Polynesian Tattoos For Men

25 Best Polynesian Tattoos For Men - 2023


Updated At  05 Oct 23

Over a thousand islands in the Pacific Ocean make up the Polynesia region. These tribes, which include Marquesans, Samoans, Niueans, Tongans, Cook Islanders, Hawaiians, Tahitians, and Maori, are among the world's most distinctive and culturally diverse. The tattoos worn by these tribes are what unites them. They saw tattoos as more than just body art. Every line and curve that formed up a tattoo had a very meaningful significance, and each tattoo artistically communicated a story.

The most obvious justification is that they look good. Men typically select one of these tattoos while perusing tattoo ideas, even if they are unaware of the symbolism or cultural importance behind it. The themes of tattoos revolve around the harmony and balance seen in nature as well as the struggle between light and dark. Because these themes are universal, people get these polynesian tattoos with meaning. Here we have listed some of the tattoos ranging from Polynesian leg tattoos for male to polynesian tattoo designs on forearm:


25 Best Polynesian Tattoos For Men




1) Polynesian Turtle Tattoo

All Polynesian tribes place a high value on turtle tattoos and are popular among them. The turtle, also known as the honu, is regarded as a symbol of wellbeing, fertility, harmony, stability, and long life. In the Marquesan language, the word hono, which means "turtle," has numerous connotations. It also stands for the concepts of harmony and tying families together. Turtles frequently feature a variety of patterns and symbols to convey various messages. This Polynesian tattoo with meaning is considered really important by polynesian people.

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2) Polynesian Enata Tattoo

A common design element in Samoan tattoos is enata. This symbol represents both the interpersonal connections that exist between people and their gods. This symbol, which derives from the Marquesan language, represents birth, social status, and life events. The Enata can be used in conjunction with other symbols to signify ties like as marriage, families, and other blood relations. An enemy is represented by an inverted Enata.



3) Polynesian Tiki Tattoo

Tiki is the name given to Polynesian demigods who resemble humans. Demigods are the embodiment of priests, chiefs, and deified ancestors. Tiki represents safeguarding, fecundity, and protection. The Tiki organs can represent various meanings at times. Thus this polynesian tattoo for men is extraordinary and the most preferred one.



4) Polynesian Ocean Tattoo

For Polynesians, the ocean is an essential part of life. It is regarded as their second home and the location where they will relax before embarking on their final journey. It is a representation of both death and the afterlife. For Polynesians, who rely on the ocean as a food supply, the water also stands for life, fertility, and tenacity. The stylization of the waves might serve as a metaphor for continuity through change or for life itself.



5) Polynesian Sun Tattoos

The sun emblem can be seen on a lot of round Polynesian tattoos for men. The sun is a symbol for wealth, brilliance, grandeur, and authority. The rising sun is a representation of new life, and the setting sun is the doorway to the afterlife. The sun's recurring rise is revered as eternal time and the reliable source of all life. One can also get it as a neck tattoo.




6) Polynesian Shell Tattoo

A common motif in Polynesian tattoos is the shell. Seashells are one option, although turtle shells are more well-known due to their importance in Polynesian culture. There are several varieties and stylizations of seashell patterns. Shells are symbolic of intimacy, protection, and a shield. People prefer this polynesian tattoo on shoulders due to its boldness and simplicity.



7) Polynesian Spearhead Motifs

The spearhead pattern is another traditional sign that is frequently utilised in Polynesian tattoos. The spearhead represents bravery and a warrior's spirit. It also stands for the sting of animals and sharp objects. Combining spearhead symbols with other symbols allows for the expression of several meanings.



8) Polynesian Fish Tattoo

Fish is a representation of wealth, fertility, prosperity, and life in Polynesian culture. Different meanings are represented by specific fish parts. Shark teeth, for instance, are a symbol of protection and direction. A common motif in Polynesian tattoo designs is the fish emblem.



9) Lizard Polynesian Tattoo

For Polynesians, lizards are extremely potent beings that symbolise luck, interaction between God and mankind, and the ability to enter the invisible realm. However, rude people risk bad luck and negative omens from them. Although lizard tattoos may appear straightforward, incorporating the animal into a variety of tribal motifs to produce a single work of art is actually highly challenging and demands exceptional ability. It is said that lizard tattoos provide people strength and benefit them in numerous ways.



