Fulani Braids

31 Stunning Fulani Braids For 2024 (With Images)

Ankita Ghoshal

Updated At  13 Feb 24


Looking for the best fulani braids hairstyles trending this year?

Fulani braids have their origins in the Fula (Fulani) people of Sahel and West Africa. Fula people are a huge nomadic community which passed down the tradition of Fulani braids through generations of men and women. They are famous for their unique patterns and lengths. These braids are characterized by loop or hang towards the sides of the scalp. They not just have cultural significance but are also becoming a trendy protective hairstyle. With cornrows on the front of the head followed by a middle cornrow at the centre of your head, Fulani braids look wonderful. Fulani braids are also known as tribal braids. You can accentuate them further with cute beads and accents. What's more? You can even go for different haircuts and colours and then see how the Fulani braids look on you. Here are 31 most popular Fulani braids this year.


31 Best Fulani Braids Hairstyles




1. Fulani Braids For Curly Hair

If you have natural curls, then fulani braids can be an excellent option to try out a new hairstyle. Pair it with eyelash extensions and subtle makeup to create an elegant look.




2. Long Braids With Unique Beads

Long Fulani braids with beads have been trending in 2024. Observe the unique beads which have been used in this gorgeous hairstyle. Suitable for both black hair as well as any other hair color, these classic braids gel well with all the looks too.




3. Classic Fulani Braids  

These center parted traditional fulani braids can be your go to option if you are looking to transform your hair with fulani braids. Apt for both casual and formal looks, these braids look gorgeous.





4. Super Long Fulani Braids

If you have long tresses and want to make a statement, knot your hair in extra-long braids to get the perfect feminine look.




5. Purple Fulani Braids

Looking to transform your look? Well, one can go for purple fulani braids as these look gorgeous. Apt for both medium and long hair, the mix of purple and black combination looks amazing. Pair this with subtle makeup and cool accessories to add elegance to your look.





6. Beads on Blonde Braids

If you are bored of Fulani braids with natural hair, consider going blonde and then decorate your braids with bright coloured beads. It will give two amazing and contrasting colours to your hair. If you are looking for new and trending hairstyle options then knotless braids with beads can also work really well.




7. Braids With Bun

If you are looking to try out a new hairstyle, then fulani braids with bun is also an amazing option. This is easy to create and looks tylish too.




8. High Bun with Fulani Braids

You can style your braids in a beautiful updo, making it high or low as per your choice. It is a great hairstyle for parties and special events.




9. Ombre Fulani Braids

One of the perfect fits for long hair can be these ombre fulani braids. Observe the way the gradient is created between black and ombre, and the gradual increase of ombre shade away from the roots. One can also add beads to make this hairstyle look even more stylish.




10. Blonde Fulani Braids

If you want a makeover for your hairstyle but do not want to go all out, colour your hair blonde and deck it up with chic, minimalistic clear beads. It will look amazing for sure. Braids hairstyles with blonde hair color can be a game changer for you. These tribal braids look stunning and can go well with all occasions.




11. Blue Fulani Braids

Blue Fulani braids with curls make for a great style. You can opt for different shades of blue and experiment with whatever suits you.



12. Bridal Fulani Braids

To look more traditional and unique on your wedding day, go for a modernized version of Fulani braids to celebrate the culture and history behind them.

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13. Milkmaid and Fulani Braids

You can combine Fulani braids with milkmaid braids for a creative approach. Wrapping the milkmaid braid around the head will add a very cute touch to your Fulani. You can even try this look for weddings or parties.



14. Space Buns and Fulani Braids

After braiding your hair in the Fulani style, knot them in two cute space buns or you can even make half-up half-down style to make your braids more visible. This is one of the most popular looks that college girls are in love with. One can also try small cornrows hairstyles as these look elegant and can provide a complete hair makeover.




15. Lob with Fulani Braids

Lob haircuts combined with Fulani braids suit most face shapes. You can play around with finish by accessorizing your hair or just going for a different shade.




