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81 Trending Hairstyles For Women Over 50 - 2024

Shalu Bhati

Updated At  27 Dec 23

Winning at the hair game can be tough. There is a chance that mastering that mane takes enough years and you are already in your 50s which comes with its own set of hair issues. From greying to thinning, your hair changes a lot with age. But hey, that should not stop you from having some fun and making the best of what you have got. Haircuts for women over 50 can be as interesting as you want and quite a game-changer.

We have rounded up some of the best haircuts for women over 50 for 2024 that also include youthful hairstyles for mature women such as chic bobs and cute pixies.


81 Trending Hairstyles For Women Over 50 




1. Chic Chin Length Bob

Following trends is fun irrespective of your age. So, here we have one of the best haircuts for women over 50 for you. This gorgeous bob with wispy bangs is to die for. It looks youthful if that is what you are aiming for. The hidden layers give a boost to the overall volume and add structure to the hairstyle.

If you love to wear glasses, then do make sure to check out hairstyles for over 50 with glasses as we list all the popular ones like pixie, bob, curlsm straight and layered haircuts and many more.





2. Brushed Back Pixie

This is the year where short haircuts for over 50 have gained immense popularity. It is not only a pretty cool way to deal with hair thinning but is also a chic look. Don’t believe us? Then take a look yourself at this super chic brushed-back pixie haircut. It brings all the focus to the face so that you can flaunt your beautiful facial features even more.

If you are specifically interested in short hairstyles, do check out guide on short hairstyles for women over 50 as we list all the popular haircuts.




3. Natural Pixie

There is something for everybody. So, here is a pixie haircut for black women over 50. But make sure that you get this cut from a stylist who understands curls and the texture of Black hair.




4. Blunt Haircuts For Women Over 50

Blunt haircuts are always good for making a statement. Add some layers and you get a super stylish haircut with lots of movement. It also gives a fuller and voluminous look.




5. Layered Haircuts For Over 50 With Bangs

Layered hairstyles should be your go-to if you are looking for youthful hairstyles over 50. A mix of short and long layers creates volume as can be seen in the picture here. The soft movement brought upon by the wavy texture is enhanced by the see-through bangs. One of the best long hairstyles for over 50, the layered hairstyle has been popular since a long time and it still continues to maintain its popularity.




6. Wavy Hairstyles

Who says women over 50 have to wear only short hair? Take some hair inspiration from Cindy Crawford who is aging like a fine wine and wears her hair in a medium-length wavy and layered haircut. This is one of the trendiest haircuts for women over 50 and we are in love with this beauty.




7. Choppy Bob With Bangs

Here is some more hair inspiration from none other than Monica Belluci who can still leave hundreds of thousands of hearts racing with just one look. We have mostly seen her with longer hair but recent trends got to her and she chopped it all in favor of this choppy bob with bangs. The tousled look greats on her and it will look good on you too. Ask your stylist.

Check out our guide to find the best bob haircuts for women over 50. From choppy bob to signature bob styles of Halle Berry and Jennifer Aniston, we have covered all the popular ones.




8. Fluffy Hair With Layers

The latest trends when it comes to haircuts for women over 50 seem to take a lot of inspiration from the 90s trends. This is a classic fluffy hairstyle that was popular back then and has gained popularity once again. This is also the trademark hairstyle of Adele. It has layers, waves, and a salon-like blowout.




9. Layered And Curled

Youthful hairstyles for over 50 Black women cannot get better than this. Octavia Spencer loves to change her hair and she has won praise for almost all of her hair looks. So, we went ahead and found this gorgeous and elegant hairstyle with layers. The curls bring out the shape of the layers. It makes the hair bounce and creates a slightly voluminous look.   




10. Chic Chin-Length Bob

We can promise you one thing. Haircuts for over 50 are anything but boring. Take a look at this chic chin-length bob. It has layers that give a soft movement to the whole haircut. The side bangs mix perfectly with the rest of the hair to give a flawless fantastic look.  




11. Youthful Hairstyles Over 50

Here is one of the most beautiful haircuts for women over 50 with thin hair. It has shorter layers in the front to frame the face while the longer layers go on the back. The S-shaped curls add more body and volume to the haircut that is perfect for thin hair. Another added benefit is how youthful it looks.




