Rose Tattoo Designs

31 Stunning Rose Tattoo Designs - 2024


Updated At  04 Jan 24


There are many different reasons to get a tattoo. For instance, you may honour a loved one and your bond, talk about your hobbies and passions, or remind yourself of what matters most in life. The appeal of tattoo designs is that you can personalise them to best express your preferences, from simple, basic designs to detailed, photorealistic pieces. To enhance your self-confidence and sensation of strength, use body art to adorn yourself or choose pictures that have many symbolic meanings.




Rose Tattoo Meaning

The rose is one of the most elegant flower tattoos to design and create for tattoo artists because of its complexity. The most intense level of desire has been symbolically represented throughout history by a rose tattoo, which can indicate either love gained or lost. No other flower can compare to the beauty and historical significance of this blossom, which perfectly balances beauty and emotion

Our interpretation of the rose is deeply rooted in passion and love. It is a prickly flower that gives us a glimpse of what we define as love and affection, whether it manifests as strewn petals or a bouquet. This flower has a long history of associations with passion, excess, and love, not to mention high regard in many different cultures. Everyone acknowledges the rose as a significant, common flower with great reverence.


Rose Tattoo Colors With Meaning

Roses come in a variety of types and hues, including white, red, blue, black, yellow, and pink. Red roses stand for love and romance; black represents death; pink stands for desire, and yellow represents a hat. These are all potent symbols. For every event, roses are the best option. When courageous soldiers died in combat during the Roman Empire, beautiful flowers were laid on their graves as a sign of bloodletting.



31 Best Rose Tattoo Designs For 2024


Our guide captures the best rose tattoo designs on hand, fingers and neck. These include colorful tattoos on different colors like red, yellow and black along with all new tattoo designs.


Rose Tattoos Designs On Hand




1. Back Tattoo

One of the top back tattoo design options is to opt for a red rose design. Match it with green leafs, a quote or a star and it will make a stunning design.




2. Rose Tattoo In Red

Red roses are a timeless choice for a tattoo. This fashion is classic and looks well in many different settings. With this item, you can't go wrong whether you choose an Asian or realistic design. Make sure to change the colours every few years as this particular tint is prone to fading over time.

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3. Rose Tattoo On Thigh 

Another beautiful tattoo placement option for a rose design is to get it on the thigh. It gives you ample space to experiment with your creativity. One can opt for a red rose tattoo alongwith leafs and stems to make the tattoo standout.




4. Small Rose Tattoo

Small rose tattoos are proof positive that a little bit can go a long way. There is no disputing the allure of a little, understated rose inked precisely where it should be.

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5. Rose Design On Foot

A rose tattoo on foot looks elegant and beautiful. The combination of red rose and green leafs makes the design looks really nice.





6. The Spicy Rose Tattoo

This tattoo has some amazing details and gives you a very spicy look. Every single little detail is made with patience and care. You can carve it on the inner arm of your hand. 

You can also get a lucky tattoo if you are looking for a unique and elegant tattoo design.




7. The Yellow Rose Tattoo

Sailor Jerry himself was one of the first tattoo artists to create yellow rose tattoos, and they still hold the same allure today as they did back in the day. Yellow rose tattoos are another option to read with a message all their own-friendship, loyalty, and joy.

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8. Rose With Flames

Flames are another way to express your passion for love and desire. Well, this tattoo has both the strong signs of love -the rose and the flames. Rose helps you to find and express love whereas the flames explain the desire and passion for love.




9. Small Red Tattoos

One of the top rose tattoos has been the small red tattoo designs which can be placed anywhere on the hand or arms.




10. Rose And Butterfly Tattoo

Looking for a new tattoo design, then one can opt for a red rose alongwith a butterfly. A red rose signifies love, passion, and beauty, while a butterfly represents transformation, freedom, and the beauty of life. Together, this tattoo symbolizes a metamorphosis or positive change in love, embracing the vibrant and fleeting nature of life's experiences.




11. Black Rose Tattoo

A black rose is normally associated with concepts like farewell, death, and mourning. However, it can also symbolize rebirth, new beginnings, or the overcoming of challenges.





12. Rose With Year

This tattoo speaks for itself. Remember the first time you fall in love or the first time you finally confessed to someone, well now you can carve that day in your life with a remembrance of a rose and a sign of love. One can also opt for rose and butterfly tattoos as these look stunning and have a deep meaning as well.



