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How To Make Thin Hair Look Thicker – 7 Hairstyles For Thin Hair


Updated At  08 Aug 18

Not sure how to style your thin hair? Want to know easy hairstyles that makes them look voluminous and thick? You’re in luck! Here are 7 gorgeous hairstyles that are perfect for thin hair.




1- Fishtail Braid

What’s great about the fishtail braid is that it may look complicated but is fairly simple once you get the hang of it. To give it some volume, all you need to do it tug at the sections and make it a loose braid instead and voila. Be it a casual occasion or something special, you’re good to go.

How To: Divide your hair into two sections, take a small section from the left side and move it across the left side and tuck it under the right side section.

Take a small section from the right side and move it across the right side and tuck it under the left side section. Keep doing this until you reach the end and then tie it with a hair tie.


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2- Short Hairstyle

Getting short hair can be an important decision for most women because it is so closely tied to the idea of femininity. If you have thin hair, it is important that adopt a hairstyle that accordingly.

An angled bob is in Vogue and ensures healthy hair movement which can veil your thin hair. Alternatively, if you are not afraid of going short then a pixie cut is your go to. Its stylish and easy to manage and looks great whether you have thin or thick hair.

How To: Talk to your hairdresser and take their opinion on the perfect length for a bob or pixie, you can also go crazy and get some highlights with it.




3- High Messy Ponytail

A high messy ponytail is the perfect way to create the illusion of voluminous hair. Its not only a great look for various occasions but also suits most people.

How To: Start by using a dry shampoo on your hair and then gather your hair up to make a ponytail. Now tease your hair at the crown and let some strands fall out. Don’t comb your hair just tease certain sections and remember to tie your hair loosely.




4- Braided Updo

Ponytails and buns can get boring, we know. So the next time you have extra 5 minutes to get ready, why not try the braided updo and channel your inner Greek Goddess.

How To: Braid about 3 inches of hair from just above your ear to your shoulder. Wrap them around your head, you can spray it in place if you’re worried of it coming loose. Secure the ends in place with bobby pins.


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5. Deep Side-Apart

If you’re someone with thin hair, its best to stay away from dead-centre partings. What you can do instead is add to the volume by creating a deep side-part.

How To: Part your hair about 3 inches from the centre depending on which side you like better.

Scrunch it up a little to create volume.




6- Textured Hairstyle

As long as youre switching it up, why not experiment with texture as well. Having thin hair can especially stand out if you have straight hair.

Once in a while give wacy or curly hair a whirl and see what you think.

How To: Use a hair straightener or a curler and use a sea salt spray to create texture on your hair.




7- Layered Hairstyle

One of the easiest ways to make your hair look fuller is by adding layers. They’re timeless and suit every face shape, are also easy to maintain.

How To: Ask your hairdresser for suggestions on the length and how many layers to get.

So these were 7 of our favourite hairstyles for thin hair, try them out and see what you like best. And if you have suggestions, don’t forget to comment and let us know.


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