Pixie haircuts for women over 60

31 Best Pixie Haircuts For Women Over 60 - 2023

Shalu Bhati

Updated At  04 Oct 23

Looking for a hair makeover in your 60s? We say go the short and sexy route and get a pixie haircut.

Pixie haircuts for women over 60 is not a new phenomenon. But it sure has gained popularity once again as the mainstream hairstyle for women of all ages. And it does not come as a surprise because this is a haircut that checks all the boxes that a great and gorgeous haircut must check. It is a classic style. It is trendy. It is extremely versatile and you can style it in a hundred different ways depending on your mood. You can get a cut that suits your hair texture and style requirements. It is a great volume booster. It is easy to maintain. Well, mostly but we will get into that later. The important thing is that you must have an idea by now. It is an awesome haircut.

So, here we are with our roundup of the 31 best pixie haircuts for women over 60. Go get that hair makeover!


31 Most Popular Pixie Haircuts For Women Over 60




1. Blonde And Spiky

Short and spiky pixie haircuts for women over 60 have a charm of their own. So, here we are with one such pixie haircut that comes with choppy layers and an undercut. The piecey and choppy layers give a spiky effect while the undercut enhances the voluminous look on the top making this a great option for women with round faces.

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2. Textured And Tousled

Add some messy texture to your layered pixie cut to create a fun and feminine look. One of the best haircuts for women over 60 this tousled piece of beauty will not only look stylish but will also have a younger carefree feel to it.




3. Classic Pixie Haircuts For Women Over 60

Nothing beats the charm of a classic pixie haircut. So, here we are with a polished pixie that looks best for all sorts of occasions. From a business meeting to a Friday night party, this haircut will not disappoint you. It is also very easy to style and is trending in 2023.

One of the best short hairstyles for women over 60 this is a classic pixie cut which will always work.



4. Curly Pixie Haircuts For Women Over 60

Pixie haircuts for women over 60 with curly hair are a category of their own. This super short cut has volume at the top thanks to the natural curl pattern while the hair on the sides is cut shorter than the rest. This style has been a favorite amongst Black women because it is chic and provides an ease of styling.



5. Pixie With Loose Curls

Loose curls go really well with a tousled texture and this is exactly what this haircut will inspire you to get at your next hair appointment. This is a gorgeous way to go short and flaunt your silver tresses. It is one of the most beautiful pixie haircuts for women over 60 that will work for all face shapes.

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6. Wavy Pixie With Long Bangs

Pixie haircuts allow a lot of creativity and innovation so that you can freely express your individuality. This is why you will see a lot of different styles when it comes to pixie haircuts for women over 60. This one as modeled by Tilda Swinton is a pixie with an S-shaped wave pattern. The long side bang on one side creates an asymmetrical look and is trending in 2023.



7. Pixie With Wispy Bangs

No one does it better than Helen Mirren when it comes to short pixie haircuts. She has been our one constant hair inspiration through the years. Her pixie cut with wispy bangs exudes grace and elegance.



8. Tousled Pixie Haircuts For Over 60

Another classic hair inspiration comes from none other than Dame Judi Dench and her short tousled crop. This is a short pixie haircut with some added texture on the top to create volume. The tousled look also gives a slightly spiky look that is just effortless glam.



9. Super Short Pixie

Super short pixie haircuts for women over 60 work well especially when you are going through hair thinning. It is a stylish cut while serving your needs. You can add some tousled texture to add more dimension.



10. Old Hollywood

Remember Marilyn Monroe and her classic curly hair? This is a pixie haircut inspired by that very same old Hollywood glam that was represented by the gorgeous Monroe. The big and bouncy curls create tons of volume on top. They also have a soft glam about them.



11. Curly Buzz Cut

Super short pixie haircuts for women over 60 are a thing and we present to you a curly buzz cut. It will give you effortless glam and ease of style. Different curl patterns will give a different look. If you are looking for top curly hairstyles for women over 60 then do check out our guide as we list all the popular ones like pixie, buzz cut, bob cut and many more.




12. Pixie With Side Bangs

A pixie haircut is a good way of showing off your neck and shoulders. The tapered down pixie cut gives a polished look while the wispy layered bangs add dimension. They are light, feathery, and we love them.



13. Pixie With Long Bangs

Layered and longer pixie haircuts for women over 60 hit different and we are here for them. This is one such style that grabbed our attention. This ash-blonde beauty comes with face-framing layered side bangs as well as longer layers that move towards the back.



