Long Hairstyles For Women Over 50

55 Stunning Long Hairstyles For Women Over 50

Shivangi Chatterjee

Updated At  07 Oct 23


Long hair looks surreal and beautiful on every woman. But as you grow older, you lose both patience and time to maintain it. It also tends to grow dull, more prone to breakage, and the hair-thinning issue never seems to cease. Therefore keeping long hairstyles for women over 50 is a bold choice.

It is therefore quite essential to embrace your natural hair texture when you grow old. This gives you some advantage to not spoil your lengths at your own hands. Regardless of age, long hair looks beautiful, and even so when you know how to style it right. If you have long hair or are planning to skip some hair-trimming sessions to let it grow, we have brought together some hairstyles to take inspiration from. Following is the list of 55 long hairstyles for women over 50 for your ease of choice!


55 Long Hairstyles For Women Over 50




1. Rounded Layers For Women Over 50

One important aspect of styling hair when you are above 50 is to give your hair the appearance of being voluminous. These rounded layers serve this purpose well. It is one of the easiest long hairstyles for old women that can be achieved with a straightener. You may opt for a slight side part.




2. Long Lose Curls For Long Hair

If you have curls and the length, why not flaunt them? The long loose curls give your hair a relaxed look but are nice enough to be opted for in any event you want. They are stylish too! Make sure you use hair spray so that the curls remain in place and do not become frizzy! One of the best haircuts for women over 50, long lose curls which are natural look stunning and can transform your look completely!




3. The Rachel Cut For Long Hair

The Rachel Green haircut has been famous for decades now because of how pretty Jennifer Aniston looked in Friends. This one is an ideal hairstyle for people with an oval or heart-shaped face. With a little bit of modification from the original hairstyle, this one is straight hair with thin and long curtain bangs!




4. Long Layered Haircut

Layers can add youthfulness to any hair. This long layered hair with fringe over 50 is ideal if you do not like a single dull hair moment. They are easy to carry but may require regular care to keep the layers well in shape and not at all frizzy. One can also opt for face framed highlights as these look amazing on long hair with layers.




5. Long Braided Hair For Older Women

Braids have a certain charm to them, which is still in trend today. They are extremely simple to attain yet have a style factor, even for older women. It is one of the easy long hairstyles for older ladies. These braided ponytails add a certain sleekness to the tips and highlight your hair.




6. Side Parted Voluminous Hair

Side-parted hairstyles are classic for any age. It is one of the easiest long hairstyles because it takes zilch effort and no maintenance at all. It is also one of the ideal long straight hairstyles for older ladies.




7. Defined Coils For The Older Ladies

Defined coils at any age look beautiful! If you are in for a softer look, you may opt to get your tresses lightened. Make sure to add definition to your natural curls with the help of good curl-defining gels and hair oils. The bouncy and natural style is among the stylish long hairstyles for women.

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8. Rolled Curls With Soft Layers

If you are into flirty hairstyles, these soft layers with rolled curls are the ones for your long hair! It is also suitable for those who are suffering from hair thinning as the rolled curls give the perception of thick hair. It looks great on women of all ages, making it one of the easy long hairstyles for older ladies.




9. Curls And Long Fringes

Do you have naturally curly hair? You are already halfway there for this hairdo! If not, curl your hair and use a good hair spray to hold the curls in place. Opt for long fringes to soften your facial features. This is one of the medium to long hairstyles with curls which look amazing due to the long fringes and natural curls.




10. Blown-out Long Layers

Long layers are the best for your long hair! It is because they do not strip you of your length as well as the volume. They are perfect for adding life to your hair and giving your face much-needed definition. Blow those layers out to add volume.



11. Messy Shag For Fine Hair

One of the ideal medium hairstyles for women over 50 would be messy shag with bangs. These are best for those who have thin, fine hair as the fuller shag makes your hair look voluminous. 




12. Curled Ends Hairdo

Curls are attractive, no matter the age! If you are into curls, this hairstyle is a must-try! Make sure to opt for deep conditioning each week to protect your hair from drying. Use the curling iron to curl your hair back and away from your face. It would slim down your face.




13. Feathered Ends

Even if you are 50 or older, your hairstyles need not be boring. You can still opt for funky, and fun hairdos and carry them better than people younger than you. These feathered ends do just that by adding a fun element! 




14. Long Crochet Braids For The Older Ladies

If your natural hair texture is thick and coarse, then crochet braids are your perfect choice. It is suitable for all face shapes. It is a protective hairstyle which makes you look utterly stylish! If you have the skills, you can do the crochet braids yourself. If not, you may go to a hair expert.




15. Vintage Fringes Hairstyle

Vintage looks look ravishing, especially when you are older and more mature. This long layered hair with fringe for over 50 is a daring and bold choice if you are into dramatic makeovers. These fringes require the least maintenance as their length is quite short. To get this 1940s-inspired fringe look, you may curl the fringes to your desired length.




