Modern Backhand Mehndi Designs

31 Modern Backhand Mehndi Designs Trending In 2024

Pooja Angurasu

Updated At  01 Feb 24

An ideal occasion is not complete without an adorable mehndi design. Every major event is traditionally marked with mehndi on our front hands, yet most of us overlook the backhand. So let's emphasize our backhand and make it stand out by adding embellishments to these 31 stylish and modern backhand mehndi designs for 2024.


31 Modern Backhand Mehndi Designs




1. Modern Backhand Mehndi

Modern backhand mehndi embraces contemporary style, featuring chic patterns and geometric squares. Observe the open space in this mehndi as its a differentiating factor of the design. The fusion of tradition and trend creates a stunning design that adds a touch of sophistication to your hands. If you are looking for inspiration for easy mehndi designs, then this is an amazing option.




2. Chain Henna

This modern mehndi design with chain design and open spaces looks stunning. The fingers carry a simple pattern whereas the rest of the hand has lots of open spaces. The semicircle gets conected through the chain from the index finger and it looks gorgeous. 




3. New Design

If you are looking for a new and latest pattern in backhand mehndi, then this mehndi design with extended patterns connected to one of the fingers can be an amazing option.




4. Circle Mehndi

One can also go minimal and opt for combination of circle and finger mehndi design.  The connected design from one of the fingers looks stunning and adds charm to the look.




5. Minimal Backhand

Minimal mehndi designs are trending in 2024. If you are looking for inspiration, do check this one. A delicate design adorns the middle finger, giving it a special touch in minimal mehndi. The backhand keeps it simple and pretty with just a few lovely patterns.




6. Mandala Backhand

The backhand mehndi features an enchanting mandala or circle at the center, adding a touch of charm. Simple designs gracefully adorn the fingers, creating a delightful and easygoing pattern.


Modern backhand mehndi design-23

7. The Modern Shoe

A bride can choose this gorgeous modern mehndi design if she wants her mehndi to look more contemporary.


Modern backhand mehndi design-8

8. Modern Semicircle

Classic components like lotuses and leaves are visible, yet they nonetheless give the mehndi a stunningly contemporary appearance.


Modern backhand mehndi design-2

9. Fashionable Mehndi Design For Brides

To rock the wedding alongside the bride, bridesmaids can embellish this incredible and modern backhand mehndi design.


Modern backhand mehndi design-17

10. The Modern Artwork

Interested in trying some intriguing and trendy mehndi? Then, give your gorgeous hands this modern mehndi design.


Modern backhand mehndi design-1

11. Net Pattern

One of the simplest modern mehndi designs is this one, so even beginners could experiment with it. What a gorgeous modern mehndi design for your pretty backhand!


Modern backhand mehndi design-14


12. Big Florals

This modern mehndi design is made up of gorgeous arabesque-patterned flowers. Fall in love with this stylish backhand mehndi design!


Modern backhand mehndi design-3

13. Lace Pattern

Everyone should give this fresh and fashionable backhand mehndi design a try. Keep this modern mehndi design for upcoming occasions.


Modern backhand mehndi design-22

14. Contemporary Mehndi

This modern backhand mehndi design features beautiful Arabic-style leaf movement. Let's elegantly add embellishments to this modern mehndi design.


Modern backhand mehndi design-7

15. Pretty Mehndi Design

The grandeur of this modern mehndi design is in the finger patterns. The swirls add a lot of beauty to this pattern.


Modern backhand mehndi design-9

16. Trendy Mehndi Design

Choosing a western-style outfit? then this modern mehndi design is ready to give your celebrations a touch of sophistication.


Modern backhand mehndi design-6

17. Simple Mehndi Design

This is a contemporary take on the art of simplicity. It's important to save this modern mehndi design.


Modern backhand mehndi design-24

18. Arabic Florals

What makes this modern mehndi design so amazing are the scattered dots and the way the paisley and flowers are all infused.



19. Modern Roses

Here is one of the greatest modern backhand mehndi designs! Bestow these lovely blossoms on your hands!


Modern backhand mehndi design-15


20. The Art of Minimalism

One of the more approachable modern mehndi designs is this one. Fans of minimalism, remember to save this design.


Modern backhand mehndi design-16

21. Modern Lotus

One of the traditional features, the lotus, is given a sleek and distinctive makeover in this modern mehndi design.


Modern backhand mehndi design-12

22. Sophisticated Mehndi Design

This modern mehndi design has been exquisitely adorned with intricate circles and boldly outlined blooms.


Modern backhand mehndi design-19

23. A Stringed Instrument

Each flower and leaf has been meticulously carved with tiny, fine lines that resemble strings on an instrument.


Modern backhand mehndi design-20

24. Modern Henna Tattoo

This modern backhand mehndi design's multifaceted circles have never taken away from its appealing appearance.


Modern backhand mehndi design-18

25. Modern Florals

Searching for a chic and intricate mehndi design? The hunt will now come to an end. Just save this incredible piece of art!


Modern backhand mehndi design-4

26. The Feminine Energy

The serene female face in this modern mehndi design stands for radiant feminine energy.


Modern backhand mehndi design-11

27. Geometric Mehndi Design

This creative and modern mehndi design provides an exclusive touch. Wearing this pattern to a party or wedding will complement your attire.


Modern backhand mehndi design-10

28. Modern Wheels

This stylish and modern mehndi pattern is ideal for those with broad, pretty palms.


Modern backhand mehndi design-21


29. Symmetric Mehndi Design

Searching for an exemplary mehndi design? Then, a unique, stylish mehndi design has been hand-picked just for them.


Modern backhand mehndi design-13

30. The Half Moon

This elegant, sophisticated, and simple mehndi design will elevate your spiritual journey. Novices can choose this stylish mehndi design.


Modern backhand mehndi design-5

31. Unique Florals

Arabic patterns have been artfully applied to the blooms in this modern mehndi design.