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Sophie Turner Beauty Secrets, Makeup Tips And Skincare Routine

Shalu B

Updated At  21 Jun 19

Sophie Turner beauty secrets, her skincare routine and her amazing makeup tips have all been trending.

Thanks to the world wide popularity of this Game Of Thrones star, you will see her face almost everywhere. And we won't blame you for getting impressed not only by her acting chops but also her beautiful looks.

Do you want to know Sophie Turner Beauty Secrets ? If yes, then keep scrolling because we have brought for you:

  • 11 Best Sophie Turner Beauty Tips
  • Sophie Turner Makeup Tips
  • Sophie Turner Skincare Routine (For Both Morning And Evening)
  • Sophie Turner Haircare Tips
  • Sophie Turner’s Favourite Beauty Products




Top 11 Sophie Turner Beauty Tips

Get beautiful and glowing skin like Sophie once as we reveal Sophie Turner beauty secrets.

1) Less Is More When It Comes To Using Beauty Products

Sophie believes in using as little products on her face as possible. She keeps it simple and does not like to overwhelm her skin with too many products. Take inspiration from her and keep it simple rather than running after the latest fads that can leave your skin damaged in the long run.

2) Sun Protection Is Crucial

One of the most important Sophie Turner beauty tips is the use of sun cream. Sophie never steps out of the house without applying sun cream. She is so particular about sun protection that she also uses a heat protectant spray to protect her hair from harmful rays of the sun.


3) Nail Health Can Not Be Neglected

Nails are often left neglected by people but not by Sophie. To strengthen her weak nails, she uses oil on cuticles to strengthen them. This is one of the most underrated yet effective Sophie Turner beauty tips.

4) Sleep With Care And Use The Right Pillows

Sophie loves to sleep and ensures that she gets the daily dose of her beauty sleep. She gets the most out of her sleep and uses slip silk pillowcase which keeps her skin and hair soft. She calls these silk pillowcases as the greatest invention of all time.

5) CTM is A Must

Sophie Turner keeps it simple with a pretty basic beauty routine of CTM which is cleansing, toning and moisturizing. A skincare routine cannot get more basic than this. If you don't have a skincare routine yet then this is the one you want. Even Selena Gomez strictly follows a CTM routine and considers it an absolute must. This is indeed one of the key selena gomez beauty secrets.

6) Drink Water To Flush Out Toxins

One of the easiest Sophie Turner beauty tips is to drink ample amounts of water throughout the day. She knows the importance of drinking water as it not only keeps her hydrated and maintains the moisture content of skin but also helps her get rid of toxins from the body.


7) Glowing Skin Needs Healthy Food

Sophie Turner is also a firm believer of the fact that healthy skin starts with healthy eating. She consumes a healthy and balanced diet. Sophie Turner diet includes a lot of lean protein, healthy fats and healthy carbohydrates.


8) Your Skin Also Needs A Break

Sophie believes in giving her skin some time off from various beauty products. This time off allows her skin to breathe and maintain its health.

9) Remove Makeup Every Night

Another one of the Sophie Turner beauty tips is to never sleep without removing makeup. Sophie is very particular about makeup removal. She never sleeps with her makeup on. She spends 20 minutes every night to get her makeup off completely so that no trace of it is left.

10) Acne Can Be Avoided

Acne are something which bother Sophie Turner as well. Hard to believe, but true that even this gorgeous star is not protected from the dreadful acne. However, Sophie ensures that she drinks enough water and avoids taking any kind of stress in order to prevent getting acne.


11) Exercise For The Glow

Sophie Turner gives the credit for her bright complexion to her regular workout sessions. She loves to sweat it out by doing high intensity cardio workouts with boxing being her favorite. You too can get a glowing complexion by sweating it out with a workout of your choice.


Sophie Turner beauty secrets focus on diet, using the right products and most importantly a good sleep to get a glowing skin.