16. Side Braid With Bangs

Bangs look adorable on older women, as they add an element of youthfulness to your entire outlook. It is one of the easiest long hairstyles for women over 50. They can opt for your go-to hairstyle as it gives a relaxed look.




17. Sleek Long Hair With Wispy Bangs

Sleek long hair can require a bit of effort and maintenance, but given how it turns out in the end, the efforts are worth it. Make sure you are taking care of your ageing hair by keeping it moisturized to add life to it. This is one of the long straight hairstyles for older ladies.




18. Box Braids For Older Ladies

If you are determined to protect your hair, the box braids are some of the best long hairstyles. Box braids suit best on people with oval or heart face shapes. There are hundreds of tutorials online on how to achieve these. You can also always head to a good salon too.




19. Silver-long Bob With Layers

One way to gracefully wear your ageing hair would be to get an angled cut along with some layers. The layers help in keeping the look light and do not weigh down your facial features. This is one of the bob hairstyles for women over 50 that is sure to give you a brighter appearance overall.




20. Voluminous Curls

Of all the easy long hairstyles for older ladies, these voluminous curls are the most dramatic! If you have natural curls, they can be worn in layers adding shape and a face-framing element. The long length of hair adds a lot of softness to the face too and therefore these long hairstyles for older women are a must-try!

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21. Blown-out Long Hair

There is no better way to show how bouncy your hair is than by blowing it out right before an event. You may go for a lighter colour to soften your facial features. This is one of the long straight hairstyles for older ladies that are sure to exude youthfulness.




22. Messy Updos

If you are older, chances are you do not have the patience to wear your long hair down always. It is therefore best to opt for messy updos like this for they make you look quite chic, accentuating your cheekbones. 




23. Straight Hair With Middle Parting

Middle parting hair is quite a sleek long haircut for women. Women in their 50s are scared to opt for straight hair, thinking it’ll make their hair look thin. They are however one of the easy long hairstyles for older ladies that screams sophistication.




24. Mid-length Curls And Glasses

At an age of 50 or above, usually everybody has grey hair. This is your sign to keep the greying hair and embrace your natural curls. Mid-length curls on older women tend to give the illusion of fuller hair. This is one of the best long hairstyles for women over 50 with glasses.




25. Textured Haircut For Thin Hair

If your hair is thin with growing age, the textured haircut can be your saviour. This is one of the best long hairstyles for women over 50 since it widens the hair volume, especially when blow-dried with a round brush.




26. Layers For Women With Glasses

Glasses can grasp unnecessary attention and also hide your best facial features. Go for this gorgeous hairstyle to show some layers and add texture to your hair. Bangs paired with it can give an even more adorable overall look. It is one of the ideal long hairstyles for women over 50 with glasses.




27. Low Chignon For Older Ladies

If you are in doubt, the sleek low chignon hairstyle is your best choice. It is one of the most stylish long hairstyles for women over 50. It goes with any outfit, be it dresses or jeans, and is also extremely easy to create.




28. Low Ponytail

A low ponytail with loose pieces on either side of the face is stylish and looks quite effortless. It also adds some height to the crown area, which is great for ladies with thin hair. If you have a fair complexion, opt for honey tones to complement it.




29. Long Blunt Hairstyle With Fringes

Something about a long, blunt cut attracts the eye almost instantly. It gives you a girl-boss look, which is quite bold a choice. It’s a statement-making hairstyle and the fringes accentuate your cheekbones. Straighten your hair and look amazing in this hairstyle.

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30. Jet Black Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is one of the hair textures that are always a hit. It is one of the best long hairstyles for women over 50. They are easy to achieve as well. It lifts and complements your facial features so you might as well want to give it a try and see for yourself!




31. Razor Cut Dolled Up Hairdo

One of the unique hairstyles for women over 50 is this razor haircut which mimics the look of a doll. It looks adorable on older women, and even adds hints of youthfulness to the face. This is an adventurous look if you are not someone to settle for the ordinary!




32. Half up Half down Hairstyle

Easy hairstyles are the best because they require less effort to achieve and are quite comfortable to carry. This half-up half-down hairstyle is one of the easy long hairstyles for older ladies. Get the fame-framing layers to outline your best facial features.




33. High Ponytail For Older Ladies

Some celebrities have high ponytails are their signature hairstyle, the famous Ariana Grande. But this hairstyle is versatile enough to look good on women over 50 as well! It is a dramatic hairdo. If you have fine hair, this is an easy way to pump up the volume at the crown.




34. Chestnut Waves Long Hair

If you are bored of the greys in your hair, you may want to colour your hair! This chestnut hair colour is amazing for those who have fine lines or wrinkles as it softens them. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston have also been seen carrying this colour with wavy hair often!




35. Shoulder Length Shag

Shoulder length is the most manageable length, especially in old age when problems like hair thinning begin. This shag is one of the ideal long hairstyles for over 50 with glasses. It is short enough to be sassy but long enough to be worn as a ponytail.




