31 Stunning Hairstyles For Heart Shaped Face - 2023

Ana Campbell

Updated At  16 Aug 23


Looking out for the best hairstyles for heart shaped face? Dont worry, we have got you covered!

In modern society, an individual’s physical appearance is something that plays a significant role in shaping their social life. Hair is a very integral part of a person’s outer appearance, and thus, hairstyles are one of the most practiced beauty tactics to enhance one’s outer beauty or aesthetic.

Timely haircuts ensure that a person’s crown stays healthy. But hairstyles are the actual game changers. People with different types of face shapes, hair types, and preferences can select any hairstyle they like and add it to their routine to flaunt their natural features and hair type. In this article, we will be taking a look at 31 best hairstyles for heart shaped faces. A heart shaped face can be identified with prominent features like broad forehead, pointy chin, and sharp cheekbones. Lets begin!


31 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Heart Shaped Face




1. C Shaped Bob

People with heart shaped faces who wish to transform their traditional bob can also style it as a C shaped bob. C shaped bob can be achieved by blow-drying the hair from the roots. To add more volume and style, comb the hair while blow-drying. This will not only provide volume to the hair but also give you that chick, modern look.


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2. Side Parted Hair With Balayage

To switch things up from a traditional middle parting hairstyle, a balayage with side parted hair is one of the most advised switch. The balayage will give the hair the bounce and volume that it needs, while the side part will put the attention on the best (preferred side) of the face.

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3. Balayage Haircut

A balayage is professionally considered one of the best hairstyles for people with heart-shaped faces. This hairstyle is professionally appointed by highlighting certain sections of the hair. The color is then lightened by brushed down (in a sweeping motion) until the hair reaches the customer’s desired darkness (color). This hairstyle looks best on people with long brunette hair and is bound to give your face a fairy-like look. 




4. Bob With Side Parted Hair

A bob is something that is donned on by people of almost every face shape. When it comes to people with a heart shaped face, a bob can be styled with a side parting. To style a side parting all that needs to be done is brush more hair to one side of the face (the preferred side) instead of balancing it out (like a middle part). This will provide your face with a cute edge. This hairstyle is a popular hairstyle for a heart shaped face. 

If you are looking for rectangle face shape hairstyles, then bob cut with side parted hair can be a very good option.




5. Pixie Cut For Heart Shaped Face 

Another popular hairstyle after the bob, a pixie is traditionally shorter in length than a bob. It emphasizes the heart shape of the face by framing the broad forehead, and then shifting the attention to the pointy chin by ending at the chin-level. It is one of the best hairstyles for heart-shaped faces.




6. Middle Parted Haircut

Middle parting is one of the simplest, yet the most impactful hairstyle for a heart shaped person. By styling the hair in a middle parting, the broad forehead, and the shorter length of the face (prominent heart shaped facial features) are brought into light. People with long hair are advised to try this hairstyle.

Side and middle parted highlights or balayage are amongst the top oval face shape hairstyles. One can also try layered haircuts or messy hair as these would look equally good.




7. Layers With Long Bangs 

A layered hairstyle is considered one of the best hairstyles for heart shaped faces, because the soft layers not only add more volume to your hair, but they also accentuate the sharp cheekbones and jawline of the individual, flaunting their natural heart-shaped face. This look can be advanced by adding long bangs, which would further accentuate their forehead.




8. Chin Length Bob With Waves

For all the heart-shaped faces out there who are rocking a bob haircut, one of the best ways to style it up would be to add waves to the hair. This can be done either professionally or by following at-home tutorials. Adding waves or curls to a bob will automatically give you the breezy, beach-ready look.

Bob with waves are one of the best haircuts for round faces as this can transform your look completely.




9. Curly Haircut For Heart Face Shape

Another very accessible and another popular hairstyle in the best hairstyles for heart shaped faces category, curls are best suited for people with long hair as it will help putting focus on the tapering, pointy chin of the face. 




