Best Celebrity Tattoos With Meaning

21 Best Celebrity Tattoos With Meaning

Sheena Shah

Updated At  25 Jun 24

Tattoos aren't just skin deep—they're vibrant statements of identity, emotion, and unforgettable moments. Beyond their stunning appearance, celebrity tattoos are powerful symbols that resonate with fans worldwide, offering a peek into the private lives of the stars who proudly wear them. Join us as we explore the 21 best celebrity tattoos, each infused with a deep meaning and a story of their own.


21 Top Celebrity Tattoos

Here's a list of the 21 trending tattoos of the celebrities in 2024. Check out! 



1. Rose Watercolor Tattoo of Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez recently revealed her new tattoo: a pink rose dripping down her back, which matches one worn by her close friend, British model Cara Delevingne. The rose symbolizes her friendship with Delevingne, who affectionately calls her "Rosebud". This unique tattoo showcases the deep bond between the two friends and adds to the growing trend of meaningful body art among female celebrities.


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2. Billie Eilish Massive Back Tattoo

Celebrity tattoos often captivate the public, and Billie Eilish's latest ink has done just that. She stunned fans by revealing a dramatic new back tattoo in a series of images shared on her Instagram. The tattoo, which extends from the nape of her neck down her spine, has sparked widespread intrigue and admiration. This bold piece adds to her growing collection of body art, reflecting her evolving artistic expression and personal style.


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3. Cara Delevingne Lion Tattoo

Cara Delevingne’s most recognized tattoo is the iconic lion on her finger, a bold statement that reflects her fierce and fearless personality. This striking inking, located on her index finger, has become synonymous with her image and showcases her love for powerful tattoo designs. The placement of the tattoo on a visible yet small area, such as the finger, highlights how even minimalistic designs can have a significant impact without being overwhelming.


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4. Emily Ratajkowski Sly Tattoo for her Son

Emily Ratajkowski recently showcased a new tattoo on Instagram, featuring the word 'sly' in different fonts across two arms and the side of a foot. This latest ink is believed to be a heartfelt dedication to her son, Sylvester Apollo Bear, affectionately nicknamed 'Sly.' The tattoos serve as a symbolic tribute to her bond with her son.


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5. Miley Cyrus Dream Catcher Tattoo

Miley Cyrus recently added to her collection of celebrity tattoos with her fifth piece: a dream catcher inked along her ribcage. This unique design is reportedly meant to protect her four siblings, symbolizing her deep familial bond and protective nature. Her dream catcher tattoo is both cute and meaningful, reflecting her love and care for her family. This addition highlights the trend among female celebrities to use tattoos as a form of self-expression and a way to honor loved ones.


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6. Brooklyn Beckham's Unique Celebrity Tattoo

Brooklyn Beckham has a beautiful neck tattoo, a replica of a heartfelt love letter penned by his now-wife. This latest tattoo marks Beckham's fifth inspired by his relationship with Peltz, revealing their deep connection and his penchant for meaningful body art.

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7. Paris Jackson Spiritual Tattoo

Paris Jackson has an impressive collection of tattoos, each with its own unique meaning. Her spiritual chest piece tattoo features seven chakras; each encircled in a different color of the rainbow. You can draw inspiration from Paris Jackson’s chakra tattoo by exploring designs that reflect their own spiritual journeys or beliefs.



8. Bella Hadid's Arabic Tattoo

This tattoo of Bella Hadid appears to pay homage to her Palestinian heritage and are translated from Arabic to English as 'my love' and 'I love you'. This meaningful choice reflects Hadid's deep connection to her roots and showcases her appreciation for expressive body art.


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9. Hailey Bieber Minimalistic Tattoo

Hailey Bieber debuted a new minimalistic tattoo, showcasing a delicate 'J' initial adorned with a star, elegantly placed on her ring finger. This minimalist design serves as a heartfelt tribute to her husband, Justin Bieber. People can draw inspiration from Hailey's tattoo by considering how they can encapsulate important moments or relationships in their own lives with simple yet meaningful symbols.




