Your Keratin Hair Treatment Guide: Cost, Pros, Cons And Side Effects

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Updated At  14 Dec 22

Keratin hair treatment is slowly becoming one of the preferred options for hair smoothening. However, before you opt for it, it is certainly better to know everything about keratin hair treatment including the side effects it can potentially cause.

Here’s your guide to keratin hair treatment which will cover the following:-

  • What is keratin
  • Steps invoved in keratin hair treatment
  • Keratin treatment Pros and Cons
  • Keratin treatment side effects
  • Cost and precautions
  • Difference between a brazilian blowout and a keratin treatment
  • How to do keratin treatment at home
  • Is keratin treatment safe?
  • Duration of keratin treatment


What is keratin?

It’s basically what your hair is made of. Keratin is the main protein which makes up your hair.


What is keratin hair treatment?

Keratin treatment is also popularly known as Brazilian hair straightening or Brazilian keratin treatment.


All keratin hair treatment does is reinstate the natural, intrinsic keratin protein (which has been lost over time) in your hair which gives it lustre and silkiness.


However, according to hair experts, keratin hair treatment is not suitable for every kind of hair.


Is keratin hair straightening treatment permanent?

Keratin hair treatment is a semi permanent hair smoothing treatment. It will not straighten your permanently but it makes your hair smooth and shiny.


How long does a keratin hair treatment last?

Usaully, keratin hair treatments last for 2 to 3 months (8 to 12 weeks). But the precise duration is dependent upon the hair type, the condition of the hair along with other factors.


Who should go for keratin hair treatment?


Who should go for keratin hair treatment?

People with naturally straight and fine hair must not opt for this semi permanent hair straightening treatment. If you have curly and/or frizzy hair, keratin hair treatment will give you the perfect styling experience you want.


The science behind it is pretty simple. Keratin hair treatment fills the pores which make your hair frizzy and brittle in the first place, thereby giving you lustrous and smoother tresses.


What are the steps involved in keratin treatment?


What are the steps involved in keratin treatment?

1. For the most appropriate keratin formula with respect to the hair type undergoing the treatment, consulting with a professional is peremptory. For blondes, lighter colour keratin treatments would be ideal. At home services would not yield results as good as professional treatments which are specifically tailored for respective hair types.

2. The next step involves washing hair with a clarifying shampoo.

3. Next, it must be dried completely and then combed in order to disentangle any existing locks.

4. After this, hair must be partitioned into 4 sections for convenience of application and the keratin formula must be applied to every section meticulously.

5. For the next half an hour or so the hair must be left absolutely idle.

6. With the blow dryer set to medium heat, every section of hair must be dried completely and then straightened using a flat iron. The product manual must be referred to in order to know the ideal temperature for the straightening procedure. Users must bear in mind that high temperatures cause hair to become brittle and susceptible to damage.

7. Hair must not be washed for the next 48 hours, neither should it be tied up or exposed to water. However in case of it getting wet, the wet part must be dried and a straightening iron can be run over it once or twice.

8. 48 hours later, hair must be washed without further delay to dissuade the drying of hair tips. Ideally, keratin treatment friendly shampoos must be used (chemical free with added keratin if feasible) along with keratin treatment friendly conditioners. Using random shampoos could harm the longevity of the treatment.

9. Having completed all the aforementioned steps, hair can now be styled and dried without frizziness.


What precautions need to be taken with keratin treatment?


What precautions need to be taken with keratin treatment?

  • The bare minimum number of days you need to wait before wetting or washing your hair is 3 days. However, in case you feel the need to wash your hair, use dry shampoo.
  • Avoid heat to sustain the life of the keratin treatment. Even frequent styling will shorten the life of the treatment.
  • Be sure to use sulphate free shampoos while washing your hair.
  • Avoid hair clips, hair ties or anything that gives rise to creases in your hair for 48 hours or 3 days.


What are the benefits of keratin treatment?


Keratin treatment Pros and Cons



  • Makes hair soft, lustrous and smooth
  • Suitable for both the sexes



  • Usually expensive
  • For sustainable results the treatment needs to be performed by a professional
  • Contains formaldehyde which can be bad for health
  • Not suitable for pregnant women
  • To maintain the longevity of the treatment, its imperative to use sulphate free shampoos and conditioners


What are the side effects of keratin treatment?


What are keratin treatment side effects?

Keratin Hair Treatments are a heavily debated topic and many beleive that there Keratin treatment side effects which makes it a bad option to go for.


Key side effects of Keratin Treatment:-


1) It May Lead To Cancer

One of the most dreaded diseases, we always need to be careful about treatments which can lead to cancer.

Keratin Treatments use Formaldehyde which may lead to cancer when the body is exposed to it for a long period of time. To dcrease the risk, always go for keratin treatments which offer formaldehyde alternatives.


2) It Can Damage Your Hair

You need to monitor the amount of heat which is applied to your hair since too much heat can make your hair dry in quick time and cause breakage.

