Meaningful Flower Tattoos For Men And Women

55 Meaningful Flower Tattoos For Men And Women

Sahiba Tandon

Updated At  30 Apr 24

In the tattoo world, flower tattoos are considered to be among the most popular! The reason can be because there are thousands of different designs and icons to choose from that each person can interpret in their own way. So, the following are the best flower tattoos for both men and women with meaning that are stunning and will inspire anyone to get a flower tattoo themselves! 




55 Meaningful Flower Tattoos For Men And Women



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1. Orchid Flower Tattoo  

Orchids are very special flowers that are considered as positive since they are beautiful. These flowers are a symbol of charm and love. Furthermore, a colorful orchid flower in popular flower tattoo colors of blue and golden will add depth to the design!

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2. Rose Flower Tattoo 

A rose is a timeless and elegant flower choice that is preferred by many. The rose is the ideal sign of love and affection, thus making it a big symbol in a lot of categories, including in the world of tattoos. One of the popular women as well as men's tattoo, it looks stunning and had a deep meaning.


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3. Geometric Flower

Geometric patterns are pretty unique individually too but combining the geometric shapes and designs with a flower is just a match made in heaven! Geometric shapes represent structure because of their fine placement, while flowers are considered the icons of growth and beauty!



4. Small Flower With Leaves Tattoo

A small flower can be just as meaningful as a big tattoo to a person! A simple colorful bloomed flower with leaves is a sign of life and success and looks wonderful on any body part!


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5. Hand-holding Flower Tattoo 

A forearm sunflower tattoo of a hand holding any flower is common because it is the symbol of enlightenment and love. The flower inked can be for yourself or others, where it can mean that you are grateful. 



6. Flower Balloon Tattoo 

A forearm flower tattoo of a balloon that is being carried out by a big bunch of flowers is one of the most unique flower tattoos! It can be taken as a symbol of creativity, freedom, and traveling.


7. Aster Flower Tattoo 

Aster flower tattoos symbolize many themes including, bravery, knowledge, and faith. It is also the birth flower of September. People also get an aster flower tattoo to remember that they have the strength to help in tough times.

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8. Narcissus Flower 

A narcissus color flower tattoo as pretty and elegant as it is, is quite a popular flower tattoo. The bright flower is a representation of consciousness and creativity, and thus people like to get this tattoo for inspiration.

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9. Flower Cross Tattoo

A flower with a cross is a very spiritual sign. It is most likely suitable for people who believe in the beliefs of their religion and the beauty and representation of the flowers.

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10. Gladiolus Flower Tattoo

Gladiolus flower tattoo is a unique flower arm tattoo choice. The message of a gladiolus is care for family and elegance. It is rather quite important for some people and the permanent ink of this beautiful and unique design will always help them remember these qualities.

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11. Mandala Flower Tattoo

If you love the perfect geometry of mandalas and the beauty of flowers, then getting a mandala flower tattoo would be the best option for you. You can combine the message of symmetry and balance with the message of the positive attitude of flowers!

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12. Flower Moon Ankle Tattoo  

The moon is a sign of mystery, while flowers represent growth and adoration. Together, they make one beautiful tattoo design. You can go for different tattoo flower colors on a flower moon too, but even a traditional black-and-white design is enough for this mystical icon! 


13. Lotus Flower

Lotus flower tattoos on arms are available in hundreds of varieties! People are attracted to this particular flower because a lotus is a symbol of strength and prosperity. These are the qualities that every human wants to perceive one day. 


14. Black Rose Tattoo 

A very popular variety of rose tattoo is the symbol of a black rose. While a red rose is a sign of romance and pure adoration, a black rose represents rebellion and grief. Many people get this tattoo in memory of someone. if you are looking for a small meaningful tattoo, then this is an excellent option.



15. Rose and Lily Tattoo

Roses are the signs of love while lilies are of purity. The amalgamation of two of the most popular and beautiful flowers rose and lily, comes out as a picture-perfect tattoo that is further enhanced with the addition of leaves.

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16. Flower Bud Tattoo 

If you are someone who believes in growth and connection, then a blooming flower tattoo can mean a lot. A flower bud is the first stage of a blooming flower's life and it is a beautiful natural symbol for growth. Along with a bud, one can also pair it with a rose tattoo as well.



17. Outline Watercolor Flower 

An outline watercolor flower on an arm is the ideal mixture of the simplicity of an outline and the subtleness and beauty of watercolors. They are two different themes coming together. This tattoo may take some time for the procedure, but it will be a unique tattoo once done!

