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51 Stunning David Beckham Tattoos With Meaning

Pooja Angurasu

Updated At  05 Nov 23


From 16 to 60 tattoos rule the fashion world. There is no doubt that David Beckham has been the leading face when it comes to new styles and trends compared to other football players. Throughout his career as a football player, Beckham has used his looks and tattoos to make a living in the fashion industry and continues to do so even after his retirement. If you are looking for cool tattoos for men, you must check out David Beckham's tattoos.


51 David Beckham Tattoos



1. Rose And 7 Tattoos

These David Beckham tattoos show love toward his wife. Beckham revealed two new tattoos on his left fingers earlier during the year when he made a surprise visit to New York for his wife's fashion week show. A tattoo featuring the number 7 was inked on the pinkie finger. While the rose finger tattoo is inked just above his wedding ring finger and looks like a tribute to his wife Victoria.

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2. Running Angels

David Beckham is a man who shows his emotion and love through his tattoo. This David Beckham tattoo also represents his love for his life. David Beckham’s got his first lower body tattoo featuring two classic angels from partway up his calf running to the ankle. The tattoo is placed on his left leg and shows a couple running which signifies him and his wife.


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3. Rose Tattoo On Neck

This David Beckham tattoo shows love towards his daughter. This tattoo shows the priceless relationship between dad and daughter. Beckham felt that the ‘Pretty Lady’ tattoo did not do any justice to show their affection towards his daughter and got a rose tattoo done just above Harper’s name. Along with the tattoos, David Beckham hairstyles are extremely popular.



4. The Ship On Right Rib

This David Beckham tattoo shows the commemoration of his father. Beckham also has a tattoo of a ship which is placed on the right side of his ribs just above the lengthy Biblical text. Beckham further revealed that his father too shares a similar tattoo. If you check Chris Evans tattoos, he has an amazing Eckhart Tolle Quote Tattoo on his collarbone.



5. The Powerful Eagle

This David Beckham tattoo shows the eagle inked near his left armpit. This tattoo was inked by Mark Mahoney at Shamrock Social Club. The Eagle is his favourite animal and the tattoo personally signifies the challenges that come across him.


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6. We Love You, Daddy

This David Beckham tattoo shows love towards his son. David got another tattoo as a tribute for his son on the left side of his rib. Placed just above his 1975 tattoo, it was written by his boys which says, “We love you, daddy”.



7. Cute Little Girl

This David Beckham tattoo is a symbol of love for his daughter. One of Beckham’s popular tattoos, the tattoo on his palm honour his daughter’s creative skills. The tattoo is a picture of a stick figure of a little girl wearing a triangle-shaped frock and extending her arms out. Besides the girl, there is a tiny sketch of a heart next to it.

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8. My Love

This David Beckham tattoo shows a great impact of love for his wife. Beckham got a new script tattoo this month inked on his knuckles reading My Love. It was first seen during a basketball game in LA.


9. The Horse

This David Beckham tattoo is on the right side of his neck. The Horse tattoo was one of Beckham’s boldest tattoos. The tattoo which is the head of a mighty horse was unveiled by his partner Victoria Beckham on Instagram. David got this tattoo for his wife, Victoria, who is very fond of horse riding. This neck tattoo was inked by the tattoo artist, Mark Mahoney, at Shamrock Social Club in California.



10. Buster Tattoo

This David Beckham tattoo is on the right side of his neck. On August 31, 2015, David got the tattoo ‘Buster’ on the right side of his neck. This tattoo is a tribute to his eldest son ‘Brooklyn Joseph’ who was born on March 4, 1999. Buster is the nickname of his son, Brooklyn. On August 31, 2015, David uploaded a picture of this tattoo on his Instagram account.



11. Forever By Your Side

This David Beckham tattoo is on his left forearm. Along with a 6-inch tattoo of lingerie-clad Victoria, David added the tattoo ‘Forever By Your Side’ inked on his left forearm. David was never satisfied with the tattoos he got for his wife and so he decided to add another one to the collection. The new tattoo was placed beneath his wife’s photoshoot art that read “Forever by your side” accompanied by a star.


12. Man Of Sorrows

The David Beckham tattoo is a tribute to his grandfather Joe West who passed away in 2009 at the age of 83. The image is a portrait of Jesus Christ on the way to the cross. The inspiration for the tattoo is drawn from a painting called The Man Of Sorrows by Catholic artist Matthew R. Brooks.


13. David Beckham Cloud Tattoo

This David Beckham tattoo has clouds placed below the angel of the right upper arm. The clouds signify that Beckham dreamed of a bigger future. The clouds and other tats together make up David Beckham’s sleeve tattoo. The clouds and cherub design over his shoulders with the other tats on his arm and wrist make one continuous piece of ‘artwork’.


