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Lindsay Lohan's 10 Most Popular Tattoos

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Updated At  27 Jun 24

Lindsay Lohan, the multi-talented actress and singer, is known not only for her performances but also for her distinctive tattoo collection. Each tattoo tells a story, often reflecting significant moments and relationships in her life. Here's an in-depth look at Lindsay Lohan’s tattoos, their meanings, and the stories behind them.




Lindsay Lohan's 10 Tattoos With Meaning



Lindsay Lohan Traingle Tattoo on Arm


1. Triangle Tattoo on Left Arm

Lindsay Lohan’s left arm features a unique tattoo comprising two triangles, one inside the other, in red ink. This design is accompanied by the quote “What Dreams May Come” from Shakespeare’s *Hamlet*. The tattoo was done in 2013 during a private ceremony with her friend Liam McMullan, a former Page Six columnist. The two triangles symbolize danger and hazards, reflecting the idea that their souls are intertwined and must navigate the challenges of life together.


Lindsay Lohan Star Tattoo on wrist


2. Star Wrist Tattoo

On Lindsay’s left wrist, there is a small black star tattoo. This design dates back to as early as 2005 and is one of her simpler, yet significant, tattoos. Stars often symbolize guidance and hope, suggesting that this tattoo might represent a beacon of light in her journey through life and career.


Lindsay Lohan La Bella Vita Tattoo on lower back


3. La Bella Vita Lower Back Tattoo

Lindsay has the phrase “La Bella Vita,” meaning “The Beautiful Life” in Italian, tattooed on her lower back. This tattoo, which also shares the title of one of her 2005 songs, reflects her appreciation for life’s beauty and her Italian heritage. It’s a reminder to embrace and celebrate life’s beautiful moments.


Lindsay Lohan shhh Tattoo on finger


4. “Shhh...” Tattoo on Finger

In 2009, during a night out with friend Lily Allen, Lindsay got a “Shhh...” tattoo on her right index finger. This tattoo mirrors Rihanna’s famous design and signifies secrecy and discretion, perhaps a nod to the need for privacy in her highly publicized life.


Lindsay Lohan star and quote tattoo on right hand



5 & 6. Star and Quote Tattoo on Right Wrist

Lindsay has a red star tattoo on her right hand, which she got to match the star tattoos of her then-girlfriend Samantha Ronson. Alongside the star, there’s a quote by Brigitte Bardot: “I leave before being left. I decide.” This quote speaks to Lindsay’s desire for autonomy and control over her destiny.


i restore-myself-tattoo-lindsay-lohan



7. “I Restore Myself When I Am Alone” Quote Tattoo

On her right forearm, Lindsay has the quote “I restore myself when I am alone,” attributed to Marilyn Monroe. This tattoo, surrounded by colorful stars, reflects Lindsay’s connection to Monroe and underscores the importance of solitude for self-rejuvenation, especially following her breakup with Samantha Ronson.




8 & 9. Heart and Quote on Left Hand

Lindsay’s left hand features a black heart tattoo, initially done in white ink and later darkened. This matching tattoo with Samantha Ronson symbolizes love and their past relationship. Below the heart, Lindsay added the phrase “Live Without Regrets” in 2012, reflecting her commitment to living boldly and without looking back.




10. Left Arm Tattoo with Triangle and Numbers

Lindsay’s left inner arm showcases another red triangle, inspired by a concept from Steve Pavlina’s book *Personal Development for Smart People*. This tattoo represents personal growth and the seven principles highlighted in the book: love, truth, power, oneness, intelligence, authority, and courage. It serves as a reminder of her journey toward self-improvement and enlightenment.

Lindsay Lohan’s tattoos are not merely decorative; they are profound expressions of her life experiences, relationships, and personal philosophies. Each design holds a special place in her heart, narrating a chapter of her story.



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