36. Lob With Parted Fringes

Straight hair needs dimension and fringes bring, especially when one has short to medium-length hair. It is one of the best medium hairstyles for women over 50. The fringes should be parted evenly to give dimension. It looks especially good on women with round face shapes.




37. A Fancy Updo

Of all the top long hairstyles, the fancy updos are the most stylish! They instantly give you a party-ready look by uplifting your facial features. It is suitable for all the older ladies who enjoy having fun with their hair!




38. Feathered Cut

You might have noticed that as you age, your hair tends to be a little lifeless and look flat. A feathered cut is made to add life and bounce to your ageing hair. You may go for a centre partition with bangs on either side, to look sleek.




39. Pink And Grey Highlights

Highlighting your hair may serve you right if you want an escape from the monotonous loop of haircuts. Make sure that you have the time to keep your hair healthy and nourished, without which damage is impeccable. Pink and grey are refreshing hair colours, making it one of the long hairstyles for women over 50 you must try.



40. Long Layered Hair With Fringes

This layered hair works in amazing ways to uplift your face and give you that glow by highlighting all the right features of your face. This long layered hair with fringes over 50 can opt if your hair is thinning as this gives the illusion of a voluminous crown and the fringes cover your partition.




41. Natural Balayage Hair

Balayage is a global favourite hair colour because of how versatile it is. It suits every face shape, and irrespective of age, it tends to add a certain youthful flair to the face. Longer hairs for older ladies serve as an ideal base for this natural-looking balayage hair to work its wonders.




42. Messy Layered Hair

If you are looking for long layered hair with fringe for over 50, this messy layered cut can be your correct choice. The hairstyle embraces your natural curls. Opt for longer curls to elevate your features. 




43. Grey Balayage Haircolour

For ladies who still have thick hair, there’s good news! This grey hair colour is an amazing hairstyle and is quite easy to achieve and maintain. It maintains your natural locks, making you look trendy. This one shows soft and subtle is always beautiful.




44. Soft Layered Greying Hair

You may want to give a shot to growing out your old colour and go for soft grey. Adding layers to it is a great way of getting rid of your older hair colour. Make sure to use a smoothening cream as grey hair tends to grow coarse without maintenance.




45. Long Curtain Bangs

For those who want fringes but of low-maintenance, these curtain bangs are a great fit. They are quite trendy long hairstyles for women over 50, complementing medium to long hair. Irrespective of hair thickness or age, curtain bangs add style to your look.




46. Lose Waves With Pink Highlights

Who says 50 has to be subtle, boring and non-adventurous? These loose waves and pink highlights can add funk to your overall look. They are a bold choice and not a cup of tea for everyone. The loose curls are flattering, lifting up your facial features.




47. Longer Shag With Layers

If you are a fan of shag but also do not want to compromise on your hair length, this longer shag with face-framing layers is a must-try. The layers accentuate your cheekbones, making your face look slimmer. These are some elegant and unique shag haircuts for over 50.




48. Straight Long Hair With Glasses

One of the long straight hairstyles for older ladies is this grey straight hairdo. It is suitable best for somewhat thick hair or else it may make you look very flat. It is made for all the eclectic women out there, who are bold themselves, just like this hairstyle.




49. Very Long Curly Hair

One of the beauties of having extremely long hair is how feminine one looks! It really enhances your outlook, making you dainty, and elegant yet trendy. Very long curly hair adds a youthful flair and playfulness. It is one of the adorable long hairstyles for women over 50.




50. Blonde Cut And Bangs

Consider this style if you already have blonde hair with naturally wavy or curly hair texture. This long edgy hairstyle would make you look 10 times younger! You may add fringes or bangs to this classic for an enhanced outlook.




51. Blonde Balayage With Textured Bangs

Blonde layered hair is meant to add brightness to a dull face. It would diminish your age like no other colour. Go for a lighter, softer blended balayage hair to give more modern vibes. It is one of the ideal long hairstyles for women over 50.




52. Long-Wavy Hair

You don’t always have to tie your hair, especially when you have the length to flaunt your hair. This long wavy hairstyle for older ladies is the correct choice for any event you want to doll up for. Go for a hairspray to give the waves in place.




53. Razored Ends Hairstyle

A razored haircut is the new hairstyle that celebrities love! It is very urban, modern and chic, as well as gives a look of sophistication. Lowlights help to add dimension as well. To add some texture, you may even spray some texture spray on blown-out hair.




54. Wavy Lob For Older Ladies

Wavy Lobs are the perfect medium hairstyle for women over 50. It is low maintenance and quite manageable too. It is advised however to use serums and moisturizers to keep your hair nourished, and to define the curls.




55. Oval Bangs And Long Hair

Of all the long hairstyles for women over 50, this one is the best if you want to add uplift to your face as well as soften your facial features. The oval bangs frame your face quite well, focusing more on your eyes than on the wrinkles and fine lines.