13. Rose With Stem And Leaves

This finished design forgoes colour in favour of shading and is done in various tones of grey and black. Due to the design, the outcome is both timeless and somewhat contemporary.

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14. The Twin Rose

In general, two roses are the most romantic number since they can be arranged next to or hand in hand when you're honouring your spouse or another particular individual. Two roses together stand for the intimacy of the heart and the beauty of being together.




15. Small Rose

Although these pretty flowers are typically drawn in vivid colours, black and simple drawings that mimic pencil on paper can be just as striking. Drawings of roses on tattoos demonstrate that a lovely bloom doesn't always require colour.

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16. Simple Rose

Simple rose tattoos are the ideal option for a small amount of subtle ink because of their distinctive shape and significant meaning.




17. The Lavender Rose

This beautiful lavender rose symbolises the beauty of life through sacrifice braveness and love.




18. Minimal Rose Sun Moon And World’s Tattoo

Yes, it is possible to obtain a tattoo that includes the world, a rose, the sun, and the moon all in one very delicate design. The "lightness" of this tattoo is emphasised by the use of little linework and the absence of colour. The little images' precise detail serves as proof of the artist's talent. Of course, the forearm's stretch provides the ideal surface for this lengthy vertical pattern. 




19. Rose With Rosary

A rose represents love. A rose and rosary are symbols of love and faith. Do check out our guide on Hawaiian tattoos to find the best tattoos for females as we cover 50+ stunning ideas.




20. Black Rose Tattoo

Making a statement with a black rose tattoo is a great idea. The delicate design will contrast with the dark tones. Whether you choose something big and bold or something modest and understated, you'll want to show this ink off to everyone!



Rose Tattoo On Fingers 

Due to their diminutive size and potential for great strength, small rose hand tattoos are a popular choice among contemporary clients. The hue of the rose is frequently thought to have equal significance to its symbolism. As time has passed, distinct hues have come to represent the rose's most potent characteristics, and meticulous cultivation has allowed for a wide range of varieties which are as follows.



21. One Line Rose

A very simple and basic yet aesthetic-looking single-line rose symbolises the simplicity and innocence of love. This rose is carved on the middle finger (inner).

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22. Small Black Rose

Black rose tattoos are used as a particular design style to represent a combination of death, grief, and sorrow. The memorial black rose, thorn and stem, or flower arrangement may allude to a material loss, such as the passing of a close friend or significant person in the collector's life.



23. Index Finger Rose

What can make your fingers look good than carving a tattoo? This beautiful long yet small rose covers your full finger including the stem and thorns of the rose.





24.  Aesthetic Rose

One of the unique wedding ring tattoos, this aesthetic rose design is a small sign of love.




25. The Couple Rose

Like the twin roses, you can now carve these beautiful small roses on your middle finger to express your love for each other.




26. Small Red Rose

This is a typical yet simple red rose. The small little red rose looks very tiny but can define many things like the red colour cab depict passion for love and the stem depicts support. 



Rose Tattoo Designs On The Neck

A rose neck tattoo is undoubtedly another striking design. Again, the symbolism, significance, and historical attraction of this specific flower make it ideal for illustration, whether on its own or as a component of a larger composition. While carving a tattoo on your neck there are many things that you should keep in mind First, the type of art is important: Bolder designs that need a fill-in may hurt more than finer lines. Second, hand-crafted artwork may be the difference-maker. Here are some more ideas for you if you want to make a rose neck tattoo



27. The Half-Neck Rose

This is a full-neck rose tattoo that will cover half of the neck from the spine to the front of your throat. Every single little detail in this tattoo will be carved by an expert with patience 



28. Two Roses

This tattoo will be made on the back of the neck. It’s a very simple design with two roses.  The beauty of being together and the warmth of the heart are symbolised by two roses together.



29. The Heart Rose

Both men and women enjoy getting tattoos of hearts and roses. Both the rose and the heart are potent, universally recognised symbols. Typically, the heart and rose stand for passion, love, and desire.



30. Small Thorn Rose

This rose comes with a very different and unique style if you look closely you can see the spikes around the leaves of the roses which depict the passion, sacrifice and dark side of love.



31. Red Rose

This beautiful tattoo depicts the growing love in your life as the buds of the roses are still young and the rose is evergreen.