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18. Wildflowers Tattoo 

Why not get a bunch of wildflowers if you want an edgier flower tattoo design? Wildflowers grow in the harshest of climates but they are just as pretty. So, instead of getting a romantic flower bouquet, look at the attractive designs of wildflowers to get inspiration.


19. Freesia Flower Tattoo 

The beauty of friendship and trust between people is shown impeccably in a freesia flower tattoo. Add a shape like a square or a rectangle as a background to bring out the inked design on the body part.


20. Matching Birth Flower Wrist Tattoo 

The wrist flower tattoos for a matching birth flower will be a unique choice for the partners, as not only will they share the qualities of their birth flower but amongst themselves too!  


21. Flower With Quote Tattoo 

Getting the ink of the flower that means the most to you with the quote that inspires you to be your best self, helps you boost confidence, or for any other reason is a widely loved flower tattoo! This would be a very personalized tattoo that would make the combination of designs meaningful. 

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22. Memorial Flower Tattoo

People like to combine their love of a special person(s) with a special flower that is their favorite. This adds an incredible personal touch. The memorial flower tattoo would help you remember that your loved ones are always in your heart.



23. Flower and Book Tattoo 

If you are a book lover, then you can combine your love for books and flowers with a simple flower book tattoo! Books hold knowledge and experience while flowers represent growth and connection. Together this icon represents that through cultivating knowledge with books, one gets ideas and can achieve anything. 


24. Lavender Tattoo

A beautiful colored-upper arm tattoo of a lavender plant will not only be vibrant but since lavender means loyalty and tranquillity, the ink can also help inspire you to have the same qualities whenever you look at it!


25. Big Ankle Flower Bunch Tattoo 

A big flower pattern or bunch on your ankle will be a powerful and effective reminder of being together and communicating. With the big space on the ankle, you have the opportunity to make a garden scene with leaves, petals, butterflies, and more.

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26. Flower Name Tattoo

The combination of your or your loved ones’ favorite flowers with their name is bound to be a beautiful amalgamation! Add a simple flower bud or a rose alongside the name; the size of the tattoo doesn't matter as this flower will be the most personal one and should depend on the person.

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27. Pink Hibiscus Realistic Tattoo

A pink flower tattoo of a hibiscus is simple but cute! It is a reminder of success and glory. A realistic tattoo design of this flower with all the lines, leaves, and even a bee, is a great idea for both men and women. Drake, the popular Canadian singer, has this pink flower tattoo.

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28. Red Spider Lily Flower Tattoo 

If you are going for a colored flower tattoo that rather has an emotional meaning, instead of a bright one like most flowers, then a red spider lily flower is the ink design to go for. People who want to remember their loved ones or grieve, often get this tattoo. When it comes to tattoo placement, though one can place it anywhere, however, thiis one looks really stunning as a back tattoo since it gets a lot of space to showcase all the creativity.


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29. Sunflower Tattoo 

A big flower tattoo on the forearm, particularly a sunflower would be a bright and beautiful ink design choice. A sunflower represents growth and is a very positive symbol.


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30. Flower Wreath Tattoo 

A flower laurel tattoo is the symbol of victory and knowledge. This tattoo works on any body part but looks quite spectacular around the malleolus on the ankle as it covers it from all sides.


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31. Matching Ankle Flower Tattoo

Matching tattoos on both of the ankles that go together are a rare and beautiful combination. Furthermore, in a floral tattoo for ankles, you can add wording that means something special to you. Like one part of the quote can be done alongside an icon, while the other ankle has flowera, completing the quote.



32. Flower with Butterfly Tattoo 

A rose and butterfly tattoo will be the perfect choice for you if you like the themes of nature’s beauty! The combination of a shoulder flower tattoo and a butterfly is a sentimental symbol of beauty, grace, and breakthrough.  


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33. Daisy Tattoo 

Getting this cute flower tattoo on your arm, especially with colors to make it appear more realistic would be quite special. In the flower world, daisies are considered cheerful flowers that represent new beginnings and  said to bring joy.



34. Dainty Flower Tattoo 

Just because they are delicate, doesn't mean small flowers are less beautiful or special. The same is said for a dainty flower tattoo too! Different dainty foral tattoos or even a single small cute flower tattoo shows that each and everyone has their own unique beauty and we shouldn't judge anyone. 


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35. Blooming Flower Tattoo

A blooming flower tattoo shows the journey of a flower and how it finally becomes its beautiful self in some individual tattoos. This journey of a blooming flower can represent the circle of life and the nature of the world. 