10. Adele Saturn Tattoo Design

Adele has several delicate tattoos, but one of the most captivating is her Saturn design. Tattoos featuring celestial bodies like planets or stars can symbolize one's place in the universe, personal growth, or significant life changes.




11. Rihanna Underboob Tattoo

Rihanna has honored her late grandmother with a significant tattoo of an Egyptian goddess on her chest. The singer shared an Instagram post showcasing the fresh ink located between her breasts. This popular celebrity tattoo depicts the goddess Isis. This touching tribute is both a personal expression of love and a nod to the strength and resilience embodied by her grandmother, making it a source of inspiration for fans looking to memorialize their loved ones through meaningful tattoo designs.





12. Lady Gaga Trumpet Bicep Tattoo

Lady Gaga’s trumpet tattoo on her bicep is a striking piece of body art. The celebrity tattoo was designed by the legendary trumpet player Tony Bennett, with whom Gaga shares a deep musical connection. This unique and artistic tattoo reflects Gaga’s passion for jazz music and her admiration for Bennett.


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13. Kaia Gerber Angel Tattoo Design

You can find inspiration in Kaia Gerber's cherub tattoo by selecting designs that resonate with their own sense of beauty and meaning. Ribcage tattoos, like Gerber's, are intimate and versatile, allowing for easy concealment or display.

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14. Vanessa Hudgens Rocks Sunflower Sideboob Tattoo

Vanessa Hudgens' sunflower sideboob tattoo is a captivating and vibrant piece of body art. When she debuted the design on Instagram in 2020, it quickly became a fan favorite. The sunflower, often associated with positivity, warmth, and happiness, perfectly complements Hudgens' radiant personality.


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15. Ashley Benson Quirky Tattoo

Ashley Benson has "Pomme Frites" inked on her left arm, celebrating her fondness for French fries. Benson's tattoo is a reminder that tattoos can be both personal and whimsical, encouraging individuals to embrace their unique interests and showcase them with pride.



16. Jessica Alba Astrology Tattoos

Jessica Alba has three astrology tattoos, each one representing one of her children through their astrological signs, beautifully blending personal meaning with celestial symbolism. Astrology tattoos can be both cute and deeply personal, providing a unique way to celebrate important relationships and moments.



17. Demi Lovato Lion Tattoo

For those seeking inspiration, Lovato's lion tattoo demonstrates how body art can convey powerful personal attributes and serve as a reminder of one's inner strength. Whether you are male or female, a lion tattoo can be a meaningful way to embody courage and determination.


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18. Joe Jonas Cool Tattoo Design

Joe Jonas's line drawing tattoo is a perfect example of how minimalist designs can be deeply personal and endearing. It encourages individuals to explore line art for its simplicity and ability to convey heartfelt connections, creating timeless and stylish body art.



19. Moon Tattoo of Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has numerous small tattoos, but the delicate etching of a moon below her ear is especially cute. This tiny and elegant design adds a touch of whimsy and charm, perfectly complementing her style. The moon tattoo, symbolizing femininity, intuition, and cyclical change, is both meaningful and aesthetically pleasing.


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20. Halle Berry Vine Tattoo

Halle Berry's captivating tattoo features a vine that gracefully stretches from the nape of her neck to her waist, adorned with leaves that cascade down her back. This intricate and flowing celebrity tattoo design enhances her natural beauty and adds an element of elegance to her appearance.




21. Chrissy Teigen Meaningful Tattoo

The type of tattoo that Chrissy Teigen got, where she had the birthdays of her parents, husband, and children inked onto her forearm, can be categorized as a memorial or commemorative tattoo. These tattoos are specifically designed to honor and remember significant people, events, or dates in someone's life. In Chrissy's case, it serves as a permanent tribute to her family members' birthdays, symbolizing her deep connection and love for them.