21 Best Photos Of Adele Without Makeup

Siddiqui Shumaila

Updated At  28 Nov 23

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is famously referred to as the Adele. She is a well-established English singer-songwriter. Adele has been awarded many prestigious awards for her songs. She is a global star and fans are always eager to listen to her songs. Apart from her work, she has been in the limelight for a no-makeup look.

Adele dons a makeup-free look often as she has amazing skin and beautiful features. She likes to put her natural self on display despite being so famous. Here we have gathered 21 best photos of Adele without makeup that she has rocked effortlessly. 



21 Best Photos Of Adele Without Makeup




1. Emmy Award Winner

Adele has been awarded prestigious awards such as the Emmy Award. In this picture, Adele's no-makeup selfie with her Emmy Award is gorgeous. She is seen beaming with joy after receiving this award in the picture. The joy is more visible with this adele without makeup selfie. Her peridot green eyes and natural glow are enough to make her look beautiful without makeup. 




2. Getting Emotional As She Had To Cancel Her Show

Adele gets emotional as she had to cancel her scheduled show due to illness. In a Twitter video, she apologized to fans for the cancellation, explaining her inability to sing with a bad cold and expressing gratitude for their understanding.

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3. Adele Face Lace Look

It's Adele's no-makeup selfie wearing a face lace with a glass of wine. She posted this picture on Instagram with a caption to congratulate Meghan and Harry. This look of Adele is stunning and the face lace is just what you need to enhance your look more.  




4. Black And White Photo

This black and white photo of Adele resembles a beautiful portrait drawn by an artist. Although this is a well-captured picture of Adele with no makeup filter. She looks stunning without any use of makeup product on her face. Her looks and features are looking sharp and gorgeous in this picture. We can also see here a beautiful tattoo on her forearm. 

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5. Enjoying The Euro Cup

Here Adele without makeup look is seen in this picture posted on Instagram. She posted this beautiful picture wearing an England team jersey to support them in the Euro Cup. Adele is looking very pretty without makeup in this picture. The natural background and lights add a glow to her face and she looks radiant here.



5. Getting Emotional And Crying

This picture is taken from a video where Adele apologized to her fans about the postponement of her Las Vegas residency. Though she was crying here what is noticeable here is her skin is free from any sort of makeup. And she is effortlessly flaunting her good skin glow. 

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6. Curly Hair Look 

This picture of Adele is unique and interesting. Adele doesn't have curly hair but here she is seen with curly hair. Her no makeup look with a bright smile and curly is simply beautiful to see. She looks very pretty here.



7. Adele No Makeup Look

In this picture, Adele's no makeup look is flawless with good smooth skin. We wonder who does Adele's makeup when she owns her face so beautifully. This picture is an amalgamation of adoration and cuteness in one frame.




8. Adele Goofy No Makeup Look 

Adele posted this picture on Instagram before her 30th birthday. She is seen imitating an old lady hinting her 30th birthday wishes coming from fans. Though she looks old but not her skin does not do justice to the old age skin. Adele looks super cute and beautiful here.




9. Selfie With Bestfriend 

This Adele no makeup selfie is with her best friend. She posted this beautiful selfie on Instagram in support of her best friend's new venture into writing. Adele is looking absolutely beautiful without makeup here. Her face is beaming with pride glowing for her best friend's success. This is such a happy picture of Adele featuring her natural beauty and smooth skin. 




10. Adele Makeup Free Look 

As we can see Adele is rocking the look without any expensive makeup. Though she looks a bit healthier in this picture her prettiness outshines it. The unrolled hair with dash pink of lips defines her natural beauty. Proving that she doesn't need any outer help to look stunning and fresh. 



11. Casual Look

It seems that Adele is just having a very hot day in this picture. To beat the heat she is seen using a small fan. Her casual look wearing the comfiest clothes is looking very chic and cute. Adele is here without makeup and her simple open hair gives the glam to her look.



12. Natural Photo

No doubt Adele has the best pictures without makeup. Here this blue sweater, messy hair tie, and rosy natural lips make her look so naturally vibrant. Her Normal day looks don't require even a dash of makeup to look beautiful. 



13. Catch Up With Friend

In this picture, Adele is seen with her friend captured by another friend at a dinner. She looks flawless with her smooth and soft skin. Her hair is tied in a bun, skin is glowing with pink soft lips.


14. Adele Without Makeup In Gym

Though nobody wears makeup to the gym not everybody can pull off the no makeup gym look glam. Here Adele is effortlessly looking glamorous and cool in her gym clothes.



15. Enjoying The Beach

The styling of the clothes, jewelry, and the pose of Adele at the beach is just on point. And it makes her look hot and beautiful. She doesn't need any mascara, lipstick, or highlighter to show her beauty. 



16. No Makeup Birthday Look 

Adele on her 26th birthday posted this picture with a thumbs up. She is seen wearing no makeup here and keeping it quite simple for her birthday look. While we can imagine the tight schedule she has and amidst that looking elegant and pretty is quite a task. She pulled off this look with her wide smile, eyes lighting up, and a cute ponytail.



17. Easy Pout  

Well, Adele with a pout is rare. But not her makeup-free looks looking beautiful. This picture of Adele with Elmo is cute and she is donning the natural look beautifully.  



18. Enjoying Her Coffee

The picture of Adele without makeup was taken inside the cafe. She is seen wearing the perfect clothes for winter consisting of a turtle neck woollen t-shirt. Adele is looking very cute with this simple outfit and messy hair. Adele is seen posing once she realizes she is been captured. Her picture is flawless in her natural look.




19. Walking Look With Her Ex

This is a picture of Adele and her ex-lover on a walking date. Here she is seen wearing a patterned top with black trousers. In this picture, Adele's no makeup filter look has been achieved effortlessly. She looks pretty and young with this fresh style without wearing any makeup. The shades she is wearing are just perfect to complete her overall styling for a walk with her lover.  




20. Seeking Apology

This picture is a perfect example to nail the Adele no makeup look. She is seen here with a placard with an apology. More than the apology her face looks more honest and apologetic with overloaded cuteness. Adele owns this look with a pinkish glow on her face despite a tad bit of tiredness on her face.




21. Normal Work Day

This picture of Adele is captured on one of her busy days. Yet she is seen wearing a beautiful smile nailing her look with simple styling. Her face is seen as shiny and glowy without makeup. Looks like she is happy about something that is reflecting on her face glow. Despite her busy schedule her face is pinkish and smooth giving a fresh look.