Easy Hairstyles For Busy Moms

21 Easy Hairstyles For Busy Moms

Rituparna Priyadarshini

Updated At  31 May 24

Are you a working supermom, juggling kids and a hectic job? Has managing your hair and settling on a hairdo amidst all the chaos become a tedious task for you? If so, then worry no more, as we have you covered. In this article, we have enlisted a few quick, easy, and simple hairstyles that are perfect for all the moms out there. We understand your hustle and we know how tough taking care of your hair can get. Read on for ideas on hairstyle curated specifically for busy moms. 


21 Easy Hairstyles For Busy Moms




1. Chin-length Bob

If you want to keep things neat and do not want your hair interrupting you in between your busy schedule as a mom, we suggest a wavy chin-length bob. But we have one suggestion: keep the bob cut to your chin to add a bit of glam and make your mundane life more magical.




2. Shaggy Hair

Are you tired of having to set your hair every now and then? We know you are. Our answer to it is a messy, shaggy haircut. You do not even need to make efforts to tie it or struggle with different products; you can just let your hair be. Say goodbye to the pain of managing your unmanageable hair while working or running after your kid.





3. Lob Haircut

We all love messy haircuts, don't we? More so after watching all the female celebrities wearing it on the red carpets. There's no reason why you can't be that glamorous while keeping things simple and easy. All you have to do is opt for a messy lob with layers, which not only adds that extra glitz but also keeps your hair out of your way and is easy to maintain.




4. Asymmetrical Bob

Most moms are tired of being basic at all times. They are exhausted from keeping their hair in a bun. If change is what you need, we suggest a long, layered assymetrical bob. Make a side part and let your hair flow like a waterfall on one side. 




5. Short Shag

Let's mix things up. Shall we? For all the mothers who are juggling work and family, we recommend a short shag. It goes from work-appropriate to mom-on-duty effortlessly. It saves you time and does not require a lot of efforts or products to be set properly. Moreover, it is appropriate for moms of all ages and fits perfectly with all kinds of outfits as well.




6. Long-layered

If you think men can set their hair within minutes, you haven't seen a mom do her hair. All the mothers out there know that letting your hair free is the most suitable hairdo, as it takes a few seconds yet looks great with any outfit. If you have a rounder face, ensure your layers cover the sides of your face. Moreover, you need not visit the salon every week or every month to set your hair, as the hair keeps on growing while maintaining the layers. You can choose a side part or middle part per your choice.




7. Layered Bob

We see the fashionista in you and we know that moms want more than just the basics for special occasions as well. Spice things up with a layered bob, which might seem like an intricate pattern and time-consuming, but is an easy task once you realize that layers do not need to be styled regularly or during weekly salon visits. Be it a suit, sweats, or a sexy dress, a layered bob goes with everything.




8. Blunt Bob

As a mom, you can never let your hair down, can you? We hear you and we have a solution for it. How about letting it down without being troubled by it? This particular hairstyle frames the face perfectly and has sharp edges that fall right at the chin, exuding style, structure, and sophistication. You can opt for a side-part or a mid-part, according to the shape of your face.




9. Wavy Haircut

All our classy moms out there are frustrated of looking for hairstyles that are sophisticated but don't take too much time to be done. The wavy cut is the perfect solution for them. This hairstyle adds smooth and natural-looking flow, accentuating the texture, length, and thickness of your hair. You can opt for any length, but moms often go for a mid-length or short, wavy haircut.  We are sure you'll be quite pleased with the end-result.





10. Beach Waves

Moms barely have time to take good care of their hair. So all they can do is go for a hairstyle that takes care of their hair health, even if they can't. The best trick is to opt for beach waves that let them accept their natural hair without using any too many products, apart from a shampoo, conditioner, and blow dryer. You can ask your hairdresser to add a few layers to the waves. This will keep your hair right in its place without a single strand bothering you.