12. The Jennifer Aniston Haircut

Jennifer Aniston has been inspiring the wardrobe and hairstyle choices for thousands of women across the globe ever since she starred as Rachel Green in the hit US sitcom, Friends. She has been at the forefront of creating hair trends with just one of her looks so it was pretty obvious that we would seek some inspiration from her when it comes to trending haircuts for women over 50. Aniston has chosen a layered hairstyle that is a classic and a forever part of the latest trends.

Do check out our detailed guide to get access to 25+ most popular Jennifer Aniston hairstyles that she has tried over the years!




13. Classic Long Bob

In the list of trending and youthful haircuts for women over 50, the classic long bob is a favorable choice for many. It is a beautiful and versatile hairstyle. It can be styled in many different ways. But if you have straight hair, then it’s even better. The side part looks dramatic and fashionable.




14. Cute And Curly

Here is another one of the short, cute, and youthful hairstyles over 50. This is a layered haircut with a curly texture that reminds us of the signature Marilyn Monroe hairstyle. If her hair were curlier, this is how it would have turned out.




15. Choppy Chic

This is one of those haircuts for women over 50 that will make you do a double, maybe even a triple take. Because that’s how amazing this Cate Blanchett haircut looks. The Ocean’s 8 actress has sported this style for quite some time. She makes the 50s look oh so glamorous and edgy with this choppy layered bob with choppy bangs.




16. Layered Curls

Enough of short and cute haircuts for over 50 Black women. So, here we have a gorgeous curly hairstyle that will inspire you to grow out ‘em curls if they are not already long. This haircut works around the natural texture and curl pattern of the hair. The layers add even more volume to an already voluminous style.




17. Layered Haircuts For Over 50

Here is a shoulder-length haircut idea for those who don’t want their hair to be too short or too long. This length is just the perfect thing for you. The layers add a new dimension and movement to the hair giving it new life. the center part is usually the best way to wear such a haircut. You can of course style and experiment as per your preferences.




18. Feathered Haircuts For Women Over 50

Feathered haircuts are a class of their own. They are stylish, elegant, and most definitely trending. Like many past trends, this gorgeous haircut has also made a comeback and has provided some great options for those looking for something different. It is one of the best haircuts for women over 50 as it allows for a unique style of cutting depending upon the individual’s hair.




19. Grey Pixie

As you age, you are going to get grey hair. It is something you cannot avoid. It is a part of the body’s natural aging process. You can cover the greys if that’s what you want. But, what if you let your greys alone and happy? Then, you will get something like this salt and pepper hairstyle. The pixie of course will remain one of the best haircuts for over 50 forever.




20. Choppy Chin-Length Haircut

Sharon stone was iconic in Basic Instinct. In just a single movie, she gave us so much to obsess over. Her wardrobe was impeccable and so was her hairstyle. Even after all these years, she never fails to make an impression. She can be seen as the best advocate for going short when it comes to haircuts for women over 50. Her choppy and textured chin-length hairstyle as featured here is hair goals.




21. Wavy Balayage

Why not keep up with the fun when it comes to haircuts for over 50?  Caramel balayage is a trending choice. It is as stylish as it is fun. It enhances the existing elements of the haircut such as layers and wavy texture even more.




22. Wavy Delight

Here we are with yet another one of the wavy and layered haircuts for women over 50. The thing that makes this combination a preferred choice for haircuts over 50 is the youthful effect that it provides. Because layers can be customized depending upon your hair texture and volume, every haircut turns out to be unique.




23. Long And Straight Haircuts For Women Over 50

Short haircuts are not the only option when it comes to haircuts for over 50. This right here is a center-parted straight haircut with face-framing layers. And as you can see, this is a style that you can totally rock with some fancy and elegant hats.




24. Asymmetrical Blunt Bob With Bangs

This is one of the best youthful hairstyles over 50. If edgy is your hair language, then go for it. This haircut works well for thin hair as the layers worked into the asymmetrical bob create volume. Add some texture to give it an even edgier look and boost the volume just a little bit more. The bangs are your sure shot way towards easy glam.




25. Youthful Hairstyles For Over 50

Here is yet another one of the youthful hairstyles for women over 50 as modeled by Nicole Kidman. She looks ethereal with this hairstyle. The hair from the crown is pinned back while the ones in the front frame the face. The touch-and-go kind of texture is just the perfect amount.




