Peacock Mehndi Designs

25 Beautiful Peacock Mehndi Designs - 2023


Updated At  09 Sep 23


There are countless mehndi designs available, but the peacock is the most prominent and loved element of mehndi design. This element is widely used in all types of mehndi designs and is beautiful. Peacock signifies positivity and hence is used in mehndi design and is considered lucky. Let's check out different mehndi designs which consist of a peacock.


25 Best Peacock Mehndi Designs




1. Simple Peacock Mehndi Design

This simple and easy mehndi design with a peacock element for the palms is perfect. The paisley motifs, flowers and leaves are also a beautiful part of this mehndi design along with the peacock. You can try this mehndi design for all occasions. Also check out our guide to find the best flower mehndi designs as we list 55 trending and popular options.




2. Peacock Mehndi Design For Brides

Shaded mehndi goes well with traditional occasions. This full-hand mehndi design is the bride's favourite. Multiple patterns are used in this mehndi design consisting of the peacock as the main element along with bold shaded flowers, leafs, and mesh patterns. A leaf mehndi design when integrated with mandala and peacock can transform the design completely.




3. The Modish Peacock Mehndi Design

This intricate mehndi design is modish and super attractive is a design which has many elements to it. The peacock with spiral leaves at the centre looks amazing. The end of the full-hand mehndi is the golden gate bridge of California, which is surprisingly looking stunning.




4. Peacock And Feather Design

Such an amazing way to create a mehndi style with peacocks and very finely accompanied with feathers. This mehndi design has a beautiful peacock starting from the wrist and bold florals on the palm which is created inside the bold feather. An integration of peacok and floral mehndi design can look amazing as it can completely transform your look.




5. Peacock Anklet Mehndi Design 

Nowadays, Anklet designs are doing the round of the internet. If you want to wear an anklet, then this mehndi design is stylish and super awesome. The peacock with block feather shade is nice. Try this mehndi design and it does the magic.  




6. Beautiful Peacock Mehndi Design 

This beautiful peacock mehndi design is mesmerising! The feathers of the peacock look stunning with the shading done in it. The intricate design of the fingers also complements the entire design. This mehndi design can be replicated at the front hand too. Mix this amazing peacok design with a mandala mehndi design and your mehndi will certainly grab a lot of eyeballs!




7. Bold Shaded Peacock Mehndi Design

The bold and perfect shading is the game of this design. Two beautiful peacocks on the hands with spread feathers and the bracelet block design towards the wrist are amazing. This mehndi design is suited for all traditional occasions. 



8. Peacock On Shoulder

When trying for a backless attire or a deep-back neck top, you can try this peacock mehndi design on the back shoulder. This design goes well with all occasions, from casual to traditional.




9. Heart And Peacock Mehndi Design

Peacock symbolises positivity and the heart indicates pure love. Thus this mehndi design is a power-packed design illustrating positivity and love. The elements used in this mehndi design are peacocks, half hearts, birds, shaded leaves and lotus. The detailed design on the fingers is a perfect work of art. When both palms are joined, the full heart is the charm!

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10. Peacock Tattoo Mehndi

If you want to skip the tattoo pain and are looking for a temporary one, then mehndi is the right option. The Peacock tattoo mehndi on the hands looks wonderful. Try different peacock mehndi tattoo designs and we are sure, you will love them.



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11. Peacock Mehndi Design For Legs

This bridal mehndi design for legs is traditional. The elements used in this mehndi design are peacock, elephant, floral leaves and shaded flowers. This design is perfect for the bride, as the elements used are very traditional and go with the wedding theme.




12. Double Game Peacock

This indo-Arabic mehndi design with two peacocks is looking pleasing. The peacock on the plam and the other on the wrist with shaded leaves feather is nice. The wedding bells on the feather's outer line complete the look with much more grace. This design will go well with casual and traditional attire.




13. Dancing Peacock Mehndi Design 

The perfect joyful mehndi design for your perfect occasion. This dancing peacock design looks very attractive with a bold lotus design at the wrist making it a bracelet pattern.  The elephant holding lotus looks very lively.




14. Intricate Peacock Mehndi Design

This mehndi design is a combination of the element of peacock and floral art with shading. The mehndi design has a detailed pattern and the intricate design on the fingers are perfect. 




15. Arabic Peacock Mehndi Design

The beautiful peacock which is flowing its feathers towards the fingers is awesome. The floral and peacock design makes a perfect Arabic pattern which will look nice on the front and back hands. This design will go well with any outfit. 




16. Classic Mehndi Design

A simple and easy-to-go mehndi design with peacock and paisley motifs is classic. Try this mehndi if you're going for a quick design with a traditional touch. The filled fingertips complete the mehndi look.




17. Vintage Peacock Mehndi Design

An amazing mehndi design that features a peacock and lotus is vintage. The peacock has a bold feather filling and is accompanied by a detailed minute pattern. 


Peacock Mehndi Designs (25)


18. Circular Mehndi Design With Peacock

This mehndi design with a fancy peacock is covered with an outline of a circular shape. This mehndi design has a detailed finger design and also at the wrist it looks beautiful.




19. Elegant Peacock Mehndi Design

We can't take our eyes off this super gorgeous mehndi design which has elegant look and detailed work. The elements in this mehndi design are peacock, floral shade, crisscross pattern at the wrist and feathers on the fingers which are perfect. This design can be made by the bride or bridesmaid.




20. Peacock With Mesh Pattern

This mehndi design has minute mesh work applied to the backhand. The peacock mehndi design is picturesque, it seems like a peacock standing in the window frame and besides are the blooming lotus.




21. Artistic Peacock Mehndi Design 

This mehndi design is for full hands and is perfectly drawn by the mehndi artist. This design can be applied to the hands of the artist as it has perfection in every element and pattern.


Peacock Mehndi Designs (22)


22. Simple Backhand Mehndi 

A simple and easy mehndi design with an Arabic pattern is an occasional mehndi design. It's a quick design which will go well on all attires and will give a stylish look.


Peacock Mehndi Designs (9)


23. Central Peacock Mehndi Design

The main attraction of this mehndi design is the spiral peacock which is made in the middle of the palm. The full-hand mehndi design extending to the arms has beautiful floral and paisley motifs. This peacock mehndi design is ideal for brides.


Peacock-Mehndi-Design-1-3 (1)


24. Standing Peacock Design 

Mehndi's designs which have peacocks as their main element give a fascinating look. This mehndi design looks lively and the design with a peacock standing on a flower vase is beautiful. Giving a finishing to this mehndi around the wrist, the floral circle design is ultimate.


peacock henna design (1)


25. Minimal Peacock Mehndi Design  

This fancy mehndi design has minimal work with a divided pattern. The cute small peacock in the centre of the palm with droplet-like feathers is fabulous. The meshwork on the other side and the design on the two fingers is giving a modern look.