10. Layered Bob Cut

Continuing with the bob, it can be further styles by adding layers to the hair. Layers on a heart shaped face can be conducted in many ways like side swept, middle parting, swept behind, and so on.




11. Straightened Hair For Heart Face Shape

Straightening the hair is one of the best hairstyles for heart shaped faces. Long, straight hair strands that fall down the face in a smooth, flowy motion are bound to accentuate the tapering face shape. Straightening is also a popular hairstyle choice as it can be easily done at home.




12. Wispy Bangs

Heart shaped faces can help in balancing a heart shaped face. Wispy bangs add a soft-looking edge to the face, giving your face the organized, relaxed, and stylish look.




13. Side Braided Haircut

Side braid is seen as one of the best hairstyles for heart shaped faces. The side part of the hairstyle balances the width of the forehead, in addition to the side braid putting more focus on the sharper features like cheeks and jawline.




14. Fringe Bob

Adding fringes to a chin-length bob will frame a heart shaped face the best. Soft, crisp, fringes falling on the chin level will add volume and sharpness to the face.




15. Deep Side Parted Hair

This hairstyle brings emphasis on your sharp cheekbones while simultaneously opening your face from the forehead.




16. Blowout

Blowout is a type of hairstyle that can be carried with any hair or face type. Blowout hairstyle is very simple to achieve by blow-drying your hair from top to bottom. This will add volume to your hair.




17. Loose Waves

Shoulder length hair locks are styled using rollers (from the middle of the hair strand to the tip) which provides your crown with bounce, volume, and a youthful appearance.




18. Choppy Bob Cut For Heart Face

This shoulder length bob, added with chopped layers, accentuates your cheekbones. The layers towards the end (your chin) soften the pointy look of the chin (of a heart shaped face).




19. Straight Lob

A lob is traditionally straight, sleek, and considered one of the best hairstyles for heart-shaped face. People with heart shaped faces are advised to do a middle part, which will further give them an organized, sharp, and sexy look.




20. Short Curly Hair

Short hairstyles are considered one of the best hairstyles for heart shaped faces. Curling your hair can really bring out your sharp features. This hairstyle is also weather-friendly.




21. Slim Bangs 

Long slim bangs are the perfect choice for a heart shaped face as these bangs accentuate the width of your forehead. These bangs go with any length of hair.




22. Face Framing Bob

This shoulder length bob is styled for a heart shaped face by curling the tips of the hair inwards (towards the chin). This highlights the heart shape of your face.




23. Textured Waves

If you are someone who has a heart shaped face with wavy hair, textured waves are a great option for you. Blonde hair color is the most preferred one.




24. Hair Color Change

Sometimes, just changing your hair color is the change you need. Hair colors like blond and dark brown (with medium length hair) is considered one of the best hairstyles for heart shaped faces.




25. Tousled Bob

Also known as the bob with side parting, this hairstyle makes your already sharp jawline and high cheekbones more prominent.




26. Short Bob With Blunt Bangs

Straight bob haircut (shorter than a traditional bob), combined with blunt, long bangs, was made for a heart shaped face.




27. Razor Bob Cut

This hairstyle is bound to give your already sharp features a major highlight, which will further give you that sleek, professional, and modern look.




28. Pixie With Side Swept Hair

A pixie haircut with side swept hair will surely give your heart shaped face that bossy, sharp, and independent look.




29. Queen Of The Heart Hairstyle

This hairstyle is the perfect choice for an energetic occasion like a party. This hairstyle can be styled by middle parting the hair and brushing them down (like a sweeping motion).

This hairstyle is perfect for people who have curly/wavy, long hair. To spice up this hairstyle, individuals can color their hair a trendy color like platinum blonde or brunette. It is remarkably similar in style like a balayage. This style is bound to give your hair an ethereal/model look.




30. Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs can be paired with both short and long hair. These bangs will highlight the attractive width of your forehead.




31. Waterfall Braid

Much like the side braid, a waterfall braid gives you that flowy, smooth, and elegant look that will be best suited for a heart shaped face.