10) Stingray Polynesian Tattoo

Stingray Polynesian tattoos occur in a variety of shapes and patterns. This ink serves as a symbol of liberation. But it also connotes a stealthy opponent or force. The stingray is a creature that uses wisdom and modesty to conceal its global strength. Stingray tattoo is a symbol of security, adaptation, peacefulness, speed, and stealth. For many people, this is a top choice for tattoos primarily because stingrays are quiet, have a mild temper, and yet so powerful.



11) Geometric Polynesian Tattoo

This tattoo has Polynesian geometric design. You can experiment with these traditional and tribal patterns on your own. These can also be blended with floral patterns in geometric shapes to get the appearance seen above. According to others, flowers stand for things like love, compassion, and passion. Consequently, there is some significance to this tattoo. One of the Polynesian tattoo ideas for men is this.



12) Polynesian Armband Tattoos

Modern men and women both support the smaller Polynesian tattoo on arm that are similar to the sleeve depicted above. Totems that are relevant to your life can be added after selecting the tribal art from whichever island you admire or are descended from.



13) Polynesian Back Tattoo

Polynesian tribal painting necessitates a large canvas, and what better canvas than your back? Polynesian back tattoos are elaborate mixes of designs and themes that span the entire upper half of your back. To give them the true Polynesian tribal art style, balancing hues are applied.



14) Polynesian Shark Teeth Tattoo

The shark teeth sign, known as niho mano in Polynesian, is extremely popular among Polynesian tattoo enthusiasts. Shark teeth indicate bravery, direction, power, fury, and adaptability. They can be found in the majority of Polynesian tattoos. Sharks also symbolise the Polynesian god and therefore, people prefer this polynesian tattoo on arm.



15) Polynesian Leg Tattoo

Getting tattoos on the thighs is perfect for those who do not want to show off their tattoos all the time. The meaning of thigh tattoos varies depending on the design. Always choose a design based on your personality rather than a whim. This polynesian leg tattoo for male is an ideal choice when looking for something bold.



16) Samoan Chest Tattoo

The chest is associated with kindness, truthfulness, and honor. Because this location is immediately over the heart, it can also represent reconciliation. The symbols chosen to make this Polynesian tattoo for men are all related to the ocean. There are images of fish, shark teeth, waves, and various fins. This is an ideal choice for someone looking for polynesian tattoo on shoulders.



17) Compass Rose Ocean Tattoo

The top of this Polynesian chest tattoo has a compass rose, sometimes known as a wind rose, surrounded by shark teeth, spearheads, and sea waves. It's a great piece for sailors, surfers, and anyone who lives near the water!

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18) Flower Symbol Polynesian Tattoo

Floral designs make beautiful polynesian tattoos for men. When it comes to flower designs in Samoan tattoos, you have a lot of alternatives. Hibiscus and lotus blooms with tentacles are the most popular floral tattoo designs. One can also decrease the size and ink it as a small tattoo.


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19) Polynesian Owl Forearm Tattoo

There isn't a single irregularity in this polynesian tattoo forearm, from the shading to the strong blackwork. It looks to wrap around the forearm, as is customary with this design. The wonderful thing about this concept is that you can build on it later. Its composition allows it to be incorporated into a sleeve, which is a terrific alternative if you're looking for a sleeve.

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20) Polynesian Koi Fish Tattoo

Tattoo designs of Polynesian koi fish are stunning. It can be engraved alone or with other elements. This Polynesian tattoo for men can also be done in colored ink. When looking for polynesian tattoo on leg this one is the most preffered one.



21)  Fire Dragon

This polynesian tattoo for men depicts a dragon launching flaming arrows; yet, it also features a human facial design. This Polynesian tribal tattoo symbolizes self-assurance and the ability to live a self-assured life.

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22) Snake spearhead

A snake-like Polynesian tattoo on arm gives the hand a massively unique appearance. You can draw this design on your bicep if you are a fan of Polynesian culture.



23) Black Diamond

This tattoo has a unique fence pattern, and the color is truly black, which looks good from a distance. It also has a special part of the design on the shoulder and thus people prefer this polynesian tattoo on arm.

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24) Traditional Polynesian Tattoo for Men

The vivid geometric patterns, triangles, and swirls that adorn the ancient traditional tattoos of the Polynesian people occupy huge portions of flesh. These traditional polynesian tattoos for men  are typically done on the back, hand sleeve, or full hand, and getting one is a daring lifestyle decision.

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25) Phoenix Tattoo

The phoenix is a symbol of rebirth and ferocity. It additionally denotes a rebel. Another stunning option in Hawaiian tattoo art is a phoenix tattoo on the back, nape of the neck, or arm.