Polynesian Tattoos For Females

25 Best Polynesian Tattoos For Women

Shrimanti Das

Updated At  06 Oct 23

Polynesian tattoos, rooted in rich cultural traditions, are a form of body art that hold deep significance in Polynesian culture. These intricate designs are characterised by bold geometric patterns, symbols, and motifs that vary across different Polynesian islands. Tattoos served as a rite of passage, representing a person's status, lineage, and life journey. Each element in a Polynesian tattoo carries meaning; for example, turtles symbolize longevity, and sharks represent protection. These polynesian tattoos with meaning are decorative and a visual language that communicates one's identity, heritage, and spirituality. Today, Polynesian tattoos are admired worldwide for their beauty and cultural heritage.

Here we have listed some of the Polynesian tattoos for females ranging from Polynesian tattoo leg to Polynesian tattoo arm. These cute tattoo ideas are unique and are loved by many.


25 Best Polynesian Tattoos For Women


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1. Polynesian Turtle Tattoo

Turtle Polynesian tattoos for females hold significant importance in many Polynesian cultures, where they are highly valued. Referred to as "honu" in the local language, these tattoos symbolize various positive attributes such as health, fertility, unity, stability, and longevity. In the Marquesan language, the term "hono," signifying both "turtle" and the idea of harmony and family ties, adds depth to the symbolism. Polynesian turtle tattoos often incorporate diverse patterns and symbols to convey a range of meaningful messages, underscoring their cultural significance among Polynesian communities. Polynesian tattoo arms signifying a turtle are highly valued.

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2. Polynesian Dolphin Tattoo

In Polynesian culture, dolphins symbolize joy, playfulness, and protection. These tattoos often feature intricate designs with traditional Polynesian motifs, showcasing the artistic skill of the tattoo artist. They represent a connection to the ocean and the spirit of these intelligent creatures. Dolphin tattoos for women in Polynesia serve as a reminder of the vibrant and harmonious relationship between humans and the sea. One can also get this as a thigh tattoo.


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3. The Red Flower

Polynesian flower tattoos hold deep significance for women in the region. These tattoos often feature vibrant and intricate floral designs inspired by the lush island landscapes. Flowers like the hibiscus and plumeria symbolize beauty, femininity, and the vibrant spirit of Polynesian culture. They are often adorned with traditional patterns, adding to their visual appeal. These tattoos serve as a powerful expression of a woman's connection to nature and her island heritage, celebrating the beauty and resilience of Polynesian women.


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4. Polynesian Geometric Tattoo

Geometric Polynesian tattoos for females are a captivating choice for females seeking a blend of tradition and modern aesthetics. These tattoos feature intricate patterns, often inspired by the rich cultural heritage of Polynesia. Geometric designs symbolize balance, harmony, and spirituality. When chosen by women, they represent strength, resilience, and a deep connection to their cultural roots. The precision and symbolism in these tattoos make them a striking and meaningful choice for those who want to celebrate their Polynesian heritage while embracing contemporary tattoo artistry.

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5. Polynesian Arm Tattoo

Polynesian arm tattoos hold a special allure for females. These tattoos often consist of elaborate designs that wrap around the arm, showcasing the intricate artistry of Polynesian tattoo culture. They can symbolize a woman's journey, strength, and connection to her heritage. These tattoos serve as both a form of self-expression and a celebration of the rich cultural traditions of Polynesia. Whether featuring traditional motifs or contemporary elements, Polynesian arm tattoos for females are a powerful means of showcasing personal and cultural identity.

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6. Polynesian Back Tattoo

Polynesian back tattoos often encompass the entire back, showcasing intricate and culturally significant designs. They can represent a woman's connection to her roots, strength, and resilience. These tattoos are a powerful way to celebrate Polynesian culture and its traditions, using the canvas of the back to tell a unique and personal story. Whether featuring traditional patterns or contemporary elements, Polynesian back tattoos are a striking and deeply symbolic form of self-expression.

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7. Turtle on Leg

A Polynesian turtle tattoo on a female's leg is a captivating choice. This design, known as "honu" in the local culture, symbolizes well-being, fertility, harmony, stability, and a long life. It carries cultural significance and represents a deep connection to the sea and its enduring beauty. These leg tattoos often feature intricate patterns and traditional symbols, serving as a powerful and visually striking expression of a woman's ties to her Polynesian heritage and her connection to nature. Turtles are very commonly used in Hawaii tattoos as well.




8. Polynesian Neck Tattoo

A Polynesian neck tattoo on a female's neck is a bold choice. These tattoos often feature intricate designs with cultural significance, reflecting elements of Polynesian heritage and symbolism. They can symbolize strength, resilience, and personal identity. Placed on the neck, they become a visible and powerful statement of one's connection to Polynesian culture and traditions. Polynesian neck tattoos for females serve as a striking form of self-expression, celebrating their cultural roots and individuality.



9. Polynesian Flower Tattoo

These Polynesian tattoos for females often showcase vibrant and intricate floral designs, drawing inspiration from the lush island landscapes of Polynesia. Flowers like hibiscus and plumeria are commonly featured, symbolizing beauty, femininity, and the vibrant spirit of Polynesian culture. Placed on the back, these tattoos serve as a striking and meaningful expression of a woman's connection to nature and her island heritage, celebrating both her inner and outer beauty.