14. Pixie With Forehead Covering Bangs

Textured pixie haircuts look beautiful as well as edgy. Emma Thompson is here to teach us how to get the best of both of those worlds of cute and sexy. It is a simple tapered pixie cut with side bangs that cover the whole forehead.One of the best pixie cuts for over 60, the subtle texture of this haircut adds to the style quotient while the bangs enhance volume.



15. Razored Pixie Haircuts For Women Over 60

This is an edgy short pixie haircut. The razor cut layers add dimension while the salt and pepper hair add depth. It has a tapered style that looks better with some texture. Easy to style, this haircut lets you embrace the natural aging process while looking your beautiful best. One of the top hairstyles for 2023 for women over 60, this will transform your look completely.



16. Pompadour With Undercut

Take your edgy haircut dreams to the next step with this gorgeous style that mixes elegance with a rocker chic vibe. The pompadour is already an interesting haircut but the dual-tone makes it even more interesting. The undercut design gives it a unique edge.



17. Tousled Pixie With Waves

Wavy pixie haircuts for women over 60 look so much cool and stylish. Kris Jenner models the look with ease here. It is an asymmetrical cut with tousled waves which are the real attention grabber. The free-falling wispy and wavy side bang is another interesting feature.



18. Curly Head

A head full of silver, coiled, and cascading curls? Definitely yes! This pixie haircut shows how versatile this short style can be for women with curly hair. A tapered cut will let you have that cascading effect with those cute bouncy curls. If you are looking for pixie haircuts for over 60 then this one can be a very good option. Pair this haircut with the relevant accesories, and you are set to stand out from the crowd.



19. Pixie Haircut With Loose Curls

We see curls and we say yes! If you are looking for pixie haircuts for women over 60 that can take years off your age, then go the curly route. If you are blessed with natural curls, then good for you. But, if you do not have naturally curly hair, you can always take help from your curling iron to create a style with loose curls and some face-framing curls falling on your forehead for that extra oomph.



20. Silver And Spiky

Jamie Lee Curtis has been flaunting this haircut for decades. And if it is good enough for her, it is good enough for us. Her spiky pixie haircut is a good option for those with thin hair. One of the best short pixie haircuts for women over 60 this is a trendsetter.



21. Side-Parted Beauty

Tapered layers with side parting can look fabulous and we are here to show you how to do it. This haircut exudes elegance and will work great for women with voluminous hair. The tapered style will ease out the hair density. 



22. Slicked Back Curls

Slicked back pixie haircuts for women over 60 deserve a separate post. Because they are that good. The curl pattern makes the slicked-back look even more interesting and uniquely stylish.



23. Tousled, Textured, And Trendy

Here is yet another one of the best pixie haircuts for women over 60 with thin hair. This haircut is not for everyone and we know it. But if you like to make a statement, then go for this incredibly tousled, textured, and spiky style.



24. Classic Slicked Back Look

You can never go wrong when it comes to the classics. So, we are here to offer you some hair inspiration in the form of this gorgeous blonde slicked-back pixie haircut for women over 60.



25. Cascading Waves

Super short pixie haircuts look amazingly gorgeous on wavy and curly hair. Here is one such style that we loved. It is an easy-to-maintain and very stylish pixie haircut that will attract you with its pattern of cascading waves that are formed because of the natural hair texture.



26. Pixie With Front Bangs

Bangs can give you an effortless glam look which is why pixie haircuts with bangs are a very popular haircut option. This one right here comes with face-framing front bangs. The texture on top adds volume making it an apt haircut for round and square face shapes. 



27. Silver Curls

Curls make every hairstyle interesting. This is why we are telling you to let your curls out and about. Your hairstylist can follow your curl pattern and texture to give an apt cut.



28. Short Textured Pixie

We absolutely love this salt-and-pepper style pixie haircut. It is a super cool style with layers that are razor cut. The subtle and wispy bangs cover a part of the forehead. It is one of the best pixie haircuts for women over 60 with thick hair. It also enables you to embrace your greying hair with style.



29. Short And Choppy Pixie Haircuts For Women Over 60

There are truly many different styles of pixie haircuts. This is a short and choppy style that is perfect for thinning hair. It has quite some texture on top which is something that you can easily create at home. This is because this is a “wash and wear” type of haircut that won’t require much effort from you.



30. Slicked Back

Pixie haircuts for women over 60 come in many shapes and sizes. We especially love this one for its elegance and ‘I-mean-business’ vibe. Such a haircut will keep hair out of your face so that you can focus on your work without any wild strand interruptions.



31. Short, Spiky, And Tapered

Here is yet another edgy and spiky look for you. The choppy layers in this haircut come in a tapered style that gives it the spiky look. Not only does it adds more depth and texture but also lets you have fun and express your personality. Make things more interesting by letting your grey hair shine through.