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36. Rose And Daisy Tattoo 

Roses and daisies are quite special flowers in their way with roses being the universal symbol of romantic love and daisies representing purity. Together, they make one fine bouquet that looks perfect on any body part!


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37. Different Flowers Shoulder Tattoo 

If you'd like a big tattoo coverage, then you can combine different flowers (rose, lavender, and lily are very popular choices) that go throughout your whole shoulder as a reminder that you have the beauty within. 



38. Finger Flower Tattoo

You can even get a microflower tattoo on one of your fingers if you do not want to have a big permanent ink on your body. Even a simple tattoo like this can mean a lot to some! Plus, this body placement of a tattoo is very convenient as you'll see it almost every day while doing any task!  


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39. Flower With Bird Tattoo

Birds and flowers are close creatures of nature. This pretty combination would thus be admired by people who have a deep love for the natural environment. These icons are taken as a gesture of peace and harmony.


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40. Tulip Tattoo 

Instead of getting just a big flower tattoo, there are many microflower tattoos that one can choose their design from. Tulips represents themes of unconditional love and rebirth and they are quite popular to be done as hand tattoos.


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41. Peonies Tattoo

If you are looking for a new inspiration to get cute floral ink, then look at the beautiful designs of a peony hip flower tattoo, as they are subtle yet quite meaningful. Peonies represent wealth and good relationships in harmony.


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42. Dandelion Tattoo

Dandelions are very poised and pretty. They represent a new journey after letting go of the negativity. A simple dandelion with its petals going away, as if from the wind is the perfect image of letting go and freedom.



43. Cornflower Tattoo 

This particular flower is quite underrated and holds some of the most amazing qualities. Cornflowers are said to have qualities of resilience and building strong relationships. You can get a cornflower rib tattoo in full ink to make it appear more realistic!



44. Flower and Cup Tattoo 

You can go for a cup with the flowers of your choice if you are connected with the themes of relaxation and happiness. It reminds us to enjoy the simple pleasure of having hot beverages in the beauty of nature.

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45. Cherry Blossom Tattoo 

If you like the vibrant world of romance and joy, then getting a cherry blossom flower or plant tattoo would be one of the best options. Why? Because these pretty pink flowers are very lucky and are said to bring fortune. 



46. Flower Heart Tattoo 

The heart, particularly, the anatomical heart alongside flowers, is a combination of two popular common tattoo icons. It represents loving emotions and feelings.


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47. Poppy Flower Tattoos

The poppy flower is an emotional symbol of sacrifice, and its tattoo is mostly done to remember someone or something. With its rich red and pink hues, the tattoo will be more vibrant if done in colored ink.



48. Flowers With Lightbulb Tattoo 

As the lightbulb is among the most inked designs in the tattoo world, which means knowledge and creativity, combining and getting this inked with flowers (icons of affection and love) would give you the best of both worlds!

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49. Flower Tattoo With Names In Petals

Flower tattoos with names in petals are done and appreciated by people who are really close to some people in their lives. They can be taken as a gesture of love or even done in memory.


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50. Jasmine Neck Tattoo 

Jasmine flower tattoos are one of a kind. They typically don't get much attention but these fragrant floras are symbolic of enlightenment to a positive change. Getting this tattoo on the neck would represent that you are not afraid to change for the better.


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51. Flower Band Tattoo 

The flower band with its ideal circle shape is a symbol for many things. Particularly, it represents the universe and life inside it. Get a floral band tattoo with flowers, leaves, and vines, if you prefer a detailed design.


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52. Shoulder Matching Flower Tattoo 

The shoulder-matching flowers will make a beautiful accessory-type appearance for the person. They will have the flowers close to their heart; this can help them remember the qualities of the flower and why they have chosen a particular flower.


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53. Lilac Tattoo 

Lilac is seen as the mark of regeneration and spirituality. The best thing about a lilac flower design is that it can be inked minimalistically or as decoratively with different hues of purple and greens as the person desires!


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54. Flower Bouquet Tattoo 

A thigh tattoo of a flower bouquet or any flower plant tattoo can be a very big and special tattoo as it will hold the qualities of all the flowers that you have chosen to get inked. It is the recommended choice if you have numerous flowers that you find a connection with. 


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55. Flower and Lion Tattoo 

The flora and fauna go hand in hand! If we think about it, there are many types of animals we can choose to combine with a flower tattoo but particularly, a lion goes with them quite nicely since it brings an opposite force of strength to the subtle message of joyous flowers! 

We hope that these types of tattoo designs provide ideas on how you can make a flower tattoo yours! Remember to try to find a connection with the tattoo you are planning to get!