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10. Polynesian Shoulder Tattoo

A Polynesian shoulder tattoo is a striking and culturally significant choice. These tattoos often feature intricate designs deeply rooted in Polynesian heritage. Positioned on the shoulder, they can symbolize strength, courage, and protection. The intricate patterns and symbolism in these tattoos reflect the rich cultural traditions of Polynesia, making them a powerful form of self-expression. Whether showcasing traditional motifs or incorporating modern elements, Polynesian shoulder tattoos hold deep meaning and celebrate the wearer's connection to their heritage.


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11. Minimalist Choice

Polynesian tattoos for females are a subtle yet meaningful choice. These tattoos often incorporate simplified designs inspired by traditional Polynesian motifs, showcasing a clean and understated aesthetic. Despite their minimalist appearance, they can symbolize profound cultural values such as unity, balance, and heritage. These tattoos are a tasteful way to express one's connection to Polynesian culture without overwhelming complexity. With their elegant simplicity, Polynesian tattoos with meanings are a stylish form of self-expression with deep cultural significance. A slight variation of this tattoo can also be used as a wedding ring tattoo.


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12. Flower Symbol

Flower tattoos in Polynesia carry profound meaning, particularly for women. They frequently showcase elaborate and detailed floral patterns inspired by the lush island scenery. Varieties such as hibiscus and plumeria represent beauty, femininity, and the lively essence of Polynesian traditions. These designs are frequently enhanced with customary motifs, enhancing their aesthetic charm. These tattoos serve as a strong symbol of a woman's bond with nature and her island ancestry, commemorating the grace and strength of Polynesian females. If you are looking for small tattoos for females then this can be a very good option.


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13. Polynesian Anklet Tattoo

An anklet Polynesian tattoo for females typically consists of intricate and symbolic patterns encircling the ankle, inspired by traditional Polynesian art. They hold various meanings, from protection and strength to connections with the sea. Polynesian anklet tattoos are a form of body art that reflects a deep connection to the culture and heritage of the islands. They add an elegant and meaningful touch to the wearer's appearance, often telling a personal story through their design.

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14. Polynesian Ocean Tattoo

The ocean holds immense significance in the lives of Polynesian individuals. It is viewed as their secondary abode, a destination for their final journey, symbolizing both death and the realm beyond.

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15. Polynesian Tattoo Leg

For those who prefer not to openly display their identity or personal beliefs, the leg can serve as an ideal alternative location for a tattoo. The tattoo on the leg can be situated on the calf or even extend upward to the thigh. Many women opt for tattoos on their foot and occasionally extend them to cover their ankle.

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16. Symbolism

These type of polynesian tattoos for females looks good on off shoulder tops. Spearheads and arrows represent courage, strength and warrior spirit. They are often used to convey a person’s ability to face challenges and overcome adversity. One can get it on the shoulder, arms or ink it as a breast tattoo as well.

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17. Polynesian Floral Tattoo

Floral patterns create stunning tattoo choices, offering a wide array of options within Samoan tattoo designs. Among these, the hibiscus and lotus flowers with intricate details are highly favored choices for floral tattoos.

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18. Polynesian Sleeve Tattoo

Spearheads and arrows are symbolic representations of bravery, fortitude, and the warrior ethos. They are commonly employed to signify an individual's capacity to confront difficulties and triumph over adversity.

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19. Arrow Head Tattoo

These type of polynesian tattoo for females symbolizes human figures and is often depicted in tattoos to represent ancestors, protection, and spirituality. It is a common motif in Polynesian art.

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20. Ocean Waves Tattoo

Waves symbolize the ocean, which holds great importance in Polynesian life. They can represent a connection to the sea, a sense of exploration, and the idea of constant change and movement.

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 21. Ocean waves Back Tattoo

Waves are emblematic of the ocean, a vital element in Polynesian culture. They can signify a deep bond with the sea, a spirit of adventure, and the concept of perpetual transformation and motion.

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 22. Polynesian Wrist Tattoo

The Marquesan cross has an uncertain origin, but archaeological research suggests a connection to the turtle shell. It is a frequently used design in Polynesian tattoos, symbolizing the equilibrium of elements and a sense of harmony.

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23. Polynesian Tattoo Arm

Polynesian tattoos often feature intricate geometric designs and patterns that hold specific meanings. These patterns can vary widely between different Polynesian cultures. 

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24. Polynesian Feet Tattoo

These type of Polynesian tattoos for females often feature intricate designs inspired by traditional Polynesian motifs, symbolizing strength, connection to nature, and personal identity. Placing tattoos on the feet carries additional significance, as it signifies the journey and connection to the earth. Polynesian feet tattoos are a striking and deeply meaningful form of self-expression, celebrating one's cultural heritage and individuality while connecting with the roots and traditions of Polynesian culture.

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25. Floral Ocean Tattoo

These Polynesian tattoos for females often blend intricate floral designs with representations of the ocean's beauty and power. Flowers like hibiscus and plumeria are intertwined with waves and marine elements, symbolizing the deep connection between Polynesian culture and the sea. These tattoos serve as a stunning expression of a person's love for their island heritage and the profound relationship between Polynesians and the ocean, capturing the essence of beauty and strength.