Beyonce's Natural Hair

Beyonce's Shows Her Long Natural Hair And Fans Are Surprised

Ana Campbell

Updated At  23 Apr 24

Beyoncé recently unveiled her natural hair care routine, setting the record straight on rumors about her hair and highlighting the effectiveness of her brand, Cécred.

In a candid Instagram post, she shared her pre-event wash day regimen in LA, praising Cécred's quality products. Sporting freshly dyed blonde locks, she opted for the reparative Fermented Rice & Rose Protein Ritual, especially lauding its conditioner.


Debunking Misconceptions: Healthy Hair and Wigs Coexist

Post-ritual, she sealed in moisture and styled her hair using a Dyson AirWrap, proudly displaying her natural hair to dispel any doubts about wig usage. Beyoncé stressed that healthy, lengthy hair can indeed thrive alongside wigs, shutting down misconceptions. She disclosed her preference for moderate heat blow-drying, attributing her hair's vitality to dye choices over perms and relaxers.

Beyonce says,


"The stigma and misconception is that people that wear wigs don't have long and healthy hair. That's bullshit, because it ain't nobody business!"


Thanks to Cécred, her hair now boasts unprecedented length and moisture, maintaining texture and curls despite frequent dyeing. While acknowledging the challenge of preserving color-treated hair, Beyoncé vouched for Cécred's efficacy. Despite her hectic schedule, she prioritizes hair care, influenced by fond memories of her parents' salon and scalp treatments for her psoriasis.




Empowering Transparency: Sharing the Journey with Fans

This routine reflects her personal journey, shared through Essence magazine, showcasing her dedication to quality and authenticity. Beyoncé's commitment to her hair mirrors her devotion in music and now her brand. Through her routine, she not only flaunts her hair's health but also celebrates the cultural significance of hair care in her life.

In addressing critics, Beyoncé reaffirmed her stance, asserting that wearing wigs doesn't define one's hair health. She proudly exhibited her natural hair while promoting her new line, Cécred. The video shared on Instagram depicted her hair being washed, conditioned, blow-dried, and styled using her brand's products.

beyonce also outlined the way she keeps her hair healthy and strong. She mentioned,


I like to blow dry my hair on medium heat because I try to stay away from as much heat as possible — and using the old school pressing comb. I've chosen color over perms or relaxers.


Beyonce also outlines that using good quality products is very important to ensure the hair stay strong. She mentioned,


It’s the hardest to keep color-treated hair healthy and strong, but @cecred is here. All quality, with NO shortcuts.




Support and Validation: Family Backing and Industry Expertise

Beyoncé reminisced about her humble beginnings, sharing how she started sweeping hair in her mother's salon and performing with Destiny's Child for salon clients. She revealed her choice of Cécred's "rice and rose water ritual" for her freshly colored hair, praising the conditioner's unparalleled quality.

Throughout the process, Beyoncé narrated, underscoring Cécred's reputation for enhancing hair quality. She also subtly addressed backlash regarding her credibility in the hair industry, reaffirming her expertise through her personal hair care journey.

Her father, Mathew Knowles, came to her defense, citing their family's successful salon business as evidence of Beyoncé's knowledge in keeping hair healthy. Beyoncé's transparency about her hair care routine not only showcases her brand but also empowers others to embrace their natural hair journey.


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