11. A-Line Bob

All moms are fairies who ensure that their kids' wishes get fulfilled, no matter what. But they barely have time to cater to their own wishes, especially their hair. A quick and easy solution to create a look that is time-saving, elegant and magical, is A-line Bob. In this, your hair ascends from the back to the front and works even better with a side-part and straight hair. Ensure giving the edges sharpness and shape to give it a thicker and fuller look.




12. Chic Bob with Bangs

Moms, don't let go of your fun and playfulness. We know you may not have the time for it, but that doesn't mean you cannot make the best of the time you have. To make your day day joyful, add heavy bangs to your chic bob that perfectly lines your eyebrows. To add grace to it, structure the bob in a way that its edges curves inwards, giving it a wholesome look.




13. Side-Swept Layered Bob

A side-swept layered bob is stylish, elegant and a representation of grace and elegance. Create a side-part and let your hair fall messily on the forehead, to form a messy, sassy yet classy look. Be it a party you have to attend with your child, work or a day at home, you can always choose it for comfort and class.




14. The Pompadour

Moms want hairstyles that do not interrupt their work, be it at the office or at home. Hair falling on your eyes or your back can be really frustrating. Is there any hairstyle that can take care of both? Of course, there is. A low pompadour is the perfect solution. All the cool moms out there can no have a quick and easy solution for their hairstyling issues as well as channel their inner boldness, in a subtle manner.




15. Curly Bob

Moms must really be sick of tying their hair at all times. It is time to let your hair loose, channel your inner creativity and be the fashionista you truly are. Moreover, we also need to address the moms with curly hair, right? The Curly bob, is so much better than the normal bobs as it adds a certain movement and texture that is breathtaking and at the same time covenient to manage. Simply ask your hairdresser to go for the bob cut, and youre done! You can also add some variations if you like, such as a subtle undercut.



 16. Short Bob with Baby Bangs

Safeguard your hair from dirt and pollution, and protect your strands from split ends and damage with this hairstyle. For it, you have to dare to cut your hair short, at least till your chin. Add it with baby bangs that fall an inch above your eyebrowa. This is the ideal option for those who get annoyed when hair falls on their face while they are taking care of their babies or handling work. 




17. Pixie Afro

There's no reason why a mom cannot be bold and edgy. To bring out your sexiness and make sure you leave a lasting impression, choose this particular hairstyle over any other, especially if you have hair texture that can not only adapt to the afro style but accentuate it. Women who have thinner hair, or find it difficult to take proper care of their hair on a regular basis, should definitely go for it. Also, if you have an oval face, this is the look for you!



18. Pin-Up Curls

If you have a party to attend, but you haven't had time to create a hairstyle, you can go for this mesmerizing option with a short bob, flipped out at the end. Create a middle part or side part, and divide your hair into a few strands. Start curling your strands from the bottom and secure it at your scalp with a pin. Bring that retro vibe to your look and we are sure all eyes will be on you.




19. Vintage Long Shag 

Let's face it. Being a mom is not an easy task. You barely get time to relax, let alone look after your hair and it ultimately becomes a mess. But why not embrace the mess? Choose the vintage long shag that is low-maintenance,to highlight your natural texture and pair it up with thick bangs. It's the perfect blend of comfort, cuteness and chic that takes you from running around your house to running your office, within minutes.



20. Bleached Pixie Cuts 

As a mother, do you want to look bold, chic and stylish while ensuring you feel comfortable and confident while at work or at home? We know the answer will be a hard "yes". There's no better haircut than a Pixie style for you, especially if you have thin hair. It requires minimal maintenance and a few seconds to style it. Style it with a side part, and you can even keep the upper part bit longer or add some classy fringes to the cut for that wow effect.




21. Claw-Clip Pony

Many new moms experience hairfall during their postpartum period, and it becomes even more unmanageable when they have to go back to work. If you have long hair, be it thin or thick, the best option is to opt for a U-cut. By choosing it, you can easily create a pony tail to set your hair and give it length and thickness. Moreover, it's a simple style that takes a few minutes to be done. You need not worry about setting it properly, as a messy claw pony tail looks even more elegant and charming.


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