Sophie Turner Skincare Routine

If you are a regular visitor of the Sophie Turner Instagram page, then you know how beautiful the Game Of Thrones actress looks even without makeup. Follow the Sophie Turner skincare routine to get healthy, glowing and flawless skin just like her. Sophie turner facial routine is specific for the morning and evening and she just makes sure to stick to the following routine.


Sophie Turner Skincare Routine - Morning

  • Sophie Turner has a sensitive skin. This is why she uses micellar water to cleanse her skin. It is easily available as well as budget friendly.
  • Next step on the Sophie Turner skincare routine is toning followed by a hydrating moisturizer. Sophie believes that her basic CTM routine brings clarity to her skin.
  • Sophie always uses a sun cream whenever she steps out even on days when it is cloudy.
  • She also uses EIMI Thermal Image Heat Protection Spray for her hair.
  • Sophie Turner prefers to use eye patches to deal with the under eye bags and puffiness.
  • Whenever Sophie is getting ready for special functions, Sophie’s makeup artist prepares a bubbly face mask which foams on Sophie's face and then dissolves on its own. He also massages Sophie's face to reduce any kind of puffiness. This massage also helps in increasing the blood circulation which in turn leads to a radiant complexion.


Sophie Turner Skincare Routine - Evening

  • Sophie Turner spends 20 minutes every night to remove her makeup.
  • She also uses a rich hydrating night cream to maintain the moisture content of her skin and to keep it glowing.
  • Sophie Turner indulges in baths that are filled with lavender and Epsom salts. She feels these baths are very helpful in relaxing and calming her.




Sophie Turner Haircare

Sophie Turner hair always take the limelight as she is very frequent with coloring her hair. She almost has a different hair color every other week. She understands the importance of using the right beauty products and hence follows specific hair tips.

  • She always makes sure that her hair stay moisturized and nourished.
  • She uses a hair mask once a week to ensure better hair health.
  • Sophie is the global brand ambassador of Wella Professionals and also uses a great deal of Wella products to maintain the health of her hair.
  • From shampoos and conditioners to hair mask and spray, she relies on quality products from Wella Professionals to keep her tresses smooth and shiny.




Sophie Turner Makeup Tips

  • Sophie likes to experiment with various makeup trends and it can be seen from the various looks she has flaunted over the years. Sophie Turner makeup always stands out as she abides by the following makeup tips.
  • Sophie never leaves the house without putting concealer under her eyes and mascara for her lashes. She says that this gives an instant boost to her eyes and really opens them up.
  • For a date night with husband Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner loves to pair a black or a brown smoky eye with nude lips. Dark eyes have been a favorite of the Dark Phoenix actress as she has been seen flaunting this look on many occasions.
  • Despite her love for the dark shadows, Sophie follows the rule of one. She either goes with bold eyes or lips but never both.
  • Sophie Turner's makeup artist while giving insights about Sophie Turner makeup suggested that if you want to experiment, you can start small and then go completely bold with time as you get comfortable.
  • Sophie Turner’s makeup artist also recommends that when it comes to eye makeup, you can either start with a muted color of eye shadow or a colored eyeliner to begin with. You can also use a brightly hued lint. Nothing says bold better than bright lips. Sophie Turner sticks to american makeup style which always looks good on her.




Sophie Turner Beauty Products

Sophie has been very vocal about the various products that she loves to use as part of the Sophie Turner skin care routine as well as Sophie Turner makeup. We have listed some of her favorite products for you.

  • Sophie likes to use iS Clinical Cream Cleanser as it performs the double duty of cleansing as well as moisturizing.
  • Sophie Turner also likes to use Boscia Cactus Water Moisturizer on days when her skin is super dry.
  • On days when her skin does not feel do dry Sophie prefers to use La Mer Moisturizer.
  • Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream is another of Sophie's favorite to revitalize her skin as she sleeps.
  • Sophie loves to use Dior makeup and one of her favorite products is Dior Diorshow Mascara which gives an instant definition and lift to her eyes.
  • Sophie loves the beautiful dark shadow palettes of the Tom Ford Eyeshadow.
  • Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips Nude Liquid Lipstick is Sophie's go to lip color whenever she wants to let her hair down for a party.



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