond symbolized by the dual triangles. The decision to incorporate Shakespeare’s words underscores the depth of their connection, suggesting a shared aspiration to pursue dreams despite life’s inherent risks.

Symbolism of the Triangles

The two triangles etched on Lindsay’s arm are laden with symbolism. Traditionally, triangles represent various concepts, including harmony, balance, and spiritual unity. In Lindsay’s case, the triangles symbolize danger and hazards, possibly reflecting the challenges and obstacles encountered in life’s journey. Moreover, their placement, one within the other, signifies intertwined spiritual energies and interconnected souls.

According to a source cited by the New York Post, Lindsay and Liam’s decision to get matching tattoos was rooted in their shared spiritual beliefs and mutual understanding. The triangles encapsulate not only their individual journeys but also the notion of protecting their hearts and souls amidst life’s uncertainties. For Lindsay, known for her turbulent public life, this tattoo represents a personal commitment to resilience and growth.



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While Lindsay and Liam were rumored to have a romantic relationship at the time, the tattoo’s significance transcends mere romance. It speaks to a deep bond forged through shared experiences and aspirations. Even as Lindsay’s personal life evolves, the tattoo remains a testament to the enduring connections and lessons learned during that period.

Cultural Impact

Beyond its personal significance, Lindsay Lohan’s triangle tattoo has captured public attention, contributing to discussions about tattoo symbolism and celebrity culture. Photographed during her travels and public appearances, the tattoo serves as a visual reminder of Lindsay’s journey, both in the spotlight and in personal growth.


Lindsay Lohan’s triangle tattoo on her left arm stands as more than a mere fashion statement. It is a deeply symbolic representation of spiritual unity, personal resilience, and the pursuit of dreams amidst life’s challenges. As Lindsay continues to navigate her career and personal life, this tattoo remains a poignant reminder of her journey—a journey marked by introspection, growth, and the enduring power of symbolic expression through body art.



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