16. Fulani Braid Updos

A Fulani braided updo is very feminine and sophisticated hairstyle which keeps the hair away from your face while making you look very flattering. This is a great hairstyle for office and formal events due to its sophisticated appeal. 



17. Fulani Braids on Afro Hair

Afro textured hair breaks a lot and to prevent that, a lot of fashionistas go for Fulani braids. They protect the hair while looking very stylish with the scalp braiding and the hair left loose.

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18. Fulani Braids on Butterfly Pattern
If you don’t want to go for the classic Fulani braids with heart, try the butterfly pattern. They are fun, creative and look extremely chic on all types of hair textures. Make sure to wear pretty basic outfit with such a hairstyle so that your Fulani braids can get all the attention that they deserve.




19. Fulani Braids with Jewelry

From beads and cuffs to threads and gems, you have a lot of hair accessories that you can use to jazz up your Fulani braids in 2024.

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20. Heart Pattern with Fulani Braids

Part your hair to form a heart shape for adding more element and expression to your Fulani braids. If you want to surprise your partner on a special day like the Valentine's, anniversaries or a romantic date, give this hairstyle a try and you won't regret it.

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21. Fulani Braids and Untamed Mane

If you want your braids to steal all the limelight, just braid them on your hairline, leaving the rest of the hair loose. It will look stunning and highlight your facial features.


Long fulani braid


22. Long Fulani Braids

Going for the classic long braiding is great to flaunt your braid patterns. Styling them is also very easy and versatile. This style has a sexy appeal of its own that we love.

High Ponytail and Fulani Braids


23. High Ponytail and Fulani Braids

What adds to the glamour of high ponytails are meticulously made Fulani braids. They will highlight your cheekbones while making for a flattering hairstyle. You can wear a bright coloured lipstick with it to complete your glamorous look.

Low buns with fulani


24. Low Buns and Fulani Braids

Low buns give off a very aesthetic and romantic look. When paired with Fulani braids, the hairstyle goes up a notch, making you look pretty and youthful.

Low Ponytail and Fulani Braids


25. Low Ponytail and Fulani Braids

For an effortlessly gorgeous look, create a low ponytail with your Fulani braids. It is the perfect combination of romance and sex appeal. The best part is how amazing it looks on all hair types and face shapes.

buns and braids


26. Buns, Low Braids and Fulani Braids

To a more contemporary hair style, team your Fulani braids with low braids and top buns. It will be a brilliant interpretation of the classic look and you will have fun with all the mixing and matching.

Two Braids and Fulani Braids

27. Two Braids and Fulani Braids

The best way to get this look is by combining thin braids with medium-sized ones. Go for two broad braids on the side and the central cornrows. This is a very playful hairstyling idea that you need to try for once.

Ombre Fulani Braids


28. Ombre Fulani Braids

Fulani braids with curls look all the more alluring when you go for an ombre finish. Multiple shades blending together become even better when you add Fulani braids to the picture.

Micro Fulani Braids


29. Micro Fulani Braids

Small braids are great for people with short hair and even for those who want to play around with different braiding sizes. However, if you have fine hair, this styling can break your strands so avoid it.

Unique Fulani Braids


30. Unique Fulani Braids

For acquiring a novel hairstyle, go for different hair designs on your hairline and scalp. Pair your Fulani braids with high ponytails, low buns, half-up half-down style, and so on.

Zigzag Fulani Braids


31. Zigzag Fulani Braids

This is a fresh take on Fulani braids and you will love it for sure. Make a zigzag pattern with your hair on the scalp and let it complement your intricate Fulani braids for a perfect hairdo. It may require a lot of patience and time so make sure you start with the hairstyling way before your outing.


These are all the Fulani braids that you need to know about this year. Change your hairstyle and give this braiding style a chance to change your fashion game for the better. From heart patterns and butterfly shapes to minimal Fulani braid ponytail- there are endless ideas that you can try out with this hairstyle.