14. Angel And "Let Them Hate As Long As They Fear"

This David Beckham tattoo filled his whole right arm with ink and went on to get another angel tattoo. The quotation was inspired by Emperor Tiberius of the Roman Empire. To mark his family’s move to States after signing for LA Galaxy, David treated himself with a Templar Knight tattoo. The design includes the Latin motto "Let them hate as long as they fear."


15. Pray For Me

When Beckham made his move from the Santiago Bernabeu to the MLS in 2007 to play for LA Galaxy, Beckham got the ‘Pray for me’ tattoo inked on his right wrist along with clouds. The tattoo signifies the challenges he came across at that time.


16. Victoria And Hummingbird

This David Beckham has the name of his wife ‘Victoria’ inked on his right hand. David married Victoria on July 4, 1999. Along with his wife’s name, David got the tattoo of a ‘hummingbird’ inked which symbolizes love, harmony, charm, hope, and good times.


 17. 99

This David Beckham tattoo is related to the year 1999’ which was a memorable one for Beckham as he tied the knot with Victoria on July 4, 1999. He has also helped his team, ‘Manchester United’ to a European Treble, winning the Premier League, FA Cup, and UEFA Champions League in the same year. Not only this but his eldest son ‘Brooklyn Joseph’ was also born in 1999.


18. Dream Big Be Unrealistic

The David Beckham tattoo is inspired by a phrase used by American rapper Jay-Z during a concert. Beckham found the phrase so meaningful, that he decided to ink it on his body.


19. David Beckham Stars Tattoo

Stars tattoos are the symbols of the ability to overcome the darkness with continuous efforts and dedication. This David Beckham tattoo on his body also features the ink comprising of a couple of stars which is placed near the portrait tattoo of his wife Victoria.


20. Ut Avem Ut Foam

The David Beckham tattoo is of Latin phrase which says 'So that I love and cherish. It is just seated below Victoria’s tattoo in the Devanagari script.



21. Victoria Tattoo

This David Beckham tattoo shows love for his wife. David wanted to show their love for his wife Victoria and decided a tattoo her name on the inner side of his left forearm. Choosing to make it even more innovative, he opted for the Devanagari script or the Hindu script. The tattoo eventually ended up spelling 'Victoria' and received a lot of flak.


22. I Am beloved And My Beloved Is Mine

This David Beckham tattoo shows his unconditional love for his wife. On the occasion of their 6th anniversary, Beckham decided to pay tribute to his wife with this quote. The text is borrowed from the Book of Solomon and is also found inked on Victoria’s body.


23. Cupid and Psyche

The David Beckham tattoo is based on a 15th century Renaissance painting by artist Francisco Francia. The tattoo displays the Love God Cupid carrying his wife Psyche to heaven. The only change Beckham made in the tattoo was the addition of a scarf on Psyche’s nude body.


24. 1975

This David Beckham tattoo says his birth year. While most of Beckham’s tattoos are about his family, The Real Madrid star wanted one about himself. A tiny tattoo on his left ribcage refers to the year he arrived in the world – 2nd May 1975.


25. The Chinese Proverb

This David Beckham wanted another expressive script inked on his body and therefore went ahead with a Chinese motif which he got done in 2008 in Hong Kong. The text reads 'Death and life have determined appointments. Riches and hour depend upon heaven' running down vertically on his left side. This design came in 2008.


26. Mum And Dad

The latest of David Beckham’s new tattoos, features ‘Mum & Dad’ which is located on the footballer's left side, just below his new 1975 tattoo. The tattoo is so close to the Chinese text tattoo that they almost collide. During an interview on The Jonathan Ross Show in 2013, David revealed that his sons have already made plans to get their own “Mum & Dad” tattoos when they are older. And daddy Beckham thought by getting a “Mum & Dad” tattoo of his own, he and his kids would eventually end up with similar tattoos.


27. The Ten Roses

The David Beckham tattoo of roses is yet another tattoo which exhibits their respect for his wife. The tattoo features a ring of roses inked around Beckham’s left arm near the elbow. The ten roses in the ink were used to mark the couple's 10th anniversary.


28. Victoria Image Tattoo

The David Beckham tattoo which sits vertically on the left side of his arm is the image of his wife Victoria Beckham from a Bridget Bardot inspired shoot she did for a Pop magazine in 2007, which is said to be one of Beckham’s favourites. Though it appears tiny, the artwork is as long as six inches.


29. Spiritual Imperfection

This David Beckham Tattoo shows his interest in spirituality. Latin phrase meaning Spiritual imperfection. The Manchester United legend went for another Latin phrase tattoo, this time on his right arm. The tattoo reads "Perfection In Spiritu", which means Spiritual Perfection.