26. Straight And Layered

Okay, so this is a classic style. It never goes old and refuses to go out of style. This year it is trending once again as one of the best haircuts for women over 50. It can become your go-to style if you have thin and straight hair.




27. Edgy Pixie

Halle Berry has been a hair chameleon throughout her career. She has flaunted a variety of hairstyles which is why we often find ourselves looking up to her when it comes to hair inspiration and especially when it comes to haircuts for over 50. Here she can be seen in a very edgy pixie haircut. The choppy cut, messy texture, and front-falling bangs make a dramatic statement without being over the top.   




28. Haircuts For Women Over 50 With Highlights

Here is yet another one of the long haircuts for women over 50. Again, layers and wavy hair look awesome. But Sandra Bullock made the style her own by adding a lighter shade of brown on the face-framing layers. It is a balayage that gives a nice and subtle sun-kissed look to the hair.




29. Layered Bob With Bangs

Monica Belluci has sported long tresses for as long as we can remember. But, it is also true that taking off the length also takes off some numbers from your age. So, here is the Spectre actress in her age-defying and youthful bob with wispy side bangs.




30. Modern Shag

Like all the other past trends, the 70s shag has also made a comeback but with a modern twist. The latest iteration of this blast from the past haircut looks super cool and effortlessly chic. It is one of the best youthful hairstyles over 50. Need any more convincing?




31. Short Feathered Haircuts For Women Over 50

Short feathered haircuts for over 50 form a great option for those who like to wear their hair short. This feathered haircut builds height that makes it an adorable option for women with round faces. As for its soft and youthful appeal, apart from the feathered style, it comes from the glossy mix of silver and blonde.




32. Feather Haircuts For Over 50

Since we are on the topic of feathered haircuts, here we have a beautiful medium-length one for you. It perfectly fits the bill as one of the best youthful hairstyles over 50. The feathered layers and messy texture build enough volume and drama.




33. Super Long, Straight, And Sleek

We especially love the super long haircuts for women over 50. Why? Not only because they look amazing but also because they make a huge statement. They go against everything that society deems fit for women as they age. So, break hair stereotypes and go for this gorgeous super long, sleek, straight, and stylish hairstyle just like Taraji P. Henson.




34. Latest Youthful Hairstyles For Over 50

Blunt cuts work great for thin hair as they boost volume. The fuller look that they provide looks even better with a side-parting as it prevents hair from looking limp with a long sweeping side fringe.




35. Gorgeous Haircuts For Over 50

This Jennifer Lopez haircut with curtain bangs deserves a special place in our list of trending haircuts for women over 50. It is a medium-length hairstyle that not only looks sophisticated but also has some romantic vibes to it. It can also be counted as one of the best youthful hairstyles over 50.




36. Top Knot

If you are looking for hairstyles that mean business, then we have the perfect thing for you. The top knot is trendy and a very practical hairstyle too as it keeps the hair away from your face allowing you to go about your busy day while looking stylish.




37. Trendy Haircuts For Women Over 50

Your hair is gonna change color as you age. This is inevitable and completely natural. But, this is not the end of the world. Take inspiration from this trendy silver-blonde bob. The greying hair fits seamlessly with the rest of the hair. The asymmetric side bang has a youthful appeal. It is a haircut that can easily turn thin hair into its voluminous best.




38. The Meg Ryan Haircut For Women Over 50

Amongst all the haircuts for women over 50, this one has a special place in our hearts. Not only because we love Meg Ryan and this has been her signature look but also because it is a super stylish hairstyle. These center-parted soft curls are one of the most beautiful youthful hairstyles over 50. One of the best celebrity hairstyles, this hairstyle suits almost all face shapes as well.




39. Mix N Match

Truth be told this hairstyle reminds us of Rogue from X-Men. Such hairstyles have been on top of the hair color trends with many women choosing to color their bangs and front hair in the most vibrant of hues. This can be your way of embracing your greys. Let the ones in the front alone while covering the ones at the back. Best of both worlds!   




40. One For Thick Hair

Blunt haircuts for over 50 are quite common and currently trending. They are great choices for thin hair. Women with thick hair can opt for tons and tons of layers to make the volume manageable.




41. Pretty Curly Hairstyle For Women Over 50

Our favorites are the curly hairstyles as they are totally some of the most gorgeous youthful hairstyles over 50. This one comes with soft and glossy curls that frame the face so well. The side-parting allows them to fall oh so beautifully on one side of the face. You can also sneak in some layers to make things better.