Make sure you select the salon and the hair stylist properly as a skilled technician will be diligent about the temperature your hair is subjected to.


3) It Can Lead To Allergic Reactions

As Keratin Treatment contains formaldehyde and other chemicals, it may cause allergic reactions.

So always consult your dermatologist before you finalize the appointment for Keratin Treatment.


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What is the difference between a brazilian blowout and a keratin treatment?


What is the difference between a brazilian blowout and a keratin treatment?

Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Treatment are both hair treatments that bond protein to the outer layer of the hair, which help smooth, straighten, protect, soften, and relax the hair.

Both treatments create a layer of protein around the hair shaft which smoothes the cuticle and makes the hair look shinier and smoother and also fights humidity.

However, there are 2 key differences between brazilian blowout and keratin treatment.


1) Duration of the procedure

A Brazilian Blowout process takes about only 90 minutes whereas keratin treatment take between 2 to 3 hours to finish and you still need to wash out the product after three days.


2) You need to take extra care after keratin treatment

After you leave the salon after a brazilian blowout, you can style your hair however you want. On the other hand, after a keratin treatment you cannot do anything that will crease your hair, such as putting your hair behind your ears or tying a ponytail or bobby pins.


3) Keratin treatment is not suggested for everyone

Keratin treatment is not recommended for people who already have fine and straight hair as it will further reduce the volume, in that case,

one can opt for a Brazilian Blowout for smoother and shinier hair that is voluminous and mangeable. It is a lighter option as compared to keratin treatment.


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Is keratin treatment good for your hair?


Is keratin treatment good for your hair?

Originally, Keratin treatments were meant for thick, frizzy and coarse hair. However, because of its quick and visible results, keratin hair treatment has become an attractive choice.

If you have fine or thin hair, you will need to be careful while opting for keratin treatment.


Keratin hair treatment uses formaldehyde and other chemicals which are bad for health and overutilization of it may cause damage to both your hair and health. Always consult your dermatologist before taking the final decision.


How to do keratin treatment at home?


How to do keratin treatment at home?

Yes, you can perform keratin treatment at home. It would be similar to getting it done at the salon but without the dexterity of a skilled technician.

For doing a keratin treatment at home, you will need the following:

  • Sulphate free shampoo and a conditioner
  • Smoothening product (its better to opt for formaldehyde free products as they are safe to use)
  • Blow dryer and flat iron
  • Towel, comb, brush and gloves


Step-by-step process of doing keratin treatment at home


Step-by-step process of doing keratin treatment at home


1) Dye, wrap and wash your hair

Pour the product into a bowl and apply it onto your hair using a hair brush. Make sure your hair is dry before you apply the mixture.

Once you have applied the mixture, you will need to comb your hair so that the mixture is absorbed properly. Once you are certain that the mixture has been applied properly, you need to plastic wrap your hair and wait for 40 to 50 minutes to make sure that the protein is absorbed by the hair.

Once this time period is over, you can remove the plastic wrap and cold wash your hair to remove the mixture.

2) Use the flat iron to straighten your hair

Once you have washed your hair, blow dry them completely. Once done, use the flat iron and run it over the strands. Make sure to divide your hair into sections before you iron them.

As the temperature during ironing your hair is crucial, since excessive heat can damage hair, make sure you monitor the same.

3) Final wash and conditioning

Once you have ironed your hair, its time to wash them with the sulphate free shampoo and to condition them subsequently. You can blowdry them to finish off the process.

Thats all! You are all set to get smooth and shiny hair.


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How often can one go for keratin hair treatment?


How often can one go for keratin hair treatment?

Most of the salons offer 2 options for keratin treatment, namely “Full” and “Express/Quick”.

While “Full” uses stronger solution and lasts for 4 to 6 months, “Express” uses a comparatively milder solution and lasts for about 2 months.

For the full treatment, most hairstylists recommend a minimum period of 4 months between consecutive keratin treatments while for the express one, a 3 month gap would be sufficient.

The time periods can also vary depending upon your hair type and condition of your hair. So, always seek opinion from your hairstylist before you take the appointment.


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What is the cost of keratin hair treatment?


What is the cost of keratin hair treatment?

Now, you’re probably wondering about keratin treatment cost. Well, the keratin treatment price varies according to salons but on an average it costs between $250 - $450 for a “Full” treatment and $150 - $300 for an “Express/Quick” treatment.

Many salons have their own variants- some of them are meant to last longer and are thus more expensive.


Keratin Hair Treatment Frequently Asked Questions


1) How long one needs to wait to wash the hair after keratin hair treatment?

You should ideally for for upto 4 days before you wash your hair after keratin treatment. This is because keratin would need this much time to get absorbed by your hair.


2) What needs to be done to extend the keratin hair treatment?


Stay away from salt!


Yes, literally! While sodium chloride (or salt) might be useful, but to make sure you extend your keratin hair treatment, always stay away from sodium chloride.


So, what are you waiting for, now that you know the pros and cons of keratin treatment alongwith all the other details, get red carpet ready hair everyday!



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