30. Roman Numeral VII Seven

David Beckham took a break from tattoos for several years before getting the number 7 tattooed onto his inner right forearm, written in Roman numerals. The number is special to him as it's the shirt number he donned for Manchester United and England. It is also the middle name of his daughter Harper.


 31. Cross

Beckham has a tattoo on the inner side of his right arm which fails to get noticed most of the time. The Cross is a representation of the Knights Templar.


32. Roman Numbers

In 2006 David and Victoria got matching wrist tattoos of the Roman numerals VIII.V.MMVI, which stand for the date of their secret commitment ceremony on May 8, 2006. This David Beckham tattoo represents their mutual understanding.


33. The Swallow

The David Beckham swallow tattoo is a popular tattoo made by the sailors who used the tats to represent how far they had travelled. In Beckham’s case, the swallow tattoo represents the love and devotion he has towards his family.


34. 723

This David Beckham tattoo represents his favourite combination of numbers 723. The tattoo ‘723’ refers to the jersey numbers David which he wore during his football career. He wore the number 7 jersey for both Manchester United and England. He wore the number 23 jersey for Real Madrid and LA Galaxy.


35. Lead With Love

David got these tattoos inked in 2011. The tattoo ‘Love’ is for his love, loyalty, and devotion towards his family. A Swallow tattoo is a symbol of emotions and feelings for your loved ones.


36. Love

This tattoo was done by Beckham in the year 2011. Inked on his left hand, the tattoo includes the word ‘Love’ written in script with an image of a wallow next to it.


37. Cross And Wings

Another David Beckham tattoo came in 2004 when he added a winged cross to the back of his neck. Beckham celebrated his move to Real Madrid by flying back to Manchester to get the tattoo done. This sacred tattoo features a Gothic-style sketch of the cross which is surrounded by two delicately drawn angels with wings.


38. Romeo

When Beckham gave birth to his second child Romeo, David included the tattoo of his name above the guardian angel on his back. Like Brooklyn’s tattoo, Romeo’s name is also featured in the Gothic scriptThis David Beckham tattoo shows his love for his son.


39. Guardian Angel

Beckham’s upper back tattoo of a guardian angel was made a year later after he got Brooklyn’s name tattoo done. The fine idea behind the design is that the angel is watching over Brooklyn’s name below. The David Beckham tattoo received a lot of popularity and signified the love Beckham had for his son.


40. Cruz

Giving birth to another son, his third baby meant that Beckham had to once again visit the tattoo parlour. David Beckham had Cruz’s tattoo done in the year 2005 and it featured his name in the gothic script as well.


41. Pretty Lady

The David Beckham tattoo is a tribute to his youngest child, his four-year-old girl Harper. He got the words ‘pretty lady’ engraved above his daughter's name, on the occasion of her fourth birthday.


42. Harper

David Beckham also wanted to pay tribute to his youngest child, Harper. Therefore he decided to get his daughter's name inked on his neck. This David Beckham tattoo shows his love for his daughter.


43. Lady In The Forest

This David Beckham tattoo is the mysterious one which can represent his mysterious life.


44. Angel And "In The Face Of Adversity"

Made in 2005, Beckham got it done after his personal assistant Rebecca Loss claimed she had an affair with him. The Real Madrid star used it to describe his feelings of distress during that period. He said everyone has a way of expressing their thoughts and his way is through tattoos.


45. Two Cherubs

The David Beckham tattoo of two cherubs is placed on his upper right arm. The cherubs are said to represent his first two sons Romeo and Brooklyn.


46. Biblical Text

David shares a lot of affinity for textual tattoos and decided to get one on top of his Man of Sorrows tattoo. The tattoo features a large block of writing that appears to be a biblical quote which is inked on the right side of his ribcage.


47. Tiny Birds

Adding more to his tattoos collection, David got inked four tiny birds on the left side of his neck which continues till the backside of his left ear. Birds' tattoos are the symbols of freedom, hope, new beginnings, peace, and calmness.


48. Tiny Rose

This is not the first time that David got the rose tattoo inked on his body. A tiny rose tattoo is just near his left ear which represents his emotional side of him, expressing his love, emotions, and affections towards his family.


49. Solar System Tattoo

David got the tattoo of the ‘solar system’ inked on the left side of his head which is rarely visible. This tattoo was inked in April 2018. This David Beckham Tattoo represents his head as his universe where he gets his ideas, thoughts, emotion and everything.


50. 32

Number 32 was the jersey number of Beckam for the AC Milan Club in 2009 when Beckham joined Milan on loan from January 7, 2009.


51. My Love

David never misses a single chance to express his love for his wife, Victoria. He too got this tattoo inked for his wife.