42. Straight And Blunt Chin-length Bob

Make a statement like Lucy Liu in this blunt chin-length bob. This one is perfect for women with straight hair. This is a haircut that will be your savior if you happen to have thin hair. Chin-length styles have made a comeback and are one of the top trending haircuts for women over 50.




43. Youthful Style

Here is yet another one of the prettiest haircuts for women over 50. This is great for that professional, I-mean-business look mixed with the perfect blend of the feminine. The flipped ends and the side sweeping bangs look so soft and are a fresh look for you to try.




44. Front-Facing Bangs

This is a polished pixie haircut with bangs. It is a combination of sophisticated, sexy, and edgy. It is a statement-making hairstyle. So, if the simple hairstyles don’t cut it for you so up the style quotient with this trendy haircut for women over 50.




45. Wavy Delight

Another one of the prettiest haircuts for women over 50 has to be this wavy medium-length haircut as modeled by Salma Hayek. This is what we call effortless chic. And of course, it is a blend of soft femininity and youthfulness along with the elegant charm.




46. Deeply Side-Parted

In the list of edgy haircuts for women over 50, add this one too. This haircut sure looks fun and stylish. The way it has been styled makes it look even better. It has just the right amount of drama.




47. Stacked And Curly

Stacked-up curls with curly side bangs are also a great option if you are looking for easy-to-maintain haircuts for over 50. This will of course work better for those with very curly hair. the stacked cut will help in managing the volume.




48. Brushed Back Haircuts For Over 50

Sport some sexiness with this brushed back hairstyle. It is one of those hairstyles that make a style statement so different from others that you cannot help but notice.




49. Blunt Bob With Bangs

Halle Berry is one true hair chameleon. She has single-handedly given us so much hair inspiration for hairstyles of different lengths. This one here is a blunt bob with bangs. It comes with layers and quite some texture that give this some dimension. The brown and blonde lowlights on dark brown hair as a base give a new life to this hairstyle. It is one of our favorite amongst the trending haircuts for women over 50.




50. Blunt Cut With Deep Side Part

Layered haircuts for women over 50 never go out of style. This one right here is a good style option for ladies with fine hair as the layers add body to the hair. The volume is further boosted by the deep side part. The lowlights add depth.




51. Layered Curly Bob

 Looking for youthful hairstyles over 50? Go curly. Tight and messy curls as showcased here are the perfect youthful style. Usually, such a style of curls looks best with short hairstyles as they don’t go beyond the neck in order to create that youthful vibe.




52. Grey Lob

Long bobs are yet another good choice when it comes to haircuts for over 50. It gets even better if you have straight hair. This look is perfect for straight haired women who want an elegant, sophisticated, yet stylish look. Keep things natural and healthy as this haircut allows you to embrace the natural greying of the hair. In fact, it is that natural shade of grey that makes this whole hairstyle so interesting.




53. Tousled And Wavy Layers

We cannot get enough of layers and it appears that neither can the rest of the world. Here is another one of the layered haircuts for women over 50. What makes this one special? Look at the curl pattern and the general tousled vibe to them. Don’t they make this hairstyle glorious?




54. Short Haircuts For Black Women Over 50

It is a simple yet stylish haircut for women over 50. It is short, elegant, and flatters all face shapes. It is also something that is favoured a lot by Black women.




55. Tousled Pixie

We are ending our list of trending haircuts for women over 50 with this tousled style. It is a pixie. But it is more fun than most. The subtle layers and the tousled texture makes this a good candidate for youthful hairstyles over 50.




56. Face Framing Layered Cut 

Just get an illusion with this adorable haircut for women over 50. Brown highlights never go wrong as the different shades add volume to the hair. This haircut is suitable for women with long hair.




57. Long Ponytail 

If the hair is slowly becoming a combination of black and grey, there is no need to worry about it or change it as it is the trendiest and classiest long haircut for women over 50. Based on their preference one can go with a low or high ponytail.




58. Classic Side Parted Hairstyle 

This elegant haircut is the best option for classy women. It gives a young appearance to the face as well as a gorgeous way to embrace and celebrate the greying of the hair.




59. Gray Waves 

If one has thick hair, these gray waves are the best way to achieve a delicate and feminine hairstyle. To achieve this angelic haircut for women over 60 just let your natural waves grow out.




60. Blonde Ashes With Straight Hair 

If going blonde haircut is a little too intense for women over 60 then ash blonde can be a subtle transition for classy women. This is the type of color that adds texture to the hair and makes it appear even more voluminous.




61. Feathered Layers 

A couple of softly feathered layers beneath the facial structure can add glam to this haircut for women over 50. Make the hair more dazzling with those messy feathered layers.




62. Center Parted Waves 

Women manage to look flawless, regardless of their hair textures, body types, and age. Long beach waves are a great way to present a young carefree look. This haircut for women over 50 has the waves slightly off of her face allowing her amazing cheekbones to show.




63. Waves With Curtain Bangs 

A wavy haircut for women over 50 is both low-maintenance and lovely. The blonde highlights serve to brighten the already radiant complexion. Loose flowing waves help to add some volume around the beautiful face.




64. Brown Waves 

Long hair is a classic no matter your age. While long hair works best with medium to thick locks, those with brown waves can make this style work, too. This haircut of women over 50 will give the appearance of thicker tresses. 




65. Polished Waves 

With this haircut for women over 50, one can go from dressed-up polished waves, as seen here, to low-maintenance beachy waves, and everything in between. Such a versatile haircut for women over 50!




66. Straight Hair With Short Bangs 

This is a cool haircut for women over 50 with square, diamond, heart, or oblong face shapes. In this hairstyle, the front tresses are cut into short bangs falling over the forehead head, and the long tresses are middle parted and allowed to fall over the shoulders.




67. Ponytail With Bangs 

In this haircut for women over 50,  the hair is kept straightway beyond the shoulders, and the front is styled with bangs side-parted giving a classy frame to the face. The rest of the hair is tied in a tight ponytail.




68. Copper Curls 

Copper curls haircuts for women over 50 can add a touch of elegance to your image and refresh it. And this is the effect that practically any woman in her fifties is looking for. Wear it textured and a bit messy to give more volume to your tresses.




69. Short Wavy Bob 

Bob is always a good decision, especially styled in short waves. This haircut for women over 50 will bring some fun and style to your look. Waves are something that does not go out of fashion no matter what time we live in!




70. Voluminous Curls 

Big, voluminous curls are the perfect suggestion to play around with if one wants their hair to look fabulous and stylish! Women over 50 with natural curls can try this hairstyle.




71. Bouncy Waves 

Pretty and feminine, this medium style looks gorgeous with straight or wavy hair too. The best way to upgrade any of the haircuts for women over 50 with medium hair is to add some bounciness to them. 




72. Curls With Deep Side-Part 

This haircut for women over 50 looks more voluminous and curly towards the ends than at the top. This hairstyle with a side part will give some 30s vibes and it will make the look chic.




73. Sleek Straight Hair 

This simple haircut for women over 50 is teased at the roots ever so slightly to create more volume in the back of the head and keep the hairstyle from falling flat. Be sure to use hairspray after teasing to help with hold.




74. Long And Straight Hair 

Show off your extra lengthy locks by straightening them and wearing a center part. Use a moisturizing serum to make sure your hair is healthy and shiny from root to tip. This haircut for women over 50 is for extremely long hair.




75. Loose Waves 

Red hair color is vibrant and youthful, and the simple styling focuses all the attention on the face. For loose waves, use a curling wand and brush out. The color of the hair can go well with the complexion.




76. Blonde Hair With Bangs 

Older women can look younger easily with bangs added to their hairstyle. In this blonde haircut for women over 50, the hair length is kept medium and is allowed to cascade over the shoulders. 




77. The Quiff 

A short hairstyle can be the perfect way to show off your beautiful face. This haircut for women over 50 has upswept hair in the middle that looks elegant as well as slightly quirky.




78. Blunt Bangs With Curls 

Bangs can be a fun, youthful way to switch up your hairstyle. They instantly frame your face and can give your look more personality. Add some curls to your haircut to create a modern look.




79. Sleek Bob 

A sleek bob is a style that's easy to maintain and always looks chic. Use some anti-frizz spray to make sure there are no flyaway hairs, and prepare to feel fierce. Such a unique haircut for women over 50.




80. Short And Voluminous Hairstyle 

Uniform layers are cut all through this brown mane to balance out the volume and movement all over. This formal haircut for women over 50 is gorgeous and easy to re-create.